Car rental: will renting an ad hoc car in New York City be much more expensive than reserving it in advance?

The prices and availability of rental cars will vary dramatically according to demand. If demand is high for a specific period, then as you get closer to that time, prices will go up (sometimes significantly!), And individual locations may run out. If demand is low, prices may fall as the date approaches.

In general, the best option for someone in your situation is to make a reservation that allows you to cancel without paying a fee, and then monitor the prices as the time approaches. If the prices go down, you can cancel your existing reservation and make a new one. If it turns out you do not need the car, you can cancel the reservation without charge.

Since you are not from the USA UU., If you end up making a reservation while physically in the US. UU., You must make sure that your residence is correctly selected in the site from which you make the reservation. If you do not, then the necessary insurance will not be included in your reservation, and you must pay them at the time of collection, which will significantly increase the price.

c # – Unity: Is the conversion rate in each frame too expensive?

I have a state machine that controls my enemy's AI. Each AI has a goal that can be a Player, an obstacle, a shell or even a Vector2 position.

I'm trying to abstract my "target" member, and the first thing I thought was to use GameObject and then descend to any kind of enemy I need. Examples below:

StateController class: MonoBehavior {
Objective of GameObject;
Fire action action;

To update () {
action.Fire (this);

FireAction class: ScriptableObject {
Public empty abstract fire (StateController c);

// Examples of different fire scripts:
FireAtPlayer class: FireAction {
void public void Fire (StateController c) {
Player p = c. Goal as a player;
// - use the properties of the Player-- object

FireAtPoint class: FireAction {
void public void Fire (StateController c) {
GameObject t = as a player;
// - use the properties of the GameObject object--

As you can see, my trigger methods will launch the target object on each call to Update. Will this negatively affect the performance of my game? Keep in mind that I know for sure what kind of object the target is, so I'm not guessing when I'm launching. Thank you in advance for your help!

Forex knowledge is expensive – Discussions and help

I know I exchanged with my good friend, but from a brief conversation there was an interest in me for forex, but my friend is very difficult to give information about the trick and this more about forex, and when I have felt ignored by him from so,. I came to the conclusion that forex knowledge is expensive … how a friend a friend

Looking for less expensive light traffic hosting with unlimited domains

Looking for less expensive light traffic hosting with unlimited domains [up to 30] under traffic <8G total for all

No additional features needed … | Read the rest of

dnd 5e – Is it supposed that protection against evil and good is so expensive?

Protection against evil and good. It has a material component

Holy water or silver powder and iron, that the spell consume

So, to use this spell we have to spend holy water (or silver dust and iron, but I'll come back to this later), although it does not state explicitly how different many other spells are.

For example, Glyph of Guard

incense and diamond powder is worth at least 200 gp, that the spell consume

OR Trap

25 feet of rope, that the spell consume

We have a relevant tweet from Jeremy Crawford.

In practical terms, does that mean that a bottle of holy water could be reused for multiple castings of the spell? If a DM was generous and allowed it. Typically, a DM will wait for a flask to be used.

And here we have reached our destination, from the description of Holy Water (flask):

Cost: 25 gp

Now, since silver powder and iron do not have their own position in the equipment list and their value is not explicitly stated in the description of the spell, the price is completely until DM, varying from 1 cp to infinity, which is ridiculous, to say the least, compared to the fixed price of holy water. Assuming should be at least of the same price as holy water, leaves us with 25 gp for a single-use material component for a first-level spell.

As it stands, there are several top-level spells that require components of consumable material:

Now, some might say, that Ceremony It's also expensive, but it also offers a wide range of options for both combat and role play, while Protection against evil and good. It is hardly applicable to anything other than combat encounters.

Am I missing something or is this spell too expensive to use?

The most expensive country for international students? – Everything else

It is easy to guess that the EE. UU And the United Kingdom would be at the top of the list for university education and the most expensive university trips. The estimates of the Times educational group revealed that more than half of the 200 most important universities in the world are located in the United States or the United Kingdom. As countries move from being economies based on manufacturing to knowledge-based economies, the demand for quality university education increases. The cost of education in these two countries is not cheap at all. However, the United Kingdom and the US UU They have fairly generous salaries compared to other nations, but the huge fees that reach tens of thousands of dollars per year make it difficult to pay tuition fees. To compound this, what seems to be happening now is that fees continue to rise every year, but salaries do not, so higher education is becoming something that only the elite can afford.

Problem with ESTA expensive from ESTASERVICE.COM

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What are expensive for beautiful looking games that are cheap techniques? OpenGL GLSL

I will write the techniques I know. And I want you to score in 10.

Normal Mapping (Bump)

Parallax mapping

Normal + Parallax Mapping (I guess I can use it together Can I use it together?)

PBR (I do not know how to use it, but if it's cheap, I want to learn and use)

You can rate it like this:

Normal mapping -> 3

Parallax mapping -> 4

Normal + Parallax -> 7

PBR -> 8

WordPress Client – expensive hosting

Hi all,
I have a query that I am really looking for to get a second opinion from you.

We have a client who recently migrated to us … we are a web agency.

For hosting, we used a couple of shared hosting providers, as well as WPEngine for larger WordPress sites, and a separate host for large Magento sites.

The client site is a WordPress site, which in the initial view before the migration showed around 30,000 visits per month.

After migrating to WP Engine, after a few weeks, we received a call from the WP Engine support people telling us that the site literally consumes bandwidth. It is actually receiving about 100k visits per month in current estimates. After much discussion, it seems that this will mean switching to a plan that costs $ 115 per month in the short term … and a package of $ 290 per month in the medium and long term.

Understandably, the client is quite upset about this … since they have been used to paying a few hundred dollars per year so far … although on a totally inadequate server.

So I just need a second opinion really … The customers' site is small in size … but very high in traffic (as above). The client has asked us to find an option that DOES NOT base its prices on server utilization or bandwidth … and it is not as expensive as several hundred dollars a month.

I'm struggling a bit to find an option that we can work with … that I know will not fall every day.

Can anyone suggest an economical but stable platform for a WordPress site with a lot of traffic … that does not change prices according to usage, but is it able to remain stable during busy periods?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.