c # – Unity Collider2D is making the object of the game disappear in the event of a collision

I have gone through almost everything to try to isolate this error.

I have isolated the enemy collider, but I have not solved the problem.

When my player collides with my enemy, the object of the enemy game is destroyed and removed from the hierarchy (until it is restarted).

Eliminating the enemy collider solves this problem, of course. However, eliminating the colliding player does not.

Neither the player nor the enemy have a collider code written in their scripts, so I can not blame that. I had an OnEnterCollision2D script added to the enemy game object, but since then I eliminated it in an effort to debug the situation, and did nothing.

There are no other scripts in play, only the relationship between the player and the enemy colliders.

I'm new to Unity and coding, but I can not seem to find anything about this. Any help is really appreciated!

What. The. Hell.

If you want to read the scripts, you can here:

What's the point of using the commands in Event Storming?

What is the use? commands in Storm of events when there is always (?) a one-to-one relationship between commands Y events?

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design: what are the purpose of the event sources and the asynchronous message queues to send commands

So, what is the use of persisting events as a sequence when we are not sure of their order?

Well, we are sure of the order of the events, they are sequenced in the order in which they are written, which is determined by the order in which the commands end up being processed. (If you are using a single command controller, it is equivalent to the order in which commands arrive at the controller).

What the asynchronous message queue gives you is the ability to transport messages to a (currently) unavailable recipient. The tail itself is the plumbing, with greater availability because we do not need to continue exchanging it for commercial reasons.

Because the commands may arrive "out of service", the logic of the recipient must include the coverage of that contingency (assuming it is important for the business). Distributed messaging basically means that you never know if you have received all the messages you will receive over time; At some point, you will have to guess that you have all the messages, or be paralyzed forever in inaction.

Think of the email. You receive an email from Bob, you act and then you receive an email from Alice that she sent earlier Bob's mail, but yours was delayed somewhere. Now what? Do the best you can and continue with it.

See also Race conditions do not exist.

Google spreadsheet: what event should I use to send remote forms to the sheet?

I am sorry for my bad english.
I have a problem with Google's spreadsheet.
I am using the wordpress contact form 7 plugin as a contact form for the website. The user's date is sent to a Google spreadsheet after the user's submission, so that the data is stored as a new row in the Google sheet. I will do something in the part of the command sheet after that new row has been added by the contact form 7.
I tried the onChange and onEdit functions to hook this event, but I did not get any success.

What function should I use to hook this event?

Tnx in advance.

Because an event in JavaScript is triggered only:

the first part comes from the index.html

When the page is loaded, the message appears in the console automatically.
this is the part of the app.js

const ButtonLoadProject = document.getElementById ('loadProject'); ButtonLoadProject.addEventListener ('click', Load1Project ()); function Load1Project () {     console.log ('Upload project2'); }