ctrl+shift+E shortcut in vscode is hijacked by an extension and I don’t know which

I have some extensions installed in vscode and when i try to use the explorer shortcut it closes the whole window and I don’t know which extension is causing that. I tried disabling all of them and when I try the shortcut nothing happens. I cannot figure out how to go about this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
ps: I use vscode version 1.50.1 on windows 10.

network – .local domain any possible ways in getting the extension

I was recently working on Broken link Hijacking and found a link in a target which reflected on multiple pages. It was portal.REDACTED.local which was not accessible and returned response as bad host.

So I never saw a extension that has .local so I just want to know if there is any way to claim this extension. If yes can you please share how can I claim this extension.

Thank you.

sharepoint online – SPFX List View Command Set Extension Sub Menu

Is it possible to add your own Sub-Menus when creating a List View Command Set Extension in the SharePoint Framework?

I would like to have something like:

-Contact Support
-Submit a Ticket

I think it would be easily achievable if the IListViewCommandSetExecuteEventParameters event gave us access to the DOM element.

This was possible using JavaScript in older versions of SharePoint.
Using methods like this: https://weblogs.asp.net/jan/customizing-the-sharepoint-ecb-with-javascript-part-2

magento2.3.3 – can we customize checkout field in paid extension?

I’m a beginner in Magento 2, I have a question on the checkout page,
I use amasty_checkout extension, can we change the state field on the checkout page,
suppose can I change or add a static html field in the State dropdown?

if I change so any functionality effect on the checkout process?
i have used the authorize.net payment method.

penetration test – Application is validating the file extension but not file content – Is this a security vulnerability?

It is unclear what the expectations on the application are in this case and thus your question can not be answered.

For example if the recipient expects data from untrusted sources anyway, it can be expected that the PDF is checked at the recipient. If the recipient instead expects fully trustable data, then more checks need to be done on the way to the recipient. These might be done in the web application during upload but also might be done at a later stage during delivery.

In other words: you cannot have a look at the application in isolation but must see the bigger picture. From that you can derive the requirements on the application. Only with the actual requirements you can decide if this is a vulnerability in the application or not. And only with the bigger picture it can be determined if and how such a vulnerability could actually be exploited.

Adding a sharepoint ArcGis extension is failing due 403 (Ensure Extension Pack is valid and does not already exist)

I’m trying to add one of the samples sharepoint extensions into my ArcGis map. When I try to do that it returns the following error:

Failed to add Extension Pack from the specified address. Ensure Extension Pack is valid and does not already exist.

Samples—ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint | ArcGIS

When I check the browser’s console I see the following error:

ERROR: 403

URL: https://la.arcgis.com/proxy?[FILEURL]/manifest.json.txt

I made the APP, API and everything as open as possible to find out where is the block, even anonymous usage. No success so far.

  • I can confirm that I can access the manifest.json.txt through the URL
  • Arcgis app is registered and I can see redirect URLs from my sharepoint
  • ArcGis is authenticated successfully thought the App configuration button
  • ArcGis map is working with the default configuration connected to a sharepoint list
  • There are plenty of credits available in the organization account

What can I do to solve the issue and add a custom extension?

Why this error is happening?

brave – How to copy URLs of all open Chrome tabs without an extension

Often when I’m using Chrome or Brave, I’d like to copy all of the URLs of my open tabs into another app such as Notepad.

I realize that many available extensions have this functionality, but I avoid installing extensions because of the security risk.

I figure there must be some native way to achieve my goal, sort of like how How do I copy all file names in a folder to notepad? is a hidden way to copy file names in Windows 10.

How can I copy all of the URLs of my open tabs without using an extension?

abstract algebra – For what commutative rings can all ideals be lifted to integral extension?

By this I mean, suppose we have a ring extension $Arightarrow B$ , $B$ integral over $A$,and we have an arbitrary (not necessarily prime) ideal $I subset A$. For which rings $A$ can we say that for any $B$ and any $I$, $$IB cap A=I$$? I know this holds for PIDs, since if $x in (a)Bcap A$ where $(a)$ is the ideal of $A$ generated by some $ain A$ ,then $x=ab$ for some $b in B$, and since a PID is integrally closed in its fraction field, we can conclude $b in A$ and $x in(a)$.

On the other hand, it’s easy to see that for some domains that are not integrally closed like $mathbb{Z}(sqrt{-7})$, this does not hold. If we take our integral extension to be $mathbb{Z}(frac{1+sqrt{-7}}{2})$,and our ideal to be $(2)$, we clearly see that $1+sqrt{-7}$ lies in $(2)mathbb{Z}(frac{1+sqrt{-7}}{2})capmathbb{Z}(sqrt{-7})$ but not in $(2)$ as an ideal of $mathbb{Z}(sqrt{-7})$.

Is there any criterion more inclusive than being a PID which allows this condition to hold for A? I’m particularly interested in the question of whether, if it holds for $A$,it can be taken to hold for $A(x)$

usability – Tool to Gather Insights for Chrome Extension Usage

I hope you’re doing good. Does anyone know of a tool that can help me get user insights and analytics from a Chrome extension? A product I’m working on is basically a chrome extension, which helps recruiters with hiring the right people, by automating most of their process. I want to get insights about the users regarding usage patterns, heat maps, and usage recordings ( just like how Hotjar does it). Does anyone know of any tools that can help me monitor users using the extension?

Uploading browser extension to Microsoft Partner Centre

I currently have continuous integration that updates an extension on Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Add On Market, however I am now trying to make a script that uploads to the Microsoft Partner Centre. Does anyone know how to upload via API to this Microsoft Partner Centre? (Specifically for Browser Extensions).