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How to make billing address entry compulsory when Paypal is used?

When Paypal is used as the payment method, entry of the billing address becomes not compulsory.

You will see on the screenshot below, that the billing address is empty and the "Continue to Paypal" button is active.

How to fix this ?

enter image description here

What’s the best way for EU citizens to enter the UK if they’re worried they might be refused entry at the UK border?

Thanks to the Good Friday agreement between Ireland and the UK one can avoid UK border control if arriving via Ireland, in full compliance with current UK regulations:

  1. Fly or ferry to Ireland, receive guaranteed entry as an EU citizen – with very limited exceptions
  2. Take the bus or drive to Northern Ireland, automatically receiving a 3 months deemed leave (see page 42 of this document for an official reference)
  3. Since you never had to encounter a UK immigration officer and since Ireland cannot refuse you entry, you’re effectively guaranteed entry into the UK as well

Note that this is only legal if you’ve never been restricted from visiting the UK in the past – which would become possible after Brexit. But if you’re otherwise an upstanding EU citizen who has never broken any UK laws, flying in via Ireland could avoid a complicated conversation at the UK border.

And of course, the vast majority of EU citizens should be able to fly to the UK without any issues whatsoever and expect a smooth entry on arrival – same as the every other visa-free national arriving at a UK port of entry.

data flow analysis – Reaching definition: what is “entry” and “exit”?

I am currently studying the textbook Principles of Program Analysis by Flemming Nielson, Hanne R. Nielson, and Chris Hankin. The section on reaching analysis in chapter 1 presents the following:

Example 1.1 An example of a program written in this language is the following which computes the factorial of the number stored in $mathrm{x}$ and leaves the result in $mathrm{z}$:
$$(y := x)^1 ; (z := 1)^2 ; text{while} (y > 1)^3 text{do} ((z := z * y)^4 ; (y := y – 1)^5) ; (y := 0)^6$$
enter image description here

Reaching Definitions Analysis. The use of distinct labels allows us to identify the primitive constructs of a program without explicitly constructing a flow graph (or flow chart). It also allows us to introduce a program analysis to be used throughout the chapter: Reaching Definitions Analysis, or as it should be called more properly, reaching assignments analysis:

An assignment (called a definition in the classical literature) of the form $(x: = a)^{mathscr{l}}$ may reach a certain program point (typically the entry or exit of an elementary block) if there is an execution of the program where $x$ was last assigned a value at $mathscr{l}$ when the program point is reached.

Consider the factorial program of Example 1.1. Here $(y := mathrm{x})^1$ reaches the entry to $(z := 1)^2$; to allow a more succinct presentation we shall say that $(y, 1)$ reaches the entry to $2$. Also we shall say that $(mathrm{x}, ?)$ reaches the entry to $2$; here “$?$” is a special label not appearing in the program and it is used to record the possibility of an uninitialised variable reaching a certain program point.

Full information about reaching definitions for the factorial program is then given by the pair $text{RD} = (text{RD}_{entry}(mathscr{l}), text{RD}_{exit}(mathscr{l}))$ of functions in Table 1.1. Careful inspection of this table reveals that the entry and exit information agree for elementary blocks of the form $(b)^mathscr{l}$ whereas for elementary blocks of the form $( x := a)^mathscr{l}$ they may differ on pairs $(x, mathscr{l}^prime)$. We shall come back to this when formulating the analysis in subsequent sections.

Returning to the discussion of safe approximation note that if we modify Table 1.1 to include the pair $(z, 2)$ in $text{RD}_{entry}(5)$ and $text{RD}_{exit}(5)$ we still have safe information about reaching definitions but the information is more approximate. However, if we remove $(z, 2)$ from $text{RD}_{entry}(6)$ and $text{RD}_{exit}(6)$ then the information will no longer be safe – there exists a run of the factorial program where the set ${ (mathrm{x}, ?), (y, 6), (z, 4) }$ does not correctly describe the reaching definition at the exit of label $6$.

This textbook’s explanations are very unclear, but I seem to understand the $text{RD}_{entry}(mathscr{l})$ values after reading this Wikipedia article. However, I still do not understand what $text{RD}_{exit}(mathscr{l})$ means, and nor do I understand how the authors are getting those values. What does $text{RD}_{exit}(mathscr{l})$ mean? What is the difference between $text{RD}_{entry}(mathscr{l})$ and $text{RD}_{exit}(mathscr{l})$? How do the authors get the values for $text{RD}_{exit}(mathscr{l})$ in table 1.1?

Possible Google Script for callback list based of daily log entry?

This is my first post here, so bear with me.

Here is a copy of the sheet I’m working on.

I work as a receptionist and am required to keep a log of every call/walk in.

Most of the entries require me leaving messages for another employee (which has led to a blob of sticky notes all over the office)

I had previously made a query function–now removed–on the “Callback List” sheet that would separate messages to each employee, which was somewhat working until they needed to clear the row after calling clients back (obviously whenever they would delete a row, the query would put it right back).

I found a google script that would copy the line from the ‘Daily Log’ sheet to the ‘Callback List’ sheet based on data validation, and delete the row from the ‘Callback List’ after a checking a box/marking “Complete”, but couldn’t figure out how to get the messages to copy to the first empty row under the specific employee’s header line. I also couldn’t figure out how to clear the row after checking the box/marking as “Complete” instead of just deleting the whole row.

This is that script:

function onEdit(event) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var s = event.source.getActiveSheet();
  var r = event.source.getActiveRange();

  if(s.getName() == "Daily Log" && r.getColumn() == 6 && r.getValue() == 'Kristin') {
    var row = r.getRow();
    var numColumns = s.getLastColumn();
    var targetSheet = ss.getSheetByName("CALLBACK LIST");
    var target = targetSheet.getRange(targetSheet.getLastRow() + 1, 1);
    s.getRange(row, 1, 1, numColumns).copyTo(target);
  } else if(s.getName() == "CALLBACK LIST" && r.getColumn() == 7 && r.getValue() == true) {
    var row = r.getRow();

Any help or suggestions for the sheet would be awesome!

programming practices – What Should I Expect as an Entry Level Developer?

I’m very excited about a new job offer I’ve just accepted as an entry level developer. I am set to start in June 2021 so I have a good chunk of time until then. This is my very first developer position and I’d like to know what I should expect and what I should be doing to prepare.

The position is in the auto industry and will likely be writing software for the future of EVs (Electric Vehicles/Autonomous Driving) if that matters at all.

Which lens do you recommend for entry level bird and wildlife photography on Canon APS-C DSLRs?

Ignoring the specific lenses here, the question you’re really asking is “which is better, a general purpose ‘superzoom’ lens or a dedicated telephoto lens?” The answer to that is of course “they’re different”:

  • The superzoom lens (18-200 in your case) has the advantage that it has a very wide focal length range; it can do everything from landscape photos to some wildlife photos (see below for more on that). However, nothing in this world comes for free – the image quality won’t be as good as dedicated lenses, and you pay a premium for flexibility.
  • The dedicated telephoto lens will probably have better image quality for the range that it covers, and is cheaper.

Only you (or your son, or whoever’s paying) can decide which of those tradeoffs is right for you. Three notes though:

  1. You lose a lot of the value of an interchangeable lens camera if you only ever use one lens. Unless you’re in a sandstorm or under a waterfall, changing lenses isn’t a risky process so long as you’re moderately careful.
  2. While we in general don’t recommend specific products, I’m prepared to break that rule for the 75-300. Never, ever buy this lens – it’s image quality is awful and it doesn’t have image stabilisation. For a crop sensor camera like the 80D, you’re much better off getting the 55-250 and cropping the image.
  3. Even a 300mm probably isn’t going to let your son get good images of wildlife unless the wildlife is pretty tame; for bird photos in particular, you’ll be looking at 500mm+, but those lenses are much more expensive. Just setting expectations here.

ireland – Would EU citizens be effectively guaranteed entry into the UK post-Brexit if they enter via the Irish land border?

On January 1st 2021 the UK will no longer be a member of the EU (unless something changes in the 11th hour) and EU citizens would thus be no longer guaranteed entry into the UK, although most could expect to receive a 6 months leave to enter upon arrival. But couldn’t UK border controls be completely superseded if arriving via Ireland, in full compliance with current UK regulations?

  1. Fly or ferry to Ireland, receive guaranteed entry as an EU citizen
  2. Take the bus or drive to Northern Ireland, automatically receiving a 3 months deemed leave (see page 42 of this document for an official reference)
  3. Since you never had to encounter a UK immigration officer and since Ireland cannot refuse you entry, you’re effectively guaranteed entry into the UK as well

Am I missing something in the existing regulations? Or perhaps the UK government talked about closing this “loophole”?

Data Entry, web research, email scraping, copy paste, pdf convert, virtual assistant for $6

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I will do a fast typing job, retype scanned documents

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