❕NEWS – Trader Scott Melker: ETH can go up to $ 10,000. | Proxies123.com

Analyst Scott Melker, who is hugely popular in the coin markets, shared her new analysis of ETH. First of all, the analyst, who expects a rise up to the levels of $ 3600, predicts that this rise can continue to the $ 10 thousand levels.
The essence of his sharing on this subject is as follows ; The goal of this move is $ 3,600. But as I said, I think it could go much higher, and I believe it could go up to $ 10,000 at the end of the year, as a result of the network effect and overall rise. I think this is crazy. 5x from here. We’ve seen Bitcoin do this multiple times in a year.
What do you think of this price prediction?

❕NEWS – Roll has been hacked – 3000 ETH missing | Proxies123.com

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Grayscale Receives $ 350 Million ETH in February

Grayscale purchased eth worth $ 350 million in the past two weeks. They announced that 87,749 Ethereum was purchased in four days from February 8-11.
What do you think about Grayscale company increasing its ETH investments?

$ 10,500 forecast for Ethereum (ETH) from Fundstrat Global

According to the Bloomberg report, strategist David Grider of market research and consulting firm Fundstrat Global Advisors said Ethereum has a good chance of reaching the $ 10,500 price level.
What do you think of the analyst’s high goal?

Ethereum (ETH) Exceeds $ 1500!

ETH has passed $ 1500.
Grayscale reopened the Ethereum Trust to institutional investors in late December. Galaxy Digital also said it will launch an Ethereum-focused financing package that will be launched in mid-February. Most of these kinds of developments seem to continue to be positive for ETH’s price action.
What do you think about ETH?

❕NEWS – After New ATH, Ethereum (ETH) Whales Moved 330,000 ETH | Proxies123.com

According to Whale Alert, almost a dozen ETH transactions, both large and small, have been processed in the past twenty hours, and a total of 330,000 ETH have been transferred. These transfers came after ETH reached its all-time high of $ 1,752 about twenty-two hours ago.
What do you think may be the main reason for this mobility?

CME Launches Ethereum (ETH) Futures

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has launched the highly anticipated futures contracts for ETH, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network. The Chicago-based exchange has traded 77 contracts so far, with most activity concentrated at the February maturity.
Do you think this situation triggers the price increase?