magento2 – Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32768 bytes)

I was trying to move my Magento 2 website from local to the server! I was trying to upgrade and clear the cache but I am getting the error message ‘Fatal error: The allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted

using :Php 7.1 and Magento ver. 2.3.5-p1


of course, this problem is self-explained, But the real problem is I am unable to increase the memory size

  1. MultiPHP INI Editor
    updated -756M


memory_limit = 768M

4.(Magento2-root-folder)/.htaccess (2 places)
php_value memory_limit 768M

memory_limit = 768M

6.(Magento2-root-folder)/pub/.htaccess (2 places)
php_value memory_limit 768M

I have tried all these places, please let me know where I am wrong ! Where else I can try to increase

web server – Connection problem exhausted

I have a ticket system developed using the Zammad oper feed with the Puma web server.

I was faced with the challenge of maintaining optimal memory utilization due to which system was slowing down. We ran the release of the worker killer program that is giving us the connection timeout issue.

Can you help me with what could have gone wrong and some error lines to fix it?


ffmpeg: input buffer exhausted before the END element found when I try to add a watermark to the video

I receive this message with the lock in my application every time I try to add a watermark to the video (specific video).

In addition, this message and this lock are caused by the only specific video I record using a screen recorder application on my smartphone.

There are more than 100 videos on my mobile, but 2 or 3 videos cause this problem, which are recorded in the screen recording application.

size and duration of those videos:

  1. the size is less than 5 MB
  2. the duration is less than 5 seconds

I am using this library: Bravobit FFMPEG

implementation 'nl.bravobit:android-ffmpeg:1.1.7'

FFmpeg command I am trying to add watermark:

ffmpeg -i /storage/emulated/0/EZ-VideoRecorder/20200121-092724.mp4 -i /data/user/0/com.shotonvideostamp.shotonstampcameragallery/app_pic_process/stampvid.jpg -vsync vfr -filter_complex overlay=(main_w-overlay_w)/2:(main_h-overlay_h)/2 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a copy -movflags +faststart -preset ultrafast /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Shot on Video/ShotOnVideo_2020-02-20_10:02:40.mp4

The same command I try in Windows 10 FFmpeg (cmd) for the same video and it works fine

Allowed memory size of 2097152 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes) i

I receive an error executing the cli commands,
I increased the memory limit to 5G
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Da31 Pa33 Tf11 Cf11
External links: 639
Reference domains: 89
Reg. Go Daddy
create 1/8/2004
expires on 7/31/2020

Code (marked):


magento2 – Magento 2: Show exhausted articles at the end in API

I am using a magento 2 headless approach to my store. I have created an API that accepts parameters such as:

category_slug, sort_by, sort_order, page_size, current_page

and returns the products that match the criteria.

Now the problem I face is that I want out of stock products to be removed at the end of the entire collection.

My code is below:

$categoryProducts = $productFactory->create()
                        ->addCategoriesFilter(array('in' => $categoryList))
                        ->addAttributeToSort($sort_by, $sort_order)
                        ->addAttributeToSort('is_in_stock', 'DESC')

is_in_stock It is a custom attribute that I thought is automatically set to 0 or 1 (0 is out of stock and 1 is in stock), every time a change in the stock is detected (this was done using an observer, working fine).

Now, suppose I want to order the collection in PRICEin ASC Sorting the collection I receive after this would look like this:

Items in stock of $ 10, Items out of stock of $ 10, Items in stock of
$ 15, items out of stock of $ 15, items in stock of $ 20, and so on …

But what I want is:

Items in stock of $ 10, items in stock of $ 15, items in stock of $ 20, items in stock of $ 10, items in stock of $ 15, and so on …

I feel it's something really small and stupid that I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Drupal 8: the website would not load for anonymous users. It leads to the allowed memory size of 629145600 bytes exhausted

We have a drupal 8.7.6 that works perfectly when you log in as an administrator: all pages, the functionalities work well with good performance.

When I tried to load the website as an anonymous user, it keeps turning and finally ends with 504 gateway defective and in the logs I see the following error:

2019/08/14 20:39:42 (error) 25423 # 25423: * 15460 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Serious error: allowed memory size of 629145600 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in / core / lib / Drupal / Core / Entity / ContentEntityBase.php on line 191 "while reading the response header from the top

(error) 25423 # 25423: * 14852 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Sql/SqlContentEntityStorage.php in the line 606 "while reading the response header from above

All this worked well until yesterday before starting the migration of users and content from our legacy Drupal 6 system.

We have a similar configuration for our development environment that works absolutely well.

I tried to set the runtime to 0 in settings.php, increasing the allowed memory, etc. But this problem still persists. There is a lot of data that is migrated and I will not be able to restore it from the new copy we have.

Recommend possible ways to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

Battery – iPad Mini 2 – Does not charge after exhausted

My iPad Mini 2 will not turn on anymore after it runs out, even when I'm plugging in the charger, it will only show (see image) and then it will turn off again.

Before this case happened, my 10W Apple charger suddenly did not work, so I used a different charging adapter, but the charge is very slow, then the days have passed my iPad exhausted … and will not reload . I tried using different cables and different adapters … please help me. Thank you!

enter the description of the image here

ray network – Error payment invoice. The routes were exhausted to try after 2 attempts: see paystatus

I wanted to send some satoshis in the testnet lightning network but it came out "I ran out of routes to try 2 attempts: to see the payment status".

I have a channel with 02 … 48 ( node ALPHA) and I created the invoice in

I think the error was due to an error in the search of the route, but how can I solve it? What is this situation? Do we need to connect another partner and finance it again?

I use c-lightning v0.7.0

Now I am trying to "see paystatus" but I have no idea now.

$ lightning-cli getinfo
"id": "03f3d6374d7ce81de33f5a671c32531abb3d0a9195de1027ffea5f99bae8e3e40e",
"alias": "ZONOCLNTEST1",
"color": "008000",
"num_peers": 1,

$ lightning-cli listpeers
"companions": [
         "id" : "02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248",
         "connected" : true,
         "netaddr" : [

$ lightning-cli listfunds
"Departures": [
         "txid" : "6a7682cbce618459b3356ceeef186e4da1d1634e8b45330a3afaec0a5f9e8508",
         "output" : 1,
         "value" : 102777,
         "amount_msat" : "102777000msat",
         "address" : "tb1qpvc7y83jvsnc5hxhx3lqv6kpwd8z4e2muw0wkd",
         "status" : "confirmed"
"channels": [
         "peer_id" : "02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248",
         "short_channel_id" : "1542251x49x0",
         "channel_sat" : 20000,
         "our_amount_msat" : "20000000msat",
         "channel_total_sat" : 20000,
         "amount_msat" : "20000000msat",
         "funding_txid" : "6a7682cbce618459b3356ceeef186e4da1d1634e8b45330a3afaec0a5f9e8508"

// created this invoice in
$ Ray-cli payment lntb12u1pw077szpp5f6w9huglw7gv9aefqrnehms7rg9qrss6l454agg6nfs2r8sclytqdp2xys9xct5da3kx6twv9kk7m3qg3hkccm9ypxxzar5v5cqp5kqk36jz2fdqxnqs4hmnpcyfcwt7dj3s0969nlv3ulwpuxjpeql9pgrpys9sar0kx2ge028w3lceccdgg920dc9ml3c3u9gr0vc9r5qgqdydp02
"code": 210,
"message": "The routes were exhausted to try after 2 attempts: see paystatus"

// error log
2019-06-11T09: 53: 21.973Z lightningd (1): Sending 1201001msat in 2 jumps to deliver 1200000msat
2019-06-11T09: 53: 22.933Z lightningd (1): 02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248 chan # 1: htlc 1 failed from the 0th node with the code 0x1007 (licez) a small object in the latter case.

// lightningd version
lightningd v0.7.0-525-g9e511cb

Update 1

$ lightning-cli listpeers
"companions": [
         "id" : "02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248",
         "connected" : true,
         "netaddr" : [
"globalfeatures": "",
"localfeatures": "82",
"channels": [
               "state" : "CHANNELD_NORMAL",
               "scratch_txid" : "f980a7958990c6475f59b3c27a91a75f0ccd5f367c80fbefd99e4d3e0ecaf4f5",
               "owner" : "lightning_channeld",
               "short_channel_id" : "1542251x49x0",
               "direction" : 1,
               "channel_id" : "08859e5f0aecfa3a0a33458b4e63d1a14d6e18efee6c35b3598461cecb82766a",
               "funding_txid" : "6a7682cbce618459b3356ceeef186e4da1d1634e8b45330a3afaec0a5f9e8508",
               "private" : false,
               "funding_allocation_msat" : {
                  "02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248" : 0,
                  "03f3d6374d7ce81de33f5a671c32531abb3d0a9195de1027ffea5f99bae8e3e40e" : 20000000
               "funding_msat" : {
                  "02312627fdf07fbdd7e5ddb136611bdde9b00d26821d14d94891395452f67af248" : "0msat",
                  "03f3d6374d7ce81de33f5a671c32531abb3d0a9195de1027ffea5f99bae8e3e40e" : "20000000msat"
               "msatoshi_to_us" : 20000000,
               "to_us_msat" : "20000000msat",
               "msatoshi_to_us_min" : 20000000,
               "min_to_us_msat" : "20000000msat",
               "msatoshi_to_us_max" : 20000000,
               "max_to_us_msat" : "20000000msat",
               "msatoshi_total" : 20000000,
               "total_msat" : "20000000msat",
               "dust_limit_satoshis" : 546,
               "dust_limit_msat" : "546000msat",
               "max_htlc_value_in_flight_msat" : 18446744073709551615,
               "max_total_htlc_in_msat" : "18446744073709551615msat",
               "their_channel_reserve_satoshis" : 546,
               "their_reserve_msat" : "546000msat",
               "our_channel_reserve_satoshis" : 546,
               "our_reserve_msat" : "546000msat",
               "spendable_msatoshi" : 19454000,
               "spendable_msat" : "19454000msat",
               "htlc_minimum_msat" : 0,
               "minimum_htlc_in_msat" : "0msat",
               "their_to_self_delay" : 6,
               "our_to_self_delay" : 144,
               "max_accepted_htlcs" : 483,
               "status" : [
                  "CHANNELD_NORMAL:Reconnected, and reestablished.",
                  "CHANNELD_NORMAL:Funding transaction locked. Channel announced."
"in_payments_offered": 0,
"in_msatoshi_offered": 0,
"in_offered_msat": "0msat",
"in_payments_fulfilled": 0,
"in_msatoshi_fulfilled": 0,
"in_fulfilled_msat": "0msat",
"out_payments_offered": 2,
"out_msatoshi_offered": 2402002,
"out_offered_msat": "2402002msat",
"out_payments_fulfilled": 0,
"out_msatoshi_fulfilled": 0,
"out_fulfilled_msat": "0msat",
"htlcs": []

Exhausted storage space. Some system functions may not work. WHY?

I am curious about how the reduced storage space affects some functionalities in the device? Thank you!