wallet – Exodus exported private key

I’m trying to understand why I’m having a hard time at importing exodus private keys in other wallets like jaxx o scatter.

I can’t understand why I don’t get the public address from the private key with this script:

var bitcore = require("bitcore-lib")
var privateKey = bitcore.PrivateKey.fromString("**** exodus private key ****")

I’m not able either to get the address from the seed phrase by using https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ indicating bip32 derivation path to m/0/0.

Could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

client – How to ‘move’ Armory Wallet with multiple Private Keys to Exodus desktop wallet?

What if the Armory Wallet you are using has 3 separate PrivBase58 keys? How would you import this (move it) into Exodus Desktop? Exodus seems to want one key only when you select the move option from their latest (Windows 10) Desktop version 21.1.7.

Not sure it matters but the wallet has pre-2017 BTC.

I was trying to refer to this instruction: How to obtain the private key of an Armory wallet?

currencies – How to recover Exodus wallet from a google back up

I had to factory reset my phone because it was hacked. In my panic I forgot to retrieve and note down the copy of my Exodus 12 word secret recovery code. When I redownloaded my exodus app, I thought it will ask me to login like most other app, but it doesn’t. It only wants the 12 word recovery phrase, which I don’t have. I have a google back up for my phone from before I did the factory reset.

My question is will my exodus details be stored in that back up? When I go to check my back up, all the other apps are there except for exodus, I am not sure why. will there be anywhere in my phone memory where this might have been stored. Is there any other way to recover my 12 word recovery phrase? I did login to my husband’s phone using my exodus login about 6 months ago, is there a way to retrieve that from my husband’s phone by going through historic data. I have the BTC address that I used to transfer the bitcoins to my exodus account. Will that help at all.

Any help or recommendations will be good. I have already contacted exodus but they haven’t been able to help.

My phone is ASUS Rog 2. Any help would be much appreciated.

blockchain – Jaxx and Exodus wallet out of sync for BTC

I was using both Jaxx wallet and Exodus in parallel using the same passphrase.

However my Jaxx wallet was configured to generate a new address on every transaction and Exodus wallet had a fixed receive address.

I received ‘x’ amount of BTC to my exodus wallet address. Then I sent some ‘y’ BTC to a friend using the same Exodus wallet.

The send transaction is showing correctly in my Jaxxx wallet but I do not see the receive transactions in my Jaxx wallet. It is showing balance as 0. However, the balance is showing correctly in Exodus wallet.

How do I get the balance to show up correctly in Jaxx wallet? I tried deleting the app and setting it up again but its still showing 0 balance.

bitcoin cash – How to import BCH address into Exodus wallet?

How do I link my Bitcoin private key to my new Exodus BCH wallet so that I can claim my BCH?!

Can’t find anything on here. Can’t find anything on the Exodus website. Can’t find anything on Google or Youtube…

I’ve got my Bitcoin address private key, but I simply need to associate it with my Exodus BCH wallet somehow to claim my BCH.

I’m baffled there isn’t any information out there on how to do this.


unconfirmed transactions – Funds received still shows pending and unavailable until confirmed in Exodus. Should I be concerned?

This has me a bit worried that I will not receive my funds, even though the blockchain shows 77 confirmations.

The blockchain is the only truth. Those funds have been received long ago.

The only question is why your wallet isn’t showing it.

There are many possible reasons, some are

  • your wallet is a “custodial wallet” owned by some corporation – you need to talk to the business involved
  • your wallet is a “full-node” type of “custodial” wallet – you need to check if it has fully synchronised.
  • there is some other problem with your wallet.
  • you have been tricked by a scammer.

For more precise help, you could edit your question to include details of the name and type of wallet and some general description of where the transaction came from (a friend? a customer? an investment manager?)

exodus – BTC-Wallet from "Airgap.it" requests the Recipient's Address Prefix "1ABC". What format is that?

I am trying to set up a cold and a hot wallet.

  1. Hot Wallet = "Exodus" on my mobile phone every day. The address format is Bech32 with the Prefix "bc1" or the prefix inherited from the format "P2PKH", then the addresses start with "1".

  2. Cold Wallet = "Airgap Vault" on the offline device plus "Airgap Wallet" on the mobile phone every day. Both from "airgap.it".

  3. I tried to send a trial amount from Cold-Wallet to Hot-Wallet, but Cold-Wallet "Airgap Wallet" only accepts BTC addresses that start with the "1ABC" Prefix. How do I get this address from my Exodus "hot" wallet and what is this standard format / address called?

I could only find BTC-Cash related entries on Google, but BTC-Cash-Adresses starts with "q" or "bitcoincash: q". Also, the wallet software would have to be very tricky, because BTC-Cash isn't even supposed to be supported. I can't even imagine that, so I guess I'm really dumb right now. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

wallet – HTC Exodus – New phone with the ability to run complete BTC nodes: is this possible?

1)> How can this phone act as a "COMPLETE NODE" of BTC? Is this really true? Could you throw your whole node on a Linux computer and, instead, use the HTC phone?

A smartphone is just a less powerful computer that fits in your pocket. For a computer to be a complete node, you only need to run the complete node software. The phones can already do this, and it seems that HTC is simply pre-installing an application to run a full node on this phone.

In fact, right now you can run a complete node on a phone using the Android application ABCore.

-First of all, I have difficulty understanding how you will store the hundreds of GB of data …

Through the use of a high capacity MicroSD card. The phone will have a MicroSD card slot, and MicroSD cards can already have capacities of up to 512 GB. Alternatively, the node could be a pruning node, so it does not actually store the entire blockchain history. Deleted nodes are still complete nodes, they simply do not serve historical blocks to other nodes.

-I'm thinking about the mining activity. How can this small piece of phone chip do mining if it can not achieve high hash rates?

The complete nodes are not necessarily miners. You can have a complete node without mining or produce any block at all.

2) Is a full-node telephone useful and has a positive impact on the btc network in general (what are the positive impacts)?

Yes. Any complete node is useful for the network. The complete nodes validate and retransmit all the blocks and transactions they receive. More complete nodes means that more people are verifying that the blocks and transactions are correct. More complete nodes in general help make Bitcoin more robust and decentralized.

Currency control: What rules does the Exodus Wallet follow when selecting exits to cover the amount sent?

If you use CTRL-Shift-D to open the Developer Menu in the Exodus wallet, you can go to Developer | Active and select your cryptography and then choose the function "Export address". This saves a csv file for you that lists the internal "HD" addresses for which you have private keys. If you have made some transactions, receiving and sending, you will have some of these addresses that still have a certain amount in them.

When you tell Exodus that you want to send some of that cryptography to another address, you will follow a strategy of selecting those addresses in some sort of order to get a total that is greater than the amount of shipping. I'm trying to figure out in which order the Exodus wallet will choose those addresses.