If I have 42 tera mining power hashes, how long will it take me to extract a single block, and if I join a mining group, how much bitcoin will I get?

If I have 42 tera mining power hashes, how long will it take me to extract a single block, and if I join a mining group, how much bitcoin will I get? I am interested in buying 4 Bitmain Antminer T9 +.

you cannot extract the window compress the Zip file using the Drupal extraction function in druapl 8

When I use 7zip software to compress the folder, it works fine when I extract this through drupal code 8. But the same thing when I do it by compressed zip of window s / w does not work for me.

postgresql: Postgres query to extract a JSON subobject from a JSON field

I have a json field in a table from which I want to select certain fields in a new json field. So far I have this, which works, but I think it may not be optimal:

select to_json(new_obj) from (
    select big_json_field->'json_property_1' as json_property_1, 
    big_json_field->'json_property_2' as json_property_2 
    from table_with_big_json_field
) as new_obj

Is there any function or method that I need to optimize this?

Mining Theory: Can D-Wave Quantum Annealing Computers Extract Bitcoin?

I am not talking about quantum computers here, I am talking about quantum annealing computers, which is quite different. According to Wikipedia, quantum annealing "is a metaheuristic to find the global minimum of a given objective function over a given set of candidate solutions (candidate states), through a process that uses quantum fluctuations."

D-Wave has already developed a series of quantum annealing computers, and sold quite a few. These computers cannot run the classic bitcoin mining algorithm (since they cannot run SHA256), nor can they run the Grover algorithm (since they are NOT quantum computers). However, they can solve Boolean satisfaction problems (SAT), as detailed in these documents:



Now, bitcoins are supposed to be extracted through the SAT resolution, as these documents suggest:



Therefore, is it possible to use quantum annealing computers to solve SAT problems and, therefore, extract bitcoins in this way? What advantages would a quantum annealing computer have over classical computers?

query – Extract data with sql

I need to extract all the first sales of the products in a range of dates, for example: first sales index between 12/01/2019 and 12/31/2019:


The result should be:

insert image description here

my custom author extract description add-in does not work

I want to show the main authors with avatars and description, so I need an extract of the descriptions.


// Top Authors-->
function author_excerpt (){
 $word_limit = 2; // Limit the number of words
 $more_txt = 'read more about:'; // The read more text
 $txt_end = '...'; // Display text end
 $authorName = get_the_author();
 $authorUrl = get_author_posts_url( get_the_author_meta('ID'));
 $authorDescriptionShort = wp_trim_words(strip_tags(get_the_author_meta('description', $contributor_id)), $word_limit, $txt_end.'
'.$more_txt.' '.$authorName.''); return $authorDescriptionShort; } function twentyfourteen_list_authors() { $contributor_ids = get_users( array( 'fields' => 'ID', 'orderby' => 'post_count', 'order' => 'DESC', 'who' => 'authors', ) ); foreach ( $contributor_ids as $contributor_id ) : $post_count = count_user_posts( $contributor_id ); // Move on if user has not published a post (yet). if ( ! $post_count ) { continue; } ?>

from the widget's php file:

echo twentyfourteen_list_authors();



formulas: extract data as a hyperlinked cell string in Google Sheets

I have a utility that I have been working on (modified from an existing sheet) for a Tabletop game that I run for my group.

Currently, it generates random elements of a list. The name of each of the elements has a hyperlink corresponding to the description of the elements of the same sheet.

My goal is to fill a new cell with BOTH the name of the item and its description.

So, if the generator returns an item name in cell "C4" with a hyperlink to its corresponding description cell, what formula should I use to complete this new cell (or cells) with the name and descriptor?

Here is an image of the generator, with the hyperlink to the description cell on a different page.
Generator sheet

When you click on the hyperlink, you go to the corresponding cell "Description".
(Description Celltwo

My ideal behavior is that the formula inserts both the Name Y the descriptor in the new cell.

A visual example of the result I am looking for can be found below.
Named cell and descriptor

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

sql server – Extract year only from the exit & # 39; Select @@ version & # 39;

I am trying to automate a short task in the configuration of our SQL Server for which I have to take SQL Server year. Is there a way to extract the year only from the result of the following query: Select @@version ?

As you know, it generates all the information, for example:
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU18) (KB4527377) – 14.0.3257.3 (X64) November 16, 2019 1:14:50 Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation Standard Edition (64 bits) in Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0 (compilation 14393 🙂 (Hypervisor)

I tried the year function as shown below, but I receive a conversion error.

declare @SQLVersion varchar(100)
set @SQLVersion = (Select year(@@version))
print @SQLVersion

Or is there another way to take advantage of the year just using tsql?

Any help is appreciated.

Extract links that are not links

I have a source that I need to track where websites like this "website" are listed. There is no www, nor http: // etc. And, really, they are not links, they are just text. I would like to crawl the site and capture all these website addresses, even if they are plain text. Is there a way to do that?

Sure, use the link extractor to crawl sites

and then use the custom data scraper to get the links

[ Politics ] Open question: Speaker Pelosi only had to extract her copy of the State of the Union speech. Can't stand not being the center of attention at all times?

If she goes to a wedding, she wants to be the bride.
If she goes to a funeral, she wants to be the corpse.