root access – AFWall+ block entire internet in Oasisfeng Island (work mode)

I have a OnePlus 6 running Android / OxygenOS 10 and have AFWall+ installed. It works fine as long as I don’t use the Island app inside the island (v.4.54) of OasisFeng.
I set finally a profile which allows ALL apps to access wi-fi and in / outgoing and forward traffic is allowed to tese whether there is any service / app needed for the ‘work’ user (the island).
Even then, in the ‘mainland’ everything works normally but on the island internet is fully blocked.

What is going wrong here ?

sql server – How to exclude the entire result of a Grouped row based on a value of any of the rows it contains

I have a table that looks something like this:

 ID | Class | Item
 1  | 1     | 1
 2  | 1     | 2
 3  | 2     | 1
 4  | 2     | 3
 5  | 3     | 2

and a query that looks something like this:

Select Class, MAX(Item) FROM myTable WHERE Item <> 3 GROUP BY Class

This results in:

  Class | Item
  1     | 2
  2     | 1
  3     | 2

However I want to exclude all results where a Class contains an Item with the value of 3, not just rows that are 3 so it should return:

  Class | Item
  1     | 2
  3     | 2

How to delete an entire Slack conversation between two people

I’m a member of two work Slack channels.

An old Slack channel from a few years is now being re-used. When last in use there were a lot of difficulties between myself and another colleague, and to my embarrasment the conversation history from two years ago is still there. A lot of vitriolic things were said on both sides, and I’d now like to wipe the slate clean with this conversation.

So… any advice on how I can remove, hide or archive a Slack conversation history between myself and this other colleague? I guess this is not possible!

google sheets – Getting the column header if the row value is the greatest of the entire row

I think that the best way to describe what I want is with a image

enter image description here

Check the image. Each row will have a description (Of a feature of the programming language, for example) each language will have a rate. The languages with the biggest rates will have their names shown in the “Winner” column.

I want the formula to use in the C column.
It have to respect 2 things:

  1. I can add more languages (More columns)
  2. I can add more descriptions (More rows)

The best I could formulate was this:

  • =FILTER(C1,C2=max(C2:2)) That will, in the first row, return only Ruby if Ruby has the max value. I couldn’t make it generic to repeat for every column.
  • =FILTER(C1:Z1,C2:Z2=max(C2:Z2)) Based on the above but it returns an error

mysql – Does Update lock the row or the entire table in SQL

Please It’s a basic question , when I update row in table in database does it locks the current row or the entire table?

Specifically , In my case I am using MySQl , when I update column which is not Unique .

Does this locking different from Database engine to another ? , I have read this article article link but I am still confused .

algorithms – Intuition behind the entire concept of Fibonacci Heap operations

The following excerpts are from the section Fibonacci Heap from the text Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen et. al

The potential function for the Fibonacci Heaps $H$ is defined as follows:


where $t(H)$ is the number of trees in the root list of the heap $H$ and $m(H)$ is the number of marked nodes in the heap.

Before diving into the Fibonacci Heap operations the authors try to convince us about the essence of Fibonacci Heaps as follows:

The key idea in the mergeable-heap operations on Fibonacci heaps is to delay work as long as possible. There is a performance trade-off among implementations of the various operations.($color{green}{text{I do not get why}}$) If the number of trees in a Fibonacci heap is small, then during an $text{Extract-Min}$ operation we can quickly determine which of the remaining nodes becomes the new minimum node( $color{blue}{text{why?}}$ ). However, as we saw with binomial heaps, we pay a price for ensuring that the number of trees is small: it can take up to $Omega (lg n)$ time to insert a node into a binomial heap or to unite two binomial heaps. As we shall see, we do not attempt to consolidate trees in a Fibonacci heap when we insert a new node or unite two heaps. We save the consolidation for the $text{Extract-Min}$ operation, which is when we really need to find the new minimum node.

Now the problem which I am facing with the text is that they dive into proving the amortized cost mathematically using the potential method without going into the vivid intuition of the how or when the “credits” are stored as potential in the heap data structure and when it is actually used up. Moreover in most of the places what is used is “asymptotic” analysis instead of actual mathematical calculations, so it is not quite possible to conjecture whether the constant in $O(1)$ for the amortized cost ( $widehat{c_i}$ ) is greater or less than the constant in $O(1)$ for the actual cost ($c_i$) for an operation.

$$begin{array}{|c|c|c|} hline
text{Sl no.}&text{Operation}&widehat{c_i}&c_i&text{Method of cal. of $widehat{c_i}$}&text{Cal. Steps}&text{Intuition}\ hline
1&text{Make-Fib-Heap}&O(1)&O(1)&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=0text{ ; $widehat{c_i}=c_i=O(1)$} &text{None}\
2&text{Fib-Heap-Insert}&O(1)&O(1)&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=1 text{ ; $widehat{c_i}=c_i=O(1)+1=O(1)$} &text{None}\
3&text{Fib-Heap-Min}&O(1)&O(1)&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=0;text{ ; $widehat{c_i}=c_i=O(1)$} &text{None}\
4&text{Fib-Heap-Union}&O(1)&O(1)&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=0;text{ ; $widehat{c_i}=c_i=O(1)$} &text{None}\
5&text{Fib-Extract-Min}&O(D(n))&O(D(n)+t(n))&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=D(n)-t(n)+1 &text{$dagger$}\
6&text{Fib-Heap-Decrease-Key}&O(1)&O(c)&text{Asymptotic}&DeltaPhi=4-c &text{$ddagger$}\

$dagger$ – The cost of performing each link is paid for by the reduction in potential due to the link’s reducing the number of roots by one.

$ddagger$ – Why the potential function was defined to include a term that is twice the number of marked nodes. When a marked node $у$ is cut by a cascading cut, its mark bit is cleared, so the potential is reduced by $2$. One unit of potential pays for the cut and the clearing of the mark bit, and the other unit compensates for the unit increase in potential due to node $у$ becoming a root.

Note: It is quite a difficult question in the sense that it involves the description the problem which I am facing to understand the intuition behind the concept of Fibonacci Heap operations which is in fact related to an entire chapter in the CLRS text. If it demands too much in a single then please do tell me then I shall split it accordingly into parts. I have made my utmost attempt to make the question the clear. If at places the meaning is not clear, then please do tell me then I shall rectify it. The entire corresponding portion of the text can be found here. (Even the authors say that it is a difficult data structure, having only theoretical importance.)

mysql – How to search entire database to find tables that contain 2 columns?

This database query doesn’t work:

select table_schema,
from information_schema.columns 
where column_name = 'user_id' and column_name2 = 'organisation_id' 
and table_schema = 'brand_production';

I would like to search for each table in the database to see if it contains “user_id” and “organisation_id”?

Adding shortcut for recording entire screen from screenshots app

Is there some way to add or create the shortcut to record the screen instantly?
The current way to do it is Cmd+Shift+5 > Click record entire screen > Click anywhere to start.
The expected way would be to do the above three with a single shortcut, maybe Cmd+Shift+6.

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