java – What spit player event should I use?

I am working on a complement project and I am not sure what event to hear.
I have tried these events with some success:

paste-bin Main:
Listen to the player:

Objective: create a reward chest add-on.

Function: The player uses a special key (tripwire_hook) with a unique name like "ChristmasKey". If the player right-clicks on ChristmasKeyCrate (white_shulker_box) with the Christmas key, a random item will be granted.

My fight: How do I know what class to use?
How do I get the names of the articles?

How can I display the selected events on the main event category screen?

I am trying to filter several events from my event list. I'm trying to do it through a segmentation, but it doesn't work. Is there any right way to do it?


architecture – Publish event when table value changes

I currently have a service that verifies the updated value within a database table, these services run every 5 minutes.

Now I want to build a system, every time a value is updated within a table, the event is automatically published in a service / client / subsystem instead of checking every minute.

Please give me a suggestion which framework or technology should I use.

sad for my bad english

How to handle the Google map zoom change event call, only once when the marker is set?

How to handle the Google Map zoom change event only once, after the zoom change event. They do not call this event.

I already used this function

var myListener = google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'zoom_changed', function () {//my function});

handle the Google Map zoom change event call only once when the marker is set

how to handle the Google map zoom change event only once after the zoom change event do not call this event I already used this function

var myListener = google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'zoom_changed', function () {//my function});

magento2 how to configure a loader widget in a page load event

I want to configure the charger in page load event

How can this make any idea about it?

Thank you!!

magento2 – Magento 2.2.6: the custom variable is not set through the event observer

I followed the tutorial in the following link:

But somehow I can't get the output variable in the email header template.

Emailvar / registration.php:

Emailvar / etc / module.xml:


Emailvar / etc / events.xml:


Emailvar / Observer / Addvars.php:

        $transport('CustomVariable1') = 'test1';

And in the administration panel I added this line in the header template (used in each email):

{{var CustomVariable1|raw}}

Am I missing something? I am in developer mode, the module is active and the caches have been deleted. The real name of NameSpace is somewhat different, but the structure is the same.

magento2 – Success event for the order placed on the administration side

You can create events.xml present here and you can use checkout_submit_all_after event there.

app / code / Vendor / Module / etc / adminhtml / events.xml

The content of this file is …


Now you need to create an Observer file here

app / code / Vendor / Module / Observer / AdminOrderPlaceAfter.php

        $logger->info('Backend order placed successfully.');

This event will work when the order has been successfully placed from Backend.

I hope this will help you!

development: access to the elements of another list through the event receiver of a list

I have two lists "List A"and"List B"

List B has columns:

Colour [Single line of text]
Description [Multiple lines of text]

and now how can I get the "Colour"and"Description"of the second element present in the"List B"activating an event receiver in List A ??

Can someone help me please ??

P.s: all the elements that are present in the List BIt has unique colors and description.

Scroll event, but not on touch / mobile devices

A good start would be not to use JavaScript, much less the clumsiness that numbs the mind that is jQuery, to do the CSS job.

Step 1, remove all the trash that the marking does not need.

Step 2, let CSS do the heavy lifting.

.hoverNext + img {
	bottom: 0;
	transition:right 0s 0.5s, opacity 0.5s;

.hoverNext:hover + img {
	transition:right 0s, opacity 0.5s;

Code (marked):

As the mobile does NOT have displacement states, it will not do anything. Keep in mind that I'm not sure it should be an anchor, but I left it alone for now.

This has not been the work of JavaScript since we stopped worrying about IE7 / previous.

The mere presence of "fadeToggle" in the mental gasp of jQuery is only the dove in the monument to ignorance, incompetence and ineptitude that are the front frames.