visas – Canadian PGWP expiring in September: chances of entry denial at border?

For temporary foreign workers (not to be confused with TFW program), you may be able to enter Canada if you meet specific requirements for your travel to be essential.

If you are normally a resident of Canada (e.g. you were just on vacation in India for a few weeks until the crisis), you can almost definitely return.

Otherwise, you will need your port of entry letter/letter of introduction and a confirmed job offer. You can ask CIC if you qualify (if you can get through to an agent, they are usually helpful.)

Travel restrictions and exemptions for temporary workers

As a temporary worker, you’re exempt from travel restrictions if
you’re coming for an essential (non-discretionary) purpose.

Certain people who can work without a permit may also be exempt from
travel restrictions. Essential (non-discretionary) travel for a
temporary worker

Essential refers to travel for reasons that are non-discretionary and
non-optional. The emergency orders under the Quarantine Act do not
allow people to travel to Canada for optional or discretionary
reasons, such as for tourism, recreation or entertainment.

As a worker, your travel is essential (non-discretionary) if you’re in
either of these situations:

  1. You have a valid work permit and normally live in Canada.
  • This applies even if you’ve been laid off.
  1. You’re a worker who meets all of the following:
  • has a letter of introduction for a work permit (open or employer-specific)
  • has a valid job offer
  • can work once you enter Canada and complete your 14-day quarantine (unless you’re exempt)

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network – Can a self-signed certificate use an IP address for an entry in Subject Alternative Name?


TLS server certificates must present the DNS name of the server in the Subject Alternative Name extension of the certificate. DNS names in the CommonName of a certificate are no longer trusted.

Should I be able to use an IP address in the SAN field? I read an answer that stated or implied that it was possible, but I cannot make it work. Obviously I realise that an IP isn’t a DNS name, but… well I can hope.

I can workaround the limitation by setting up an mDNS (eg Bonjour) and use host.local style names (which does work) but this is not ideal for my situation.

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Sheets – Lookup most recent entry based on unsorted date value

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turkey – Will I be refused entry even though I have a new passport?

Five years ago I was refused entry into Turkey because I had the wrong visa.
At the time, I had a British Overseas Citizen passport.
My husband had a British Citizen passport. We both had the same visa. My husband was granted entry and I was not.
We both live in England.

My question is, will I be refused entry because I have been refused before?

I now have a British Citizen passport and I know that visas are no longer required, but will I be refused entry because I have been refused before? Do I need some clearance from Turkish Embassy?