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Modern experience: using the json listview format to create a receptive mosaic view

I am trying to use this MS documentation to create a mosaic view for my list items. Halfway, show how to use tileProps to enable the Tile view for the drop-down menu and create tiles.

It works and creates a mosaic view where each element of the list is represented by a mosaic and the mosaics flow as many as fit in a line before dividing into a new line. But depending on the size of the screen / column there may be an awkward empty space to the right of each "row" before it is long enough to accommodate the next element. Note the large white space on the right.

enter the description of the image here

I would like to let my cards vary a bit wide to fix 3 on that line or make the 2 that are there expand. In my example, the json starts like this:

"schema": "",
    "height": "250",
    "width": "350",
    "hideSelection": true,

the width property here sets flex:0 0 350;max-width:350px; as an element style in each of the flexible cards / elements. There seems to be no ability to change that.

If I leave out the width ownership or change that to car or some value with units, it is only represented with a default value of 254px.

I'm not very good with flex, but I think I need to be able to change it to something like flex:1 1 auto;min-width:250px;max-width:400px; or any value that works.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get truly receptive mosaics using the json format?

Do you use gocardless? What is your experience with him?

It seems an easy way to add direct debit with the latest version of WHMCS.

Anyone who is using it for a while and can offer some idea … | Read the rest of

You need a niche for skin care / facial writer: have passion / experience

I need to hire someone to write articles of 5,500 words about skin care. These can be topics that you are passionate about, such as how to take care of your skin, reigimins, etc.

Please send 5 titles for my consideration, the best ones will be chosen for the project. Also include the rates, payment will be made through PayPal.

Mobile form design pattern – User experience stack exchange

I am trying to determine which of the following design patterns for user input is most effective and / or recommended when it comes to the mobile experience. In our application we have examples of both, but there is no clear guide on which one to use and under what circumstances.

Pattern 1:
It includes a list view of properties and their values. The end user in this case clicks on each item in the list and the application navigates the user to the relevant page that has a dedicated area for entry. This provides the end user with a customized, standard and somewhat generous entry space, but obviously breaks the pattern of the typical form design.

enter the description of the image here
Custom Selector Example

enter the description of the image here
Example of custom text entry

Note that in this pattern, the form, for lack of a better term, is updated with each entry.

Pattern 2:
Unlike the previous example, a typical page that asks the user for an entry would include a form. It provides the user with standard controls, which represent something inconsistent between Android and iOS and, in some cases (for example, text area entry), something limiting. On the positive side, this pattern is familiar to developers. team and is easy to run.

enter the description of the image here

Note that in this pattern, the form is updated only after the user submits the entry once.

dnd 3.5e: What happens if a dragon ages but doesn't gain experience?

Chapter 3 of the Draconomicon it details how, every two years, a true dragon must take its next level in its "class" of dragons. But what happens if the dragon simply sits down without winning XP and therefore never gains a "next level"?

It is said that many dragons let their natural abilities grow instead of venturing to gain experience. Do they somehow get dragon "class" levels for free through aging (like, they instantly get enough XP to advance a level, but are they required to turn it into more dragonia?), Or will they eventually be an ancient dragon with all the statistics of a wyrmling?

windows – GeForce Experience – Game Development Stack Exchange

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Include user experience designers in user research / testing processes: considerations

Earlier I was asked to participate as user test processes (formal and informal) and in the selection process, the fact that I am also a user experience designer does not seem to have been an exclusion criterion (just think of lawyers in panels jury).

I wonder if others have had experiences in choosing or evaluating participants for user research or testing activities to deliberately include or exclude UX designers and why? What are the main considerations you have had to deal with?

career – Is the experience in programming tools useful for other positions?

How is the possible professional progression for a tool programmer? Would experience in that field be useful to obtain other programming jobs in the industry, such as gaming, engine or AI programming? Or is it considered experience that only qualifies you for more tool programming jobs?

Any experience with the comgate payment gateway?


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