I will design responsive creative email template for $1

I will design responsive creative email template

About This Gigi am a professional email designer working about 5 years and am very experienced in creating html emails from scratch. Everything is hand-coded by me. The design is tested across all clients and browsers to ensure all your recipients will be able to read the message you want them to.

You will receive:

1 day EXTRA FAST delivery Bespoke email design

Email design as tabular coded HTML file

✓ Email campaign setup on your emailing marketing tool (eg. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor etc. *gig extra required)

5 Revisions for free

Compatible with all email marketing broadcasting providers like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor etc.

What i need to start:

Provide me if you have or i will put DUMMY content


Content / text , Images or i can put dummy

PSD, PDF or image for to convert to email


How to increase conversions in Email marketing.

We are using a cold email marketing strategy (Mailchimp email software) to generate some valuable leads for our business and these also have good click rates but still, we are not getting any conversions.
any idea how to increase conversions in Email marketing.
thanks & regards

ios – How to prevent Messages interpreting the @ symbol as a contact’s name (inside an email address)

With Messages in macOS Big Sur (and iOS 14), you can now ‘mention’ a person’s name using the @ sign. This feature is described in Messages User Guide > Send messages > Use mentions in conversations, and on the Big Sur features page.

That’s all fine and dandy when you’re trying to mention someone’s name. When you’re just trying to enter an email address, it can be a downright nuisance. For example, if you’re trying to enter bill@bobs-car-wash.com, and Bob happens to be the name of someone in the chat group, it’ll automatically convert @bob into a shimmery blue capitalised ‘Bob’, and the comment will be directed to Bob.

I cannot find any other mention of this annoying behaviour anywhere. I guess it’s reasonably unlikely for most people to stumble across (where the name of a contact is at the beginning of the domain name) and perhaps Apple didn’t even consider this possibility.

Does anyone know of a way to work around this issue? (If not, I’ll send feedback to Apple.)

email – DMARC rua indicates mail send from competitorDomain.com for ourDomain.com, is this (potentially) mallicous?

We’ve received several rua reports indicating that one of our direct competitors is sending emails with our domain in the mail from headers.

I do not have access to the actual emails sources, and I have no idea what would cause this. The one cause I can think of is that somebody at the competitors company is sending out emails on our behalf (a conclusion I hope we can discredit).

Relevant rua report section:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <source_ip></source_ip><!-- mail-sor-f69.google.com -->
      <header_from>(our domain).com</header_from>
        <domain>(competitor domain)-com.20150923.gappssmtp.com</domain>
        <domain>(competitor domain).com</domain>

So, my question is:
What can cause this to happen? Is there normal behaviour that could cause these reports? Is this the result of legitimate email traffic? or is this an indication of malicious behaviour somewhere?

Side note
I’m unsure what the section means.


Reading up on DMARC arc leads me to suspect it may be caused by email forwarding but `arc` should make sure the DKIM headers would still be available for authentication? In which case forwarded should not `fail` the DMARC policy?

The importance of email marketing and how optimizing EM can take you to the next level.

When we talk about marketing, never underestimate the power of email marketing and what great things can come from it. Anyone who says email marketing is dead either isn’t doing it correctly (most common) or they got there information from a source who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Our team specializes in email optimization and we’re helping clients reach smart goals with zero ad spend. Below is a list of 9 reasons why email marketing is important.

-Seyed Robert
Imperium Co-Founder

9 Reasons why Email Marketing is Important

1. Stay in contact with your audience
2. Reach customers in real-time.
3. People engage with emails.
4. Email Marketing is easy to measure.
5. It’s affordable.
6. Allows for target messaging.
7. Increase brand awareness.
8. It’s timely
9. Everyone (almost) uses email

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wordpress.org – how to customize wordpress email templates without plugin

How can I customize all emails sent by WordPress by default in HTML format without using the plugin?
Emails such as password reset, new registration, registration or confirmation of comments, etc.
Or emails sent by installed plugins
I want all emails sent from my site to be sent in a HTML template I designed myself
I have no code or idea about this

I will collect up to 10k niche targeted BULK EMAIL, EMAIL BLAST AND EMAIL CAMPAIGN for $1

I will collect up to 10k niche targeted BULK EMAIL, EMAIL BLAST AND EMAIL CAMPAIGN



I’m an expert to collect Bulk Email /// do Email Blast and Email campaign.

I will send bulk emails according to your need. I can provide you with a verified email list according to your requirements.

***My service :

1: NICHE based bulk email collection

2: LOCATION based bulk email collection

3: COUNTRY based bulk email list building

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MD. Limon Islam


8 – Name completion using @xyz and email notification in comment form

Many web based applications now allow using @xyz to trigger an email notification to existing user. This is nice UX pattern to trigger notification which does not require explicit subscription to an item, provided such notification are enabled by user at site level.

Parsing the @NAME from comment and trigger email is relatively straightforward. However I am wondering how to go about implementing autocompletion when user types @xyz in CKEditor for comments.

We have implemented autocompletion on dedicated text field that are for inputing usernames, but it’s unclear how to implement this when a user adds free text via CKEditor on comment form. The user can include @name anywhere and multiple times.

Is there any reference module that does this or other ideas?

php – Laravel Qr Code Not Working While Sending Email

I am using Laravel version “5.8”

I have installed composer require simplesoftwareio/simple-qrcode – to generate qr code

to generate a Qr code on view i am using this code

 {!! QrCode::size(80)->generate('test data' ); !!}

but when i send the view over a mail , i dont get the Qr code over mail

this is my controller code

        $email = $userInfo('email');
        $name = $userInfo('fname');
        $subject = 'Test mail';
        $ccmail = 'test@gmail.com';
        $body = 's';
        Mail::to($email)->send(new Invitationmail($name,$subject,$ccmail,$body,$invitation_id));

View code

    <td>{!! QrCode::size(80)->generate('asas' ); !!}</td>
    {!! QrCode::size(200)->generate('W3Adda Laravel Tutorial'); !!}

Can some one help me with these ?
Thank you

I will Provide 5000 Niche Targeted Active and Verified Email list for Email Marketing for $5

I will Provide 5000 Niche Targeted Active and Verified Email list for Email Marketing

About This Gig:

Collect Niche Targeted Email list and Active email list

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