Extracting city names in the text form from the function CountryData

I was planning to create an array with all capital cities in Europe using the following command:

CountryData["Europe", "CapitalCity"]

But unfortunately, it returns all results in rectangular frames. How can I get rid of them and get a simple text?

database – Extracting user field values from dynamic SQL queries


I have successfully written a fairly long dynamic sql query, however am struggling with a seemingly simple part at the end.

Although, I am able to successfully extract mail and name from the users table, when I try to extract field_first_name it returns the error below.

The users table has a column with the machine name: field_first_name


    $database = Drupal::service('database');

    $select = $database->select('flagging', 'f');
    $select->fields('f', array('uid', 'entity_id'));
    $select->leftJoin('node__field_start_datetime', 'nfds', 'nfds.entity_id = f.entity_id');
    $select->fields('nfds', array('field_start_datetime_value'));
    $select->leftJoin('node_field_data', 'nfd', 'nfd.nid = f.entity_id');
    $select->fields('nfd', array('title'));
    $select->leftJoin('users_field_data', 'ufd', 'ufd.uid = f.uid');
    // TODO extract first name
    $select->fields('ufd', ('mail', 'name', 'field_first_name'));

    $executed = $select->execute();
    $results = $executed->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

    $username = $result('name');
    $email = $result('mail');
    $first_name = $result('field_first_name');


DrupalCoreDatabaseDatabaseExceptionWrapper: SQLSTATE(42S22): Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'ufd.field_first_name' in 'field list': SELECT f.uid AS uid, f.entity_id AS entity_id, nfds.field_start_datetime_value AS field_start_datetime_value, nfd.title AS title, ufd.mail AS mail, ufd.name AS name, ufd.field_first_name AS field_first_name FROM {flagging} f LEFT OUTER JOIN {node__field_start_datetime} nfds ON nfds.entity_id = f.entity_id LEFT OUTER JOIN {node_field_data} nfd ON nfd.nid = f.entity_id LEFT OUTER JOIN {users_field_data} ufd ON ufd.uid = f.uid; Array ( ) in event_notification_cron() (line 63 of /app/modules/custom/event_notification/event_notification.module).

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go – Extracting numbers in specific ranges from a slice

Consider a slice with some floating point numbers:

nums := ()float64{0.17898, 0.25512, 1.98123, 1.35902, 0.97642}

Suppose I want to extract the numbers lying in between the range from 1 to 1.99 and ones lying in between the range from 0.0 to 0.99 (inclusive of both limits) from this slice and append it into two new separate slices each, then what would be the best possible way to do so?

A simple take would look like:

package main

import (

func main() {
    nums := ()float64{0.17, 0.25, 2.19, 0.98, 1.35, 5.97, 1.21}
    var oneSlice, zeroSlice ()float64
    for _, num := range nums {
        if num <= 1.99 && num >= 1.0 {
            oneSlice = append(oneSlice, num)    
        } else if num <= 0.99 && num >= 0.0 {
            zeroSlice = append(zeroSlice, num)
    fmt.Print("1.0-1.99 values:", oneSlice, "n0.0-0.99 values:", zeroSlice)

1.0-1.99 values:(1.35 1.21)
0.0-0.99 values:(0.17 0.25 0.98)

Are there any better approaches than this? (such as avoiding the if & else, or a function that can be used, which I’m not aware of? – for eg: a function which can compare slice elements with a given value or range of values?)

I’m new to Go, so am just wondering if there could be a possibly better approach to this! Any help is appreciated 🙂

Extracting the parameters of a function nested in an interface in Typescript

Is it possible to construct a function with a different return type in the following example?

interface APIResponse<T> {
  code: T;

interface Registry {
  a: {
    get: (dc: string, id: string) => string;
  b: {
    get: (id: string) => string;
    list: () => string();

function callService<
  T extends keyof Registry,
  R extends keyof Registry(T),
  F extends Registry(T)(R)
  svc: T,
  method: R,
  callback: (
    ...args: Parameters<F>        // Type 'Registry(T)(string) | Registry(T)(number) | Registry(T)(symbol)' is not assignable to type '(...args: any) => any'.
  ) => APIResponse<ReturnType<F>> // Type 'Registry(T)(string) | Registry(T)(number) | Registry(T)(symbol)' is not assignable to type '(...args: any) => any'.
) {}

// although the above has a type error, the arguments and return type here are correctly inferred by vscode:
callService("a", "get", (dc, id) => ({ code: dc + id }));

If I hardcode the service and method name the compiler is happy:

function callService2<
  T extends keyof Registry,
  R extends keyof Registry(T),
  svc: T,
  method: R,
  callback: (
    ...args: Parameters<Registry("a")("get")>  // this is fine
  ) => APIResponse<ReturnType<Registry("a")("get")>>  // this is fine
) {}

Extracting the apk of the app [closed]

I want my app to extract its own apk and then save it to a certain folder. How can I do that in flutter

algorithms – Extracting regex submatch boundaries without backtracking

I’m attempting to develop from scratch a simple regex engine. I would like for my engine to have the ability to report, “The regex matched on a substring of this line starting at index and ending at index .”

It makes sense to me how to accomplish this if I were to use the recursive backtracking approach. However, is it feasible to report the indices while using Thompson’s multi-state method?

workflow – Extracting the name of the file until the first space into a new column

I am trying to create a automated flow which will copy the file name into a new column up until the first space in the name. For example:

The uploaded file name is **ZKAL12345-I RTR 123ml Product Label Region 61.PDF so i would like the column to be name ZKAL12345-I

I’ve found the below code, which works well, however, it stops the naming at the dash (-) and as i am sure you can still im not quite sure how to change it to the requirement above .

substring(triggerBody()?('{Name}'), 0, lastIndexOf(triggerBody()?('{Name}'),'-'))

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks,

Extracting PDF data directly into Google Sheets

It blows my mind that I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue yet, but here is the situation: I’m looking for the best method to convert a PDF into a Google Sheet (or how to scrape the data).

I’ve come across different plug-ins, but the free versions are very limited (and the work-flow moves rather slow).

Is there not a Sheets function that can directly scrape data from a file link? Something like ImportHTML, but for PDFs? I’ve yet to come across something that Google Sheets cannot do, so I think I am just missing something here.

Right now, I’m using a PDF -> Excel converter tool (because it isn’t limiting the # of conversions) and then uploading into a Google Sheet. The converter moves very slow as well, making this process quite tedious.

Would anyone be able to shed some light here? Are these plug-ins (which like I said, are slow and not free) the only option?

broken screen – Extracting data from a dead phone

I recently dropped my phone in water, it worked okay for a few minutes after and then the screen started flickering and then it went black.

I tried leaving the phone under the sun and in rice but none seemed to work, searched on Google found that when Huawei phones are dropped in water they seem to experience what they described as: “the black screen of death” which can only be fixed by replacing the screen. The phone otherwise seems to work perfectly, it vibrates, receives notifications, connects and displays to the computer.

The thing is there is some very important data on that phone that I don’t want to lose, since I can’t use the touchscreen or see what’s on the screen to unlock the phone and enable USB transfer I went and googled: “how to extract data from a locked phone”, however unfortunately all software solutions were only for samsung devices, so I am kinda lost.

I know the password and the gmail account credentials linked to the phone, it’s just that I cannot use them, any ideas?

I tried to get it a phone repair shop, but they wanted to charge me over 200€ and they weren’t even sure if it was gonna be successful, so I can’t do that.

The data I need to recover is mostly pics and vids.

Thanks in advance :]

Edit: My phone has a USB-C port