Field of emphasis / value generated automatically

How can I emphasize the fact that the value in a field is generated automatically and can not be edited?

Design 1:

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Design 2:


Design 3:

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Custom software development solutions from Low Code v / s

Comparisons are always beneficial: a reading is in technologies, industries, mobile devices, entertainment media or anything under the sun. Each one has its own characteristic that shines and some that happen to be common. In the rapid pace of digital transformation, the most important thing for all is time. The organization required faster and more effective results. Custom Software Development Company has already set a spot all over the world, demonstrating its finesse in almost every segment of the industry.
Custom software solutions are known to offer the best customer experience, they do not require any introduction. You do not need to demonstrate your control around the world. But, the development of low-code software is a relatively new term.

Custom software solutions and low code software solutions: when to use what?

You can select custom software solutions when:

• There is a massive conversion of business workflows in the software application and there are several entities involved: several segments, geographies, departments, functionalities
• A large amount of personalization is needed when designing enterprise workflows and it is difficult to adapt to the solutions that are created before understanding what is needed
• The number of employees is enormous and there is a large infrastructure to attend to.
• The emphasis is more on the security, reliability and flexibility of the business information involved
• There is a greater need for third-party integration and legacy migration: many external applications that must be integrated for a complete flow of functionality
• Management focus is on aligning business objectives with the software solution

You can opt for low-code software solutions when:

• There are limited IT resources and it is difficult to find dedicated resources that can contribute
• Companies are looking for minor changes in business processes that do not involve much data transfer, integration or business complexity
• There is a limited infrastructure and a smaller number of employees to attend to
• The budget is very limited and it is a difficult task to customize each requirement according to the exact needs