Video editors for GoPro

I use GoPro Hero 8 to create awesome action movies. I came up with an idea to promote my YouTube blog and now I need your help. Could you recommend a video editor?

Text editors are hiding text

When an existing page or publication appears, the Gutenberg editor shows the title, then displays the text as if it were confined to the left side of the editing panel, then the panel is blank (with a correct word count at the bottom of the panel). I tried to deactivate Gutenberg, and if I succeeded (how I would know), there would be no difference. I installed the Classic Editor plug-in and activated it, and whether I deactivate Gutenberg or not, the same thing happens. The only change I can generate is to get a "choice" from the Block Editor or the Classic Editor in my list of publications. However, no "choice" changes anything. Any ideas would be welcome; I am effectively excluded from my editorial duties.

Is Trump the worst editors nightmare come true?

George Washington was the leader of an incipient third world country that was providing first world values. His nation could only escape the reach of one superpower, (England), asking for help and leverage from another (France).

His statements were warnings about the acceptance of the continued help of the superpowers as a & # 39; direct access & # 39; to the status of the first world. They have nothing to do with nations that help each other expose corruption. WE ARE the superpower now, so the whole context is also different.

If you want to see examples of what Washington was really talking about, start tracking down all the ways in which communist China is influencing the economy, politics, policies, the educational system of this nation (including religion), through The political left. China is a real superpower (unlike Ukraine), and its corrupt influence is profound. That is the approach of what President Trump is trying to expose and why he is being attacked. The "office" system of communist style that arrived in this country at the same time that communist revolutions were happening in other parts of the world is the main mechanism of corrupt influence, unnecessary "secret", waste and abuse of power as what they are dealing with. of doing. to his own president, his nation, freedom and our own lifestyle.

upload – What type of entity / file do online photo editors use during image modification?

I am the author of Web browsers can run Javascript, which is a complete programming language (Turing-). It means that in JS, you can do any program, which can be done in any other programming language.

Browsers allow a JS program to upload a file from your computer (or from the Internet). Then, the program receives a file (a finite sequence of bytes, which are numbers between 0 and 255) and can see, p. that a first byte is 137, the second is 80, the third is 78 … (PNG files start with these bytes).

Once you have an environment, you can run any program, and the program can access a file, it allows you to take photos / videos / any other editor. The fact that you are in a browser is not important.

In the past, web publishers used to upload data to a server, process it there and download the result again, because JS execution in browsers was very slow. But now, browsers are fast and the hardware is powerful, so why not use all this computing power?

What type of entity / file do online photo editors use during image modification?

I would like to ask what kind of entity, file or process the photo editors use to allow the modification of images in their browser. I am not an expert on this subject, so I will try to explain myself the best I can to give precision to my question.

When I select an image saved on my PC that I am ready to modify and upload it to the online editor, it doesn't seem like a real load. There is no megabyte bar fill and the image is immediately displayed on the editing website as if the online program was working in the zone on my pc My upload speed is not high enough to prevent me from noticing that I am uploading that image online.
What kind of "entity" is the image I see on the website? Is it a light temporary copy of my photo? Or is it the real image, saved on my hard drive, and every process performed by the website is displayed locally in my browser?

Edit with new information:

  • With some editors, the "loading" of images, modifications and possible storage of the modified image also work offline. I could load the editor site, turn off my connection and it works correctly in its functionalities.
  • However, with other publishers, I operate offline and when I connect to the Internet, I can see the history of everything I did offline.

Two content editors (gutenberg blocks) on the same page

Can I have an additional content editor for blocks in the same post / page?

I need to have two sections of blocks to realize the design I am working with.

editors – How to reference the name of the private serialized field in a custom unit inspector

I encounter a problem that I think will seriously affect maintenance in the future, so I would like to solve it now before it becomes a problem.

I have started using private fields (SerializeField) instead of public ones to prevent other scripts from manipulating internal data. Then, for scripts that refer to the fields of the component through properties in an interface.

So, in a MonoBehavior I have something like:

private float speed;

public float Speed => speed; //implements interface    

However, in my custom inspectors, now I can't use


This is because he does not have access to the speed of the private member. Now I have to refer to it by chain name:


This worries me since now I can't easily change the name of the speed countryside. Also, doing both speed Y Speed The public is scary since speed can be manipulated from outside.

Is there a good way to protect myself from external modifications, while refactoring is easy?

Advertising networks: there is "shaving", and then there are the editors who copy with violence …

Ok then there are "shaved off" (bad enough as it is, but everyone does it whether they admit it or not and they always will, just a fact), and then there is Absolute violation

These screenshots are my GA of the traffic I sent VS Your control panel. I already sent an email to my AM (9 hours ago) without reply, and I saw him log in to Skype, read my messages and log out without replying … So I definitely contacted them before opening a "scam "" thread …..

GA traffic:

As you can see (it's a new site) the traffic is from Twitter and 3 Turmblr Clones that I use, I sent them 303 Uniques, 353 Sessions and 544 Unique page views, from 19 different countries.

This is what their statistics state that I sent them for exactly the same period of time:

15 visits from 4 countries – That's what they want to give me credit for?!?!?!?

So, to cover all the bases:

Yes, I was using the anti-adblock script

Yes, I am aware that there will be a discrepancy between the actual traffic sent and what is monetizable because the ad blocking becomes more aggressive and unbridled, BUT IT IS NEVER A BIG DIFFERENCE.

I use GA's Asynchronous JS implementation on my sites, so for GA to see them they had to have js and cookies enabled, so that's not it

I do not do "Fake Traffic" and I have reviewed the traffic in detail to make sure there is nothing that can be said to be diverted – traffic is completely normal in all measures – the bounce rate is not very high, there is no traffic data center / vps, all residential ISPs and mobile phone operators (almost 40 different operators / ISPs from 19 different countries), and the traffic came from a combination of mobile phones and desktops, the most demographic were users of iPhone, but a fair cross-section between iOS, Android and Windows and Mac Traffic …..

The only suspicious elements are:

Your shadow under reports
Your pathetic CPMs for Level 1
The fact that they opened my Skype message, read it and became "Invisible" – hiding instead of answering when I asked about it …

Draw your own conclusions, but if you walk like a duck and croak like a duck, it's a – Yes, you've guessed it – @PopMyAds is officially a #SCAM

TG I only tested your network on a small amount of traffic from a new site; If I had made the mistake of executing them in any of my other sites for a day, they would have ended up receiving more than 50k visits from me … That is NOT happening for free !!

For the attention of Editors – Does anyone have professional liability insurance?

An agency for which I write (independent, remote) now requires professional liability insurance for all its writers (also known as E + O – error and omission insurance). This is a very specialized form of insurance for freelancers and I am having difficulty finding an insurance company that offers it to writers / copywriters. One (Hiscox) assures almost every imaginable independent worker (i.e. acupuncture services) except writers. I have been working for this company for almost 7 …

For the attention of Editors – Does anyone have professional liability insurance?

How much do editors earn?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question, I would have more money than Donald Trump. So I will try to answer this question with this thread.
Perhaps after reading this, some of you, young writers, may decide to take some courses and give up trying to make a living as content writers.

Feel free to ask questions about how to get started if you wish. I also encourage anyone to intervene and add their opinion or answer any questions that may be asked.

First, there are really three definitions of editors, which are the following:
(1) agency editors
(2) copywriters at home
(3) freelance writers / entrepreneurs

As for income, it all depends on the experience and customer base among other things, but the average editor receives around US $ 48,000. UU. By year. Many get around $ 65,000 while a senior copywriter under contract can expect an average of $ 93,000.
Personally, I have worked with a well-known copywriter who has a contract that won $ 220,000 last year and will probably match or exceed that year.

I hope this question has been answered, but if not, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have and I will answer you when you are back online.