Visas – (Migrated to SE Expats) In the United States and I'm not sure if my residence status in Japan is still valid. How do I re-enter Japan for a new job?

My instructor's residence status for Japan is valid until 2022. I left Japan two months ago to visit my country of citizenship, the United States, with the intention of returning and starting a new job within 90 days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to postpone my return and employment in Japan until August or September.

I notified Immigration using the required form within several days after finishing my last job, and obtained a "Special Reentry Permit", valid for 1 year, stapled in my passport at the airport when I left the country (I have my zairyu card However, I understand that my residence status may be revoked after 90 days of not participating in my "designated activity".

If I accept a job offer in Japan from August or September, what should I do about my state of residence? I assume it will be canceled when the 90 day mark passes? Should I request that Immigration cancel it before an employer requests a new COE on my behalf? Or is there some way to keep it valid until my return?

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To expats: How do you handle depression?

Hello, I am working in Singapore (originally from Australia) for a few months. Things have gone well in terms of work, but as I live alone, it has been difficult to deal with personal emotional and mental problems. I read this article here, & # 039; Problems of lonely expatriates & # 039; And I was wondering if the expats out there had suggestions on how to deal with similar things.