How can we eliminate passwords given the problems with biometric authentication?

I’ve read articles suggesting that passwords will eventually go the way of the dinosaur only to be replaced by biometrics, PINs, and other methods of authentication. This piece claims that Microsoft, Google, and Apple are decreasing password dependency because passwords are expensive (to change) and present a high security risk. On the other hand, Dr. Mike Pound at Computerphile claims that we will always need passwords (I think this is the correct video).

But as this wonderful Security StackExchange thread notes, biometrics are not perfect. Granted, the criticisms are roughly six years old, but still stand. Moreover, and perhaps I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how biometric data is stored, but what if this information is breached? Changing a password may be tedious and expensive, but at least it can be changed. I’m uncertain how biometric authentication address this problem–as I cannot change my face, iris, fingerprint, and etc.–or if it needs to address this problem at all.

Are those who argue that we can eliminate passwords prematurely popping champagne bottles or are their projections correct?

Curious, who do you call when you witness an assault or rape in progress, after dems eliminate the police?

They sure are trying to eliminate the police. They may actually succeed in Minneapolis.  

There is no one to call for help if these evil people and their ignorant pawns succeed.  Even at my age I would  step in and try to help.  Can’t stand by and let people get raped or beaten.

People saying no one is trying to defund the police or no one is defunding the police need to wake up!  Google  Minneapolis and defunding police.  Look on social media.  How can you not know this is happening?

Add – @ skeptic, apparently you didn’t…

Eliminate imaginary numbers from a list

If I have a list such as:

which has also complex numbers that starts after {95.3282,0.0000150799}. How can I eliminate all data sets that contained those complex numbers (all data after {95.3282,0.0000150799} for this case)?.

Thank you,

Quilted/Tiled Image Sensor: How do you eliminate stripes of missing photos in huge quilted sensors?

This question is largely inspired by one of the answers in:
What limits the size of digital imaging sensors?

So the answer mentions uber-large image sensors that are made by “quilting” or “tiling” smaller CMOS sensors in a single silicon. Now, I’ve seen quite a few astronomy images that uses this kind of humongous sensor.

One of the example image is this:
enter image description here

How can you eliminate the horizontal and vertical strips of missing photo? Is this kind of thing even possible or the astrophotography photos are heavily photo shopped?

Eliminate your fears and doubts about business

It's pretty scary to start something, especially when it comes to business. Most people are afraid to start a business because they think of failing. This fear is fairly common and logical up to a point, but if you don't take the risk to start something new, how would you reach the peak of success? Imagine Steve Jobs, Colonel Sanders, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and many more working 9-5 at a company. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? I know it takes a lot of courage and passion to start a business, but if you really want to start a business, READ THIS!

First of all you have to Make your mind, if you want to be an entrepreneur. To build a successful business you really need to be extremely determined. Without determining that you won't even be able to start a business because you would always feel "what if I fail?", "What if the business doesn't work?", "What if my business has financial losses?" So at first Make your mind to be a businessman

Second, always innovative. There is no point in opening a commercial copy idea from another company. Each separate business needs separate innovative ideas. Always try to be only That would help your company stand out from the rest.

In third place know your product more than you know yourself. If you know everything about your product and know how a customer would benefit from it, then my friend your business will start to flourish in no time.

The next is think like a customer. You will find many blogs where people would say you think like an entrepreneur, but follow my advice and think like a customer. If you know what your client wants, you win half the battle.

When you have completed all the stages mentioned above, the next thing to do is Strategy your business. Many people will advise you to do a planning strategy before starting anything, but it is not really a smart choice you know. First of all, you must set your mind, be innovative, know your product, think about the need of your product for the customer, only then must you plan a business strategy.

You have to find a Investor to boost your business if you don't have the funds to start it on your own. Find an investor, demonstrate your product, tell them how it's useful to customers, point out the uniqueness of your product, and discuss your business strategy. If you have enough funds to start a new business, you can simply skip this step.

The last thing you have to be Patient. When you discover that your friends are making more money than you are doing a job, you may feel impatient. Trust me, this is a fairly common situation. You won't find a single businessman becoming a millionaire within 1 month, so give your business enough time to grow. Who knows you could become a billionaire within 3 years of your business?

So try to keep these things in mind and don't hesitate to start a business.

I hope this article helps you start a new business.

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Remember when the liberals believed that Robert Mueller could eliminate Trump?


dnd 5e: Can massive damage eliminate instead of causing instant death?

This will likely require arbitration and a DM decision.

Here is the problem. General specific beats. Except in this case, it has two specific rules that counter a general rule.

The general rule for the death of creatures is in the PHB pg. 198:

Most DMs have a monster that dies the instant it drops to 0 hit points, rather than knocking it unconscious and making death-saving casts. Powerful villains and special non-player characters are common exceptions; the DM can knock them unconscious and follow the same rules as the player characters.

The exceptions, which are specific overrides of this are Instant death and Knocking out a creature.

You've already cited both sources in your question, so I'll break it down.

Instant death – specific rule that occurs if and only if the maximum damage is applied to a character / creature that exceeds its maximum health, taking into account the damage required to reduce it to an unconscious state. This means that a target with 9 HP remaining out of a total of 15 HP would require a total of 24 damage to be dealt in a single turn to completely kill it.

Knocking out a creature – specific rule that occurs when dropping a target at 0 HP. You can choose to deal this non-lethal damage in case of attack.

Now why is it a DM decision? Because even a non-lethal attack can end up turning into a lethal attack by accident. Let's say you hit a heavily wounded goblin and declare a non-lethal intention to knock out the creature. So you launch your attack and you get a critical hit … and you're playing a Half Orc, so you also have Savage Attacker reinforcing your hit.

The damage you deal reflects the attack made. Meaning a non-lethal critical strike means you screwed it up. For example, I would narrate that as: "You hit the target on the head with the flat part of your sword to knock it out, but in its weakened state you broke its neck with the force of your blow." (Or something similar between those lines, like internal bleeding)

However, neither of these specific rules takes precedence over the other. Therefore, you can also decide as DM that non-lethal intent is always successful and therefore damage is irrelevant as long as it is enough to knock a target unconscious.

This boils down to a rare case where two specific rules conflict, making arbitration a requirement if there is disagreement. Ultimately rolling high / low might be the easiest way to determine the outcome when split between two options.

css – How can I align divs with play flex to eliminate the spaces?

Let's see I have a kind of blog with a prototype of fixed divs, and I want all of them to be aligned so that there is a blog type with each entry of a size and the orange squares of advertising. Anyone know how to do it? I wanted to remove the spaces marked with blue so that the images go up

enter the image description here

Eliminate auto-completion when tagging photos in SharePoint

Is there a way to disable auto-complete when using business keywords for photo library in SharePoint? I am trying to make my photos searchable (there are thousands of photos). I prefer to write to each one that SharePoint decides what I want to say. For example, you had first tagged a "card reader" photo. Continuing, I couldn't label a "car" photo correctly. Does anyone know how to fix this or maybe be able to clear autocomplete memory?

Thank you!

Object Oriented – Eliminate Double C # Switch

I see in the old code two functions that use the same switch like this:

private string GetPath(Charts chartType)
    switch (chartType)
        case Charts.Revenue:
            return "/../..";
        case Charts.Risk:
            return "/../some";
            throw new NotImplementedException($"{chartType} is not implemented yet!");

public IStrategy GetStrategy(RequestDto request)
    if (!Enum.TryParse(request.GraphType, true, out var chartType))
        throw new ArgumentException($"Unknown value for {nameof(RequestDto.GraphType)}", nameof(RequestDto.GraphType));

    var path = GetPath(chartType);

    switch (chartType)
        case Charts.Revenue:
        case Charts.Risk:
            return new BarChartStrategy(path, _component1, _component2);
            throw new NotImplementedException($"Charts.{chartType} is not implemented yet!");

Is there a sleeker, more OOP shape for these two switches?
Thank you