forms – What’s a better way to enable a feature – checkbox or dropdown?


As others have stated, it can depend on a variety of factors, such as what this control is used for. However, my immediate response is very emphatically that option A is clearly superior. Option B is just too clunky.


With option A, I can set the location of all my widgets until I like the interface. Then, I can simply enable and disable any particular widget I want to see at that moment and it’s right where I left it.

With option B, if I want to re-enable a widget, not only do I have to click a button to enable it, I have to read a list of locations, remember where I wanted it, and click that location. It’s not the end of the world, but is far less streamlined.

With regards to placing the widget to begin with: With A, I have to click once to enable, then click twice more to pick a location. With B, I only have to click twice to pick a location. So the initial selection is ever-so-slightly simpler with option B, but I just can’t see that being worth all time wasted in the future.

Other Factors

As soon as your widget placement gets more complex than 4 preset locations, option A becomes almost mandatory. The only way I could see option B still working with, e.g., 16 locations is if you had tickboxes arranged so they represent the physical spot in the screen with a final option for “disabled”. But even there, option A would be better for the reasons above.

Animation of widget options being selected in each style.

Option B might become more appealing if you can only have one widget per corner, and there are a lot of widgets to pick from. Because now you might change the location every time you change widgets. However, in this case it would almost certainly be better to simply have a dropdown for each corner, instead of a selection for each widget.

plugins – Enable comments on custom page

We use Careerfy theme which is a system for a job board.

I would like to enable comments on each user page, I mean each user has a profile page, these pages are not showing on WordPress admin (Not listed on pages) so I can’t enable it from the admin dashboard.
this page is located here on this path

What is the best way to enable comments?

forms – What’s a better way to enable the feature – checkbox or dropdown?

Imagine a form where you can enable a feature. After enabling, you have some additional options related to the feature.

(A) Would you design a checkbox for enabling/disabling the feature + a dropdown list to select additional options


(B) Would you design a single dropdown with options: Disabled, Enabled with option 1, Enabled with option 2….


enter image description here


enter image description here

ssl – How to enable SNI support on client

ssl – How to enable SNI support on client – Server Fault

How to enable keyboard on ubuntu18.04?

I have ubuntu 18.04 and often the Keyboard is suddenly unactivated and it shows this image on my screen. Thank you

samsung – Is it possible to enable the tab key as an indentation instead of “cycle” on android?

I planned to use my phone+external keyboard combo as my primary means of taking notes (replacing my laptop since it is more portable).

Everything works great except for tab key for indentation. Android input it as cycling through options, similar to alt key on desktop.

I heavily use tab indentation in my note-taking since the note-taking-style is a heavily nested markdown file, so the tab key is a very important and frequently used key. For example:

# title
- subtitle 1
  - point 1
    - subpoint 1
    - subpoint 2
  - point 2
    - subpoint 1
      - subsubpoint 1
  - ...
- metadata:
 - date: 2021-3-3, tuesday
 - location: Kyoto, uni cafe
- ... etc. (you got the idea)

Is it possible to make tab key to insert indent / disable shortcut?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

amazon web services – How to enable HTTPS for my marketplace

I’m building a marketplace platform that enables many merchants to sell to their customers. At the moment I serve stores on my own domain like so or (I’m able to use the subdomain to distinguish which store is to be served). However, I’d like to enable my merchants to use their own domains on my platform whilst being able to secure the site over HTTPS, how can I achieve this automatically? In the past, I’ve tried CNAME to CNAME but this doesn’t allow HTTPS.

drivers – How to enable discrete GPU in Lubuntu 21.04?

I have DELL Inspiron 5520 laptop with Lubuntu 21.04 installed and working properly. This laptop has a normal GPU (Intel) and a discrete GPU (Radeon 7600m). When i do the upgrade i notice that Lubuntu recognized the discrete GPU and installed its drivers correctly. But the question is, how can i enable that discrete GPU (Radeon) for using specific apps and games in Lubuntu 21.04?

I can’t enable my Gboard in the virtual keyboards settings

Try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart phone
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Uninstall Updates (for gboard app, if any – the three dots menu and uninstall updates)
  4. Force stop
  5. Uninstall App
  6. Reinstall app

Next try this:

  1. Go to keyboard settings
  2. Disable all other keyboards (except stock)
  3. Try to select gboard
  4. If still doesn’t work, with all the other keyboards unselected, now try the original 6 steps and try again

If it still doesn’t work:

  • Restart your phone in safe mode, try again

Finally, as a last resort, try this:

  • Factory restart phone (after backing everything up)

Enable Dark Screen on Samsung

I’d like to try out the dark screen mode on my Galaxy J7 max but the option has been greyed out and I was wondering why. Any clues? This option is found under Accessibility>Vision
enter image description here

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