ssms – SSDT debugger error in visual studio by database engine SQL-SERVER 2019

In new futures of Microsoft company remove debugger in SSMS database engine 15.0 and they are called improvement. (-_-)

I tried use debugger in visual studio 2019 by this answer :

How to add the Debug button to SSMS v18?

But i’ve below error when run debugging :

enter image description here

google compute engine – I need to change OS of my VM Instance, but I am using free tier and just wondering if I am allowed to remove and recreate VM with my desire OS?

You are billed (including allocation of free tier) based on the running time of the VM instances.

If you fully remove your old VM and deploy a new one within the limits of the free tier (for example making sure you use the correct type), you won’t be charged.

If however you kept your original VM while you deployed and configured the replacement and only then deleted the original, you may be charged as for a period of time you had two VMs running – although if you also had some free credit then it is possible the second VM could consume the credit and the first one would be consuming the free tier allocation.

Think of the free tier as a bucket, if you pour water in the bucket (deploy a VM), you won’t see a charge. If you the pour more water in and it overflows, you will be charged for the spillage. If however you pour water in, but then empty the bucked before you pour more water in, it won’t overflow and you won’t be charged.

Note this is on contrast to free credit, which is more like eating a chocolate bar, once you eat it, it’s gone.

Search Engine Optimization SEO -Off-page SEO for $100

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seo – Generating URLs according to the search engine query

What is the name of following technique:

When you search a multi word keyword, for example “download physics book edition 218324”, the search engine finds a page from a website with exactly same parameters like:

Now because this is a very very specific query with a very specific number, it is sure that the page does not actually exist on that website, but it is generated dynamically according to that query. When you click on the above URL, it can lead to the search page of that website where that query has been copied.

What is name of this technique/method? and how is this done?

What is knowledge graph in search engine?

What is knowledge graph in search engine?… | Read the rest of

game recommendation – Feasible engine for a world like Earthsea?

I am building a world emphasising on balance and chaos (where pretty much two sides of one coin), kind of like Earthsea.

As a consequence, the magic in D&D doesn’t work quite well with it. (powerful magic exists in my world, but unwise usage of powerful magic usually comes with deadly consequence.)

Also I want the bad consequence lasts longer, kind of like sanity in COC.

What is a feasible system for my world? Or any feasible way to modify any system to make it work? Or do I have to create one myself (I hope not)?

How can I change the default New Project directory in Godot Engine?

When I go to create a new project in Godot Engine (version 3.2) my Project Path is always the original default directory, no matter what path I last used. There doesn’t appear to be any configuration inside the Project List window. How can I change the default project path for new projects?

the create new project dialog, with the project path highlighted

External access to Tableau Server on a Compute Engine VM instance

I have a tableau server installed on a VM machine on a compute engine instance. I have tried enabling the firewall however I am not able to access the Tableau server which is availa

Search Engine Ranker is trying to write on the link lists. How to stop?

I might have changed some settings and ended up at Search Engine Ranker trying to write on the link lists that I provide. Where can I find the settings to stop rewriting on the folders that I import links.

search engine indexing – Unpublishing content from google index

You’ve got 2 options:

First you could log into Google Search Console > Settings > Change of Address and let Google know you’re moving the domain. The important part will be ensuring your new domain has the right 301 redirects so the pages aren’t 404.

Second, log into Google Search Console > Removals > New Request, then place the URL of the page you want de-indexed.

Personally I would recommend that you do a lookup on your current domain, does it have good authority or page rank, use tools like or to get a good idea. If the answer is yes, use your old domain to create controlled backlinks to your new site in order to pass that authority on to the new domain. The purpose; your new domain will rank higher, faster. If the content is exactly the same and you have the time, rewrite a few summaries on the pages that have the highest volume of visits and only pass those on. Otherwise if there is no solid rank to utilize, go with one of the 2 options above.