centos – PHP MongoDB extension doesn’t work

I install MongoDB on Centos8, And I try to install the MongoDB extension, But when I add extension=mongodb.so to the php.ini file and run php-m command I get this error:

PHP Warning:  Cannot load module 'mongodb' because required module 'json' is not loaded in Unknown on line 0

and in phpinfo MongoDB extension doesn’t add.

import – Trouble importing orders with Amasty extension

I’m trying to use the Amasty order import/export plugin. I can get the data to validate, but on import it throws this error:

Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getAdditionalInformation() on null in
/public_html/vendor/magento/module-sales/Model/OrderRepository.php:189 Stack trace: #0
MagentoSalesModelOrderRepository->setPaymentAdditionalInfo() #1
MagentoSalesModelOrderRepository->getList() #2
MagentoSalesModelOrderRepositoryInterceptor->___callParent() #3
MagentoSalesModelOrderRepositoryInterceptor->MagentoFrameworkInterception{closure}() #4

When I check the DB, it adds a row with the correct data to the sales_order table, but doesn’t add anything to the sales_order_grid table.

Based on this info, is there anything I’m missing?


magento2.3 – Override Extension (/vendor) in app/frontend

I’m trying to override a layout .phtml file for a 3rd party extension which is located in /var/vendor_name/extension.
As I understand, I should not be modifying the /vendor files, but this extension has no files located in the app/code or app/frontend.

The file I’m trying to override is located in <magento_root>/vendor/vendor_name/module_name/view/frontend/templates/product/view/list.phtml

I read through the following thread but I’m not sure how to apply it in my situation Magento 2: How to Override File in Vendor Folder

Please let me know if more information needed.


fullscreen – 2014 Mac mini on 2 monitors no screen extension option available. Just mirror and regular left right views. Can this be done and how?

fullscreen – 2014 Mac mini on 2 monitors no screen extension option available. Just mirror and regular left right views. Can this be done and how? – Ask Different

php7 – Compile php 7.4.16 with custom php extension for phpdesktop

I’m trying to compile php 7.4.16 for phpdesktop on ubuntu 20.4, which needs a compiled php-cgi binary. But i want to add a extension to it named php-sweph. I can compile php and add the usual extra extension like intl, mbstring etc, because they are inside ext php source code directory.

But is it possible to compile another extension like php-sweph or any another external php extension to a php-cgi binary file? And how would i do this?

php7 – Compile php 7.4.16 together with a custom extension

How do include a custom php extension in a manually compiled version of php7.4.16? I did try to use phpize, then configure and run make. After this i copied the extension folder into the ext folder of the php version i want to compile. Then compiled php, but as expected it, it didn’t work this way. So whats the correct way to do what i want?

magento2 – create extension for composer instalations with lib

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magento2 – Where do scalar extension attributes save to?

Been reading the doc from Magento and i have been using extension attributes for more complex data structures but i’m basically wanting to add a simple scalar attribute

  <extension_attributes for="MagentoSalesApiDataShipmentTrackInterface">
    <attribute code="track_url" type="string"/>

And i thought for scalar attributes, i pretty much don’t need to do anything else such as adding plugins, just need to set the value correctly and use repository to save

        $shipment = $this->shipmentRepository->get($shipmentId);

        $track = $this->trackFactory->create()
            ->setTitle('super delivery');

        $extensionAttributes = $track->getExtensionAttributes()->setTrackUrl(


Codes are generated correctly, no errors, but when i try to retrieve it, it doesn’t actually return anything


Am i misunderstanding extension attributes then? Does it mean i will always need to add something new to the database, even for scalar types?

magento2 – Magento 2 Adding extension attributes to MagentoSalesApiDataShipmentTrackInterface

I’m trying to add a custom track url to the trackings, using extension attributes, i added these in extension_attributes.xml

  <extension_attributes for="MagentoSalesApiDataShipmentTrackInterface">
    <attribute code="track_url" type="string"/>
    <extension_attributes for="MagentoSalesApiDataShipmentTrackCreationInterface">
        <attribute code="track_url" type="string"/>

Cleared the generated codes and caches, interfaces are populating correctly, I used MagentoSalesApiShipOrderInterface::execute and the $tracks argument has data looking like this:

    "track_number": "1Z37X3X41217934386",
    "title": "ups",
    "carrier_code": "ups",
    "extension_attributes": {
      "track_url": "blah"

So everything looks fine and the extension attributes data are passed fine down to MagentoFrameworkModelAbstractExtensibleModel, however in MagentoFrameworkApiAbstractSimpleObject which is what MagentoSalesApiDataShipmentTrackExtension extends from, $data becomes an empty array, i still can’t figure out why this is happening, i’m in dev mode and shouldn’t need to run DI or something like that, any ideas?

object oriented – 16yo’s Python PacMan – Being more Pythonic, Good Coding Practice, Extension tasks

I have been coding ‘PacMan’ with my 16yo, a hopefully not too boring project to help improve his Python coding. We have just moved the ‘Ghosts’ into a Class which was a good first introduction to objects for him.

My coding is far from perfect, and especially not in Python which was only just being invented when I was learning this stuff, so I am looking for feedback on how to improve the professionalism of his code:

  • how to be more ‘pythonic’
  • how to enable him to add more features to this project in the future

Clearly he has a long way to go, so looking for minor steps forwards that we can understand and work with rather than a whole sale rewrite please 🙂

Ultimately I would like to get him to implement some search algorithms for the ghosts – (BFS, A*, etc.), so ensuring the current structure is fit to do that within would be good.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions welcomed.

Code is below, a zip with the textures etc is here: https://filebin.net/nxe82o408swslmyf

It currently runs, but we have not got lives, ghosts killing pacman, levels, etc. coded yet.

import pygame
import os
import time
import math as maths

# Text Positioning

#Pacman Orientation
UP = 10
RIGHT = 11
LEFT = 12
DOWN = 13


PIXEL = 20

# DX and DY for each direction
WEST = (-PIXEL, 0)

YELLOW = (255, 255, 102)
PALEYELLOW = (128, 128, 51)
WHITE = (255, 255, 255)
BLACK = (0, 0, 0)
BLUE = (0, 0, 255)
RED = (255,0,0)


#Global Variables
gameOver = False
win = False
score = 0

#Dictionary mapping between board chars and gif's to display.
char_to_image = {'.' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('pellet.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-nub.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)), 
                 '=T' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-end-b.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=R' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-end-l.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=L' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-end-r.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=B' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-end-t.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)) ,
                 '=TR' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-corner-ll.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=TL' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-corner-lr.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=BR' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-corner-ul.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=BL' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-corner-ur.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=TB' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-straight-vert.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=RL' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-straight-horiz.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=LTR' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-t-bottom.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=TRB' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-t-left.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=BLT' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-t-right.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=RBL' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-t-top.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '=TRLB' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('wall-x.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 'U' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('pacman-u 4.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 'R' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('pacman-r 4.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 'L' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('pacman-l 4.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 'D' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('pacman-d 4.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!P' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Pinky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!P.' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Pinky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!B' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Blinky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!B.' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Blinky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!I' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Inky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!I.' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Inky.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!C' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Clyde.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
                 '!C.' : pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load('Clyde.gif'), (PIXEL, PIXEL)),
#Class stuff
class Ghost:
    def __init__(self, ghostPixelX, ghostPixelY, sprite):
        print("Init " + sprite)
        self.ghostPixelX = ghostPixelX
        self.ghostPixelY = ghostPixelY
        self.sprite = sprite

    def draw(self):
        #print("draw " + self.sprite)
        dis.blit(char_to_image(self.sprite), (self.ghostPixelX, self.ghostPixelY))

    def erase(self):
        #print("erase " + self.sprite)
        # Erase Ghost by drawing black rectangle over it
        pygame.draw.rect(dis, BLACK, (self.ghostPixelX, self.ghostPixelY, PIXEL, PIXEL))
        boardX = int(self.ghostPixelX/PIXEL)
        boardY = int(self.ghostPixelY/PIXEL)
        # If the space contains food, redraw the food
        if "." in board(boardY)(boardX):
            dis.blit(char_to_image("."), (self.ghostPixelX, self.ghostPixelY))

    def move(self, pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY):

        #print("PreMove: " + str(self.sprite) + " " + str(self.ghostPixelX) + " " + str(self.ghostPixelY))

        #if score moves, so does directions
        #Sorts directions to which direction is best to take
        directions = (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST)
        score = ("","","","") #Which move is best

        #Calculate distance between Ghost and PacMan
        pixelDistanceX = pacManPixelX - self.ghostPixelX
        pixelDistanceY = pacManPixelY - self.ghostPixelY
        pixelDistance = maths.sqrt(pixelDistanceX**2 + pixelDistanceY**2)

        #Calculate distance between Ghost and PacMan after a move in each direction
        for i, direction in enumerate(directions):
            ghostDX, ghostDY = direction
            newGhostPixelX = self.ghostPixelX + ghostDX
            newGhostPixelY = self.ghostPixelY + ghostDY
            newPixelDistanceX = pacManPixelX - newGhostPixelX
            newPixelDistanceY = pacManPixelY - newGhostPixelY
            newPixelDistance = maths.sqrt(newPixelDistanceX**2 + newPixelDistanceY**2)

            #Store how much better (closer) or worse (further away) the move would take the ghost from PacMan
            score(i) = pixelDistance - newPixelDistance

        #Insertion sort O(n)
        #Iterates through the list for the next number to sort (start at pos 1)
        for index in range(1, len(score)):
            currentEntry = score(index)
            currentEntryDir = directions(index)
            position = index

            #Iterates through the list for the number to swap
            while position > 0 and score(position-1) > currentEntry:
                #Copies the lower position into the original position, overwriting it
                score(position) = score(position-1)
                directions(position) = directions(position-1)
                position = position - 1
            #puts the stored value from position, into the final lower position
            score(position) = currentEntry
            directions(position) = currentEntryDir

        # Take the now sorted list of moves, trying each one in turn and take the best move possible
        for direction in reversed(directions):
            ghostDX, ghostDY = direction
            newGhostPixelX = self.ghostPixelX + ghostDX
            newGhostPixelY = self.ghostPixelY + ghostDY

            # Ghosts cant hyperjump
            if newGhostPixelX >= 0 and newGhostPixelX < BOARDPIXELWIDTH and newGhostPixelY >= 0 and newGhostPixelX < BOARDPIXELHEIGHT:
                # Ghosts can't go through walls
                if TestMove(newGhostPixelX, newGhostPixelY, HYPERJUMPNOTALLOWED):
                    self.ghostPixelX = newGhostPixelX
                    self.ghostPixelY = newGhostPixelY

                    #print("PostMove: " + str(self.sprite) + " " + str(self.ghostPixelX) + " " + str(self.ghostPixelY))



# Load Board from a file in current directory
# Boards are text files called "board-X.txt"
def LoadBoard():   
    #ToDo load board from file
    #10 x 10 Board
    board = (('=BR', '=RL', '=RL', '=L', 'O', '.', '=R', '=RL', '=RL', '=BL'),
             ('=TB', '!B.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '!I.', '=TB'),
             ('=TB', '.', '=BR', '=L', '.', '.', '=R', '=BL', '.', '=TB'),
             ('=T', '.', '=T', '.', '.', '.', '.', '=T', '.', '=T'),
             ('.', '.', '.', '.', '.', 'U', '.', '.', '.', 'O'),
             ('O', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.'),
             ('=B', '.', '=B', '.', '.', '.', '.', '=B', '.', '=B'),
             ('=TB', '.', '=TR', '=L', '.', '.', '=R', '=TL', '.', '=TB'),
             ('=TB', '!C.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '!P.', '=TB'),
             ('=TR', '=RL', '=RL', '=L', '.', 'O', '=R', '=RL', '=RL', '=TL'))

    global foodTotal
    global pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY, pacManFacing, pacManDX, pacManDY
    global Pinky, Blinky, Inky, Clyde
    foodTotal = 0
    pacManPixelX = pacManPixelY = pacManDX = pacManDY = 0
    pacManFacing = UP
    #ToDo Load Board Pixel Width and Height here and delete from top of this file
    for boardY, line in enumerate(board):
        for boardX, symbol in enumerate(line):
            if symbol == ".":
                foodTotal +=1 # Count how much food we start with
            elif symbol == "!P." or symbol == "!P": #Which Ghost is it?
                Pinky = Ghost(boardX * PIXEL, boardY * PIXEL, "!P") #Create the ghost!
            elif symbol == "!B." or symbol == "!B": 
                Blinky = Ghost(boardX * PIXEL, boardY * PIXEL, "!B")
            elif symbol == "!I." or symbol == "!I": 
                Inky = Ghost(boardX * PIXEL, boardY * PIXEL, "!I")
            elif symbol == "!C." or symbol == "!C": 
                Clyde = Ghost(boardX * PIXEL, boardY * PIXEL, "!C") 
            elif symbol == "U":
                pacManPixelX = boardX * PIXEL # Get PacMan starting position
                pacManPixelY = boardY * PIXEL
    return board

#Draw Board
def DrawBoard():
    for y, line in enumerate(board):
        # Convert from board PIXEL to real PIXEL
        y *= PIXEL
        for x, symbol in enumerate(line):
            # Convert from board PIXEL to real PIXEL
            x *= PIXEL
            # Convert board chars to gif filename using dictionary
            if symbol != "O":
                dis.blit(char_to_image(symbol), (x, y))

#Test if Character can move to new location
def TestMove(newPixelX, newPixelY, hyperJumpAllowed):

    #TODO This is used for Ghosts and PacMan, Ghosts are not allowed to move in to a square already occupied by a Ghost
    # Pacman is, but then will die
    if newPixelX >= BOARDPIXELWIDTH or newPixelY >= BOARDPIXELHEIGHT or newPixelX < 0 or newPixelY < 0:
        if (hyperJumpAllowed):
            #If move would be a HyperJump, and HypeJumps are allowed then move must be ok
            return True
            #If move would be a HyperJump, and HypeJumps are not allowed then move must not be ok
            return False
    newBoardX = int(newPixelX/PIXEL)
    newBoardY = int(newPixelY/PIXEL)
    #Test if move would end up in a wall    
    if "=" in board(newBoardY)(newBoardX):
        return False
        return True

#Move PacMan to new location, but dont draw the update
def MovePacMan(pixelX, pixelY, dPixelX, dPixelY, facing):

    # Move PacMan
    newPixelX = pixelX + dPixelX
    newPixelY = pixelY + dPixelY

    # Check if move needs to be a HyperJump and if so HyperJump
    if (newPixelX >= BOARDPIXELWIDTH):
        newPixelX = 0
    elif (newPixelX < 0):

    if (newPixelY >= BOARDPIXELHEIGHT):
        newPixelY = 0
    elif (newPixelY < 0):
        newPixelY = BOARDPIXELHEIGHT - PIXEL      
    return newPixelX, newPixelY

def moveGhosts(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY):
    Pinky.move(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)
    Blinky.move(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)
    Inky.move(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)
    Clyde.move(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)

def eraseGhosts():

def ErasePacMan(pixelX, pixelY):
    # Erase PacMan from old position by drawing black rectangle over it
    pygame.draw.rect(dis, BLACK, (pixelX, pixelY, PIXEL, PIXEL))

def drawGhosts():

#Draw PacMan at a new position
def DrawPacMan(pixelX, pixelY, facing):
    # Draw PacMan at new position
    if facing == UP:
        dis.blit(char_to_image('U'), (pixelX, pixelY))
    elif facing == DOWN:
        dis.blit(char_to_image('D'), (pixelX, pixelY))
    elif facing == LEFT:
        dis.blit(char_to_image('L'), (pixelX, pixelY))
    elif facing == RIGHT:
        dis.blit(char_to_image('R'), (pixelX, pixelY))
    # Remove food at new board position
    board(int(pixelY / PIXEL))(int(pixelX / PIXEL)) = "O"

#Play sounds as PacMan eats
def PlaySound(pixelX, pixelY):
    boardX = int(pixelX / PIXEL)
    boardY = int(pixelY / PIXEL)
    #Play sound if new position has food
    if board(boardY)(boardX) == ".":
        # Alternate between two different sounds
        if (boardX + boardY) % 2 == 0:

def message(msg, color, pixelX, pixelY, fontSize, align):
    #Setup font
    font_style = pygame.font.SysFont("bahnschrift", fontSize)
    # Render text ont a surface
    msgRendered = font_style.render(msg, True, color)
    # Get size of surface
    msgPixelWidth, msgPixelHeight = msgRendered.get_size()
    # Change position to draw in relation to align 
    if align == CENTRE_MID:
        pixelX = pixelX - (msgPixelWidth / 2)
        pixelY = pixelY - (msgPixelHeight / 2)
    elif align == CENTRE_TOP:
        pixelX = pixelX - (msgPixelWidth / 2)
    dis.blit(msgRendered, (pixelX, pixelY))

#Main Code

#Setup display and pygame clock
dis = pygame.display.set_mode((BOARDPIXELWIDTH, BOARDPIXELHEIGHT + ( 2 * PIXEL)))
pygame.display.set_caption('Pac-man by ME')
clock = pygame.time.Clock()

#Setup Sounds
if os.path.isfile("1-pellet1.wav") and os.path.isfile("1-pellet2.wav") and os.path.isfile("1-default.wav"):
    sound = True
    food1Sound = pygame.mixer.Sound("1-pellet1.wav")
    food2Sound = pygame.mixer.Sound("1-pellet2.wav")
    defaultSound = pygame.mixer.Sound("1-default.wav")
    print("Warning: Sound files not found, not playing sounds.")
    sound = False
#Load board from file
#ToDo Load random board or different board each level
board = LoadBoard()

#Draw Board
#Game Loop
while not gameOver:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        #Allows quitting
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
            gameOver = True
        if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
                if event.key == pygame.K_LEFT:
                    pacManFacing = LEFT
                    pacManDX, pacManDY = WEST
                    #pacManDX = -PIXEL
                    #pacManDY = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT:
                    pacManFacing = RIGHT
                    pacManDX, pacManDY = EAST
                    #pacManDX = PIXEL
                    #pacManDY = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_UP:
                    pacManFacing = UP
                    pacManDX, pacManDY = NORTH
                    #pacManDY = -PIXEL
                    #pacManDX = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_DOWN:
                    pacManFacing = DOWN
                    pacManDX, pacManDY = SOUTH
                    #pacManDY = PIXEL
                    #pacManDX = 0
    #Can we move to new position?
    if TestMove(pacManPixelX + pacManDX, pacManPixelY + pacManDY, HYPERJUMPALLOWED):
        #Erase PacMan
        ErasePacMan(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)
        #Calculate new position
        pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY = MovePacMan(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY, pacManDX, pacManDY, pacManFacing)

        #print("pacManPixelX " + str(pacManPixelX) + " pacManPixelY " + str(pacManPixelY))
        if board(int(pacManPixelY / PIXEL))(int(pacManPixelX / PIXEL)) == ".":
        if sound:
            PlaySound(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)
        #Draw the turn and remove food
        DrawPacMan(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY, pacManFacing)

        #Update the score
        pygame.draw.rect(dis, BLACK, (0, BOARDPIXELHEIGHT, BOARDPIXELWIDTH, PIXEL))
        message(("You're score is " +str(score)), RED, 0, (BOARDPIXELHEIGHT), 15, LEFT_TOP)

    # Ghosts

    #Calculate new Ghost position  
    moveGhosts(pacManPixelX, pacManPixelY)

    #Draw new Ghost positions on the screen   

    #TODO Has the ghost caughtPacMan, if so pacman looses 1 of 3 lives.
    # So need lives system - 3 pacmen bottom right of screen that get 'used up' each time one dies
    # What happens when Pacman dies?  Ghosts get reset, pacman gets reset, score -10 and then carry on?
    # Hint, pac man moves first, so when each ghost moves you can test if it has hit pacman
    #if ghostPixelX == pacManPixelX and ghostPixelY == pacManPixelY:
    #    gameOver = True
    if foodTotal == 0:
        gameOver = True
        win = True
    #Tick the clock

if win == True:
    pygame.draw.rect(dis, YELLOW, (0, 0, BOARDPIXELWIDTH, BOARDPIXELHEIGHT))
    message(("This message will dissapear in 5 seconds"), RED, (BOARDPIXELWIDTH / 2), (BOARDPIXELHEIGHT / 2 + PIXEL), 10, CENTRE_TOP)
    pygame.draw.rect(dis, RED, (0, 0, BOARDPIXELWIDTH, BOARDPIXELHEIGHT))
    message(("This message will dissapear in 5 seconds"), YELLOW, (BOARDPIXELWIDTH / 2), (BOARDPIXELHEIGHT / 2 + PIXEL), 10, CENTRE_TOP)

Thanks very much

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