Reproduction of XSS vulnerabilities: exchange of information security stacks

I have a Qualys web application scan report that says I have an XSS vulnerability. Explain that this was detected by requesting a malicious load and evaluating the response.

When I make the same request, I get a different answer that doesn't seem vulnerable.


Response obtained by the scanner:

=" class="current">

Answer I get:


Why can't I duplicate the scanner results? What should I do to get a clean scan?

Exchange emotions – Discussions and help

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Dead spots in the operating system – Computer Science Stack Exchange

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Merge cryptocurrency wallets – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

In my quest to learn about cryoccurrence, as fast as possible, I registered with approximately seven wallets, all with one goal, to deposit Bitcoin in one of them, I still have to do this, but I was thinking that maybe work with just one wallet it would be easier, can someone help me?

Canada visa processing time – Exchange travel packages

I have a business trip planned for Canada on October 10 and the deadlines are quite tight.

I live in Munich and I have the option of sending my application in VFS Berlin or VFS Vienna.
The visa processing time on the Canadian website sets 9 days for Germany and 12 days for Austria.

Not sure how they are calculated? Shouldn't it be less for Austria considering that the embassy is in Vienna, Austria?

logos – Micro-application brand – Exchange of user experience stack

In addition to this question; We are currently in a great transition from a few monoliths (mainly used internally) to a greater number of microservices. It means that users will now visit many, small, single-page applications (SPA) for the specific task they are trying to accomplish.

The monoliths brand was easy, we sent a survey to the relevant audience, we chose a name and produced a logo. This name appeared in ITSM, architecture diagrams, etc.

Now, with micro applications, what should our brand strategy be? For example, should it be the same process of a survey and a logo multiplied by the SPA? Or some brand families (for example, metal names)?

Real world examples would be greatly appreciated.

c # – Operations logger – Code revision stack exchange

GitHub, NuGet

This component tracks the execution in a logical order instead of chronologically like everyone else 🙂

For example, the following code:

    static async Task MainAsync()
        using (new Op())
            await Task.WhenAll(
                from i in Range(0, 4)
                select AlphaAsync());

    private static async Task AlphaAsync()
        using (new Op("Alpha function"))
            await BetaAsync();

    private static async Task BetaAsync()
        using (var op = new Op())
            await Task.Delay(100);

It will generate:

MainAsync took 116 ms
  Alpha function took 109 ms
    BetaAsync took 108 ms
      Waiting... after 0 ms
      Continue after 108 ms
  Alpha function took 109 ms
    BetaAsync took 109 ms
      Waiting... after 0 ms
      Continue after 109 ms
  Alpha function took 109 ms
    BetaAsync took 109 ms
      Waiting... after 0 ms
      Continue after 109 ms
  Alpha function took 111 ms
    BetaAsync took 111 ms
      Waiting... after 0 ms   
      Continue after 111 ms

Which is much more readable …

the Op The class is defined as:

public class Op : IDisposable
    public static IObservable Log => Subject;
    static Subject Subject { get; } = new Subject();
    static AsyncLocal Context { get; } = new AsyncLocal();

    public Op((CallerMemberName) string text = null)
        Parent = Context.Value;
        Context.Value = this;
        Stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
        Indent = Parent == null ? "" : Parent.Indent + "  ";
        Frame = new List<(string, Func)>();
        Frame.Add((Indent + text, () => $"took {Stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds} ms"));

    Op Parent { get; }
    Stopwatch Stopwatch { get; }
    string Indent { get; }

    List<(string Text, Func Time)> Frame { get; }

    public void Dispose()
        Context.Value = Parent;
        if(Parent != null)

    public void Trace(string text)
        var ms = $"after {Stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds} ms";
            Frame.Add((Indent + "  " + text, () => ms));

    public override string ToString()
            return Join(NewLine,
                from row in Frame
                select $"{row.Text} {row.Time()}");

Add-in error: td-composer E_COMPILE_ERROR – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I received an email in my administrator mailbox that says:

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR occurred on line 17 of the file /home/vol13_6/ Error message: require_once (): failed opening required & # 39; includes / td_config.php & # 39; (include_path = & # 39;.: / Usr / share / pear / & # 39;)

Please, how do I solve this problem? Next, a screenshot of the mail will be added.

wordpress recovery mail

User tests with incorporation – Exchange of user experience stack

Should I try a new function with the user with its incorporation?

For the moment I do. The reason is that, if I never test the incorporation part, how do I know if the execution is correct?
Secondly, if I had to perform user tests without, then with the incorporation, it would take too much time.

But I've been thinking. If I include the incorporation of unnecessary information, how will I eliminate it?

Does anyone have a good and valid resource that talks about this?

Thank you :]

Navigation compass – Web application stack exchange

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