New England Weather

Well, the madness of the weather has begun earlier this year. Yesterday morning, my outdoor thermometer was 25F / -4C when I woke up in the morning. At this time (just over a day later) my outdoor thermometer is reading 62F / 17C. Yesterday we went from wearing winter coats to opening the windows today to get fresh and warm air. Climate change at its best.

I don't know why anyone lives here … :)

EVERY Republican is registered with the following statement. Will they say the same if President Warren asks England and France for help?

I am sure that if President Warren or Biden or Obama or any other Democrat did EXACTLY what Trump did, they would be citing the same law that the Democrats are now citing against Trump and asking for a political trial.

But that is not the point. The point is that they put loyalty to the man above the respect for the written law that the Congress itself approved and that the previous Presidents have signed. They have forever undermined their own credibility, yes, but it's about ensuring that a man has all the power he wants.

Trump himself expressed it best: he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his followers would still support him. That is not only true for its voters. It is true for members of Congress within their own party. They stopped being legislators and began supporting a possible dictator.

And, by the way, for those of you who suggest that Trump did not violate the law, I refer you to section 30121 (b) of Title 52 of the United States code, which makes it a crime to request assistance from any foreign person in connection with a political campaign

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Why can't the United States be like any other important country like Canada, France and England that provide free medical care?

Do you mean those countries with rigid immigration and citizenship standards that are really enforced?

Do you mean those with mandatory national languages ​​and school curricula built on a mastery base in it?

Do you mean those in which the State chooses who can go to university and what do they study according to the tests performed between the ages of 13 and 17?

Does it refer to those who restrict the rights of foreigners to own property, open businesses or collect any of those "precious benefits"?

Do you mean those whose state institutions are specifically designed to keep their populations homogenous and like-minded?

Wow … do you think it could be that our liberal and inclusive society is part of what is known as "American exceptionalism"?

oh wait … schools have not been allowed to teach those things for decades … right?


United Kingdom – BritRail England Passes compared to the return ticket to travel to England

Yes, the pass is much cheaper than buying all the tickets you may need individually, and in many cases, a pass that allows unlimited travel on any of the 3 days at 30 is cheaper than a single ticket you intend to buy . Especially if you use the free pass for children. (You can also get a pass for a British escort if you visit someone and then travel with them).

Also, with the pass you do not need to book a specific time and worry about losing your train. And the premium for the 1st class is less than the premium on individual tickets.

The only drawbacks (I have used these passes, mostly London Plus, for 5 years or more once or twice a year) are that you can not go through the automatic ticket barriers, but you have to find one where you can see the Pass ( or, in my experience, the cover / envelope in which it comes) to an assistant, and can not reserve a specific seat. I receive first class passes and have never had problems finding a seat not reserved for sitting. You also have to ask for it while you are still at home and have it sent to your non-British address, so you should plan ahead. . And you'll have to line up at the first train station you arrive at to validate it. These are very minor inconveniences.

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United Kingdom – Can I travel from Germany to England only as an unaccompanied minor?

If you do not know what a visa is, then you have not begun to understand the complexity of what you seem to be trying.

You can visit the United Kingdom with a US passport without a visa, but you can not live there. If you show up at the UK border, you can expect to be asked about your plans. If you do not have a reliable plan for your stay, including how you will return to Germany, you will be denied entry and will be returned to Germany, or possibly, depending on your status, sent to the US. UU

It is probably irrelevant, since it is likely that without the consent of the parents, they will be stopped before they can board a plane.

regular languages ​​- Does a degree obtained in France get me a job in England?

I, a 17-year-old boy, plan to follow my dream of being a computer engineer, currently I can only go to university in France, but I really want to live in England. So, a degree that I got in France, where everything is taught in French, will still get me a job in England? Does the language with which you were taught make a difference? Please excuse my poor grammar, I'm working to improve.

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