html: standard or common way to protect a destination email address from a contact form

I have a website with a minimum HTML-CSS-JavaScript contact form, but I want to hide the destination email address of that form from the HTML source code so that the users of the form cannot find it in the HTML source codes of their browsers Web .
I considered putting the destination email address in a configuration file and referring this configuration file in some way, but the reference itself could appear in the source code and expose the file that contains the email so that people can Examine that file and find the email.

What is the standard or common way to secure a destination email address of a contact form?

7 – Change the html and order of the system fields (pass / email / locale / etc) of the user edit form

I have changed a series of user-accessible forms to fit a specific style. To do this, I used a #after_build function that adds prefixes and suffixes to the fields, as well as some javascript. This was simple enough (and I hope it's the right way to do it, although I'm not sure).

However, when the user edit form appears, it does not behave like other forms. Default system fields, such as password, regional settings, email, etc., cannot be reordered and it seems that I cannot add prefixes or suffixes to insert my HTML.

I have read some things about using a template for forms through the hook_theme () function, however, I couldn't make Drupal use my template file for the user profile editing form, although it works well for other forms . This was a last resort, however, and I prefer other means if possible.

How do I correctly modify the design and html of the user profile editing form? Thanks for your time.

usability: should email verification links expire?

If, by clicking on the verification link, the user automatically signs in, then yes, the verification link should expire.

Why? Because if the user's inbox is compromised, a hacker can search the verification email and then click on the verification link to access the user's profile on the website.

The question is, then, when should the link expire? Maybe not immediately after clicking on it, but, for example, 24 hours after clicking on the link.

False positives in the email scraper plugin?

Now I am playing with the email scraper for the first time. I noticed that with some companies I get infinite false positives. Is there any way to avoid this?

Note that I used an incorrect email address in all the examples in my photo.

c # – ELMAH – Email not received in the production environment

I have integrated the ELMAH library to record the error. I have integrated the email code to get the list of errors, but I cannot get those errors. Can anyone help me for the same? Below is my configuration code on web.config

Web.config file


How to update AOL email settings on Mac Mail 10/9 – Everything else

aol log in to email

To update the email settings on your Mac Mail 10 or Mac Mail 9, users must consider the following points:

• On the incoming mail server, enter your correct username
• In the Outgoing mail server option, choose to edit the list of SMTP servers
• Now you need to enter username, password and hostname in the field provided
• Use the correct port number for the incoming and outgoing server

This can be really complicated at the same time if you do not know the correct host name and port number, so it is recommended to call AOL email service professionals to solve this problem completely from the core itself. .
Read also: – login aol

javascript – How to get the email address of the users of the person or group field – using CSOM

To obtain the user's email address or username, you must use web.ensureUser() method and then get the email or login name as follows:


Reference: Retrieve the size and email of the person or group list field in SharePoint

Solution for you:

Then, for your case, you can use its function in this way:

function FunctionToReturnEmailAddress(employeeName) {
    var user = clientContext.get_web().ensureUser(employeeName);

            // successfully ensured user from user name
            var email = user.get_email();
            var login = user.get_loginName();
            var displayName = user.get_title();
            alert("User LoginName: " + login + "nUser Email: " + email + "nUser Display Name: " + displayName);
        },function(sender,args){ // on error



Sort email change order to display the latest email at the top

Every time I open Claws email, it always shows the screen with the bottom email highlighted. I can change the order to be the oldest or most recent email, but I can't find a way for Claws to open by showing the main email that I would like to be the most recent. Every time I have to scroll through the page … Thank you very much.

How to receive email notifications of new Facebook messages in 2019?

This is a follow-up to this question: How to receive email notifications of new Facebook messages?

Facebook changed its notification options, so the accepted answer or the screenshot of the aforementioned question no longer apply.

I would like to receive an email every time someone sends me a Facebook message. What I need to do? I checked the notification settings settings page, which contains the following categories:

  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • More activity about you
  • Friend Updates
  • Friendship requests
  • People You May Know
  • birthday
  • Groups
  • Video
  • Events
  • Pages you follow
  • Market
  • Fundraising and community support
  • Other notifications

I have read all your descriptions, and none of them mention private messages. What did I miss?

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