mobile: what text is most effective to encourage users to leave a comment for the Android app

So, the three previous answers are "a", "b" and "a & b".

That practically covers it :-]

The real answer is an empirical test: insert messages a and b at random and see what generates clicks on the comments button.

You can also see what is called a mix distribution: message 1 is good for a population and message 2 for another subset. This can be detected statistically from the A / B test using mixed models of the response data. I think you are likely to kill too much here.

PD: I think someone could write an application service to implement this correctly: it could actually be a good service: the data could be added to many applications to create a message of maximum effectiveness, in addition to that it could also emulate the rating system of Play Store to capture not only the intention to qualify, but also the ratings.

Choose the best carpet cleaners in Metairie to get effective cleaning solutions: everything else

Buying a beautiful rug is perhaps the wisest decision when you want to change the look of your home. Every time you buy a new carpet, for a couple of weeks or even months, the carpet looks impressive and improves the look of your place. But, after a while, you begin to notice that it is beginning to lose its charm. From ugly spots to dusty patches, your carpet is not as beautiful as it was before. Not to mention the possible health risks that it can present with all the accumulated dust and reproductive germs. Is there nothing I can do to recover the lost charm of your carpets? Well, instead of throwing the carpet or trying to clean it on your own and ruin it further, you should seek experience Metairie carpet cleaning services for fast, reliable and durable cleaning solutions. When you use the services of credible carpet cleaning agencies, they make use of state-of-the-art tools and techniques to remove dirt and dirt from their carpets and ensure that they recover their lost charm. No matter how much your carpet stinks or if it has stains everywhere, professional cleaners make sure the carpet looks like new.

With their years of experience and knowledge, professionals know how to better clean the different types of carpets without causing them any harm. They will have specific solutions and ways to clean all types of carpets, from Indian and Persian carpets, to Moroccan and Afghan carpets. Along with carpet cleaning, they also offer stain protection to prevent soiling and staining. In addition, most known carpet cleaners offer Metairie upholstery cleaning services too.

Looking for reliable cleaning service providers? Well, you don't need to look beyond EKO Carpet & Rug Cleaning Metairie. It is a well-known cleaning company that offers environmentally safe cleaning solutions that are safe for both pets and humans. They keep the requirements and specifications of their clients and clients in top priority and strive to provide high quality cleaning services that are worth every penny spent.

Contact the EKO Carpet & Rug Cleaning Metairie cleaner team now to get the best services

About EKO Carpet and Rug Cleaning Metairie:

EKO Carpet & Rug Cleaning Metairie is an eminent cleaning company that offers carpets, rugs and carpets. tile cleaning and grout Metairie services.

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I want to design a page where I put the fields as travel number, estimated time and process icon. Suggest me an effective solution

I want to design a page where I put the fields as travel number, estimated time and process icon. Suggest me an effective solution

enter the description of the image here

The most effective method to make Bittrex Trade Volume – Hybrid programs

Bittrex is the cutting-edge digital money exchange volume made by security experts. We are fans of the cryptocurrency, which has more than 50 years of joint security and enhancement experience for joint networks with Microsoft, Amazon, Quails and Blackberry from Bittrex Support Companies. In Bittrex Support Number +1 (845) 459-2769, our main goal is to provide the fastest and safest exchange stage. More detailed visit here:

Graphical user interface design: minimum steps necessary for an effective and efficient website redesign process.

Just started working for a web development agency, we work mainly with the government, so we want to align within that market with a professional, creative and functional website. We have a great blog and we want to highlight our content and documents, as well as who we are, our vision and services.

We have just begun the discovery phase of the project, and we are in the process of mapping people and user trips. I work there in project support and, in part, as a junior UX designer, together with the contract designer, who is more a UI designer than a UX designer, so it is a bit of a learning process as we move forward BUT we have a very strict Christmas deadline in which we would like to sign the final designs, so that we can begin to develop the site in January.

Our current plan / schedule is:
– Initial planning that includes weaknesses and wishes for our existing website (done)
– person planning (done)
– User trip mapping and valuable travel canvas for our 4 people (in process)
– content analysis
– Classification of AI cards, tree cutting, review and iteration
– component mapping and content architecture
– drawing session of new components
– frame all vanilla pages
– custom wireframing pages
– Creation of key user travel prototypes for customer testing
– customer test script
– audience tests
– prepare the customer information platform to present
– presentation of customer ideas
– refine prototypes / metal structures
– UI: theme and brand
– UI Review

Which is quite a lot and will definitely not be done at Christmas this year. So, my question, what is the absolute minimum process required to redesign a website?

Strategy for effective vulnerability investigation

I've been working on exploit developmentY reverse engineering for a few months about 1 year and 2 months full time, but I have some doubts after gaining solid knowledge. I want to ask non-technical questions. for example, I am in the main function of adobe reader dc or Foxitbut what's next? there are many blocks, and it's easy to get lost because of that, and we won't reverse engineering all the product Because it is endless, then the question is. How can you find the vulnerability path or reverse specific blocks? I was thinking about fuzzing and only reverse the crash blocks, but time I am waiting for an accident. I can use it to do another type of analysis. What would you recommend me? I've been using tools so far as boofuzz, peachfuzzand I've been using a little winafl + dynamorio, google sanitizers, libfuzzerand other tools.

Four effective risk management policies

Beginners always forget the role of money management in the commercial business. They continually seek a profitable commercial configuration and execute operations without following the basic parameters of this business. Some of the merchants even begin to operate in the market without knowing the risk factors and eventually worsen their financial situation. To obtain a constant benefit from this market, you must understand the role of an appropriate risk management policy. The Forex market is very volatile in nature and it doesn't take long to lose your investment. Unless you negotiate with proper preparation, it will surely make things worse.

There are many ways to protect your commercial capital. Among them, the four main effective risk management policies are:

1. Prepare to lose
2. Operate with the appropriate risk-reward ratio
3. Focus on business management skills
4. Trade with a low leverage account

Prepare to lose
The concept of losing operations is not entirely clear to naive operators. You cannot expect an ideal situation in the commercial business, as it will cost you great losses. Developing a balanced business strategy is only part of this profession. You can buy an expensive trading system from professional traders, but never think that you will not lose any trade. Due to the unpredictable nature of the investment business, traders are losing money. Does this mean you will never make a profit in the commercial business? The benefit depends largely on your strategy. If you win more trades and trade with discipline, you can expect to make a profit even after having a 60% profit rate.

Operate with the appropriate risk-reward ratio
The risk-reward ratio is very crucial in the commercial business. In the initial stage, look for the free Forex demo account for beginners and exchange the market with a different risk-reward ratio. Those who think that the 1: 2 risk-reward ratio is enough to ensure profit is making a big mistake. To make things easier, you must operate in the market with a risk-reward ratio of 1: 3+. Rakuten professional operators often suggest that new operators use a risk-reward ratio of 1: 4+ by default. It allows them to recover the loss with less discomfort. And to operate with a risk-reward relationship, you must follow the conservative business approach.

Focus on business management skills
Finding operations with a high risk-reward ratio will not ensure the benefit. Many operators often close the trade too soon even though everything perfectly favors their operations. They get scared and close the trade with a small profit. In doing so, they are simply killing the risk-reward ratio in each operation. Instead of closing profitable operations early, you should consider following the market trend. Learn about Trailing Stop loss, as it will help you follow the trend with zero risk exposure. Although the use of the final stops requires a perfect understanding of the key support and resistance level, you can easily learn this technique using the demo account.

Trade with a low leverage account
Choosing the right leverage for your account is very crucial. Low-end brokers often offer 1: 2000 leverage and this is very lethal in commerce. A small mistake can cost you all your investment. To protect the investment of novice operators, Rakuten professional brokers never encourage a high leverage business account. It is better to obtain a small constant profit instead of losing all your investment. Control your green and be happy with the returns.

Stop complicating things and try to use a balanced strategy so you can make a profit in any market condition. If you feel frustrated with your business performance, take a short break and try to find the weakness. Solve problems by reading books and free resources online. But never operate in the real market when you have doubts about your trading system. You have to be a safe trader to protect your capital.

Optimization: can you play as an effective human / kine character in Vampire the Masquerade?

Is it possible to interpret a human in VtM? Or would they be unfortunately with little power and out of depth? He was interested in playing as a mercenary vampire hunter (who is hired by vampires to hunt other vampires).

I don't mind playing a character with little power, in fact, I liked the idea of ​​being a helpless person who has to survive with skill and planning. But if it were just a deadweight for the rest of the party, or if it required so much work, it would be a pain for my GM, I will have to give up the concept.

Why postcard printing is such an effective way to attract customers: everything else

Postcard and marketing have a vast history. They are not seen these days, but they occupy a nostalgic place in people's lives, since it has been the most adorable and personalized way to advertise. The world has been dominated by technology and there are many people who crave traditional forms of advertising and marketing to increase nostalgia.

Companies can take advantage of this resurgence in the traditional form of marketing for advertising and marketing of the company or products. There are many reasons that make these cards the most effective and efficient way to attract more customers.


The biggest advantage of using print postcards is that they can be customized in terms of shapes, sizes and custom designs that represent the company in the most effective way.

Forms: there are no restrictions or limitations when it comes to personalized postcards Due to the most advanced die cutting techniques that make any desired shape for customers such as squares, rectangular, round, hexagonal, die cut letters or cutouts, whatever shape you can think of.

Sizes: The bigger, the better!

With the passage of time and the progress in packaging and printing, industry trends have changed dramatically. It is not necessary to obtain the standard size of the cards, since you can obtain the sizes that can contain all the necessary information that must be transmitted to customers.

Design: The latest state-of-the-art printing techniques, such as inkjet printing, screen printing or laser printing, have made it possible for companies to obtain the desired colors, custom logo, patterns, images, animation or the illustration in high quality printing results.

Lamination: the quality of packaging and print media speaks for the value of the company. Lamination is a glossy and matte plastic coating that improves the appearance of the product with its finest finish. Premium printed postcards Give a promising image of the brand among customers that is beneficial to the business.

Frustrated and stamped: metallic inking or high inks are other amazing personalization techniques that drastically magnify the perspective of print media. These techniques are beneficial to highlight the most important details, such as logos, slogans or other personalized information that requires the attention of customers.

Economic choice:

It is important that the company maintains balance in spending and marketing campaigns. Custom postcards are considered the most economical way to market the brand effectively by attracting the interest of customers and the target audience.

It is the most effective way to deliver the message directly to customers.

  • The material, the paper stock, used to make these cards is cheaper than any other alternative form of advertising.

  • Postcards are sent without the envelope that saves a lot of money for the material used to make the envelopes.

  • These are lightweight and reduce the cost of storage, handling and shipping.

  • They are affordable compared to, for example, magazines and other promotional items that are present in the market.

  • The cost of manufacturing and printing is lower than any other means.

  • More information can be delivered to customers by printing on both sides of the cards.

  • They also save money if you print postcards online at home with the help of choosing the right design and printer.

Clients of influence:

The aesthetic appeal of the cards is the biggest advantage to stand out in the market or among customers, and competition between brands. Potential customers are more likely to keep postcards with attractive designs that help reinforce the brand that plays an important role in visual memory.

Generate sales:

Personalized postcards with brand information, company logo, offers, new releases and other brand-related information have proven to generate more sales. It is easy and economical to create an urgency to capture the attention of customers to make a purchase in a defined period of time. Delivering postcards with custom designs keeps products and sales in the minds of customers.

Target demographic audience:

Attracting customers in a specific demographic area is easy with personalized information about the best exports of the country, its people, numerous historical landmarks, historical buildings and important people. These cards maintain a deeper connection with customers due to the sentimental attachment to the specific place and area.


These cards are not only effective in attracting customers with captivating and eye-catching designs, but they are also adorable due to their great contribution to save the Earth from the harmful effects of non-ecological material. Paper is the most sustainable material that is biodegradable and recyclable.

How to get the cheapest postcards:

The world we live in has made everything easy to access and control. Wholesale is the way to get the cheapest deals for bulk products. There are many companies that offer fully customized high quality postcards. They offer customers total freedom to choose the material, a quality of paper, design elements, shapes and sizes that represent the brand in the best possible way with style.

Most important elements for postcards:

Being the most effective and cheap option available to market and advertise your brand, it gives you an incredible opportunity to get the most benefit from it.

Here are some things that could help you make your Postcard Printing more effective in winning or retaining customers, such as;

  • Add better images

  • Use the best quality or grade of paper.

  • Maintain the design and customer oriented brand.

  • Do not overlook the design if your message can be transmitted with the minimum design elements

  • Be fashionable and up to par

  • Choose themes according to the occasion

  • Be clearer about the information or the purpose of the cards.

There is no possibility of failing to win customer loyalty with postcard marketing, since they are more specific and accurate than any other promotional strategy. They are also close to people's hearts and are considered more ethical than social networks and other means to connect with customers.

Why postcard printing is so effective to attract customers.jpg