Block the email of the presentation of web forms

I have a list of email addresses that I would like to not be able to send in web forms. It seems that I can not find an environment for this? Is this currently possible or do I need to make a custom module to implement it?

Magento2 shows the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the email of the recipient in the grid of the gift card of the administrator

I need to show the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the email of the recipient in the grid of the gift card of the administrator. This is the default module of the company.

The sender's name, the recipient's name, and the recipient's e-mail values ​​come from product_options.

After adding the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the search filter of the email columns of the recipient, should work in admin

ms office – Outlook for Mac 2011: how to delete e-mail with errors in the outbox that blocks Outlook

I have an email in my Outbox that continuously blocks Outlook for Mac 2011 with an error message "rebuild the database". The reconstruction of the database took days and was never completed. If I start Outlook in safe mode (holding down the Shift key when loading), I can access Outlook, but at the moment I press Send / Receive or switch to the Outbox folder (where the guilty email is located) , I immediately receive the "reconstruction" error message "database" and can Rebuild or Cancel, the latter leaves Outlook.

Is there any way to empty the Outbox folder through the file system without clicking on the folder in Outlook? Any other solution?

Thank you.

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How to configure the email in webmin?

I spent hours in google, a lot of tutorial about virtualmin
some old youtube configuration tutorials that do not work

any ideas?

I just want … | Read the rest of

events – Save email in the backend user field

Hello useful internet people,

I have a template form in one of my add-ons for users to send events. In that form, I would like to include a mandatory email field for your PayPal-enabled email address. Then, that email would be saved in a backend user field created with the field ID: dbem_paypal_account. As someone with practically 0 coding knowledge, I have a lot of problems for this to work with add-on support, although it's hard to believe it's such a difficult task.

I am able to edit that template and the functions of my son hijo.php and I have discovered (I believe) how to validate that email field or, otherwise, an error appears. All I really need is for that email to be saved in the back-end field, which the user can not access.

I have a vomit code, which I'll include, but it's not pretty, so I suggest avoiding it altogether. I've been doing circles on this for the past few weeks, so any help is appreciated. Thank you!

function em_event_form_custom2 () {
<input type = "email" id = "dbem_em_paypal_account" name = "dbem_em_paypal_account" /> <! -->
dbem_em_paypal_account, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'], dbem_em_paypal_account); } yes (isset ($ _REQUEST['event_rsvp'] )) { yes (! isset ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) || $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] == 0) { $ EM_Event-> add_error (sprintf (__ ("Please accept the terms and conditions.", & # 39; Event Manager & # 39;))); $ result2 = false; } } returns $ result2; } add_filter (& # 39; em_event_save & # 39 ;, & # 39; custom_event_save & # 39 ;, 1,2); function custom_event_save ($ result, $ EM_Event) { // assuming that the user who is currently logged in is sending an event yes (! empty ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) && is_user_logged_in ()) { $ current_user = wp_get_current_user (); // get registered user details update_user_meta ($ current_user-> ID, & # 39; dbem_em_paypal_account & # 39 ;, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ); } returns $ result; }

note: Ignore the typo with the field ID in the code (dbem_em _…). I have fix it.

email – How to restore the "File" folder from the "Trash" folder of Yahoo Mail?

I'm using yahoo mail in Thunderbird 60.7.2 windows (imap), by mistake I sent the folder "Archive" to the trash using the "delete" option, and now I can not restore it to its original location.
If I click on the properties of the folder, I get this location
imap: //

So, how can I go back to the normal location?
imap: //

Provision a group of Office365 and deactivate the shared email address

I wonder about a couple of things with the Office365 groups:

  1. Is it possible to provision a group and disable certain services, for example? The shared inbox and calendar? (The reason is not to conflict with existing distribution lists)

Thank you

7 – Why all emails are redirected to an email address?

All emails are sent to Email_1 (just for example).

Even when I try to use a different email (for example, Email_2) and execute "Send test email" in mysite / admin / config / system / smtp, Email_1 receives the email. Is there something wrong with my configuration? And Email_2 did not receive any expected email.

Now uncheck the box at However, Email_1 still receives the email.

The calendar invitation sends an email to one address and invites another

When I send my partner an iPad calendar invitation to an email address, she receives a Calendar invitation, but if I send the invitation to another address (one from Gmail) she receives an email message. How can I set the calendar so that both are invitations to the calendar?