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[WTS] Great VPS accounts with high uptime and effective support.

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dnd 5e – Tunnel defense effective against Specters?

This is a fun one…DND 5E session.

Assume a 5′ corridor that if 25′ long leading to a dead-end (5 squares), and 5 party members (all medium size) fill each of those squares. A well armored tank as at the front, trying to defend the party. This is the scenario a party has encountered a bunch of times fighting various creatures. But never against incorporeal creatures.

The party is trying to hold off 7 specters being controlled by a Wraith.

Since the Specters are incorporeal and can pass through one another, as well as the players, as difficult terrain, are they limited to attacking the front-line only? I would rule yes, in theory, because you can’t attack from an occupied space:

What happens when allies occupy the same space?

That rule is a fundamental aspect of the tunnel defense / choke-point strategy, and in theory even works for these non-corporeal creatures, preventing them from being able to infiltrate the middle of the party, as there is no unoccupied space for them to attack from. The PC’s literally fill every available 5′ square. Pretty simple and clear cut I think.

But then, there’s the fact that the Specters can pass through walls…and that’s where they fun begins. They have 50′ of movement, so even through walls they can move 25′, attack blindly through the wall, and then return 25′ back. Muahhahaha. They could easily reach PC #2 and PC #3, although the two way in the far back would be safe (unless the Specter was willing to end it’s round in the wall and take the 1d10 Force damage).

Seem legit? I ruled that they would NOT take the 1d10 Force Damage for stopping to attack from inside the wall, because they did not “end their turn” on that space. That’s straight from the rules on Incorporeal Movement in their stat block. Do others agree? A few players weren’t happy lol.

However, things quickly got so crazy complicated from here, I quickly whiched that I had ruled they simply couldn’t do it. 😉

If allowed to attack, would they attack at Disadvantage since the specter can’t “see” through the wall? I ruled yes. However, since the PC can’t see the attacker (it’s in a wall!), the attack should be at Advantage, thus cancelling each other out!

But what if the PC saw the hand coming? You could offer a Perception vs. Stealth to see if the PC see’s the “hand reaching out”, and if they did, then Disadvantage would be re-asserted, right? And if so, what if that PC is also Dodging and sees the hand come out? Should the attack then be at super-disadvantage (which we don’t have as a house rule and I avoid like the plague, although this one tempted me big-time).

The way I ruled it is those who were Dodging gained Advantage on their Perception check to see the hand coming. If successful, then the attack happened at Disadvantage. Therefore, there was a benefit to foregoing an attack to Dodge. However, even those who used their Action to attack still had a chance to see the hand coming if they made their Perception check, and if they did, the Specter attacked at Disadvantage. If they didn’t see it coming, the Specter attacked normally as it’s Advantage (attacking a creature who can’t see you) and Disadvantage (blindly attacking a creature you can’t see) cancelled each other out.

I’m really curious to see how others would have handled this. The party was quite shocked when their tried and true tunnel defense imploded upon them.

Also, this didn’t come up, but what if a PC in the back cast Daylight? I would have ruled that the Specters in the walls would not have suffered Disadvantage on attack from it, because they couldn’t see the light (it wouldn’t penetrate the walls). Only the specters attacking from up front would have been at disadvantage. This would have in turn driven them all to enter and start attacking through the walls (INT 10 after all)! Major backfire potential there!

What is effective advertising way?

Can you suggest me that What is Social Media Advertising effective way should i choice for my business?


Is it effective is to support local sports team for your business?

I have been both a parent with kids on sports teams and the owner of a small business that sponsored sports teams (all in the U.S.) Why did I have my company sponsor a sports team? Answer: my kid was on the team. My company had no reason to spend marketing money on a sponsorship, but I did it to support my son’s team. When I was doing it, I met several other parents with businesses that had done the same thing. So, I would look to those folks first.

Mostly, a business is buying goodwill, otherwise. I have seen local restaurants, jewelry stores, hardware shops, plumbing companies, etc., all sponsoring to build such goodwill with the parents of the kids on the teams as they are the primary audience for any such sponsor promotions. Very small audience and very local, so it only local businesses that would consider sponsoring a team, imo.

BTW, one of my voluntary sponsorship activities was to fund and host an end of season pool party/barbeque party for my son’s soccer team. That was above and beyond the season-long sponsorship fee I paid that bought them uniforms and paid certain other fees. I did not have to do the pool party/barbeque (most teams did not have one) but I did it to make for a better experience for my son and his friends. I am emphasizing this aspect of sponsorship to help you understand where it might be best to spend your time on this search.

Edit: I just realized that I may have misread your post. Your teams may be adults, not kids. If that is the case, then the actual teammates would be the best place to look for those business owners who might be willing to sponsor the team. Just change “Parents” to “Team Members/Spouses” to seek out loyal sponsors.


ag.algebraic geometry – On relating $l(A), l(B)$ and $l(A+B)$ for Weil divisors on a smooth projective curve where one of the divisors is effective

Let $X$ be a smooth projective curve over an Algebraically closed field $k$. Let $k(X)$ denote its function field.

If $A, B$ are Weil divisors on $X$ such that $A$ is effective (i.e. $Age 0$) , then is there any (in)equality between $l(A+B)$ and $ l(B), l(A)$ ?

Here, for a Weil divisor $D$ on $X$, by $l(D)$ we denote the $k$-vector space dimension of the Riemann-Roch space $L(D):={fin k(X)^*: D+ div(f)ge 0}cup {0}$.

For a divisor $D$ on $X$, the complete linear system $|D|$ be the collection of all effective divisors which are linearly equivalent with $D$. $|D|$ can be given the structure of a projective space by identifying it with $( L(D)setminus {0})/k^*$ and by that structure, $dim |D|=l(D)-1$. Now it is known (Hartshorne, Chapter IV, Lemma 5.5) that if $D,E$ are both effective divisors, then $dim |D|+dim |E|le dim |D+E|$ i.e. $l(D)+l(E)le l(D+E)+1$ . What I’m basically asking is that if something similar holds if we assume only one of the divisors is effective…

4 HUGELY Effective Forex Trading Forums Of 2020 – General Forex Questions & Help

There is no doubt that the Forex forums are the best way to interact with other experienced and well-minded traders if you are struggling to achieve success.

If you’ve visited a Forex forum, you would have noticed that you can interact with a wide range of traders and know the techniques they use to generate more profits.

The reason why the Forex forums are useful is that they give you the opportunity to connect with fellow traders who are experiencing difficulties and concerns that you’re going through.



Some of the main benefits of a Forex trading forum:

  • You can learn from some experienced traders and become successful
  • Hanging out in a Forex trading forum would give you an opportunity to learn from experienced traders and the strategies and the accurate Forex signals they use to get better results from trading.
  • It will also help you identify problems without the need to experience it actually. In fact, there is no substitute for experience. In fact, it helps you to fast forward your learning and avoid costly mistakes.
  • You will be able to get a clear understanding of Forex trading systems
  • You will always find someone on the forum who openly speaks of a Forex trading software that introduces the newly created person or they ran into another place.
  • Either way, you get to know new ways of trading and how these systems. You can then put them to use and benefit. The biggest advantage of learning from experienced traders is that you should never try and lose your hard-earned money.
  • You can also use the forum to get feedback on your trading system/strategy expert
  • If you have developed a new trading system or designed a new strategy, the Forex-forum is the best place to get feedback on the system or strategy.
  • Expert and experienced traders share their experience with the system or usefulness of the strategy designed by you. This will help you to incorporate changes or improvements to your system or strategy.
  • You stay up to date on what others are doing in the Forex world
  • Being a member of a Forex forum could help you get an idea of what others in the field are, or at least to think in terms of doing.
  • The idea is not to do whatever you take to learn but see for yourself if you agree with other Forex traders. You can catch up on the rumors that go around.
  • Rumors making the rounds have an impact on market performance, even if they prove to be false.

In general, the rumors are not from the forums but often end up there. If you visit a forum frequently, you’ll be able to catch up on the rumors that you happen to miss.

Forex offers an opportunity for social interaction Forum

In reality, the primary advantage of a Forex forum will connect and socialize with other traders. Forex trading could prove to be an isolated activity.

Every trader is looking forward to a kind of social interaction once in a while. A Forex forum presents traders with a great place for social interaction.

Here are some of the top Forex forums:

Forex Factory Forum >>

Forex Factory website was launched in the year 2004 and is designed to provide information to help traders succeed in the Forex market. According to Alexa, it is currently the related website Forex-most viewed.

Forex factory forum also launched its website with the same year. Traders countries around the world interact on their forum, share ideas, teach, learn, debate, and exchange war stories.

Insightful members provide support to the forum and follow a moderate philosophy that puts trade above all else.

Other features and products offered by Forex Factory include the economic calendar (launched in September 2005) with an impact rating; News Section (launched in July 2007);

Market Section (launched in September 2009) consisting of scanner, sessions, and graphics; Trade Explorer (launched in February 2011) an interface that allows traders to analyze their performance;

And Trades (launched in December 2011) that includes the trading activity in real-time members who use trade explorer; and brokers (launched in May 2012) an Advanced Guide in search of regulated Forex brokers.

DailyFX Forum >>

DailyFX is the new free site and searches for FXCM. It provides news from around the world in favor of the currency trading community.

Analysts report daily on the latest changes, provide technical analysis and careful consideration of promising training table with live Forex quotes.

DailyFX also provides an analysis of market drivers and explanations regarding the economic, technical, and political factors that drive the market.

DailyFX Forum is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, and Spanish, among others. It is certainly one of the most active forums.

There are about 24 sub-forums in categories such as education and research analyst, Traders Lounge, trade the markets with our analysts, Forex education, FXCM Support Account, and the platforms of negotiation and trading automated.

MT5 Forum >>

This forum is for users of the most popular Metatrader forex trading platform.

It offers users a chance to benefit from the expertise of the members of the community, centered around this platform.

Despite the fact that it is a forum for users of the MT5 platform, the discussions on the most popular MT4 or MetaTrader 4 and in general on Forex trading are also encouraged.

Forex TSD Forum >>

Instead of displaying the categories on their home page, the forum brings all the latest and the most active discussions with links to sub-forums.

This is very useful because it lowers the risk of traders displaying the question in the wrong sections and missed the comments of those concerned.

The main strength of the Forex TSD forum is that it covers a number of niche areas, with trading MT4 sections and harmonic being the largest.

Finally, Forex-forum plays a vital role in one’s trading career. With the help of a Forex forum, we can get many solutions for our problems and thanks to the experienced traders.

So, which Forex forum you are using now? Please let me know.

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checkboxes – Autoselect lower options – effective design patterns

I have series of options that I currently render as checkboxes. However, the options themselves “stack” in the sense that selecting one, should auto-select all the options below it.

ex. If we have the following 3 options:

User selection ==> result

  • opt3 ==> opt3
  • opt2 ==> opt2, opt3
  • opt1 ==> opt1, opt2, opt3

The challenge is that some other, previously selected configurations determine whether or not you can select specific options, which has been a serious source of confusion.

If anyone has any ideas of examples of design patterns that would make this a more intuitive experience, I’d really appreciate the feedback!

dnd 5e – How can Illusion Magic be effective against True Sight?

There’s an assumption in the question that I want to challenge here… I’m interpreting your question as “Can an illusionist be effective against high-level opponents with truesight?”

In D&D5E, all wizards select a subclass — most of them are school “specializations”, but others exist. Taking a particular school does not bar the character from casting the full range of wizard spells1, but give a few special abilities related to the type of magic they’re best at.

True enough, your character’s favored brand of magic would be less effective against creatures with truesight. However, by the time a wizard reaches that level, there should be plenty of other spells in the character’s arsenal. As long as you don’t neglect other schools, your character should be fine.

1In previous editions, specialist wizards lost out on entire schools of magic to make them better in their selected school.

teamwork – What is the most effective way to explain code in a code review using a pull request?

I work for a small company with only three programmers (including myself).

Our workflow is:

  1. We write the code;
  2. We create a pull request on Github;
  3. We ask for code review;
  4. We merge the pull request.

Normally when I want to explain the motivation behind that code, I review my own code in my pull request and add comments to explain each part. The problem with this approach is that is uncomfortable to review code with many comments and the comments can be out of order depending on the order of the files.

I also tried describing my solution in the pull request description; the problem with this approach is that the reviewer would need to keep going back and forth to the description and code to understand what’s happening (and also the files can be out of order).

With that being said: is there any better alternatives to explain code that is going to be reviewed in a pull request? I feel like none of my solutions are really effective.