Email is no longer active

I cannot receive the codes because the email in the file is no longer active. But my mobile number linked to the account is not sending codes to my email and I need it to my cell phone in the file. To recover my account. please help

Email – How to rewrite the subject of a postfix virtual forwarding

I'm looking for a way to organize my incoming postfix emails, I have currently created a rewrite_headers for this, but it doesn't work for the specific case.

Then the emails to are redirected to an external email account using virtual alias maps. And I would like to add tags to the issues of all mail received as: (alias1) original subject and to the subject must be (alias2) original subject. etc.

I tried the following rewrite_header rule but it seems it doesn't work for forwarded emails since the header is in orig_to.

if /^To:$/i
/^Subject: (.+)$/i REPLACE Subject: (alias) $1

I also tried replacing To with orig_to (and also from) but I didn't get any results

Any suggestions?

Allow a single email field in multiple web forms

I have two web forms with similar data, but with different conditions. One employee fills out a form and the other is filled out by a salesperson. I don't want to see duplicates in these forms. Both the employee and the provider have different web forms but the same data. I want the email field to be unique in these two web forms. It's possible? Or can I combine these forms and display them differently?

php: error sending email via PHPMailer

I have the following form in HTML5:

And my email sending class is as follows:

isSMTP ();
$ mail-> Charset = & # 39; utf8_decode () & # 39 ;;
$ mail-> Host = & # 39; & # 39 ;;
$ mail-> Port = 587;
$ mail-> SMTPSecure = & # 39; tls & # 39 ;;
$ mail-> SMTPAuth = true;
$ mail-> isHTML (true);
$ mail-> Username = "";
$ mail-> Password = "mypassword";

// Define the recipients
// = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =
$ mail-> AddAddress (& # 39;');

# Define the sender (you)
$ mail-> From = utf8_decode ($ _ POST (& # 39; email & # 39;));
$ mail-> FromName = utf8_decode ($ _ POST (& # 39; name & # 39;));

$ mail-> Subject = utf8_decode ($ _ POST (& # 39; subject & # 39;));
$ mail-> Body = utf8_decode ($ _ POST (& # 39; message & # 39;));

if (! $ mail-> send ()) {
echo "Mailer Error:". $ mail-> ErrorInfo;
} plus {
threw out "";


The following message appears when you try to send an email:

Mailer Error: SMTP Error: data not accepted.SMTP server error: DATA END command failed Detail: STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException.MapiExceptionSendAsDenied; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot submit message. 0.35250:0A00C783, 1.36674:0A000000, 1.61250:00000000, 1.45378:02000000, 1.44866:55020000, 1.36674:0E000000, 1.61250:00000000, 1.45378:5A020000, 1.44866:58010000, 16.55847:18040000, 17.43559:0000000004020000000000000000000000000000, 20.52176:140FBF890D00101000000000, 20.50032:140FBF897D171010B0190000, 0.35180:7B0F0000, 255.23226:0000 SMTP code: 554 Additional SMTP info: 5.2.0

Gmail email composer: How to disable the automatic correction feature?

I don't want gmail to write my emails.

How do I turn off those automatic things? (The recent online self-correction function, and suggestions, and everything that is not my manual entry).

I sent a bitcoin to an email address other than coinbase

How do I retrieve a bitcoin sent to an email address from coinbase and the email address is not registered with coinbase …

gmail: email address shared between husband and wife to receive bills

I would like to have a shared email address that my wife and I can access. The following is our use case.

We pay our house bills for various public services; such as broadband internet, electricity and gas. Until now we received our invoice by postal mail and, therefore, any of us could review these invoices and take care of paying them. When bills were paid, we would mark with pencil that was paid for the benefit of others.

But recently we went to paperless email invoices. The broadband Internet company, the electricity and gas company mentioned that they cannot accept multiple email addresses and, therefore, we registered using only my Gmail address. This results in you not receiving the invoices and therefore cannot process or pay them.

I thought about creating gmail filters so I could send a copy of those bills to my wife too. But that leaves us two copies of the same email. There is no way we can mark (with pencil) that has been paid as we did with the paper bill.

I bet others have faced this problem. What can be the possible solutions?

Free email for your own domain

Google Apps used to be offered free of charge to people who want to use an email in their domain.

What free / cheap options are there to achieve something similar?

Security: "Certificate not secure" error in the Samsung email application in Note 8

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9, One UI 1.0) and I am using the Samsung email application (which comes preloaded on Samsung phones) to access my work email.

Recently I went abroad and had to rely on several Wi-Fi connections (hotels, airports, etc.) for Internet connectivity. Suddenly, I started receiving an error when I start the email application, which says: "The certificate is not safe for (my email address). The certificate is not from a reliable authority. If you continue with this certificate, your emails and your account may be at risk. "(Image below)

Screenshot of the unsecured certificate

The error still appears if I click on "Cancel".

If I click "View", all the important fields related to the Security Certificate are completely blank, so it is difficult to know which certificate is causing the problem:

Security certificate

Since this happened, the email is not synchronized now, that is, now I cannot send or receive new emails from the application.

I searched Google a lot to solve this problem and the two main solutions were (although I have no idea how well it would work):

  1. Uninstall the email application and reinstall it. But I don't want to follow such a drastic route without getting to the bottom of the problem.

  2. Find the offending certificate (Settings> Biometrics and security> Other security settings> View security certificates) and delete that certificate. However, my problem is that the email application does not show the details of the offending certificate.

What is happening here and how do I solve it? Have some "dishonest" certificates been installed with the free Wi-Fi connections I used recently? If so, how harmful could they be and how do I get rid of him? I hope nothing serious!

And how do I get my email application to work normally again?

Entry mask in the email field a good idea?

A colleague of mine argues that we should use an input mask for email fields.

Personally I don't think it's necessary. For phone numbers, I can understand it, since a phone number can be written in different ways.

However, everyone knows how to write an email address. Is it really useful to wear a mask (and all the problems it can cause you with multiple devices)? Will people forget the @ if we don't provide the mask? I do not think so.

If the user enters an invalid email address, we already use an online error (in blur), then what is the point? What do you think?