How to get more questions for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

How to get more questions for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

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  1. How to get more questions for immigration consultants in Hong Kong?

    How to get more questions for immigration consultants in Hong Kong? We are Consultores Seen. We provide the Canadian Visa Application in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Student Visa, the Hong Kong Visa Extension, the Hong Kong Domestic Assistant, etc. So suggest me Expert on how to get more opportunities. Thank you

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Theory of the game – Extension of the English standard Peg Solitaire

A complete analysis of the standard English Peg Solitaire has been carried out. Watch

Berlekamp, ​​E. R .; Conway, J. H .; Guy, R. K. (2001) [1981], Winning forms for your mathematical games (paperback) (2nd ed.), A K Peters / CRC Press, ISBN 978-1568811307.

Consider the standard English version of the game. The center pin is adjacent to the most central pin of the column to the left of a $ 3 times 3 $ grid of pins to the right, the most central pin of the column to the right of a $ 3 times 3 $ grid of pins on the left, and similar adjacency in the directions up and down from the central pin. I'm curious to know if a variation of the game has been considered with, say, $ 2n + 1 times 2n + 1 $ Grids in the four directions of the central plug? You can ask many questions that were answered completely for the standard game where $ n = 1 $How can you make jumps so that only one pin remains? If so, in how many ways are there to win with and without symmetry? Obviously there $ 4 (2n + 1) ^ 2 -4 + 1 = 16n ^ 2 + 16n + 1 $ pegs in this variation.

Thanks for your time!

A torem extension of average value for integrals?

The mean value theorem for integrals states that if $ f $ Y $ g $ are continuous in $[a, b]$ Y $ g $ never change session $[a, b]$, then there is something $ c in [a, b]$ such that

$$ int_ {a} ^ {b} f (x) g (x) dx = f (c) int_ {a} ^ {b} g (x) dx. $$

Is it also true that, for any $ C in[a, b]$there are some $ D in [a, b]$ (dependent on $ C $) such that

$$ int_ {a} ^ {b} f (x) g (x) dx = f (C) int_ {a} ^ {D} g (x) dx $$?

Gener8 – (Earn money from ads with Chrome / Firefox extension) – GPT (Get Paid To)

Gener8 is a browser extension that allows you to earn money with the ads you see.
According to them:
"The average user is forecast at Gener8 £ 20-40 per month."

1. Install the Gener8 browser extension in Chrome or Firefox
2. Complete your preferences to generate tokens faster and earn more money. Brands pay money to show you what interests you. When you complete your preferences, you will see ads that are based on what you like and you will earn money faster thanks to that.
3. Gener8 tokens. The chips are equivalent to real money. They are collected in your wallet until you want to charge.
4. Donate or withdraw money. Donate to your favorite charity or transfer it to your bank account. This feature is not available yet, as it is still in Beta.

There is also a raffle in which £ 100 is given each day of the week to a Gener8 user at random.
You have to claim your £ 100 within 24 hours of winning.
Each time you invite a friend you win another ticket to the draw.

Win 10 chips for each friend who registers.
Receive a token bonus when you reach the milestones.

Link: Gener8


SerpClix – (Earn money by searching with the Firefox extension) – GPT (Get Paid To)

SerpClix is ​​a site where you can pay to search Google with the help of your Firefox extension.
Webmasters can also buy clicks to increase their SERP CTR.

Steps to win as a clicker:

1. Register as a seller
2. Watch the video of the explanation inside the board.
3. Download and install the extension for Firefox.
4. Log in to the extension, a new tab will open.
5. Click on any available order, another new tab will open with Google, type or copy / paste the keyword and search for the required URL. Once found, click on it and stay for 60 seconds, you can click on any link, except the ads or the Back button of your browser. I repeat: DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS. After 60 seconds, the tab will close automatically.

US users US, UK, CA, AU, DE can earn $ 0.10 per search.
Everyone else earns $ 0.05.
Do not use a VPN or a proxy, otherwise you will be banned.

From the references you can earn 10% during the first 3 months.

The minimum payment is $ 4 through PayPal, payments are automatically sent during the first week of the month for earnings accumulated during the previous month.

Link: SerpClix


What is the volume of the extension?

enter the description of the image here

The answer is 63.7. My calculations are much larger than the correct answer, you may not have understood the question correctly quietly possibly.

Add custom attribute / extension to the shipping / billing address :: knock-js set-shipping-infromation-mixin.js error

Magento 2.3.1

I referred to the following link to add a custom attribute / extension to the shipping address

However, when I pressed & # 39; following & # 39; to go Review step and payments in the payment stage, I get the following error

enter the description of the image here

Obtaining a direct image link with file extension to a Google Sheets graphic published

I have a Google sheet with a chart created from the data on the sheet. I have published the graphic, but the URL is not an image link. I need it to be a direct link to a valid image format (either .jpg or .png). Changing the Format to image It gave me a PNG image, but the software I'm using requires a file extension in the URL. (like

Sample URL:

Did the incomplete Chrome extension install – Possible malware infection?

I guess the extension you installed was

It is called "Flash Player" and says it is "Offered by: flash player". I checked version 1.1.3. In the installation opens https: // themusic[.]io /

The requested permits are:

  • Read and modify all your data on the websites you visit.
  • Manage your downloads

The music page opens because the installation opens https: // flplayer[.]net / welcome, which redirects there. The uninstall opens https: // flplayer[.]net / uninstall that simply says "Sorry if we do not meet your needs, see you next time!"

Another interesting page is http: // flplayer[.]net / config.php, from which you get a lot of configuration options. This includes a value called analyticsId ("UA-117750115-1"), which appears to be a Google Analytics identifier (it seems unused), and a mixpanelId (58410f8ab299e0eb2b736f6e233eda37) that is used if the extended analyst was established.

Another strange feature is that when rendering the embedding box, if the protocol is https, give the URLs through the page. https: // greatapptst[.]com / redirect.php? url = (which proxies nothing)

As the browser itself media what the extension can do, I do not think I could have escaped to install a system program (no, not a keylogger). At the most, I could have published some information about your browser and pages. Especially about the pages you visited after installing it. But apparently you uninstalled it immediately, so even in that case there's not much you could have harvested.
If you had me

javascript – KaTeX extension for Markdown

I have created a piece of code JS to improve the discount in visualization time with the mathematical representation of KaTeX. (Specifically, this is mainly for the documentation of high density mathematical libraries in which the main language documentation tool does not have specific mathematical support (for example, rustdoc).) The fragment itself is the HTML code of to load the KaTeX scripts and manipulate the DOM (which would be injected into any generated documentation), and the rest of the fragment is to demonstrate the functionality.



The quadratic formula is The[[ x = frac {-b pm sqrt {b ^ 2-4ac}} {2a} text {.} ]

The quadratic formula is ( x = frac {-b pm sqrt {b ^ 2-4ac}} {2a} ).

The purpose is to take source Markdown.

The quadratic formula is [` x = frac{-b pm sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}text{.} ]`

which is processed in the HTML

The quadratic formula is The[[ x = frac {-b pm sqrt {b ^ 2-4ac}} {2a} text {.} ]

And process the block defined by [` ... ]` in math display style and (`... )` in online style math. (Specific theme of the syntax domain: ` it is uniformly after the brackets because without at least one being inside the block of rebate code, we can not tell the difference between the rebate (`code` ) Y (`code`), the last of which we do not want to process.) An alternative syntax would be $ `...` $ for online style and $$ `... $$ for the style of visualization, but I opted for the new LaTeX-style media over the older TeX-style dollars for personal preferences. (Feel free to discuss why the dollars would be better, if you want!)

The general review is, of course, welcome, but here are some specific points to consider:

  • Node.previousSibling supposedly behaves subtly differently in Gecko and Blink. Did I handle this correctly on both engines? (EdgeHTML, disappearing as it is?)
  • All my custom code is filled in katex.onload; This is disgusting, but avoid adding global (apart from Katex).
  • KaTeX offers support for loading the ECMAScript module, but my attempt to use it was noticeably slower (without limiting my connection!), Probably due to an accidental serialization of something that was not necessary. Is it better to use the charge module if it is available?
  • Is this an appropriate use of ? (My daily controller is FireFox, which has the preload disabled due to a problem, but Chrome shows an improvement in processing time when it is reduced to 3G speeds).
  • I do not use Javascript often, so general style problems and browser support (The value reduction syntax was specifically selected so that the Noscript backup is not as well horrible.)

Final note: any syntax that is used must be compatible with the style of visualization mathematics within a paragraph, since the convention is to treat even the style of visualization mathematics as part of the sentence of the paragraph that contains it. Otherwise, `` `mathematics it is translated to

    by the CommonMark specification, which is a great goal for translation. Unfortunately, this prevents placing a display style in a paragraph and makes the syntax distinctly different from the line. However, the support style supports almost this style of fencing due to the variable width fences: [```[```[```[```/]`` ` It works well, and embeds the resulting processing.     in a 

how is semantically correct (Nude $/$$ or The[[/ ( It should also be avoided since these require price reduction engine support to avoid altering the contents, while blocks of literal code give us this for free.)

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