Watermark Processing Test – Photo Stack Exchange

There are watermark technologies in videos that are resistant to transcoding and resizing of the image. There are no visible artifacts, it is rather for content protection and crawling.

Is there something like that in still images? What are the algorithms?

java code im new – Code review stack exchange

(Java code, I'm very new and I'm stuck in this exercise. I'm supposed to fill in the blanks. Can anyone help? I just started this course and they don't explain anything that is missing 1,2 and 3) code I didn't know where to look anyway, thanks 1)

____1_____ grupo.java.com;

public two Prime numbers {
public static void main (String () args) {
System.out.println ("Prime numbers between 1 and 100 sorted in ascending order");
3 ("_______________________________________________ n"); for (int i = 1; i <101; i ++) {
Boolean cousin = true;

            ____4____ (int j=i - 1; j>0; j--) {
                if (i % j == 0 && j != 1) {
                    primo = false;
            if (primo) {

Review – Link Exchange Platform

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activesync: active Outlook Exchange synchronization with mobile profiles

I have some computers with Win 10, Outlook 2016 and mobile profiles.
I want to access the email through Exchange ActiveSync

When I configure Outlook, the OST file is not stored in% userprofile% appdata local Microsoft Outlook

So far so good. However, Outlook saves the path in the registry with C: users username appdata local Microsoft Outlook without using the variable

This causes a problem if the user profile is stored in C: users username.domain on another computer. This can happen if the "username" folder already exists.

What I have found / tried so far:

  • KEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Office 16.0 Outlook ForeOSTPath settings
    as explained in
    This does not works. Even after creating a new Outlook profile.

  • Disabling "Cached Mode" is not available. I think this option is only available with "Microsoft Exchange" but not with "Exchange ActiveSync" (whatever the difference)

  • Establishing a symbolic link, as mentioned on some websites, does not seem to be a good solution, since under certain circumstances windows create user profile folders with a suffix.

Page not found – Game development stack exchange

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plotting – ParametricPlot Incomplete – Mathematica Stack Exchange

I have a problem playing a graphic. Follow the commands used:

X(r_) = -A Csc((Phi));
Y(r_) = Sqrt(B + a^2 Cos((Phi))^2 - A^2 Cot((Phi))^2);
A = (r^2 (3 M - r) - a^2 (M + r))/(a (r - M));
B = (r^3 (4 a^2 M - r (3 M - r)^2))/(a^2 (r - M)^2);
M = 1; a = 0.79; (Phi) = Pi/2;
ParametricPlot({X(r), Y(r)}, {r, 0, 2 Pi})

enter the description of the image here

However, the graph should be as follows:

enter the description of the image here

that is, I could not close the curve. Can anyone help? Some clue?

Hashcat syntax correction: exchange of information security stacks

Without knowing on what type of machine you are using hashcat and if the hardware is compatible with OpenCL, you must run hashcat -I which will tell you which OpenCL compatible devices are present in your machine. Hashcat can use OpenCL CPU or GPU resources.

Then specify which device (s) you want to use. Hashcat Wiki

 -I, --opencl-info              |      | Show info about detected OpenCL platforms/devices    | -I
     --opencl-platforms         | Str  | OpenCL platforms to use, separated with commas       | --opencl-platforms=2
 -d, --opencl-devices           | Str  | OpenCL devices to use, separated with commas         | -d 1
 -D, --opencl-device-types      | Str  | OpenCL device-types to use, separated with commas    | -D 1
     --opencl-vector-width      | Num  | Manually override OpenCL vector-width to X           | --opencl-vector=4

Also, if you are using any virtualization, you may need to install OpenCL

Ex for Deb / Ubuntu:

apt-get install libhwloc-dev ocl-icd-dev ocl-icd-opencl-dev

apt-get install pocl-opencl-icd

SharePoint online retention tags – Exchange Stack Exchange

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Hide OOTB web parts – SharePoint Stack Exchange

Environment: SharePoint 2019 – Modern

On my SharePoint team site, I want to use only a few OOTB web elements and would like to hide other OOTB web elements from the web part list.

It is only to prevent users from trying to put many different web elements on the pages. The attached image illustrates what I want if it is possible to do, for example, hide the web elements in red.


enter the description of the image here

Google Spreadsheets SI conditioning – Exchange web application stack

I am trying to format a condition based on another file cell, however, the colors never seem to change.

I have 1 google sheet that I use to organize people's names.

Then I have another cleaner sheet that I am using IMPORTRANGE, this sheet I want to apply the condition format based on a TRUE x FALSE value "Check box" on sheet number 1.

In the condition format I set this value.

= IF ("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iyvn8ErdmXttX6zAZ4ZzcplzNuYaszTwSngcaV7zZxE", "EveningRounds! E9 = TRUE")

But nothing seems to happen when the cell is TRUE.

Where could it have gone wrong?

Thank you