storage – Does writing more data to disk consume more energy than writing less?

As the title says, I am wondering if writing more data (i.e. larger files) to disk (e.g. Tablet SSDs) will consume more energy than smaller files.

My expected answer is “yes, because larger files take longer to write, hence need more energy”. However, I am not sure if that is true.

If someone could shed some light (better with a link with more info from a reputable source), I’d really appreciate it.

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lore – Is the negative energy plane underneath Golarion?

I had always been under the impression that Golarion and the negative energy plane were on entirely different metaphysical planes. This would mean that you couldn’t simply move from one to the other using mundane means.

The Tar-Baphon entry on Lost Omens: Legends says (pg.104):

Tar-Baphon dug a portal to the Negative Energy Plane on the Isle of Terror …

To me, this sounds like he physically dug a hole to the negative energy plane. At face value, this would only be possible if the negative energy plane were somehow underneath the earth of Golarion.

I have access to many of the PF2 books, but am weak in lore published in PF1 resources. Is it true that the negative energy plane is literally below Golarion?

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pathfinder 1e – Creating a SoP Energy Wall in a straight line

The wall needs to be a straight line.

Another SoP talent, Wall of Darkness, specifies that it may be “..up to [3 plus CL] 10-ft cubes… arranged contiguously, but otherwise may assume any shape.” Energy Wall has no such language, so one would think it is a more traditional wall.

You most likely deal your damage only once.

Once again, I’m forced to point to a lack of rules. Energy Wall has a specific association with Air Blast “If using Energy Wall, each square of wall is considered the center of effect for those who enter that section.”

Because other effects have no such language, it would seem that’s an exception and not the norm. Additionally,

Creatures passing through your wall…

seems like it would only happens once per movement. This is supported by a balance concern of dealing full spell damage multiple times in a reactive stance. If the damage was reduced by turning it into a wall, that would be different.

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Energy saving in Windows doesn’t work

I have problems with the energy saving in Windows 10.

powercfg.exe /request doesn’t show a problem.

powercfg.exe /devicequery doesn’t list a device (I removed all).

I removed the energy saving plan and re-created it with defaults.

Where can I found a forum, to get assistance?

Samsung RT28K3022SE/IG Refrigerator Review & Energy Usage Tests

Ever wondered how much electricity your Inverter Fridge actually uses? Find out here!