magento2 – Possible to send admin emails from a alternative email depending on the customer group?

I need to separate B2B from B2C, even for our clients, so I have defined in the backoffice let’s say the email, this is the email account that sends the emails to the clients, that’s all right, but now I need to make a condition so if the client is from one of the B2B groups that email is changed.
I didn’t find any module to do this and I thought about creating a module that uses as even before sending the email, but I don’t know a way to basically change the email magento is using (the one in the backoffice) so it sends from the correct one.
Anyone knows a way to do this? or any module that would help?

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Rui Silva

How to add filter in Gmail to label any email which is from/to an email address from one of your Google Contact labels?

I want to make my clients’ emails stand out more than just “important” allows, and also group them better. I have added all client emails to a Google Contacts “Label” and want to make all emails to/from these client email addresses to be labelled in Gmail.

There is a manual solution here: How to add filter and label to group in Gmail contacts?

But it doesn’t account for new emails you add to the contact label in future, and required manual updating.

Any help on my specific question, or an alternative solution would be much appreciated.

Direct link to add email to contact in Gmail

In marketing and transactional emails I send to Gmail address,
I would like to include a link, clicking on which adds my address to the recipient’s contacts.

I have read In Gmail, how do I create a contact from a recipient of an email? but that doesn’t help.

Describing the process to the recipient is more complicated and fraught, e.g. on desktop gmail, one needs to hover on the sender name, then click on “more info”, then click “add to contact icon” in the opened section. Different way on mobile. So if I could generate a link that they can just click to add is the way I’d like to go, if at all possible.

Is it ok to use uppercase letters in an email address? /

Technically these are different email addresses, however, you are probably OK.

The domain part of the email address ( is not case-sensitive. So “” is the same as “”. However, the recipient (local-part) is potentially case-sensitive, so “Hello” is different to “hello”. Having said that, real world mail servers tend not to enforce this (I have never encountered one that does) – as it is simply confusing and prone to user error.

If you are storing email addresses then you probably should store them in their original case (the recipient at least) to be safe. However, always compare them case-insensitively in order to avoid duplicates.

From RFC 2821 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol:

The local-part of a mailbox MUST BE treated as case sensitive.
Therefore, SMTP implementations MUST take care to preserve the case of
mailbox local-parts. Mailbox domains are not case sensitive. In
particular, for some hosts the user “smith” is different from the user
“Smith”. However, exploiting the case sensitivity of mailbox
local-parts impedes interoperability and is discouraged.

magento2.3.4 – Magento 2: Verify email address with Third-party API

I have to validate the email address before adding into the website for the below areas. Verification will be by some API like

  1. Register
  2. Newsletter subscribe
  3. Checkout

Also, need to get from where this email address is added, for example, Registration form, Checkout, Newsletter form, etc

Please give me some suggestions regarding this.

Why does Microsoft Outlook not “have permission to get email”, and ask me to “update my credentials”, for my AOL email?

Before March 22 2021, AOL synced with my desktop Microsoft Outlook software swimmingly!

Since then, Outlook updated itself. But I changed NOTHING for both my AOL or Outlook. Outlook keeps sending these alerts to my inbox. How do I rectify this?

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I followed this Microsoft Answer, but it doesn’t solve my problem.

Can you please approve these pictures? I don’t have enough repute to post them.

gmail – Creating an email to forward mails to several reciepants


(following the comment)

Sorry @marikamitsos if I wasn’t clear. Me with my friends want to create an “email address” that when someone send a mail to it, all of us receive the sent mail.

As stated in the official Google help page

Forward to more than one account
You can only automatically forward all your messages to one account.


You can create a similar condition though using filters.

Google Mail (GMail), can filter forward to ONLY one email at a time.
So we will use a couple of repeatable steps.

(You have already created your account e.g.

Step 1.
Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP–> Add a forwarding address.
Follow and complete ALL stages for each individual email address you want to forward to.
(like,, etc.)

Step 2.
Go to Filters and blocked addresses.
At the bottom of the page find and click on Create a new filter

Step 3.
On the pop up ONLY complete the To field with the current account’s address (
Click Continue and check the box for Forward it to.
Select one email ( from the dropdown.
(You may also want to add a label as well at this point)
Click Create Filter.

Repeat steps Step 2 and Step 3 for each email address (, etc.).

Step 4.
Test that all is working correctly by sending an email to from a different account (

Step 5.
All done. Enjoy 🙂

The above technique is great since spam emails that are usually sent by bots omitting the recipients email address are filtered out and not forwarded.

Original reply

I have to admit I am a bit confused by what you are trying to do. Still.

The notion itself of “forwarding” lies in the fact that you first receive an email that you then send on to a different destination.

What you probably mean is to send the email as CC (Carbon Copy) or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

In this case you can address the email To just one recipient (even to your own mailbox) and then add the rest as CC or BCC.

google sheets – Send email when cell value equals 29

I am having trouble with my google sheets script and I wondered if anyone had any advice for a beginner. I want my script to check a cell value (Sheet1, H2), then send an email if the value = 29. However, at the moment it will send an email whatever value it returns, I don’t think my if statement works correctly. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

enter image description here

function CheckExpiry() {
  // Fetch the days till expiry.
  var ExpiryDataRange = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Sheet1").getRange("H2"); 
  var ExpiryData = ExpiryDataRange.getValue();
  // Check expiration
  if(ExpiryData = 29){
    // Fetch the email address
    var emailRange = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Sheet1").getRange("C2");
    var emailAddress = emailRange.getValue();
    // Send Alert Email.
    var message = 'You are recieving this email as harness # is up for inspection soon, current inspection expires in the following number of days: ' + ExpiryData; // Second column
    var subject = 'Your Harness Spreadsheet Alert';
    MailApp.sendEmail(emailAddress, subject, message);

How to create a registration manual approval form where customers having a specific domain in email gets automatically approved?

Please tell me is there any way to do this. I don’t know the coding please tell if there are any plugins for that.