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database design: how can I populate a foreign key value after creating the first table entry referenced by the foreign key?

I'm looking to create an online store, so I got to the definition of the database. I want to have as few tables as possible, so I reduced them to:

  1. The users
  2. products
  3. Orders
  4. Cart_Articles

I came up with the following scheme: image

The logic goes like this: For each product added to the cart, a new Cart_Item entry is created. But the Cart_Item entry needs to fill in the foreign key that references the Order table, which is cartItemOrderID. Since no order has been created, it will have to be null at first. Once the user adds all of their desired items to the cart, they place the order and a new order is created, so I now have the order ID. How would I pass this order ID to the entries in the Cart_Item table since there is no way of knowing if they were placed by the current user?

I am missing something huge but I can't point it out.

Windows 7 – How does this registry entry work?

I have a Thinkpad T430 running Windows 7. The laptop has a button on top of the keyboard literally called the "Black Button". It's supposed to throw some lenovo junk, but it never really worked. So I searched online and reused it. Someone said that if I add a string value in this registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE IBM TPHOTKEY 8001 called "File" and set its data to the path of an .exe, I can make the key start that program. I set it up to launch my music app and sure enough it worked but now I wonder why did it work? How does this work? What else can I do with this? Why is it detecting a "File" string as something it should open?

db2 luw – Find multiple substrings from a column entry in DB2

I have a table like this

|   ID   |  otherID  | Data
|  1234  |   56789   | This is a Name: Charlie; string  with Name: Alpha; also some more data and Name: Bravo;

here the last column has a string and I need those names from it (there could be a lot of names) afterwards so the output should look like this

|   Name   
|  Alpha;Bravo;

I wrote the following query which can retrieve the first name, but I need all the names and how many names there are not known

select substr(Data, locate('Name',Data)+6, locate(':',Data)-locate(':',Data)-6) from myTable

Note: I only need all the names that appear after, if there is any before, I must ignore them.

I am using DB2-luw v7.x

Get rid of & # 39; to & # 39; / new line at the end of the entry

I am trying to run a BufferOverFlow with gdb / gdb-peda on an old CTF x64 ELF.
My payload is created with pyth0n as shown below

python -c "print 'A' * 40 + 'x46x11x40'"

& # 39; x46 x11 x40 & # 39; in the subroutine direction that I want to execute

But when I check the D.E.P is set to 0x000000000a401146
There is a & # 39; a & # 39 ;. As I understand it, this is a new line character. But I can't figure out how to get rid of that. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?
I tried without python too. Still, I see that & # 39; a & # 39; additional at the end.

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Help! I want to remove Windows EFI Boot Entry, but cannot

I have used the following codes in the terminal: terminal

And here is what is inside the volume: EFI

Microsoft could not be found and here are the partitions in the disk utility: diskutil

I honestly don't know what to do next … Thank you very much in advance.

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list form: How to validate wrong date and time entry in SharePoint using column validation?

I got these 3 fields in the form where, in text form, my universities entered the date and time. But sometimes they put wrong times in the fields, and I want validation for that.

See the picture, if "Ärende påbörjat" is less than "Ärende tilldelad" and "Ärende tilldelad" is less than "Ärende inkommet" I want you to be notified.

I also want it to be possible to leave the fields empty and save the form. I have tried it myself but cannot solve it.

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