excellink – Issue with generating excel File as an output

I am running a script that saves the output in excel format. At the begging, it worked well and generates the excel file; However, after a few times running I got the following message before generating the excel file.

“InstallJava: A link to Java runtime could not be established”

“LoadJavaClass: Java failed to load class System. convert. ExcelDump.”

Do you have any idea what the reason is?

sharepoint online – Column not appearing in Export to Excel

I was wondering if someone can help. There is a Hidden Column which I can’t view in List Settings.
It appears as a column I can add when creating a view.
But when exporting to excel, the column doesn’t pull through.
I should point out that it used to pull through in export to excel uptil last week. But today it didn’t. I can’t figure out why the column is not exporting. It is very important column which contans users update.
The data in this field is generated by a workflow which I cannot figure out.
Can anyone provide context / workaround or fix please?

microsoft excel – What is the fastest way to make identically formatted plots with different datasets in the same sheet?

I have multiple datasets in one Excel sheet. Each column in a given dataset is the same length of the corresponding column in every other dataset, and corresponds to the same parameter. I need to make a separate identically formatted plot for each dataset.

For example, lets say I have 30 datasets, each comprised of 50 columns – one x vector and 49 y vectors. Each dataset begins 250 rows below the beginning of previous dataset.

What is the would be the most efficient, or ‘proper’ way to generate 30 identically formatted plots, each corresponding to a different dataset?

Excel default text color weirdness

How does Excel choose which color a newly added text will be? I makes no sense to me, look…

To be sure there isn’t any invisible formatting on the cells, start with a fresh sheet and add some values:


Then make them gray, only the actual values:


Now try to add a new, black, value:


So, in the columns with three values, I have to keep a distance of at least three cells to get a black value. But in the columns with just two or a single value I don’t have to keep any distance at all? Or is the logic completely different and I just don’t see it?

I tried clearing formats, clearing everything, creating new columns and re-typing the data into them, I can’t get consistent behavior.

datatables – Tipo de dato, creación de excel formato csv con output de python

quiero guardar los resultados que obtengo en formato CSV excel, el tipo de dato que me surge es el siguiente:

'Name: ArrDelay, dtype: float64), ('Error: ', 4995    20.000991
 Name: ArrDelay, dtype: float64), ('Error: ', 4996    3.341861
 Name: ArrDelay, dtype: float64), ('Error: ', 4997    76.329566
 Name: ArrDelay, dtype: float64), ('Error: ', 4998    157.763178
 Name: ArrDelay, dtype: float64), ('Error: ', 4999    82.416034'

Utilizo el siguiente codigo para crear la tabla:

'error2 = pd.DataFrame(resultados, columns = ('Error:', 'eerror2:                                                               

Me di cuenta que entre mas espacio dejaba permitía capturar mas datos, pero no todos los resultados se capturan completos, solo se captura el error y en algunos casos si el numero a la extrema derecha. ¿Que código puedo usar para que se capture en una columna los números de tipo “82.416034”?

microsoft excel – Highlight dependent and precedent cells that are sitting across various worksheets in a workbook

The shortcut Ctrl+), which is used to highlight the dependent cells is not working across different worksheets…though the shortcut works pretty much fine in a single worksheet (where both the cell and the formula that uses the cell are situated)..
However the precedent shortcut Ctrl+( is working fine across multiple worksheets in a workbook..

Also that when we press “Ctrl+Shift+(” or “Ctrl+Shift+)” all the precedent cells or the dependent cells as the case may be gets highlighted within the same worksheet…but the same doesn’t work across the different worksheets…

The shortcuts to highlight the precedent and dependent cells are very much handful things to identify various cell references (by colour formatting them) that are sitting across multiple worksheets..

So guys please someone help me to fix the issue..


worksheet function – MS Excel, List of cell reference depends on one cell

I have three columns od data set

A: Names
B: Surname
C: Age

now in sheet2, I would reference A2:A6 by =Sheet1!A2 then drag it down, but I need something like if I only change the reference of =Sheet2!A2 to =Sheet1!C2 the below reference should be updated automatically.


excel – A VBA Product Dictionary with a Collection of Product Services

I need to extract unique Product Group names along with its corresponding services from a table in a worksheet. The table is generated by a bot and is not filtered, I have sorted it by alphabetical order. The data is not fixed and can contain anywhere from 5 – 100 rows of data, depending on the month which the report from the bot is generated.

I decided to use a Dictionary to store the the Product Group Name as they Key, while using a Collection to store services. The Collection only stores unique services by using On Error Resume Next

What changes could I make to my code?

Snippet of my Table

enter image description here


Public Sub BuildTMProductDictionary()

Dim tmData As Variant
tmData = Sheet1.ListObjects("Table1").DataBodyRange.Value

Dim i As Long
For i = LBound(tmData, 1) To UBound(tmData, 1)
    Dim product As String
    product = tmData(i, 1)
    'store unique services in a collection, On Error Resume Next used to avoid duplicates
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim services As New Collection
    services.Add (tmData(i, 2)), (tmData(i, 2))
    'get the product name of the next row
    Dim nextProduct As String
    nextProduct = tmData(i + 1, 2)
    'compare the current product against the next product create New Dictionary if <>
    If product <> nextProduct Then
        Dim productGroup As New Dictionary
        productGroup.Add product, services
        Set services = New Collection
    End If
End Sub

sharepoint server – unable to upload Password protected files(Word, Excel) to the SP2013 Doc lib

Have you tried removing the password protection, upload file, then reinstate password protection?

Although with Sharepoint, assuming it’s managed correctly(!), you can remove the need for password protection on individual files. Instead the protection is managed through the use of Sharepoint Groups.

If only one user is allowed access to a group of files. Make a new document library and customise the permissions for that document library. This will involve ‘breaking the inheritance’ for that document library; you can then customise it – i.e. remove the standard user groups that can normally access other document libraries on that site.

Further reading

Link1 – Sharepoint Maven, one of my favourite blogs.

Link2 – same site

Link3 – Bobby Chang, Permissions Worst Practises.

Link4 – Microsoft, Understanding Permissions Levels in Sharepoint.

Link 5 – Microsoft, detailed break-down of out-of-the-box Permissions groups. Useful as a resource for when you are having doubts about what a ‘read only’ or ‘read-write’ permission does.

microsoft excel – Copy Paste Special Value – Vlookup Edition

I am an accountant dealing with lots of financial statements.

I typically use a vlookup to pull in numbers from another spreadsheet into my template containing the desired format. The best solution has been for me to

  1. Copy my Vlookup formula
  2. Select the whole template
  3. F5-> Special-> Search for Blanks
  4. Copy paste special formulas

Here’s my problem. My desired template contains sum formulas etc that I do not want to lose. However, after I copy paste special formula and try to copy paste special value, I cannot as Excel says it cannot work on multiple selections. Then it becomes a painful task going through line by line and converting the vlookup into a value. Any solutions?