scrape active targeted email from any social Media Platform for $5

scrape active targeted email from any social Media Platform

EmailScraping/Email Extraction/SocialMedia/Data Mining /Web Scraping/Active Email List
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Mehmood Ali Babar

EmailScraping/Email Extraction/SocialMedia/Data Mining /Web Scraping/Active Email List


lighting – How to shoot clear fishing line on a white background for extraction

I would suggest “Don’t“.

Seriously, if the concern is extraction, it becomes much easier if you’re free to select your background color. Shoot with an appropriately contrasting background and extract from the colored background. After extraction, the image can be overlayed on any background including white if that’s what’s required.

Additionally by selecting an interesting color, you can light it such that hints of that color can show in the clear line for additional contrast and interest. If the goal is to emphasize the colorlessness of the line, use a gray background.

The requirement to have the image on a white background does not mean it has to be shot that way.

   --- edit ---

Your comment about shadows suggests that you have the product in contact with the background. You may want to suspend the product with the background far enough away to eliminate shadows.

parsing – Source code analysis and information extraction (text, keywords, etc)

Say I have some Java source code, where I add some special comment or marker:

/*# Requires(printer)
public void printData(String destination) {
    // ...

Next, I have a Javascript source, where I use the a similar syntax:

/*# Provides historyical data
let f = function () {
    // ...

I could do the same for other programs written in other languages too.

Now I want to parse / analyze those sources and extract the keywords for later processing: where should I start looking for solutions?

Those markers could be extracted as somewhat structured information (like Requires(<something>)) or just like text – having filename reference would be useful. I can’t say by now if the parser should be able to compile the sources (i.e. to extract language specific informations like the first marker is on a class, the second on a function).

I searched for static analysis, but got lots of results regarding debugging.

Data extaction vs information extraction

How is information extraction related to data extraction? Is it a subfield or can it be used equivalently? Data is also information.

I want to write about the general topic “data extraction”. I can hardly find papers about “data extraction”, but most papers deal with “web data extraction”, which I want to consider separately. Maybe someone can provide me some solid papers about “data extraction”.

google – Meta description and Title Extraction from another place?

I have created my website and it is live, however I changed part of the name of a & # 39; é & # 39; to a & # 39; e & # 39; when i put the new name in google search nothing appears until i use the old name. You are removing the name of another place and the description is about cookies. I am using the SEO features of WordPress and Yoast, but nothing changes. Where else can he be pulling?

Thank you

product photography: what color for background extraction in plant photos?

I am working on the website of a plant shop. Usually for product photos we use a green screen background, so we can remove the background and use whatever background we want for the product. But for the plants that I am gessing this is not an option, because we will not be able to eliminate the green color without affecting the plant itself.

So what color would you recommend to use for the photo wallpaper, so that later it can be easily removed?

Thank you !

Data recovery: extraction of information from the binary file

I am trying to save the content of my phone activity on my computer (messages and contacts).
I loaded an SD card with my messages and contacts, transferred it to my computer and extracted the folders.
Now the problem is that there are many files (1 per message exchanged?) In the different folders, and their extension is:
Binary (application / byte stream)
Therefore, I cannot read, order, retrieve my data.
I am fairly new to Linux and this is my first question on this forum, thanks for your understanding of my lack of experience (and the lack of correct vocabulary ?!)

I tried & # 39; file & # 39 ;, & # 39; hexedit & # 39; … but I'm not trying to edit the files, but to transform them into a readable format, and mainly for & # 39; pack & # 39 ;, to have all those data in one document … Just like on my phone, my contact list is clearly there, i would like to have the same result available on my computer … do you see any way to do it?

file 00001CB8491ABE990000201000500000000000000000000000000000000000000+3366566083600000052V0003
00001CB8491ABE990000201000500000000000000000000000000000000000000+3366566083600000052V0003: data
strings 00001CB8491ABE990000201000500000000000000000000000000000000000000+3366566083600000052V0003 

Thanks in advance for any information 😉

Data Extraction from the Wolfram Resource COVID Management Division

Here is the code I've been using for various states:

res = ResourceData("Epidemic Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19");

cal = Entity(
    {"California", "UnitedStates"});
ny = Entity("AdministrativeDivision",
    {"NewYork", "UnitedStates"});

state = ny;

data = res(Select(#AdministrativeDivision == state &))((1, -3 ;;)) // 

ts = data((#)) & /@ {"ConfirmedCases", "RecoveredCases", "Deaths"};

DateListPlot(ts, PlotRange -> {All, All},
 Frame -> True, PlotLabel -> state("Name"),
 GridLines -> Automatic)

To summarize the data across many administrative divisions, I have been using this:

china = Entity("Country", "China");
With({data = 
   res(Select((#Country == china &&
        Not(Head(#AdministrativeDivision) === Missing)) &))},
 GraphicsColumn(DateListPlot(data(All, #) // Total,
     PlotRange -> {All, All}, GridLines -> True) & /@ 
   {"ConfirmedCases", "RecoveredCases", "Deaths"})

html: selenium extraction data between. Can't get just text, full row is fetched

I need to get a text in the HTML file.
Here is a simple code I use:

for row in soup.find_all('div', attrs={"class" : "js-equalized-brand"}):

I hope to get a text between and but instead I get a full row:

Original Stash
Van der Pop

Please help find what is wrong.

Or maybe I need to replace a text later?

how to know coupler mirror extraction path to replace original address

The image I have extracted has failed like this:

$ docker pull alpine-bash:3.8
Error response from daemon: Get net/http: TLS handshake timeout

now i found a mirror:

How to extract the image from the mirror direction? I have tried like this:

$ docker pull           
Error response from daemon: manifest for not found

$ docker pull
Error response from daemon: manifest for not found