European VPS hosting in the Netherlands – Switzerland – Bulgaria – Sweden – 25% recurring discount

If you are looking VPS Premium hosting in Europe – The Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria or Switzerland, our KVM VPS hosting packages became easier to obtain with a 25% discount!

Memory: 2 GB
Pure SSD storage: 40 GB
Monthly bandwidth: 4000 GB

CPU cores: 2
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You save: € 4.99 / month, Please, use promotional code: HSD-1909

Memory: 4 GB
Pure SSD storage: 80 GB
Monthly bandwidth: 8000 GB

CPU cores: 2
From: 39.95 € 29.96 / month — ORDER NOW! The | More information
You save: € 9.99 / month, Please, use promotional code: HSD-1909

Memory: 6 GB
Pure SSD storage: 120 GB
Monthly bandwidth: 12000 GB

CPU cores: 4
From: 59.95 € 44.96 / month — ORDER NOW! The | More information
You save: € 14.99 / month, Please, use promotional code: HSD-1909

Memory: 8 GB
Pure SSD storage: 160 GB
Monthly bandwidth: 16000 GB

CPU cores: 6
From: 79.95 € 59.96 / month — ORDER NOW! The | More information
You save: € 19.99 / month, Please, use promotional code: HSD-1909

All packages also include:

1 IPv4 address + 1 IPv6
Reverse DNS
RAID protected storage
Fully redundant network and power
DDoS protection
100% risk free test – We will refund your money if you are not satisfied within the first 14 days of purchase. Or at any time after that if there is a justified reason!
Standard Management Package It is included in the price if you buy a cPanel or DirectAdmin license

>>> Configuration time: INSTANT <<<

* If you buy the control panel, the installation may take a few hours

General characteristics

– 99.9% network uptime
– Professional technical support 24/7
– Full root access
– Easy update / degradation at any time
– ZERO oversold guarantee!

Why AltusHost?

– We are in business since 2008.
– Fully redundant network, Cisco Powered, (AS51430)
– Business class hardware
– 24/7 award-winning technical support
– Thousands of happy customers worldwide (some of AltusHost's reviews and here)

To facilitate your payments
We accept the following payment methods:
– Payment by card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
– PayPal
– Bitcoin
– Skrill
– Wire transfer
– iDeal
– WebMoney (WME)
– PaySafeCard
– SOFORT banking
– KBC / CBC Banking
– Bancontact (Mistercash)
– Alipay
– Giropay
– Przelewy24
– Multibanco


– Max. use by a customer: 1
Expiry Date: 09/30/2019

– Applicable by: all customers
– Discount type: Newspaper

Discount rate: 25%

– Applicable billing cycles: all billing cycles

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During sales office hours (Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., CEST), you can also call us at +31 20 808 44 44

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European class / 24 IPV4, free and available: what to do with it?

I currently have a free and unused IPV4 class / 24 …

Does anyone have any project or idea to use it?

No sale, no lease: more interested in … | Read the rest of

Crossing European borders by land

I am American in Ireland. I will enter the United Kingdom and then to France by land. I heard that if you travel by bus or car, many European borders do not have customs stops when entering. How do I get my entry and exit stamps for my Schengen visa?

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Import many csvs from the folder and change the date format from American to European

I have many csv files in a folder and I have to import them to Mathematica. Actually, I need only two columns and all rows, except the first one, so I got rid of another 6 columns and the first row using the Cases and Rest commands. It really works quite well (only the date format is incorrect because my csv is in European date format day.mes.year hour: minute and Mathematica says it is ambiguous and writes in American format, see photo) but only when I import a csv . If I try to import more, it doesn't work. Could someone help me import all the csvs in the folder and tell me how to tell Mathematica to write it in European date format?

My code for multiple csvs:

  allfiles = 
   "N:\ DataCacheScada \ IIS \ vocko01 \ Distribucni_kabely \");
    cableD = Cases(
   Rest(Import(#, "Table", "FieldSeparators" -> ";") & /@ 
     allfiles), {x1_, x2_, x3_, x4_, x5_, x6_, 
    x7_}) /. {{x1_, x2_, x3_, x4_, x5_, x6_, x7_} -> {DateObject(x6), 

Wong date format only for one cvs

You can download two of my csvs here:

Thanks for your tips!

Tes – The European Summit 2019


We look forward to welcoming you from September 13 to 16, 2019 in the amazing city of Prague!

ExoClick is the presenting sponsor of the European Summit in Prague from September 14 to 17 and we have many interesting activities at the fair!

If you have any questions about our next TES affiliate conferences, email us at andreas (at) tesaffiliateconferences (dot) com.

Best regards,

Europe: What would be an ideal European trip for someone who has never been?

Ok, I'm planning my high level trip in Europe. It's just me, my mother and my grandmother who are going, possibly my other grandmother. My maternal grandmother lived in many exotic places like Japan and Beirut while growing up and has traveled to other places such as Fiji, Barbados and Jerusalem, making her the "genius" of travel. But she has not traveled to Europe. So I need some tips and tricks from experts to help me make the right decision. I will probably ask more questions here later, but for now I need help with the location.

Here is my idea.
I want to go to France first. I want to spend a little more than a week there, maybe less, maybe more, and then take a train to Switzerland. Is it a good duo or is there another country that works better? I also have Holland, Germany, Italy and England on my list, so if any of you think it works better, let me know. The reason why I chose Switzerland is because, although France seems very … elegant? Prestigious? Sophisticated? Switzerland looks very colorful and earthy! With a bit of weirdness there.

Do you also recommend trains? I looked for it and said that the train trip from France to Switzerland is 4 hours, which for me does not seem so bad, but what do you think? Are other forms of transportation better?

Does a soccer game (European football) use animations or physics for when the player dribbles the ball?

There are at least two ways for a player in a football game (European football) to dribble the ball. The first would be to use physics and make the foot collide with the ball and move it by impulse forces. The second technique to dribble the ball could be to simulate the forces of the foot on the ball with an animation, since the movement of the ball with the real physics will be approximately the same each time. The use of animations also has some advantages when the player performs different works with the feet. I am curious to know if anyone knows how games like EA Sports FIFA implement the dribbling of their players.

United Kingdom – European airport policy on certain chemical substances.

As the title says, I want to know if airports are restricted to some chemical reagents, including: iodine, potassium nitrate, sulfur, silver, copper hydroxide, copper, carbon electrodes, potassium bisulfite and the like. I want to mention that everything that is mentioned in the list is all solid material that is allowed to trade without a license like on eBay, etc., only some of them are on the watch list due to the manufacture of drugs and explosives, such as iodine, potassium nitrate and sulfur. I know you have a tendency to go crazy with liquids and anything that seems a little suspicious, pack and label everything correctly and, if additional questions are needed, I can not answer them all. It's possible?

For example, if I want to travel from the EU to the UK by plane, and I have my products in small quantities in their original packaging, everything is inside my backpack in a box.
None of them is illegal, some are watched, none of them are liquid, none of them are really dangerous, poisonous or corrosive.
For example, they scan my luggage and decide to ask me some questions, I have nothing to hide, so I answer them all.
My three additional questions are,
-Can you give me back and not let me in, even if my ticket is already booked?
– If so, is there any way to avoid it with an early declaration about my "special" possibly dangerous things?
-If yes, would it cost much more? (I guess yes)