Does Hunger Hunger thrown by two warlocks double the effects?

Hunger of Hadar says: "The Void creates a deformation in the structure of space, and the area is difficult terrain. Any creature that begins its turn in the area receives 2d6 cold damage. Any creature that ends its turn in the area must succeed in a skill saving shot or take 2d6 acid when milky and otherworldly tentacles rub against it. "

Does that mean that if two different wizards throw HoHs simultaneously in the same area, the creatures inside those tentacles suffer 4d6 cold and possibly 4d6 acid and more significantly a 1/4 speed movement? As for the role play, there are twice as many tentacles. Combat AdE spells of different types / schools stack or neutralize each other, so why wouldn't two Hunger of Hadars double the effects?

Windows application – GifGun 1.7.7 for Adobe After Effects | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 21 MB

After Effects and GIF are finally reunited! With a simple 1-click workflow, support for alpha channels, batch processing and GIF compression, GifGun is the reference tool for creating GIFs for Adobe After Effects. With GifGun you can create GIFs for Dribbbble, Behance and more, directly from After Effects with just one click.

Loved by the main production studios, agencies and freelancers, it improves with each new update.

Version 1.7 is here
Experimental rendering
Get the best quality results for 3D renderings, movie scenes and other complex scenes.
Updated UI
Сleaner and generally better.
Bug fixes and code updates
We look for small errors and solve rare problems. We also improve compatibility with CS6 in case you use it.

This is what GifGun can do:
Rendered with alpha channel
The only one-click way to get a GIF with alpha channel.

Batch processing
Select several compositions in the Project panel and get all the GIFs with just one click.

GIF compression
Get an even better file size with GIF compression.

Super quality GIF
New for 1.7, Experimental Engine allows you to render gradients and complex scenes with very little loss of detail. At the price of a larger file

What's new:
-setDate bug fixed
-Improves compatibility with BGRenderer2


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Download from Nitroflare

java: avoid side effects in the immutable class constructor

Some thoughts:

Now, as far as I know, it is a bad practice to have effective calculations within a constructor.

That depends on what you mean by "cash."

The purpose of a constructor is to "build" an object. To do that, you may have to do many things. One of the things you should do is configure some state within the new object. Is that what you consider "effective"?

The purpose of a class is to store some data ("status") and some code that works with that data. We call that "encapsulation." That is the purpose of a class: to protect the state of the class from external influence and prevent the state from influencing the outside, except through well-defined limits called "properties" and "methods." This encapsulation is what allows us to work with data freely without having to worry about breaking the rest of the system.

Immutable classes are generally preferred when possible.

Immutable classes are preferred when you need the benefits that immutable classes provide.

Instead of consulting the database within the constructor, the caller could provide the data to the constructor through parameters.


  • This would eliminate some of the advantages obtained by separating the class from the original method in the first place, since the point was to take this functionality and organize it as a unit.

Intuitively, this approach makes some sense. One class is responsible for collecting data, the other class is responsible for performing its calculations. It makes things easier to prove, makes your logic easier to understand and follows the spirit of SRP.

Instead of inside the constructor, the query could be done in a static factory method, leaving only the assignment of the real fields to the constructor.

The purpose of factory methods is to provide an alternative way to build objects that have more flexibility. For example, you can return an object from a type family that is derived from a base type. I don't know enough about your system to know whether or not you need that kind of flexibility.

Use something like a builder

… since the generator itself would have the wrong type, it would ensure that the caller has to call build (), which would handle all the side effects.

Making a builder is a very complex task. Only do it if you absolutely need the benefits that a builder provides. You would only use a generator if you want to provide guidance to the caller in the form of intelligence, provide construction flexibility to the caller or force a certain order in the construction steps.


I think you might worry too much about the ceremony and about being "right." If you could ignore the rule that says "do not perform calculations in the constructor", would you do it? If your class didn't have to be immutable, what would you do? If you could adopt the approach you like best, regardless of the notions of "best practices", which approach would you choose?

Focus on the techniques that give you the best balance of benefits and costs.

Rookie question about the effects of displacement

I am absolutely new to creating websites, so I am learning on the go. I am building a blog website and I really like how blog posts have a scrolling effect like this website Can anyone help me achieve the same or similar effect for my main blog page? Is there a code that I can copy and paste to achieve this effect? Thanks in advance. Waiting for your answer.

dnd 5e: Dispel magic in a true horror with polymorphic helmet dissipates all magical effects, or only those cast in the polymorphized form?

Imagine you have cast True Polymorph to convert an object into a Helmed Horror with spell immunity to Dispel Magic. You cast True Polymorph on Helmed Horror again and turn it into something that has no immunity to Dispel Magic.

Now, presumably you can affect the True Polymorphed creature with Dispel Magic. But what exactly happens when you hit the creature with Dispel Magic? Undo both layers of True Polymorph, avoiding the Helmed Horror and returning the creature to an object? Or does the first layer dissipate and then the immunity of Helmed Horror to Dispel Magic is activated to prevent the second layer of True Polymorph from dissipating?

pathfinder 1e – Multiclasses with Wizard and Sorcerer. Do the effects of the magician's school benefit the sorcerer's spells?

The relevant rules are found in these frequently asked questions:

Sorcerer: Do the bonuses given by Arcane Bloodline apply to all spells cast by the sorcerer, or only to those cast from the sorcerer's spell list?

The powers of the bloodline arcana apply to all spells cast by the characters in that bloodline, not just to those cast using the spell slots of the sorcerer.

General rule: if a class skill modifies your spell casting, it applies to your spells of all classes, not just the spells in the class that grants the ability. (The exception is if the class ability specifically says that it only applies to spells of that class.)

This specifies the opposite interaction, and the answer is yes. More importantly, it also gives us a rule to discover other interactions: do the wizard's spell school characteristics specify that they only work for wizard spells? Versatile evocation no. Therefore, it also works for sorcerer's spells.

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"Miraculous" healing effects of ginger

TPO: the accumulation of ginger has a part of the healing effect, close to the evidence of diseases related to stabbing sugar, colds … Ginger also helps repair back pain, shoulder pain, headache, pressure arterial, anticancer
Cancer: Ginger is getting to know and uses anticancer. Therefore, it must fall into the ginger to create a creature that adheres to the day it is in the state of the capsule or ginger or use it as a home in the kitchen. sewing machine 9

Anti-inflammatory: Ginger is more anti-inflammatory. In fact, many types of anti-inflammatory medications often affect the chemical system. During that session, the ginger ladder has many anti-inflammatory effects, preventing the prevention of ulcers effectively.
Because ginger is so anti-inflammatory, try many arthritis medications that contain dried ginger rhizomes. The unique study for most participants who use ginger to treat inflammation still relieves pain and swelling significantly.
Reduce headaches: a single clink of ginger pieces is used every 30 minutes to help reduce headaches and headaches.

It lowers cholesterol: ginger is very effective in lowering cholesterol. A recent study presented the disease on the occasion of the use of ginger in a single period of time that greatly reduced the concentration of cholesterol.

Checking the small town: the diligent card offered a medical emergency in the morning in the morning, when diabetes took ginger from dawn.

Anti-stress: mature ginger helps relieve consciousness, eliminates the type of gloves … thick face, snoring and anxiety.

Anti dreams, morning sickness: ginger is shy rather than shy with the rich, the car, the plane … to prevent the million cards from witnessing the dream of a train.

Pathfinder: Does the healing domain (or similar metamagic-like effects) affect the use of displacement / wand / staff?

Many abilities, especially the level 6 function of the Healing Domain, allow you to alter "your spells" with metamagic effects.

On the sixth level, all your healing spells are treated as if they had power, which increases the amount of damage healed by half (+ 50%). This does not apply to damage inflicted on the walking dead with a healing spell. This does not accumulate with the Empower Spell metamagic feat.

Does this feature (and / or similar) apply when a spell is cast through a scroll, wand or stick?

dnd 3.5e: What are the planar effects and rules that would apply to a creature of a Prime who visits another Prime?

The planar trip results in many strange situations. And the natives of these planes do not always appreciate the visit.

Outsiders can be banished back to their home plane, and if memory serves, visitors from other planes they are targeting, who are not native in general, can be banished.

While this question is not about banishment, I mention it as context.

The Manual of the plans stipulates the existence of multiple planes of main material.

What are the effects and planar rules that would affect a visitor to a foreign Prime? In other words, rules and changes that would apply in general, regardless of which specific foreign Prime is being visited.

Assume that the Primes in question are all of the D&D campaign configuration, which includes the Earth, using the Manual of the Flat version of cosmology.