Amazon web services – Error opening transmission – Permission denied

When I try to access my application in Elastic Beanstalk, this error appears.

file_put_contents(/var/app/current/appserver/storage/framework/views/a4f0a51a113cff489cd7cd85dbb8284986067f6a.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied

A temporary solution is running that works for me. chown -R webapp /var/app/current/appserver in EB SSH.

When you try to run this in an .ebextension file, it has no effect.

Here is my .ebextension file:

    command: "cd appserver; mkdir -p storage/framework/{sessions,views,cache};"
    command: "(export COMPOSER_HOME='$HOME/.config/composer'; cd coreapp; composer.phar install)"
    command: "(export COMPOSER_HOME='$HOME/.config/composer'; cd appserver; composer.phar install)"
    command: "chown -R webapp /var/app/current/appserver/"
    command: "find appserver -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;"
    command: "find appserver -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \; "

Is there any way I can permanently solve this problem so that every time a self-scale is done, the website does not crash with the error?

Bitcoin Core: signing of the multisig format transaction returns an error "The JSON value is not a string as expected"

I am trying to sign an unsigned raw transaction of various sizes but I still receive "JSON value is not a string as expected"I am perplexed and have tried many variations. Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong? Similar syntax works on other rpc calls through curl.

curl --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "signrawtransactionwithkey", "params":("0200000001f19aed4a275e9557778fcedffef11721dba3e8ad55eecab00954072ad2b3de610000000000010000000200e1f5050000000017a914753fb5395547d92c86447ef75d2eab46b3f47fc88730fb154e0200000017a9143c6d367277a9deed4119b3f7eb63dea807881d988700000000", ''({"txid": "61deb3d22a075409b0caee55ade8a3db2117f1fedfce8f7757955e274aed9af1", "vout": 0, "scriptPubKey": "a9143c6d367277a9deed4119b3f7eb63dea807881d9887", "redeemScript": "532102254aba14091e45a9067fbe5b225b3863d1c49650226d583dcede06a7c33f86132102ad64a03b7fc53c02f68eac04743b819bfeeabe6ca7007f473dbaf7c3570f5dc92103f8af80bf1a98b5828473a757c26d8e1949e65b8d2d6fcd94bf71f640b212632653ae"})'', ''("cRYhEC98686RyVJt7CPcZy5JwK27Lv1DFRVemrb7cWsJi4CY1MtK")'') }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;' http://user:password@
result = Optional({
    error =     {
        code = "-1";
        message = "JSON value is not a string as expected";
    id = curltest;
    result = "";

bitcoin kernel – Problem with missing entries to the transaction Ticket error code -25

Working with Bitcoin-qt 0.16.3 testnet

Trying sendrawtransactionHowever, you receive the following error:

Missing inputs (code -25)

From what I have read, this results from trying to use results in the transaction that have already been spent.

However, I am confused because I am explicitly using a transaction listed by listunspent. Doesn't that mean the exit has not been spent?

If you could tell me where I am going wrong, it would be much appreciated.

Here is exactly my work:



    "txid": "8d42a2db310b794ae0d75ed9a68262081fd83817a862f87a99cd176ce8743223",
    "vout": 1,
    "address": "2MtBLx3arsHFV1cBYSo5AXmX5Pf3tfcgda3",
    "account": "addy2",
    "redeemScript": "0014436faf386d5c77c575e3372a97e268a08e3f5378",
    "scriptPubKey": "a9140a3c45e4e27e98b6bf1171b4fe1bf689b9a3dbf287",
    "amount": 0.00010000,
    "confirmations": 229,
    "spendable": true,
    "solvable": true,
    "safe": true


createrawtransaction '({ "txid": "8d42a2db310b794ae0d75ed9a68262081fd83817a862f87a99cd176ce8743223", "vout":2 })' '{ "2N8kPhdhwAYYK8rFt7Fhvm3oapsMF7vqbcB":0.00003, "2MtBLx3arsHFV1cBYSo5AXmX5Pf3tfcgda3":0.0000695}'




signrawtransaction '0200000001233274e86c17cd997af862a81738d81f086282a6d95ed7e04a790b31dba2428d0200000000ffffffff02b80b00000000000017a914aa0e0ebe49d03dc1b79f91775aada9293179bb2387261b00000000000017a9140a3c45e4e27e98b6bf1171b4fe1bf689b9a3dbf28700000000' '({"txid":"8d42a2db310b794ae0d75ed9a68262081fd83817a862f87a99cd176ce8743223","vout":2,"scriptPubKey":"a9140a3c45e4e27e98b6bf1171b4fe1bf689b9a3dbf287","redeemScript": "0014436faf386d5c77c575e3372a97e268a08e3f5378",


  "hex": "02000000000101233274e86c17cd997af862a81738d81f086282a6d95ed7e04a790b31dba2428d0200000017160014436faf386d5c77c575e3372a97e268a08e3f5378ffffffff02b80b00000000000017a914aa0e0ebe49d03dc1b79f91775aada9293179bb2387261b00000000000017a9140a3c45e4e27e98b6bf1171b4fe1bf689b9a3dbf287024830450221009274a153ee55925681d5382fecbff723e2ec12e92dafc7188565e2ee2bef092402201133ec3545333afeacda23b63917660ed62be667508dbb5a121a4ed9aa52125401210273340ff4511f6bbcf7d9f1c1fe69f66704398e54f4cde0e0ec60313476fc92ab00000000",
  "complete": true


sendrawtransaction 02000000000101233274e86c17cd997af862a81738d81f086282a6d95ed7e04a790b31dba2428d0200000017160014436faf386d5c77c575e3372a97e268a08e3f5378ffffffff02b80b00000000000017a914aa0e0ebe49d03dc1b79f91775aada9293179bb2387261b00000000000017a9140a3c45e4e27e98b6bf1171b4fe1bf689b9a3dbf287024830450221009274a153ee55925681d5382fecbff723e2ec12e92dafc7188565e2ee2bef092402201133ec3545333afeacda23b63917660ed62be667508dbb5a121a4ed9aa52125401210273340ff4511f6bbcf7d9f1c1fe69f66704398e54f4cde0e0ec60313476fc92ab00000000


Missing inputs (code -25)

8 – Prevent the server side error messages from being postponed at the top

I have the online forms error module enabled on my drupal 8 site. The server-side errors that appear in the form submission are grouped as follows:

enter the description of the image here

How to change the language of this error and avoid the discos, for example, if there had been several errors, the message would have been "2 errors found: FieldName1, FieldName2".

Is it part of the core and how to show errors in different lines?

500 internal error – Add-ons can not be updated – Indefinite index to: 1: {s: 3: "ssl"; b: 1;} in class-requests.php on line 213

After our hosting provider moved our site to a new Windows 2016 server, I have been struggling with an intermittent error:

PHP warning: Index not defined: a: 1: {s: 3: "ssl"; b: 1;} in E: WebContent site-name wp-includes class-requests.php on line 213

We see this occasionally on the login screen. A browser update will usually fix it. The rest of the site seems to be working well.

This happens EVERY TIME when I try to update the add-ons or WordPress. According to the reading of many publications, it seems to be a problem with TLS. It is true that the TLS 1.0 is not available on the new server. TLS1.0 has been deprecated due to security problems. It has been replaced by TLS1.2. But it seems that I can not find any suggestions on how to fix this error. I'm sure it's a configuration error with the server or with PHP.

Error executing a query in SSMS

enter the description of the image here
I get an error when executing my query, could you tell me what is due ?, thanks.

man in the middle – mitmproxy: Error starting the proxy server: OSError (98, & # 39; Address already in use & # 39;)

I just installed the mitmproxy tool. I want to run it Once I write: sudo mitmproxy I get this error:

Failed to start the proxy server: OSError (98, & # 39; Address already in use & # 39;)

I searched and found some suggestion to change the port by typing: sudo mitmproxy -p 99999 However, I think this can cause problems for me, as I will do with the manipulation of HTTPS traffic.

Can you help me please to solve the error?

Python – Error in the installation of pip

I'm harvish I'm learning python I installed Python 3.7.3 and pyscripter on my laptop. when I try to install any package (such as pandas or cx_Oracle) in Python from the cmd prompt, it is not always installed through the error

The packages could not be installed due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: & # 39; c: program files python37 Lib site-packages & # 39;
Consider using the --user Option or check the permissions.

You are using version 19.0.3 of pip, however, version 19.1.1 is available.
You should consider updating via the & # 39; python -m pip install –upgrade pip & # 39;

Please guide me to solve the problem.

java – Bimserver Error – Superuser

I have trouble running bimserver in eclipse.

I started cloning the repository, then I imported it, from there I can not overcome this error: Execution add-source of the target org.codehaus.mojo: build-helper-maven-plugin: 1.10: add-source failed: Plugin org.codehaus.mojo: build-helper-maven-plugin: 1.10.

I'm relatively new to Maven, so I hope to find a solution for this.

Theory of information The merit of the quantum error correction codes.

We know that the word error rate (WER) and the qubit error rate (QER) can be used to be the merit of the quantum error correction codes (QECC). And WER is more useful in QECC. In classical error correction, when calculating the WER, we can calculate the wrong full code word rate, or just calculate the wrong information part rate (for example, when we use system codes). In the QECC, I find that most people calculate the wrong full code word rate in place of the wrong piece of information rate when calculating the WER. I want to know that we can calculate the rate of erroneous information parts when calculating the WER, as well as the merit of the system codes in the classical coding theory. Thank you.