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External SD: files on the mounted ext4 SD card are not displayed in the file browser

used to

mount -t ext4 /dev/mmcblk1p1 /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir
chmod 0777 /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir

(chmod is to ensure that the folder is visible on the entire phone) to mount my formatted SD card ext4. However, your files are not visible in the file browser, and they are not visible when accessed through ls -l /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir. However, when I run ls /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir, the files are displayed.

How do I fix this so that the file explorer application can see the folder?

sql server – Why select row version using external merge never returns null

Using SQL Server 2014

Table given with row version column, another table to join and a selection like this:

 CREATE TABLE dbo.FooTable(
    (Id) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    (RowVersion) (rowversion) NULL,
    (Id) ASC

 CREATE TABLE dbo.BarTable(
    (Id) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL
    (Id) ASC

Insert into BarTable default values

  FROM FooTable ft
  FULL OUTER JOIN BarTable bt on ft.Id = Bt.Id

The result of selecting is:

Id  RowVersion  Id
NULL    0x      1

Where there was no match with BarTable on The RowVersion column is not null, but 0x.

This confuses Dapper, which we use to deserialize the result on the application server, thinking that he should build an object for the part of the FooTable row, an invalid one, that contains only an empty byte array.

Is there any reason for this unexpected behavior?

Is there a smarter solution than translating the value back to null using CASE in the sql statement or dealing with it in the application code?

networks: the network administrator fails after hot plugging an external usb wifi adapter

While my Lubuntu 18.04 is connected to a Wi-Fi network through an external Wi-Fi adapter, I disconnect the external Wi-Fi adapter.

Symptoms of the problem:

  1. When I connect the external Wi-Fi adapter to my computer, no Wi-Fi network is detected, although both the Wi-Fi network is disabled.
  2. The top process shown in the output of top is:

     PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND
     1068 root      20   0 1029552   8060   4864 R  85.7  0.1  29:25.70 NetworkManager

    Trying to kill him for sudo kill 1068 or sudo service NetworkManager restart/stop or sudo systemctl restart/stop NetworkManager will result in hanging forever

    Trying to execute any sudo command p. sudo pm-suspend will result in the same forever

  3. The usb port of my laptop where the external wifi adapter was
    originally plugged in has also stopped working for other external
    devices, unless I restart my Lubuntu.

How can I solve the problem? Preferably not restart my Lubuntu.

How can I avoid the problem in the future? Is NetworkManager the culprit? Any alternative will be better and which ones?

Thank you.

Log in:

This is part of /var/log/syslog around the time the problem occurred. (I disconnected a keyword to free a USB port for a flash drive, and then disconnected the external Wi-Fi adapter, to free a USB port for a printer, and then reconnected it.)

This is from journalctl --since "2 days ago".

Audio: Edge browser does not detect external speakers / headphones

(Windows 10 / 64bit)

I use Edge (newer) as my usual web browser.

However, when playing multimedia files (YouTube, etc.), Edge only plays the video but not audio when connected to external speakers / headphones (wifi / wired). Play audio on the internal speakers of laptops.

However, Chrome plays audio from multimedia files well through external speakers / headphones.

I tried to verify the Edge settings and I could only find in Edge Settings-Advanced -Media Autoplay that was already configured in "Allow".

Are there any other settings to make external speakers / headphones work on Edge?

Upload the file from an external web application to Sharepoint online using the REST service

I need to upload a file to SharePoint Online from SAP UI5 (SAP UI5 is a front-end user interface to create desktop / mobile applications and is based on the HTML5 and Javascript library).

I am trying to load the file with jQuery / Ajax call using the REST service (POST method) …

But before that I need to pass the username / password credentials to the sharepoint server in POST to first get the & # 39; form summary value & # 39; (value of the X-RequestDigest header). I need help with this part of oAuth, that is, how to pass the user credentials in POST and receive the & # 39; form summary value & # 39; using javascript?

postgresql – Obtain multiple columns of a function depending on the external group by

First I have a selection of trip_id (for a train or a bus, for example) in a (sub) Table A



and wants to use a self-written function that takes the used trip_id and returns a TABLE with trip_id, used roads (in the form of road_id) and the sequence seq of stops for this trip (here, for example, trip no. 350):

SELECT * FROM getroutepertrip(350)
trip_id   road_id    seq

350       a1        1
350       g4        2
350       a2        3
 .        .         .
 .        .         .
 .        .         .

The desired result of the whole problem should be like this, but for all trips of the CTE subselect. Unfortunately, my function can only take a single trip_id. Of course, my first and only attempt is incorrect, since a subquery cannot contain multiple columns.

WITH A AS (SELECT DISTINCT trip_id FROM stop_times)

SELECT trip_id,  (SELECT * FROM getroutepertrip(trip_id))
GROUP BY trip_id
ORDER by trip_id

I hope someone can help me here, it seems that I am mentally in a stalemate …

iTunes: The external disk used with the Music application cannot be disassembled due to the AMPLibraryAgent process

I use an external storage disk for my music library in macOS 10.15 Catalina, because the required file size is several times my internal SSD. After updating to Catalina, now when I connect the unit to use Music, I cannot eject the unit later, due to a blockage by the AMPLibraryAgent process. Here is the terminal output that details the problem:

diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk2
Unmount of disk2 failed: at least one volume could not be unmounted
Unmount was dissented by PID 710 (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AMPLibrary.framework/Versions/A/Support/AMPLibraryAgent)
Dissenter parent PPID 1 (/sbin/launchd)

How can I remove this lock without leaving that service process or shutting down my computer?

sharepoint online – 1 file – Direct access – External user

Is it possible to have only one file with access to an external user and no other access? What I mean is that the file I want to access is approximately 5 levels of folders, instead of this external person clicking on each folder to access the file, there may be a way that allows only this file to be displayed in "documents" when they come to our online sharepoint site. Thoughts ?? Otherwise, I have to allow them to see only the folder structure to actually see the file when they log in. Thank you.

How can we read data from the external SharePoint list with Rest in SharePoint 2016/2019?

I have an SQL database, I have configured the BCS service in my SharePoint, using SharePoint Designer. This means that I now have an external list.
What I want, I want to read and insert this external list of data through a custom form
Note: This personalized form of our organization can be accessed by each employee if it is successful.
it's possible?
Please suggest me the best way.