visas – Can I do self employment work on B1/B2?

When you are self-employed, you are both the employer and the employee. Since it is illegal for an employer to employ someone for work in the US who doesn’t have work authorization, I think it follows that it is illegal for you (as the employer) to employ yourself (as an employee) for work in the US if you don’t have work authorization.


My husband has drop box appointment for H1b. I have a question regarding the DS160 PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT section. We realized that the Employer address(at the bottom of the page) in his I797 does not match with my actual work location. It was a different branch office’s address. So, in the DS160, should we enter his actual work location or the address specified in I797?

macroeconomics – How will Bitcoin affect global GDP, employment levels, interest rates and financial stability?

I’m currently in the process of writing an open essay called Money in the Twenty-First Century and am now researching how Bitcoin’s fixed supply of coins could affect GDP, employment levels, interest rates and financial stability globally.

Does anyone here have any views on the matter or know of any studies which maybe able to help me answer my question?

Investment is better than employment

Hello i am henry from kenya i love investment more than employment.

Online employment | Forum promotion

As we all know, this is a time of great struggle for almost everyone around the world. Can anyone have good job information online? It will be highly appreciated as I have already been through some really fake

[ Other – Careers & Employment ] Open-ended question: Should I quit my job at the hospital?

I deliver food to the patients. I can visit a minimum of 100 patients a day. Most of the patients I visit are under contact precautions, which require disposable masks, gloves, and gowns. Yesterday the nurses began to lock up the masks. Every time I or one of my coworkers asked for a mask, they caught an attitude, but they realized that by not giving a mask they were against politics.

So far no one in my hospital has the virus and only 3 people in my county have it, but 23 statewide

Why has personal debt continued to increase with Trump's full employment?

Salary. In early 2015, I inherited $ 20k from my late mother. I also had about $ 10k in savings. Right now I have $ 4,500. In fact, I injected around $ 4,500 into my business, house painter, in 2015. That increased my income by approximately $ 9,000. I did a $ 2,000 marketing campaign and spent $ 2,500 on equipment. 2016 saw no increase. 2017 was reduced to 2014 sales, which was bad news, but it could be much worse. 2018 sales fell another $ 8,000 and profits fell. 2019 is so bad that I don't want to talk about it. 2020 has had such a bad start, I think I will lose my house later this year.

I can't buy a vehicle to replace old worn out businesses and personals. I haven't been on vacation since 2014. I have probably spent less than $ 100 on clothes since 2017. Probably less than $ 50 on eating out since 2017. I can no longer tighten my belt. My insurance is very high. My local taxes are very high. My income is very low. I have withdrawn $ 20k in savings in three years in mortgages, taxes, utilities, insurance, keeping my 2005 work truck, my personal car from 2007 and 2009 from my wife on the road. I earn less and life costs more. It started before Trump, it has accelerated under Trump.

Canada: Can the employment reference letter include the purpose of my visit for a Canadian visit visa?

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[ Other – Careers & Employment ] Open question: Did my work annoy me?

So I was working full time with benefits. However, I needed the day shift and, although I thought they were going to offer it to me, they couldn't do it at that time. Then I got a new job. The new job offered me a full-time position with benefits with the hours I needed. So I put my 2 weeks and when the time came I started the new place. They told me it would take me a week or two to include myself in the full-time schedule, which I understood. Then, after about a week and a half, they pulled me away and told me they simply didn't have the hours to give me my availability, so I would have to change my availability if I wanted full time. I was so upset because I have children and I would not have left my other position if I had known this would happen. I explained that to my boss and she shrugged and said I couldn't do anything. I went to HR and they told me they would call me again, but essentially until then I would be out for a full week before I could get another shift unless I was willing to take the other opening (which with my children was not possible with what they were trying to offer me). So I went home and requested a couple of places just in case. 3 days later I received a call from another place and they offered me a job with the hours I need with higher salaries and benefits. On the fourth day, my current job called and left a message saying they had good news. That at this moment I am not sure what to do. A part of me wants to stay, but they've screwed me once … and they say they won't do it again. Any advice?

schengen visas – Can I submit a job offer letter as proof of employment?

I am planning to apply for the Schengen visa for Italy from the United Kingdom. I have quit my current job. I will change jobs and receive a job offer letter. So, should the following documents be sufficient as proof of employment?
1. 3 month salary receipt from previous work
2. Job offer letter for a new job.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!