ERROR: the user or team & # 39; ~ yannubuntu & # 39; does not exist. Ubuntu 19.10

Please help me because I don't support this fedora grub, and I'm still new to Linux, so it's just a matter of preference because I prefer the ubuntu command line to this cumbersome command line.

dnd 5e – How could a limited amount of gasoline be doubled when such "future technology" does not exist in the environment?

RAW has nothing that is enough for its players.

I couldn't find anything that could easily duplicate gasoline, although there was one thing I could find that your players could use, an Alchemy Jug.

This article can produce a set amount of a list of liquids once a day. Among this list is & # 39; Oil & # 39 ;. Given how unclear this is, its players could produce such oil and then refine it in gasoline, but there is a problem, it can only be produced 1 quarter per day. At most, you get 3/4 of the amount of gasoline you had in the oil, so you could get up to 1.5 pints of 1-liter oil.

The big problem with this is that no reasonably level spell would allow you to refine the oil by magic, so you would have to use conventional hardware to do so, even if you could use magic to produce the energy input for that hardware.

As for the spells, your players would have two options.

First, they could use Wish, but since creating a mass of liquid is not among the standard options, there is a third chance of losing Wish, plus the inherent danger of unforeseen effects, which means that there are better options if this spell is used. .

Second, they could give up gasoline and use Animate Objects, but that requires a 5th level space, concentration, and only works for a minute at a time.

However, your players have 1 chance, YOU. You could decide that an Alchemy Jug can produce gasoline by itself, or allow a reflavorized object to produce it (such as the Decanter of Endless Water). Assuming you want them to make great use of the car that it is.

improper integrals: use of the L & # 39; Hopital rule in a limit that does not exist

I was trying to solve an improper integral and I had to evaluate the following expression with the upper limit as infinite (the limit is 0) and the lower limit as 0 (the limit I am asking here)

Here is the limit:
$$ lim_ {x a 0} (x ln (e ^ {x} -1) -x ^ {2}) $$
enter the description of the image here

I introduced the expression in an online limit solver.

The L & # 39; Hopital rule can be used when the limit is in an undetermined form, and when there is the limit in the numerator and the limit in the denominator. The limit of $$ frac {1} {x} $$
It does not exist when x approaches 0. (And I think the limit of the logarithm in the numerator does not exist when it approaches 0, unless only from the right? Someone confirm this please)

Is it safe to assume that the boundary solver assumes that x approaches 0 from the right?
Does this mean that the limit only exists when x is approached from the right?

And if this limit does not exist unless it is from the right, is it safe to change the previous limit so that it approaches from the right to solve this integral?

sql server – Database mirror – Cannot access host or does not exist

I tried to duplicate the database with GUI and T-SQL, but I had problems in both cases.

Here is information about infrastructure and SSMS:


  • Main server with SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition
  • Mirror server with SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition
  • Witness server with SQL Server 2017 Express Edition
  • All S.O servers: Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • All servers with firewall disabled
  • All servers in common domain
  • All servers have the same users and privileges.
  • Telnet works perfectly with port 5022 on all servers
  • I created a user to manage the service on all servers with GRANTING OF GRANT IN ENDPOINT :: Mirroring

SQL Server Management Studio – SSMS information:

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio                      14.0.17289.0
Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools                    14.0.1016.283
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)                     10.0.14393.0
Microsoft MSXML                                             3.0 6.0 
Microsoft Internet Explorer                                 9.11.14393.0
Microsoft .NET Framework                                    4.0.30319.42000
Operating System                                            6.3.14393

I will explain both error cases, with GUI and T-SQL.

With GUI:

Successful configuration endpoints on all servers

enter the description of the image here

But I had this error when I tried to start duplicating

enter the description of the image here

It is very confusing because the database must be in a recovery state on the mirror server. But I read some posts about this and it is recommended to configure with T-SQL, so


With T-SQL I had this problem:

Message 1418, Level 16, State 1, Line 54 The server network address
"TCP: // 5022" cannot be reached or does not exist. Check
the name of the network address and which ports for the local and remote
The endpoints are operational.

Let me explain step by step that I had followed:




USE mirror

    id INT IDENTITY(1,1),
    descricao VARCHAR(255)

TO DISK = 'F:Backupmirror-full.bak'

TO DISK = 'F:Backupmirror-log.bak'

    STATE = started
    AS TCP (listener_port=5022)
    FOR database_mirroring (role=partner)



    STATE = started
    AS TCP (listener_port=5022)
    FOR database_mirroring (role=partner)

FROM DISK = 'F:Backupmirror-full.bak'

FROM DISK = 'F:Backupmirror-log.bak'



create endpoint Mirroring
state = started
    as tcp (listener_port=5022)
    for database_mirroring (role=WITNESS)



alter database mirror
set partner = 'TCP://'

MAIN SERVER (The error appears in this run)

--The error pops in this execution:
alter database mirror
set partner = 'TCP://'

Message 1418, Level 16, State 1, Line 54 The server network address
"TCP: // 5022" cannot be reached or does not exist. Check
the name of the network address and which ports for the local and remote
The endpoints are operational.

But if I try this command in CMD, it works perfectly:

telnet 5022


Endpoint of the main server
enter the description of the image here

Endpoint of the mirror server
enter the description of the image here

Server endpoint witness
enter the description of the image here

Has anyone gone through this or could you suggest a way forward?

Why does Google + no longer exist?

Hi, as I have seen that Google + is no longer in the fields of social network marketing and social network optimization, what do you think about this?

Is it possible for malware to completely hide a folder so that Windows thinks it does not exist?

Today I have a firewall rule that allows inbound traffic for a program called kmss.exe in the Windows Firewall on one of my computers and I am 100% sure I did not add it, they also did not ask me to allow that program to connect to Internet through the Windows Firewall.

Then, the firewall rule says that the program must be in C: /Windows/Temp/Files/Bin/kmss.exe but when I opened C: / Windows / Temp / in the file explorer, there was no directory called "Files ". I tried to use the command prompt to find it, I failed again. And my configuration already allows to show hidden folders in the file explorer.

So, I suspect that C: /Windows/Temp/Files/Bin/kmss.exe exists, but somehow it has managed to modify or trick Windows into thinking that it is not. Is that possible? If so, what can I do to access that file and delete it?

Macos: What troubleshooting tips exist for external hard drives mounted that barely work?

I have an external disk that I reformatted as exFAT so that all platforms can read it. Since I did it, I have problems with that. I have been able to solve the problems so far. I'm just trying to move the files out of it to another disk and I have moved 90% of them, but the final 10% could be lost. I can do the terminal commands:

mv /volumes/bad_disk/hey.txt /users/me/hey.txt

and although that command will be able to move the file, the disk crashes after that. If I wait about 5 minutes, or restart my computer, or disconnect the disk and reconnect it, it will work again. I am using a MAC.

Another strange behavior is that sometimes when I use the previous command

mv /volumes/bad_disk/hey.txt /users/me/hey.txt

The operation will take approximately 3 minutes and will cause many of the other operations on my Mac to not work, but will eventually do the job.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Theory of the ct category: does the nerve functor preserve dependent products when they exist?

Consider the nervous functor $ N: mathbf {Cat} to mathbf {sSet} $; It is totally faithful, retains finite limits, products and exponentials, etc. I wonder if you also keep any dependent products that exist in $ mathbf {Cat} $.

For example, though $ mathbf {Cat} $ It is not closed locally Cartesian, we have correct attachments to go back along the product projections. In this case, I am curious to know if the nervous functor leads them to dependent products in the category of simplicial sets.

If these dependent products are preserved, I am interested in understanding the general conditions under which other "nervous" situations exhibit the same behavior, that is, the functors of the form $ X mapsto mathbb {D} [i -, X] $ for $ i: mathbb {C} to mathbb {D} $.

java – Android data binding error in compile error: package Models does not exist

Friends I am working on an app in which data binding has been implemented for code optimization when connecting to views, it turns out that at the time of compiling it generates 4 errors which are:

error: cannot find symbol class Models

error: package Models does not exist

error: package Models does not exist

error: package Models does not exist

In the same order it generates them, a model class called User is being used, which is from the package Models, The question is this, YES the class is inside the package, the compiler generates those errors, BUT if it is out of the packages, that is to say in the root, the compiler does not generate error.

Now you have to work if or if under this scheme of folders for management issues and good practices.

These are the classes and views

package edu.cecar.laws.Activities;

import androidx.databinding.DataBindingUtil;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.Toast;

import de.hdodenhof.circleimageview.CircleImageView;
import edu.cecar.laws.Models.User;
import edu.cecar.laws.R;
import edu.cecar.laws.databinding.ActivityChatBinding;

public class ChatActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        final ActivityChatBinding binding = DataBindingUtil.setContentView(this,R.layout.activity_chat);
        User user = new User("Jhonny Sierra","24","");

        binding.btnEnviarMensaje.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {
                String men = binding.txtMensaje.getText().toString();
                Toast.makeText(ChatActivity.this, men, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

package edu.cecar.laws.Models;

public class User {

    private String nombre;
    private String edad;
    private String email;

    public User(String nombre, String edad, String email) {
        this.nombre = nombre;
        this.edad = edad; = email;

    public String getNombre() {
        return nombre;

    public void setNombre(String nombre) {
        this.nombre = nombre;

    public String getEdad() {
        return edad;

    public void setEdad(String edad) {
        this.edad = edad;

    public String getEmail() {
        return email;

    public void setEmail(String email) { = email;

    public String toString() {
        return "User{" +
                "nombre='" + nombre + ''' +
                ", edad='" + edad + ''' +
                ", email='" + email + ''' +









And this is the folder structure that is being handled.

enter image description here

As you can see there are two classes that refer to them Usuario Y User, when implementing Usuario it doesn't generate any error instead with the other one if someone could help in this dilemma

dnd 5e: What potential problems exist when downloading dex in Bard build?

Dumping Fraud It is not a good idea in this edition; suggested "build"

I will address your whole concept in this answer, but Bottom Line Up Front is that, since you are a spellcaster, the link between Concentration and Constitution has temphasized textor get a mention. If you have little skill, you will receive many hits. You have to have HP to absorb some of that, and you need some solutions (later).

Dumping dex is unnecessarily criminal for your PC

Dumping the skill in the negative statistics modifiers means that your Initiative roll will more frequently place you later in the initiative or during combat, this can reduce the effectiveness (1) your ally that improves the Bardic Inspiration and (2) when You can get your upgrade / disadvantage spells working. It also hurts your armor class a lot, but you intend to "stay out of the way" as a method to mitigate that. There are also other ways. (More at the end)

I offer a slightly better approach / compilation based on how the Constitution impacts you as a spellcaster in this edition of the game.

  1. Dropping the INT to 14 will continue to achieve its skill objectives along with its 14 WIS.
  2. A key thing about bards is that sometimes you can use Bardic's inspiration to verify an ally's critical skills (and in yourself at level 14 if your game goes so far).
  3. The fact that it has an advantage in all INT, CHA and WIS saves will pay off at subsequent levels as Int and Cha saves arise: it helps the entire game to save WIS (which are quite common).

    As for the "tricks and tips" for this edition:

  4. The three most common saves you throw as a PC are Dex, Wisdom, Constitution.

  5. Choose the College of Lore (skills galore!) Your STR and DEX work hard against the College of Valor

Proposed statistical alignment: STR: 8 DEX: 10 CON: 12 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 16

You want to focus on the "skill master" role of the bard. The mechanics of Competition Y Expertise overwhelm the +1 so that the skill score increases as you level up, that's where you get the momentum of serious skill.

Also, remember to get "help" from other PCs (Chapter 7, Working together) in all the skill checks you can to gain advantage of the dice rolls. (Launch 2d20, choose the best release). And you help them too, where you can.

Working together
Sometimes two or more characters come together to try a task. The character that leads the effort, or the one with the highest skill modifier, can do a skill check with advantage, reflecting the help provided by the other characters. (Chapter 7, Basic rules, p. 62)

That will vary a bit with the situation, of course.

The competence / experience options exceed the increases from ASI to INT

You do not need to increase INT to be effective in your chosen skills. Suggested Matrix
STR: 8 DEX: 10 CON: 12 (+1) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA *: 16 (+3)

An important thing about this character is that I want him to be knowledgeable about history, arcana, religion and knowledge, so intelligence is very important to me, unlike most bards.

You chose three skills based on INT (History, Arcane, Religion) and one skill based on WIS (Insight). I guess you chose a sage fund, hermit or acolyte. You gain 3 skills as a Bard, and you obtained two of your background for a total of 5. I suggest persuasion or deception as the fifth. Being competent In these four skills you will increase your chances of successful skill rolls as you level up.

How this question tag is improvement, apply your ASI (+2) to the Charisma at level 4 and level 8 to ensure that

  1. your spells are the most effective (best spell to save DC and bet "hit" with cantrips / attack spells) and …
  2. You increase the amount of Inspration Bardic dice you get per break. <== That is an important feature to help your group; It fits your "wise old and useful gnome" set.

    The difference in having a Proficienty + INT bonus (2 +2 (14 INT)) and (2 +3 (16 INT)) is not significant. For a DC of 15, you will make the roll (target number of 10 or 11) either 55% of the time or 50% of the time. For a DC of 12 70% or 65% of the time. On the third level, you enter the killer bonus: Experience. Double your competition cousin.

What two skills do you really want to rock?

On the 3rd level, choose two of your skills Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any skill check you perform that uses any of the chosen competencies. At the tenth level, you can choose two other skills to get this benefit. SRD, p. 13)

Illustration: (using Experience in History and Religion)

Experience with a 14 Int in History, Religion: +2 + 4 at level 1 = + 6
(if "only competent) is +4 (Insight, Arcane)
Experience with a 14 Int in History, Religion: +2 + 6 at level 5 = +8
(If only competent) is +5 (Insight, Arcane)
Experience with a 14 Int in History / Religion: +2 +8 at level 9 = +10
(If only competent is +6) (Insight, Arcane)
{You can add experience to two more skills at level 10}
Experience with 14 WIS / INT for Insight / Arcana: +2 +8 at level 10 = +10

There is your skill emhpasis: now for the two important statistics. (Dex to 10 / Con to 12)

With: wheel stand? Keep your focus

You will start with 9 HP in this way and you will get 6 per level. You need these HP. Enemies hit with some frequency, and some hit a little hard.

your Tasha's horrible laugh It is a great spell to weaken an enemy, if you stay focused. So is Slow once you reach level 5.

If a spell must remain focused, that fact appears in its entry Duration … The following factors can break the concentration:
• Cast another spell that requires concentration. You lose concentration in a spell if you cast another spell that requires concentration. You cannot concentrate on two spells at the same time.
Taking damage. Whenever you take damage while concentrating on a spell, you must make a saving shot of the Constitution to maintain your concentration. The CD is equal to 10 or half of the damage you receive, whichever is greater. If you take damage from multiple sources, such as an arrow and the breath of a dragon, you make a saving throw for each source of damage.
• Be incapacitated or killed. You lose concentration in a spell if you are disabled or if you die. (Basic rules pages 83-84)

Being hit causes saving throws of the Constitution: +1 to that die roll will not affect your chances of making that salvation and not losing concentration. Having a little more HP can be the difference between being knocked out or standing with your benefit / disadvantage. If you are a support / support caster, you will end up with a variety of concentration-based spells. They are only good if you keep them running.

Don't penalize your Dex salvation throw

Skill saving shots are one of the most common in the game. Having a penalty for that skill-based saving throw will increase the number of times you won't be able to support your group. It is not necessary to increase Dex if you do not want it: your character concept can work if you are cautious and careful. It's a bad idea to penalize your Dex save shot.

And now for the "solutions"

With the lack of armor due to low dexterity, you must be astute to avoid being hit; If you can avoid being noticed, that is even a milkshake.

How to reduce the chances of being hit:

Partial coverage gives you +2 AC; The three-quarter deck gives you +5 AC. Find people or things to hide when combat comes. Full coverage prevents many attacks.

As soon as you can, get studded leather armor. It's only +1, but you need it.

In some situations, you can create a cover by throwing an illusion in front of your small-sized gnome, using the Minor illusion joke. If it is between you and who is shooting at you, then the total coverage means that it cannot be seen, so for many ranged attacks "no attack occurs." AdE attacks / spells / effects will still affect you.

Use the Minor Illusion cantrip.

Be sure to include the Minor Illusion cantrip in your cantrip list now or when you get your next cantrip at level 4. It is a very useful cantrip. (I like Dancing Lights, so don't let me deter that initial choice)

If you are a forest gnome, you have the minor illusion Cantrip as a racial feature. If you are a rock gnome, you will not. In my experience, that cantrip is very useful both in and out of combat.

Mirror image: may be necessary sooner rather than later.

Mirror Image is a second level spell Spellcasting is one of those difficult things for a bard, but if you find out that they hit you a lot, you may need to invest in Mirror Image. No concentration, and absorbs some blows before the illusory gnomes dissipate under the attacks.

Invisibility: concentration required

Sometimes, becoming invisible is what you should do, but since it requires concentration, you cannot at the same time improve your allies or weaken your enemies. This is an occasional job. Darkness has similar limitations: most things cannot see you, but it makes it difficult for you to ally and requires concentration.

Other solutions to deal with Con or Dex problems

If your table uses feats of the PHB, there are some that can help you in levels 4 or 8 if you want to accept that you get less Bardic Inspirations per break, and your spell to save DC will not be so high. I will not take building advice beyond level 10 since most campaigns don't go that far. If yours does, and you wonder about the options, then you have enough time to post discrete questions. (I would still suggest at 12 to make sure Cha is at maximum, if he hasn't already been).

  1. War Caster: You gain advantage in Constitution Saving Throws (Roll 2d20 takes the best) Y you can use A spell make an attack of opportunity when that occasion arises.
  2. Resilient (Constitution): +1 With and competence in Constitution. (2 at level 4, +3 at level 5, etc.)
  3. Alert: never be surprised and get +5 to the initiative. Other creatures gain no advantage in attack rolls against you as a result of not being seen.
    A note about this feat, which I used in a sorcerer. This turned out to be surprisingly good in the game: it had a low AC. It will not increase your armor class, but prevent some attacks from taking advantage of you. The impulse to the initiative helps you to go first more frequently to polish, debuff, inspire, flee, whatever. The other PCs got the benefit of my improvement spells before, more frequently. We were, as a group, pleasantly surprised with the resulting benefit for the team, well, except me, who was never surprised. 😉
  4. Resistant: more HP
  5. Mobile: When you make a melee attack against a creature, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity of that creature during the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not. (Plus, the fastest gnome in the west) You swing, you fail, you walk away. No OA against you. (Most of the other feats are better)
  6. Luck: advantage in a save (or attack roll, or a skill check) three times per day. This feat is one of the best in the game and will address some of its main weak areas: Salvations of the Constitution and Salvations of Dexterity.