In your opinion, which zodiac signs have the best symbol that has the worst symbol 🦁 🦂 ⚖️ 🦀?

1] Capricorn are beautiful mythical creatures half goat half mermaid

2] Gemini or twins, these twin groups remind me of carnival masks or love couples

3] Virgo the maiden, these beautiful female signs represent the femininity of the intact flower

4] Leo, this strong animal reminds me of royalty and heraldry

5] Aquarius, these signs remind me of water, ocean, mermaids, aquatic creatures

6] Pisces, like its neighbor, Aquarius, Pisces reminds me of the mysteries of the creatures and mermaids of the ocean and water.


7] Aries: Aries is won and the seventh creature in the ranking of beautiful creatures of the zodiac.

8] Sagittarius: this sign is represented by and object- The arrow

9] Taurus: like his neighbor Aries, Taurus is won

10] Scorpio: Scorpio is an arachnid …

11] Libra: Libra is the only sign represented by an object, ulgy scales! This sign is ugly, the scales of inanimate objects also remind us of the trial, the court, the politicians, the politics, the money of the United Kingdom, the law and the judge. This sign is the real sh * t also has the worst season of the year! I know you are a pound because of your statements in your question, we can see that you are a jealous pound, but here's the truth. I'm not a bitch, I'm a cashier of unfortunate truths

12] Cancer: COURSE! These signs remind us of diseases and hospitals.


Isn't Joker's new movie a morbid shit?

I have worked in the field of mental health all my life.
People often wonder where mass shooters come from … well, here's the explanation.
Consider this fact in the movie: the Joker would not have been a murderer if some fool had not given him access to a weapon. No weapon, no murder.
And so, this movie is very relevant today when American citizens make decisions about their government and especially weapons.

Consider an alternative ending for the Joker …… he receives mental health care with an appropriate license or some fool gives him a gun. Well, which end would you prefer?

"Joker" reflects real life. And if you wanted to entertain yourself with an "action movie", I could see your disappointment.


Who do you think will be better Joker? Will it be played by Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger?

Joker has been played by different types over the years, of course. Each actor makes his interpretation of the character while following the script and the direction of the director.

César Romero made a silly Joker that combined with the ridiculous and cheesy Batman of 1966 television.

I really enjoyed Nicholson's performance. I thought it was great to play in the 1989 Batman with Keaton as Batman and Tim Burton as director. He didn't play dumbly, although it was often fun. It was more obvious that he was a criminal.

Ledger played Joker in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, the second installment of his Batman trilogy. I really enjoyed your performance too. Dark Night was a completely different framework and a different version of the Joker character. Ledger did a phenomenal job, but did a very dark Joker who juxtaposed Batman as the "Dark" Knight.

I haven't seen Joaquin Phoenix, but I know he's playing the really dark character, he's gone mentally. And that disease simply informs the depth and extent of its criminal violence.

César Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and now Joaquin Phoenix. With all that said, I do not think it is a fair evaluation to judge the delivery of these actors based on a comparison between them. Each did their own thing. Four different actors playing four characters conceived differently. Each one must be taken by his own take. I don't think Phoenix is ​​better than Ledger. I don't think Ledger is better than Phoenix. Both played Joker darkly, but I don't think either is "better." Each played differently, not better, not worse, just differently.

Hannah J Paul


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