air travel – Am I entitled to compensation under EU261 if my flight was rescheduled to four days later with only six days notice?

I have been notified a little less than six days before my originally scheduled departure time, about a schedule change resulting in my flight departing four days later. The flight numbers are the same, and the airline is refusing compensation in accordance with EU261 as they state that this situation does not regard a cancellation. The airline has stated that the reschedule was done because of commercial reasons (so, no extraordinary circumstances).

The airline offered me a refund, but that seems ridiculous to me – to me it seems simply unethical and unfair to reschedule a flight with such an extreme difference (96 hours) out of commercial reasons, and not compensate passengers, who booked unrefundable hotel stays and such, accordingly. Am I right that I am in this case entitled to EU261 compensation?

Is anyone aware of any jurisprudence?

uk – Connecting flight got cancelled after first leg of journey. Am I entitled to a full refund?

I booked via a one-way ticket from Nanning to London. When I bought the ticket, I also bought travel insurance from the agency as well.The flights were:

Nanning -> Shanghai (Spring airlines)

Shanghai -> Hong Kong (Hong Kong Airlines)

Hong Kong -> London (Cathay Pacific)

After flying the first leg, I was told that the flight from Shanghai to HK wasn’t available at the airport. In the end I bought a new ticket at the airport to London. This was around 2 weeks ago and I’ve since contacted the travel agency and insurance company (AXA).

The travel agency has an automated refunds system which says it will contact each carrier separately to obtain refunds and will take up to 3 months. It also mentions I could end up with nothing refunded and I will not be entitled to any further refunds once I apply. I contacted the UK branch of AXA (the travel agency links to the Czech branch of AXA) and filed a claim with them. I’m wondering if I should just issue a chargeback from my credit card company for the booking or should I wait for the my claim to be processed? If the claim fails then what would I be entitled to, if anything?


germany – Am I entitled to apply for a German visa

In the website of Germany Embassy in U.K., it is stated that


Urgent reasons for entry exist especially in the following cases.


4. Educational reasons

initial entry: documentation from the apprenticeship or study
institution regarding the requirement of in person attendance as well
as proof of accommodation.


Similarly, the interior minister of Germany government states that

What are valid grounds for crossing the border?


Travellers can be permitted to cross borders to visit their partners
or families, receive medical treatment, attend educational and
training institutions that require in-person attendance, or attend
important family events.

My situation as follows, I will conduct internship starting from 15 of June, and I am starting to my Master’s program on the 1st of September of this year, both in Germany.

However, I am a Turkish national, living in U.K. for the last 6 months.

Now, I have to get a visa in order to enter Germany, but neither the embassy haven’t, nor visametric (the external source which handles the visas for German embassy) opened, yet.

To make sure that I understand everything correctly: Am I entitled to get a German visa?

If so, how do I supposed to get it since visametric is closed?

Air travel: are we entitled to compensation per flight?

Yes, assuming you have not been informed more than two weeks before the flight. Of the rights of air passengers:

Cancellation or denied boarding

If your flight is canceled, and they informed you less than 2 weeks
before the scheduled date
or you are denied boarding, you have the right

  • Transportation to your final destination using comparable alternative means of transportation; or
    • A refund for your ticket; or
    • Free transportation to your initial departure point if you have connecting flights; and
  • Financial compensation of EUR 250 to EUR 600 depending on the distance of your flight. If the carrier offers you an alternative
    flight, and arrives at its final destination with a delay of 2, 3 or 4
    hours depending on the duration of the flight, compensation may be
    reduced by 50% (see below).

In cases of change of route, you also have the right to receive care (drinks, meals,
communications) and, if necessary, hotel accommodation (included
transfer) depending on the length of the delay.

Please note that compensation is due anyway, even if the airline provides alternative transportation or refunds your ticket. The airline must also provide accommodation (see last sentence). As usual, you will likely have to raise your voice and probably post a written complaint to get something from an airline.

Cancellation of 1 flight in reservation of several cities. Am I entitled to a full refund?

If I am reading the Singapore Airlines contract of carriage, the airline will offer you a delayed itinerary, a change of route or a refund; and the change must be made "with the agreement of the passenger". If you end up receiving a refund, you are entitled to a refund for "the unused portion of the ticket"; and if you have not yet taken any of the flights in question, then the "unused portion" is the entirety.

Singapore Airlines' conditions of carriage may be superseded by the equivalent Air New Zealand document in this case. My impression is that the Singapore Airlines conditions still apply to aspects of the fare, refunds, etc. but I am not 100% sure of this.

That said, even in normal times, the airline would prefer not to give you a refund and will offer you other options that do not involve a refund of your money, such as a change of route or coupons. With the COVID crisis, this doubles; Airlines are trying to retain as much revenue as they can right now. Expect a "difficult sale" if you request a refund.

The relevant text of the conditions of carriage is below.

Art. 10 para. 2. Cancellation, schedule changes, etc.

(a) If the Carrier cancels, terminates, deviates or does not operate a flight reasonably according to the schedule, it cannot provide previously confirmed space, it does not stop at a Passenger's stopover or at the point of destination, or causes the Passenger misses a connecting flight for which he has a reservation, the Carrier may, subject to the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, choose one of the following options, with the Passenger's agreement, either:

(1) transport the Passenger as soon as possible in his scheduled service; or

(2) redirects the Passenger to the destination indicated on the Ticket or corresponding part thereof for its own scheduled services or the scheduled services of another carrier, or by surface transportation. If the sum of the fare, the excess baggage charge and any applicable service charge for the revised route is greater than the reimbursement value of the ticket or corresponding part of it, the carrier will not require a fare or additional passenger fee, and will refund the difference if the fare and charges for the revised route are lower; or

(3) make a refund in accordance with the provisions of Article 11, paragraph 3.

Art. 11 par. 3. Involuntary refunds.

If the Carrier rejects the transport in accordance with Article 3 Paragraph 3, Article 8 Paragraph 1 (subject to Article 8 Paragraph 2) or in accordance with Article 9 Paragraph 3, or in any of the events established in Article 10 Paragraph 2, then subject to Article 11 Paragraph 1, the amount of the refund will be calculated with respect to the unused portion of the Ticket. The Carrier Regulations provide information on how the refund payable will be calculated.

Cancellation in 1 flight in a multi-city reservation, am I entitled to a full refund?

I was wondering if anyone could help me;

I've booked a round trip to the city in a few months, all destinations booked directly with Singapore airlines. I logged into my account and clicked Manage Booking and received a message to suggest that my itinerary had changed, I did not receive any notification from the airline via email, text message. I sent an email to Singapore Airlines to let me know what this meant and received an email that one of my flights on my itinerary has been canceled. Below are the flights and the one that has been canceled.

  • United Kingdom-Singapore
  • Singapore – Melbourne
  • Melbourne – Queenstown (Canceled)
  • Queenstown – Brisbane
  • Brisbane – United Kingdom

Am I entitled to a full refund of all flights or only a partial refund?

Air travel: If an airline wrongly refuses to register a passenger due to incomplete paperwork (eg visa), is the passenger entitled to compensation?

I looked at the transportation contracts of four major airlines, from four different countries: United, British Airways, Japan Airlines and Lufthansa. Three of them allow the airline to deny boarding to any passenger to whom the airline reasonably believe you do not have valid travel documents, whether or not they are correct in this belief.

The fourth (Lufthansa) does not appear to have any of these clauses. The clause only appears to cover cases where the passenger does not have the appropriate documents, not where the airline believes that it does not have such documents.

Whether or not a belief is "reasonable" is one of those things for which lawyers are paid a lot of money to haggle in court. Suffice it to say that it will depend on the particular circumstances of each case, and on the jurisprudence of the jurisdiction where the action is initiated.

The bold in the quotes below is mine.


UA also reserves the right to deny boarding to any Passenger whose necessary travel documents are not in good condition in accordance with UA's reasonable belief, or that otherwise do not comply with the laws of the specific country from which the Passenger departs, transits or travels.

British Airways:

We may decide to refuse to transport you or your luggage if one or more of the following has occurred or we reasonably believe that it can happen.

7a15) If you do not have, or do not appear to have, valid travel documents.

7a16) If you try to enter a country for which your travel documents are not valid.

7a17) If the immigration authority of the country you are traveling to, or of a country in which you have a stopover, has told us (either orally or in writing) that it has decided not to allow you to enter that country, even if it has or appears have valid travel documents.

Japan Airlines:

  1. JAL can reject the Transport or withdraw any Passenger, in which case their Baggage will be handled in the same way, if JAL determines in its reasonable discretion that: …

(3) (a) the Passenger is subject to subparagraph (1) (b) of paragraph (B) of Article 16,

  1. (B) Passports and Visas


(a) A Passenger must submit to JAL all departure, entry or other necessary documents required by the Applicable Laws of the country in question, such as the countries to which they must fly, to or on, and must allow JAL , if JAL deems it necessary in its reasonable discretion. , to make and keep copies of them; provided that, even if a Passenger presents departure, entry or other necessary documents to JAL and JAL brings the Passenger, JAL shall not be deemed to guarantee that such documents comply with Applicable Laws.

(b) JAL reserves the right to reject the Carriage of any Passenger who does not comply with any of the Applicable Laws or whose departure, entry or other necessary documents are not complete in any way.


7.1 … (W) e may also refuse to carry or continue to carry or cancel your seat reservation if …

7.1.7. you do not have a valid travel document; you want to enter a country for which you are only entitled as a transit passenger or for which you do not have valid immigration documents; destroy your travel documents during the flight; or refuses to deliver your travel documents to a crew member against a receipt when requested; or

Am I entitled to a refund for a non-refundable reservation that has been canceled by the hotel?

I made a non-refundable hotel room reservation through The hotel has contacted me to inform me that they will not be open for business during my stay due to the Coronavirus. I know that I made the reservation with the title "non-refundable", but I understand that I am not entitled to a refund only if it is I who cancel the reservation. I suppose that given the fact that the cancellation is not being carried out for my purpose and instead my order is not being fulfilled, I am entitled to a refund under EU contract law.

If I paid for the photograph, am I entitled to raw images?

If I paid for my wedding photographs and the photographer has provided me with only low resolution files (approximately 200 kb for everyone) and says I cannot save them edited in high resolution, do I have the right to request the raw images? I don't have pictures of my wedding that I can frame. When I asked about the raw file since it cannot provide anything but low resolution, he said it does not give raw files, just like any other photographer. Legally, is this true? I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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