email – How to unsubscribe customers on mass / bulk in Magento 2.3

We have migrated from M1 to M2, and it appears on M1 we had customers “subscribed” in Magento admin but had subsequently unsubscribed in our email platform. Unfortunately, this had not synced back to Magento 1 and was one way. Therefore when moving to Magento 2, it began to re-subscribe customers that should be unsubscribed.

We have around 30k subscribers that need unsubscribing, which I can find in the newsletter_subscriber table and comparing to our email provider’s db.
However changing subscriber_status field in the db from 1 to 3 (subscribe to unsubscribe) does not appear to work, and I suspect a customer save also needs to happen, but not sure how to do this.

Any ideas, either to save all customers pragmatically, or to unsubscribe pragmatically?
I have a list of emails or subscriber_id’s and customer id’s

How to unblacklist an email at Microsoft/OutLook/hotmail

When trying to send email to clients who use Hotmail/Outlook/etc type email addresses, I get the following error:

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT
550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) (


SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined MAIL SIZE=2699:
550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from (IP ADDRESS) weren’t sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3150).

My email is hosted on a cPanel shared server, most of the domains are under my control. When checking the server IP address, I can find no blacklisting.

I have contacted Microsoft who comes back with an unhelpful canned message basically stating that they can not help.

So what it seems is that an IP in the same network as ours, is blacklisted, and for this reason, our mail is being blocked.

(DKIM/SPF are all installed).

Can anyone advise how to diagnose and find the culprit causing our server IP address to be blocked?

How do they spam my email with my browsing history?

I really can’t figure how they do it and hope someone can help figure it out. I want to write a blocker extension program to my operating system or browser if they are the source of the problem.

My old email (exposed during the LinkedIn data breach) would receive spam emails related to my search history. I haven’t used this email for years and it is not tied to my FB, Google or anything like that. As to the problem, let say I searched for the song flashlight and couple week later , I would start seeing spam email with advs about the tactic flashlight spam emails. At first I thought it was a coincidence but this just keep happening with something that I searched over and over again. And because of the subject of those emails are the same as my search terms, but not to the content on the web page I visited, I am suspecting that it may have something to do with my search history on Google or something like key logger is installed on my machine.

However, the devices I am using at home are most likely not infected with malware, keyloggers or trojan as I have bitdefender on all of them that scan my devices periodically. Not to mention my laptop is sort of brand new and I purchased it after it started happening. I also switched my internet provider to make sure I have different router and IP to break the PII linkage between my old email and my IP if it was the issue. I also verified my DNS on my router is pointing to the right place.

Is there anything else you can think of that can lead to this? I’ve done many other different small things to try and determine how I am “hacked”. But many things I have done will eventually point out that my network and my machines are clean. I can provide examples as you start raising questions. Anyway, the spam emails related to my search terms (never showed my personal information) fed to my old email is my main issue I can’t resolve now.

Thanks in advance with any tips, suggestions.

privacy – What email providers allow several aliases with separate names?

In the case of Outlook they allow to create several aliases of your email address, but the drawback is that you can’t create separate names for each alias (that name going to be in mails sent by me).
Don’t know about names in Yahoo, but there is only one alias allowed.
Not sure about AOL, looks like the same as Outlook. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Is it allowed by any of existing email providers actually? What prominent email providers did I miss?

Google Forms can send an interactive multi-question form by email. What tech allows for form rendering in an email body?

Google Forms can embed a multi-question survey into an email body, with a submit button to send responses. Actually when the user clicks submit it opens to form on a web page and populates the fields from the email entries.

Email clients filter out Javascript code and restrict certain CSS and HTML rendering features. The details are complex.

My question is how is can the Google Form sent by email as html? No other survey webapp has this feature. I have checked Survey Monkey, TypeForm, etc. They can render survey questions in an email disguised as regular links that open a web page. Google forms has fillable text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

What methods, languages and tools can be used to make dynamic interactive surveys delivered as an email?

Google form embedded in an email

email – Does Mailgun seriously offer “Detailed Documentation” only for paying customers?

Detailed Documentation


The quoted text is a bullet point/”feature checkmark” for their $35 USD/month plan (the cheapest paid one).

Does this actually mean that they have a lesser manual for the “freeloaders”, and a better written one for their paying customers?

If so, this is a new level of sadism which I never thought any company would admit to openly. None of the points are explained further from what I can tell.

centos – Getting the same email at the same time from Not sure where it came from

I created an AIDE script that able to monitor file changes in my hosting, and when something file has changed, it will send an alert email about the changes. In my opinion, I don’t think the script has problem. So let me share with you anyway:

Here is the script in my git repo:

To run this script, I had the cronjob running like this every 20 minutes:
*/20 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/maxicron/aide/maxiaide cron > /dev/null

The script did a good job giving an alert message but recently I notice that I keep getting the same email from this script which has the same date and time (04-07-2020 5:43am) with the same content. and the attachment is so big like 22MB. Sometimes I get almost a dozen mail at one time.


enter image description here

When I view the attachment in text editor, I saw the following error in the log file from the script “File database must have one db_spec specification”:

enter image description here

So, it means the alert did not complete the script because of an error.

I disable the cronjob for 2 days now and I still get this email. Also, I checked that I have no cronjob that run this script. I checked the mail queue exim -bp and I found no email queue in exim. Now, the script is not running and yet I still have this alert email. In your opinion, where does this email actually come from? How can I debug this further and I don’t think it’s coming from the script because the script is not running anymore.

I use centOS 8, exim, dovecot, apache_nginx

how to get edu email for FREE check this .

Hello guys ,
here i will show you how to get an edu email for free .
1. Generate US address and SSN number

First you must note down the uses all the details address, name, date of birth, SSN and also security answers for genetare user ID and password.

https: //www. fakeaddr…dress_generator

2. Apply for Edu email

First, go to the here click Create Account

https :/ /aacc.ellucia. ..y/Account/Login

Step 2. On the page, you need to fill all the details one by one
First name last name ( Use the fake name generator site)
Your real email ( you should add your original email not fake one)
Date of birth (example 01-04-2001)
Phone number
Current Address, city-state, and zip
High School Information – select any school and High School Graduation Year – 2016
What is your educational goal? – select Any option
Enrollment Information–
Select your Field of Interest- Select Business
Select your Degree / Certificate – Select Finance Accounting (A.A.S)
Select your Academic Term – Select any option
Account Information
Password – enter your password
Password Question – Type any question and also enter the answer
Now click on the Create Account

on the second page, you need to fill your some more details here you can see how to fill:

Legal Name – Enter your name from the fake name generator site
Other Names- leave it blank
Phone and address – will show the same last page you enter
When did you move to your current address?* – Enter Date of birth
Your County of Residency is* – select any (sometimes it will auto select to Not Maryland)
Email – enter the same one
Gander – you know that
U.S. Social Security Number – Enter SSN number from the above site ( Must not it)
Citizenship Status– Select Yes
Date of Birth — enter the same one ( Must note it )
Ethnic Background– leave it blank
What is your race? Select one or more of the following categories — select White
Additional Information
Student’s Employment Status –unemployed
Father’s Education Level – graduate
Mother’s Education Level – graduate
Is English your only language? – Yes
Military Status – no
Emergency Contact– leave blank
Now click Save and Continue

Most Recent High School Attended – You need to add school name according to the state you entered last so click add school

On the page school name leave black, State according to your address, select Country united states and click Search
From search result select any school
Other information leave blank
Date earned – enter 02-03- 2016
College Information – select no
click Save and Continue

What is your educational goal?

Please choose one of the following– select I plan to earn a college associate degree
Field of Interest–
select your Field of Interest – select Business
Select your Degree / Certificate– Select Financial Accounting (A.A.S)
Select your Academic Term*— Select Summer
Now click Save and continue

Disciplinary History

In the last four years have you been disciplined for misconduct?- select NO
Challenge Questions –
On these steps fill all the question one by one ( Please note all the answers )
Do you certify the following?* — select Yes
Signature* – Write your name ( same as you entered from )
Now click Submit Application
Note: Don’t close the current page. It will help you if you forgot the details when you filled up your details.

3. Submit a request for edu email

Here the form submission process is done. Now you need to wait to receive mail. In 5 minutes you will receive two mail. On the second mail, you will find AACC ID. This will help you to create your edu email.

A new page will open, you need to enter AACC ID and the First name and the last name and click Submit.

After that, again you need to fill the form

If you forgot the details then you can see on the page that you submitted your form – to see the details go to this link View application and click view Application https: / /aacc. ellucia…/MyAccount.aspx

Now Fill the form:

enter your Date Of Birth and phone number
Now type your address, zip, state, county ( Note sometimes county gives you an error so check your mail some time it was auto-selected to Not Maryland so if the county gives you error then select Not Maryland or check your mail what was the NM or county.
Now again enter high school name and Year (the date you earned 2016) and Previous College Attended– enter not applicable
Click Submit
After 24hours you will receive an email from the university site. They will send you your username and password generate a link.

From the username, you need to generate your password so how to do that let’s see.

4. How to Get EDU email Password

To generate password click this link https :/ /vkiosk.aacc…../identity/self-service/aac/kiosk.jsf
On the page type your username ( check your mail)
then again they ask you to enter security answer just enter the security answer
security questions
now you need to enter you password. that’s it
After that the site will auto-redirect to the login page so enter your edu email it will look like and password.

5. How to access the mailbox http ://
To access your mailbox just follow the steps

First, go to this link MyAACC
enter your username and password
now you will redirect to the MyAACC portal

you are done now you can send or receive emails.

hope you like it guys …


How can I configure WhatsApp so that an email is sent to me when someone sends me a message on WhatsApp?

How can I configure WhatsApp so that an email is sent to me when someone sends me a message on WhatsApp?

I will verify your 10000 emails for $3

I will verify your 10000 emails

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