Inserimento Extension Points nel Diagramma USe CAse

Sto facendo un Diagramma dei casi d’uso ma non riesco con Drow IO ad inserire un Extension points. Ho selezionato la freccia extends ma non appare nell’ovale del caso d’uso la dicitura “extension points”.

Grazie mille.

gnome – Dash To Panel Extension breaks Lockscreen on Thinkpad T495

I started usign the “dash to panel” extension a while ago because I like the way it integrates the top bar and the favourite bar into a single one (like in windows) and how it displays multible opened windows for a single application. Also it gives me extra space on my display. Sadly, turning on the extension breaks the lockscreen after restarting the computer. With manually turning off and on the extension it works until the next shutdown and restart.

Whenever that glitch is present, it freezes the screen for a short time, then does something which looks like it wants to go to the login screen, but immediatly throws me back to the desktop. This happens with manual locking as well as automated (on suspend for example).

Does anybody out there have an idea why this is happening? Obviously disabling the extension can fix this permanently, however I’d like to keep using it. The computer is a Thinkpad T495 (Ryzen 5 3500U, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB NVMe SSD, integrated graphics). Thanks everybody for your input.

$SL_2(mathbb{Z}_p)$ extension of a local field

Let $G$ be an aribitary open group of $SL_2(mathbb{Z}_p)$ and $K$ be a finite extension of $mathbb{Q}_p$, can we construct a Galois extenion field $E$ of $K$ such that $text{Gal}(E/K)cong G$? This is a special case for $p$-adic Lie extension of $K$.

Thanks for any answers!

decryption – Attacked by ransomware that has encrypted and renamed all files with a .makop extension

I’ve spent several hours searching the internet to see if anyone has cracked this encryption yet, but without any luck. I don’t want to reward criminals for their activity, but I do have a few files that I absolutely need. Besides finding a decryptor or paying the ransom, do I have any other options for recovering my files? I have been able to successfully restore a couple of systems from backups, but my personal system wasn’t backed up and has temporarily housed important files.

I’m somewhat familiar with best practices of backing up important files and/or saving to the cloud, but I will definitely be more vigilant in the future. It was mostly due to the ‘it will never happen to me’ mindset.

Relevant information:

  • I’ve identified how they got in, and have reset the password on that account (and all other accounts just in case).
  • I did have malware bytes and sophos installed. Looking at the Event Viewer, there are logs of both of these software being successfully uninstalled.
  • The files are renamed like this: originalFileName.orig.(8-digit-hex).(
  • The ransom note file says to contact them at to pay them in bitcoins.
  • They’ll decrypt a couple of files for free, and then send me a scanner-decoder program after being paid.

Persistent logging in browser extension?

I am currently working on developing a browser extension to be supported on chrome, firefox and edge. I want to integrate application logging into it in order to have sufficient data to diagnose any future issues that might arise once actual end users start using it.

The approach that I want to follow is to keep saving the generated logs into persistent storage on the browser such as indexedDb with a log rotation policy such as saving only 10 Mb logs or only keeping the logs which are not older than 1 month. The saved logs would be sent over the server only at specific time interval such as a month or only if some issue is encountered.

I did my research on the possible approaches to the problem and to find any existing logging frameworks supporting the same. But, I was not able to find any. Also, what I noticed is that developers usually just emit the logs to the browser console or send the logs over to a network endpoint continuously as and when they are generated instead of storing them first on browser persistent storage.

Is there any significant drawback to the approach of keeping logs on persistent storage at the browser? Or, is the effort not worth it as compared to continuously emitting the logs to a network endpoint?

Magento 1.9 Custom extension not displaying block in product view

I have been trying to display a custom template in the product view page in a simple extension but it only works for some references:,, product.tooltip and

My app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/productest.xml looks like this. I m trying to display a simple text now but to no success:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<layout version="0.1.0">
    <reference name="">
        <block type="core/text" name="core-text"><action method="setText"><text><!(CDATA(<div>Souh</div>))></text></action></block>


I have also echoed the block names that are used in the product page:

    (0) =>
    (1) => alert.urls
    (2) =>
    (3) =>
    (4) => product.description
    (5) => product.attributes
    (6) => catalog.product.related
    (7) =>
    (8) =>
    (9) =>
    (10) =>
    (11) =>
    (12) =>
    (13) =>
    (15) =>
    (16) =>
    (17) =>
    (18) =>

I don’t understand why not all of them can be extended/referenced when they all appear to be called in the product page.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Chrome extension – set clipboard on click extension icon

I’m trying to achieve a simple action on a Google Chrome extension: when user is on a tab, it could click on the extension icon, and something (like a string) will be copied into its clipboard.

The only thing that I don’t know how to deal with in this process is the copy action to the clipboard. Can you help me on this?

What I’ve done so far:
– added the clipboardWrite permission to my manifest.json
– added the browser_action section to my manifest.json to handle click on the icon extension
– added something like this into my background.js file:

chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener((tab) => {
  const string = "something";
  // Here I need to add code to copy `string` to clipboard, looking for a way to do it

Any help on this would be useful 🙂

javascript – Chrome Extension: document.querySelector(‘button’).click() is not working on button created on React

I want from extension to click the button but button click event is not working as if i use JS DOM Methods:

getElementsByClassName('button')(0).click(); // Not working
document.querySelector('button').click(); // Not working  

The problem is that button is created either on “React.js“, so i think that causes not to happen the button click event.

Please suggest me any solution for this problem.


e-FRRO E2 Visa Extension

For process of E2 (Employment visa – India ) extension for a Japanese National . Documents have been uploaded and it is under process in the portal however am awaiting the decision from E-FRRO. How long can I stay and can I work post the expiry of the visa date if yes for how long ?

Chrome Extension: How popup.html reacts when opened on multiple windows? [closed]

I’m stuck at a point where i need to show results of content page to Popup page of extension while simultaneously running on multiple windows. Is there any possible solution?

Thank you.