android – Basic Espresso test

I am trying to get a grip on Android UI testing, and from a lot of trying and examples, I figured out this (working test):

public void FirstScan_ShouldSetSource() {
    try(ActivityScenario<ManualMoveActivity> scenario  = ActivityScenario.launch(ManualMoveActivity.class)) {
        scenario.onActivity(activity -> {


I have a few questions on this:

  1. What is the syntax of that try() method? Googling it gives info on try.catch, but this seems to be something different.
  2. Can I somehow get that try() part in a constructor? Having to copy this quite verbose statement in each test that needs the Activity seems annoying.

appium android – Katalon mobile automation with espresso, view tag locator

I am using Katalon as a mobile testing automation tool and need to access android view tag to identify certain UI elements. When I try to run the tests using espresso as the android automator i get the following error:

java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: starting instrumentation ComponentInfo{io.appium.espressoserver.test/androidx.test.runner.AndroidJUnitRunner} from pid=18144, uid=18144 not allowed because package io.appium.espressoserver.test does not have a signature matching the target com.

I was wondering if anyone else got this error or you can help me figure what is causing this problem.

Espresso test framework can be used for data mining for play store apps?

I am not a android developer, so not sure that can be used for that purpose. but, Espresso test framework, you can use it on android studio, can be used for mining data, or scraping data from apps that is listing on play store? For example, I installed a language exchange app, there are lots of people with their profiles, introduction, but the app, unfortunately, does not implement introduction searching feature but only for their age, mother tongue language, or whatsoever. I found that really unuseful so thought I can or can’t get these data programmatically. And I found Espresso test framework, and appium.

user experience – how to use an espresso machine?

There are often questions on the net about how to use an espresso machine, with no clarification of what exactly is meant. There are a lot of coffee machines, they are automatic, semi-automatic, traditional (such as those installed in coffee houses), office, home. You will find most of the information on the excellent website

Applications: Cannot start espresso tests on device via USB

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 running Android 9 and i would like to use to run espresso tests for the app i am developing. To do so, I enabled USB debugging as I normally would, so there are no specialties there.

I was able to start the application itself, so until then everything is fine. However, I cannot start the espresso tests. When I start any espresso test from Android Studio, it crashes with the following message:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not launch intent Intent { flg=0x14000000 cmp=ch.epfl.qedit/.view.LoginActivity } within 45 seconds. Perhaps the main thread has not gone idle within a reasonable amount of time? There could be an animation or something constantly repainting the screen. Or the activity is doing network calls on creation? See the threaddump logs. For your reference the last time the event queue was idle before your activity launch request was 1588525347688 and now the last time the queue went idle was: 1588525362806. If these numbers are the same your activity might be hogging the event queue.

It's kind of weird that you can start the app, but not the tests, right? I hope you can help me, thanks!

Antoine Brunner

java – Espresso Test SearchView RecyclerView is not updated

I'm trying to write a test with Espresso for my SearchView.
Normally, the search works correctly, but when it is tested RecyclerView is not updated when writing text.

Here is my test method:

public void searchText () launches Throwable {
Fragment of MyFragment = activity.getActivity (). GetFragment ();
fragment.getPresenter (). isTesting ();
List < Product > data = new ArrayList < > ();

for (int i = 0; i <10; i ++) {
Product product = new product ();
String product_name = "Product" + i;
product.setProduct_name (product_name);

data.add (product);

runOnUiThread (new Runnable () {
public void run () {
fragment.showData (data);


ViewInteraction recycler = Espresso.onView (withId (;

// check size
recycler.check (matches (recyclerViewSizeMatcher (10, null)));

onView (withId ( perform (click ());

onView (isAssignableFrom (EditText.class)). perform (typeText ("Product 1"), press Key (KeyEvent.KEYCODE_ENTER));

// check size
recycler.check (matches (recyclerViewSizeMatcher (1, null)));


Returns an error in the last line, when it verifies the size of the recyclerview:

androidx.test.espresso.base.DefaultFailureHandler $ AssertionFailedWithCauseError:
& # 39; with list size: 1 & # 39; does not match the selected view.

Expected: with list size: 1

Obtained: "RecyclerView {id = 2131232692, res-name = my_recycler_view,
visibility = VISIBLE, width = 1080, height = 1584, has-focus = false,
has-focusable = true, has-window-focus = true, click = false,
is-enabled = true, is-focus = false, is-focusable = true,
is-layout-required = false, is-selected = false,
tag = null, root-is-layout-request = false, has-input-connection = false,
x = 0.0, y = 0.0, children count = 6} "

Event Espresso plugin filter with tickets

I am using Worpdress Event Espresso Plugin (Version 4.9.80.decaf) and it is working well according to my expectations.

However I have a query on this.

I have created one Event called first event and within this event I have created two more calls as mittul ticket Y kinjal ticket.

After me event Creation, I registered as a user with this event and it is also done successfully.

Once I click on Registration link from me Events listing page, I could see the page below with my new registered user with my assigned Event called first event.

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, the list of registered users with the respective tickets.
You can also see some filters above as Massive actions, All Categories, State etc.

You can also see the buttons. All CSV records Report Y CSV filtered report Y CSV filtered report Button through which I am filtering my records and I can successfully generate my report.

What I need here is a drop-down filter with tickets (kinjal ticket, mittul ticket, Free ticket) and I want to generate my filtered report based on my selected ticket.

I have researched and I have not found a solution so far. Do you provide any hook or api to be able to update this add-on?

Can someone guide me, how can I achieve this?

espresso – sequel db: migrate. trying to create a new column.

error consists of
CLI sequel [Node: 8.12.0, CLI: 5.2.0, ORM: 4.41.0]

Configuration file loaded "config / config.json".
Use of the "development" environment.

BUG: install the sqlite3 package manually
I have tried all the ways to install sqlite and mysql2
* I am using mysql3