How to embed the data of an Android application along with the application in a new apk file?

I found this Windows program to embed the data of an Android application in a new apk along with the application.

But it seems that it uses old smali files, baksmali, apktool.
I tried new files but it didn't make a difference.

To change the language to English, simply change the first menu option and select the language as English.

If someone can try the program and see if it can make it work, let me know.

I tried it with a couple of applications like Kodi, but after installing the modified apk, it seems like a normal installation and does not restore any user data or settings. Some other applications cannot be repackaged probably due to the old jar, apktool files that it still uses.

To use it
1] Make a backup of your application with Titanium Backup
2] Load the apk with the first program button
3] Load the data backup of the tar.gz application made with Titanium Backup with the second program button
4] The third button creates the modified application that includes the application data.

It would be great to use it to install an application with your data on unrooted Android devices.

How to embed YouTube videos as an audio player

I tried this tutorial to embed YouTube videos as an audio player. But your demo does not work on that site. I tried it on Android and Ubuntu Chrome. Any solution available?

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Embed – Block Editor: Sandbox iframe shows outdated HTML

Even if users disable the popular Lazy Load for Videos plug-in and the frontend correctly resets the videos so that the videos are no longer loaded deferred, the Gutenberg block is not reset. The following screenshot shows how the iframe still includes the HTML of the disabled plugin:

enter the description of the image here

I cleaned the cache and cookies of my browser, made sure that the deleted metadata caches were emptied, and tried to clear more caches using commands How can I clear oEmbed caches for YouTube in posts as they load?

How can I make sure that the previous HTML disappears in favor of the default YouTube insertion behavior?

How to embed a Google spreadsheet with only cells and a list of sheets, but show the navigation bar?

I am using

I need to hide the toolbar but it shows the navigation bar.

navigation bar

How can I embed the option & # 39; add to the Google calendar & # 39; in gmail?

I would like to send an email in Gmail with the option to add the event to the Google calendar with a single click (on a link or something in the email). How can I do that?

Embed only the Google form analysis page

I made a Google test form and I have successfully embedded it … How do I embed only the statistics / analysis page? The page that allows people to see a pie chart of the results of the collective survey …


Thank you

aws: allows users to upload CSV files and embed data for a simple API

Looking for the right architecture –

I have an application without a server, hosted on AWS.
It uses Lambdas and several DynamoDB tables for most BE logic (managed with aws-amplify).

I want to add a function in which users can load CSV, see them as a table in the application and create a simple public API to get a row, based on the ID (no more complex queries are necessary)

Each user will add approximately 0-10 CSV, each CSV will contain 3-20 columns (I can't tell the structure of the data in advance) and about 1k-100k rows.

How should I build the part of the database? (open to any ATM address: I can use any necessary AWS service, and I am not limited to Lambdas / DynamoDB)

Thank you

Embed Iframe into a Facebook post to allow users in emergency situations to inform us

My company has the need to collect emergency data from our Facebook page fans.
We are doing an experiment to allow some users who are very far from the emergency services to report their cases on our Facebook page (very long story).

Therefore, we want to place an iframe with a form that has been optimized for a long time.

I saw an application that is doing that:

But I have no idea how they did it.

Thank you