mysql – database structure for electronic commerce (laravel)

I am creating an e-commerce website. and I'm stuck with the shopping cart and payments and orders …

I don't know how to build a reliable and safe structure.

You can see my attempt in this image:

enter the description of the image here

users have a ONE TO MANY relationship orders

orders can have many payments(failed and one succeeded) and many orderdetails

Can you help me add a secure payment for the store section?

terminology: how is the electronic visa different from the visa based on the letter of approval on arrival (ALBVoA)?

I do not understand how an E visa differs from the visa based on the letter of approval on arrival (ALBVoA) generally issued by an agency authorized by the government to issue such letters of approval.

In both cases, the applicant applies from the web and, if a visa is approved, carries a letter of approval to both the departure airport and the arrival airport.


How is the E visa different from the visa based on the letter of approval upon arrival (ALBVoA)?

Applications: What is the essential difference between a visa on arrival (VoA) and an electronic visa?

I believe that I do not understand the difference between a visa on arrival (Voa) to an E visa because in both, an applicant for a visa for a given state has to go through an application procedure through the Web.
That is to say; by a web application → most likely of the "website" type, developed for the country in which the request is made.


What is the essential difference between a visa on arrival (VoA) and an E visa (if any)?

Thailand – I cannot have an electronic visa for Vietnam and contemplate not using an authorized visa approval letter agency of arrival

As of February 2020, the only state of which I have citizenship (Israel) does not appear on the list of states eligible for the E visa of the Wikipedia article Visa Policy of Vietnam.

While I can't have an electronic visa for Vietnam, I can use a Visa authorized on arrival Agency approval Letter Agency (AVoAALA), As the formally recommended on the website of any Vietnam consulate in a certain state.

AVoAALA agencies offer me a one-year visa approval letter willingly, for a cost that could be significantly taller than you would probably demand to pay at a Vietnamese consulate anywhere.

My problem

I contemplate not using an AVoAALA but going to a Vietnamese consulate near my place of residence and making a passport visa there, but it is not clear to me on the map of the Vietnam embassy in Bangkok, if I can, and if so, how much should it cost, make a tourist visa for six months or for a year.

In addition, it is not clear to me if more demands are required in addition to the passport and money in general, or for Israeli passport holders in particular.

My question

What is usually needed (including the amount of money in USD) to make a one-year Vietnamese visa, either single or multiple entry, at a Vietnamese consulate?

how to determine the date of customer choice for the electronic product, for example, the amusement park ticket

I am trying to sell tickets electronically. Consider it as an amusement park or parking tickets. Do not worry about assigned seats or limited dates / times. I can handle checking if it is sold out, but this would be a rarity. I need the customer to choose the date of the tickets and store that. If I am reading it correctly, the product attribute "date" is a specific date for a product and cannot be selected by order. If I am correct about this, is there any way to store the date of a product ticket per order? Or would this require writing a custom module that stores the date in a custom database table?

Is an electronic ticket required to register?

Is it mandatory to have an electronic ticket to confirm my flight reservation?

Russia: what should I pay attention to when applying for an electronic visa for St. Petersburg?

First, I recommend: Apply for a normal visa instead, if you are not sure what you are doing.

Basically, this electronic visa is very convenient to apply for and a very good option if you plan to stay only a few days. So what could be the problems with this visa?

  1. You can only enter and exit at certain points, which are listed on the official website. This also means that you cannot use a flight that has a stop anywhere in the Russian Federation (for example, Moscow).
  2. You are only allowed to stay a maximum of 192 hours, from 0:00 a.m. the day you arrive Do not from the moment you enter the Russian Federation.
  3. It is impossible to extend an electronic visa.
  4. This means that absolutely Has to exit before 23:59 Seven days after arrival. If you arrive at the border checkpoint only a few seconds after midnight, you will not be allowed to leave.
  5. If you cannot leave Leningrad Oblast in these terms, regardless of the reason (border delay, canceled flight, illness, flight / bus / etc delay, personal calculation error, etc.), you will do so do not You will be allowed to leave the country on your own terms.

If it does not leave on time, it is very likely that entry into the Russian Federation will be prohibited for five years.
I will answer how to deal with this situation in a separate question. Add if I forgot to mention something.

digital: low-end camera with electronic shutter and fast exposure

I need a camera module that allows me to electronically shoot a capture while supporting exposures in the range of 10 microseconds or less (1 / 100,000). I understand that this would be a dark exposure under normal lighting, but I have the ability to accurately measure the bright strobe lights along with the capture. The purpose is to obtain images of objects that move quickly (90 m / s MAX) to obtain position and velocity data.

I am an engineer with experience in electronics and software, but without knowledge of digital imaging hardware. I need to find a camera module that meets my requirements, while being low enough to integrate it into a personal project. I have searched for everything I can think of and cannot find anything other than a laboratory device that costs thousands. I don't need specific product recommendations if that is not allowed here, but some help on where or how to find what I am looking for would be an acceptable answer.

Edit: After reading a little, I now understand that an exposure of 1 / 100,000 does not mean that my image will be captured in 1/100000 of a second. That said, I need a complete capture in that period of time.

Electronic commerce: very expensive product, I want to offer an online payment and another offline

We are building an e-commerce that sells hearing aids, and in my country (Brazil) they are very expensive (almost the price of a car).

If a hearing aid costs USD 10,000, people here in Brazil have many difficulties, such as:

  1. Most customers do not have that money to pay once through the Ticket

Banknote: The payment process for bank ticket transactions is similar to that of bank transfer or cash payment methods. Clients receive proof of payment for a preloaded banknote. At this point, the client has the option to print the form and pay it physically at any bank branch or at authorized processors such as pharmacies, supermarkets, lottery agencies and post offices. In addition, it can also be paid electronically at any of the more than 48,000 ATMs in Brazil, as well as through Internet banking or mobile banking applications, which are widely used in the country.

  1. You do not have that cash limit on your credit card for payments, for example, to divide the price into 10 payments of USD 1,000
  2. We do not have any online banks. financing payment gateway available yet
  3. If a customer has that amount of money on their credit card, they generally do not rely on a new website to put that money.

When a patient arrives at the store to buy a hearing aid, we usually offer bank financing to pay in 24 or 36 payments, some patients even enter 60 payments.

Given these problems, we must offer our customers a way to buy a hearing aid online, with flexible and cheap payments.

We plan to sell only 20% of the hearing aid online, and then contact the patient later so we can find a way to pay the difference through our normal payment methods.


  • Hearing aid – USD 10,000
  • Price offered online – USD 10,000
  • Price available to pay online – USD 2,000
  • Difference available to finance using offline methods – USD 8,000

My question is:
Is this a common practice in electronic commerce? And can I have technical problems selling only 20% of the product? Is there something I am not understanding here?

Legal issues I might encounter, I will ask later in another battery exchange network.

How Diagon is revolutionizing the electronic sports industry – Cryptocurrency Corner

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<p>In just over a decade, the eSports industry has become a conventional market for an underground industry worth several billion dollars. <br />Currently, the eSports industry is growing exponentially and will compete favorably with other large industries. With Google and Amazon plans to invest in the industry, the future of the eSports industry is truly exciting.
<p>If you take a look at the eSports industry, there are several platforms that connect gamers and game enthusiasts with their favorite electronic sports. But a platform that is like a game loader is the Diagon ecosystem.
<p>So, in this post, we will take a look at what Diagon is about and what they are doing to revolutionize the industry. We will also talk about your IEO and the benefits of investing in the offer.
<strong>What is the diagon?</strong>
<p>Diagon is one of the main eSports platforms that connect players to play for fun and glory. No subscription and no queue time.
<p>Diagon aims to make the eSports industry accessible to everyone. They allow all players to feel the excitement of the competition from anywhere, at any time, on any platform, giving them the opportunity to win prizes in the games they love.
<p>In the Diagon ecosystem, professionals and fans come together to compete in tournaments and leagues. Diagon also offers a unique experience for players and enthusiasts to compete within the games.
<p>They parade a talented team that loves electronic games and sports. The team is very excited and excited to create competitions for everyone on the platform. If you are an amateur or a professional, Diagon has you covered. You can rely on Diagon to handle all your gaming needs.
<p>Each transaction, such as bets, competitive games, virtual and real purchases, as well as trade, are made with Diagon coins.
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