Discrete mathematics: show that x and y in the extended Euclid algorithm will not overflow an integer (if a, b

They give us a and b <= 1e8.

The extended Euclides algorithm always finds a solution for ax + by = gcd (a, b) (assuming it exists) that can always be stored in an Int.

How to show that x and y will not overflow an Int?

code: https://cp-algorithms.com/algebra/extended-euclid-algorithm.html

read the text file with extended ascii from Google Cloud Storage (Java)

We have a text file with extended ascii (words like & # 39; Systèmes & # 39; and & # 39; Café & # 39;).
It is in Google Cloud Storage. Its content type is text / csv. If I download it through the browser's user interface (https: //console.cloud.google.com/storage/browser / …) all the characters are correct. However, if I download it from Java, using the code below, I get garbage for each of the extended ascii characters.

    Blob blob = storage.get(blobId);
    String fileContent = new String(blob.getContent());
    List lines = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(fileContent.split("\r?\n")));

The file is, I believe, encoded in UTF-8.
Thank you!

Macos – How to read the extended (registered) USB drive of Mac OS if I get: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"?

So, I wanted to do a new installation of Catalina, and I made a backup on my USB drive. Before transferring the data to USB, I have formatted it as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". After installing Catalina, I can no longer read the USB data and receive the message: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer."

I tried to read it on my Windows machine using a free program (HFSExplorer), but it couldn't even find my USB drive. I tried to read it on Linux (Ubuntu), installed "hfsprogs", but I couldn't mount it.

I have also tried using several free data recovery programs, but have managed to recover only the data from my previous Linux pen drive installation that I deleted before making a backup.

Excel 2013 crashes when a second monitor for extended screen is connected

I have a laptop to which I connect a second screen (different resolution) and extend the screen (Windows 10). This causes Excel 2013 to crash frequently, sometimes by dragging to the second screen, sometimes even before the window appears.

Other Office programs are fine. The problem disappears if the second screen is disconnected or set to "duplicate" instead of "extend." I have updated the graphics drivers and tried to accelerate the graphics hardware in Excel without success.
Anything else I can try?

file systems – Copy / Snyc files with extended attributes between Linux and BSD

I would like to copy / synchronize files from a Linux box to a FreeBSD server.
As files tend to have extended attributes, I want to preserve them in the target file system.

The source file systems are Ext4 or BTFRS, the destination file system is ZFS with extended attributes enabled.

What works is: first taring files in the Linux box and then decompressing it in the BSD box

linux > tar -cvf --xattrs tmp.tar test.file
bsd > tar -xv tmp.tar

As it is awkward, I am looking for a more direct way.

What does not work are: transfers / copies on

  • NFS3 / 4, since it does not know the extended attributes, and
  • rsync through ssh or with an rsyncd

digital signature: by having a signed binary code, how can I know if it is signed with an Extended Validation (EV) certificate?

I can't seem to find an answer to this seemingly simple question. Let's say, in Windows, if I have a binary file:

enter the description of the image here

How can I tell if it was signed with an extended validation code (EV) signing certificate?

Let's say the file above is a Windows driver In a Windows 10 64-bit you must have an EV signature to load. So it seems that I cannot find anything in its properties that can indicate that it is an EV:

enter the description of the image here

And since the operating system can clearly distinguish between EV and OV cert, how do you know?

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Extended slide mold – Photo stack exchange

I am scanning my father's slides that were damaged last year in a movement. They have been in slide magazines (Airequipt) for years. Moving day, last year, the moving boxes they were in had been wet. I did not know until recently, when I opened the closet of my guest room where I had the engines stack the boxes and the smell of dampness left me speechless. I took all the boxes to the garage and tore out the cardboard boxes of Airequipt that were noticeably damaged, after photographing the labels on each final box. I bought file boxes to save the slides after I finished scanning them. Meanwhile, while scanning, I separate the damaged slides, without image, into zippered bags and put all the slides scanned in plastic tubs with a lid with an activated carbon bowl in each one, to store until there is no smell left perceptible. My question is: if there is any mold with the scanned slides, will it continue to deteriorate the good slides when they are archived? Usually, my house is between 72 and 77 degrees and the humidity ranges from 40 to 51 percent.

Java – Implementing Iterable to use conveniently extended for

I would like to know how other people feel about this class design:

 * Set of people 
class People implements Iterable {

    private final Set allPeople = new HashSet<>();

    public boolean add(final Person person) {
        return allPeople.add(person);

    public int size() {
        return allPeople.size();

    public Iterator iterator() {
        return allPeople.iterator(); 

    public Set getMaleAdults() {
        .../*filtered allPeople*/

I feel that using implements Iterable It's not good style here, nor would I be implementing Set. I think it would be better not to implement Iterable, and rather to have a method like public Set getAll(); (as a minimal change, keeping the structure intact otherwise).

How should I justify this in a code review?

dnd 5e – Can you effectively apply the Extended Spell Sorcery Wizard option to the Thaumaturgy spell?

Yes, the extended spell can be applied to thaumaturgy.

As mentioned, the extended spell is applied only when a spell lasts at least 1 minute:

When you cast a spell that lasts 1 minute or more,
You can spend 1 point of sorcery to double its duration, up to a maximum
24 hours duration.

In addition, thaumaturgy has a series of possible effects, of instantaneous duration or of 1 minute.

In fact, the only information he excluded explains why the extended spell can be applied.
Under the details of Thaumaturgy's casting, the duration section says:
Duration: up to 1 minute

This tells us that the duration is based on what effect (s) you choose to use.

So, whenever you apply one of the non-instantaneous effects, you can use the extended spell.