Offering translation service from any language to English, french and any other for $5

Offering translation service from any language to English, french and any other

Translation will be done professionally and manually (Never trusted those translation apps anyway). I always proofread the translation before delivery to the client.

i will translate any text up to 400 words in less than 48 hours for $5.Translation will be done professionally and manually (Never trusted those translation apps anyway). I always proofread the translation before delivery to the client.

All documents and personal information absolutely confidential!

Hindi English French

  • Chinese (Simplified)Nepali


android 10 – No spell checker is showing (English)

I’m using this phone:

But I don’t see any spell checker in it.

In Settings > System > Languages & input > Spell checker,
It should show Google Spell Checker here I guess.

enter image description here

enter image description here

That’s why, it’s not showing red underline with the misspelled word.

enter image description here

The blue underline is from Gboard I think. But why there is no spell checker?

Is it a bug? Looking for help. Thanks in advance.

I will translate english to bengali, bengali to english for $5

I will translate english to bengali, bengali to english

                         Bengali to English translation/English to Bengali translation

I am a native Bengali by birth,I am experienced over 6 years in translation.I can translate any content fast ,manually and accurately from English to Bangla or Bangla to English.
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Google Passage Ranking Live in U.S., English Language

Google has said passage ranking is now live in the U.S. for English language queries, with other countries and languages to roll out later.

I will translate english to italian, spanish, french, albanian, 1000 words Translation for $10

I will translate english to italian, spanish, french, albanian, 1000 words Translation

  • Translate  any  document  up to 1000 words

  • from english to italian, french , spanish ,portuguese ,german or albanian

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Looking for article writers, or writers. English (ASEAN) and Mandarin (both scripts)

I’m currently also right now looking for article writers for my two websites

1) One is “Singapore”, so only for writers who are in Singapore (can be Singaporean, Malaysians, or other countries), or people living in Batam or JB but have good understanding of Singapore and able to hunt local news here and write local news.

Language: English, Chinese (simplified), Bahasa Melayu, Tamil

It can also be not just Singapore but also regional news. Can be entertainment news, business news etc, we’ll even create news out of stupid things or shine spotlight or interesting people/things etc.

2) Another is for Greater East Asia: Mainland China, HK, Macau, TW, Japan, North and South Korea, Mongolia, Bhutan, Siberia, ASEAN mostly, then some spotlight on other areas around the world including south america and africa, arab world, russia, eastern europe, but no news about already popular people like Elon Musk etc, I want my news website to shine spotlight on other places:

Topics will include: Businesses, companies (less so for US companies, more of different Asia companies, russia, arab world, south america, africa, antarctica), technology (but less of spacex, virgin galactic and blue origin), cryptocurrencies (eth, btc, doge is ok), politics (less of US, more of ASEAN. e.g. Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Japan, Bhutan, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Nauru, Palau etc)

Language: Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), English

PM me your rates, thanks.


Punctuation in Google Voice typing on Android 11 in other than english language

I’m trying to use Google’s voice typing but compared to iPhone it’s really rude.

I’m already on Android 11. But it is still not able to detect my punctuation words, so everytime I want a . or , I need to stop the voice typing, switch back the keyboard to normal, enter the punctuation sign, and switch back to voice typing.

This requires as much effort that I turned off completely the dictation function.

Is it somehow possible to enter the word-mappings into the voice typing? I don’t usually say “point” in a sentence for anything else but closing it.

Safari browser showing question marks instead of English

Only in Safari Browser, it loads my homepage (Google) but has question marks instead of English.
Instead of "Search Now" or "I’m Feeling Lucky" it just displays "(?)(?)(?)"enter image description here

How can we automatically translate sharePoint sites into multiple languages using sharepoint online 2020? ex : english to french?

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i18next in React Native – Different Languages Still Showing English

I’m trying to use i18next and react-i18next in my React Native app.

What I’m working on is in this branch:

The problem is that I’ll change the language, and I log and verify that the language HAS changed, but the string that is rendered is still English. You can see the problem in action if you run my app and go to settings > Language.

Oddly enough, it will work for Chinese, but only Chinese. French, German, Dutch, they all just show the English word.