websphere – Is it possible to obtain a developer edition of IBM MQ that works under Windows 7?

I am trying to find IBM MQ queue manager that will install under Windows 7 and allow me to send and receive a handful of messages for the purpose of testing of my piece of code. There are development versions on IBM’s web site, but both 920 and 915 list Windows 7 as unsupported during the installation 1st step.

I googled and only found a reference to Windows 7 in the software requirements for MQ 7.0/7.1, but on SO I can see questions from some who tried to install v.9 on Windows 7. Can anyone point me at the IBM’s download page for the one that will work for me? I do not really care which version it is, as long as it works under Windows 7.

Alternatively, a Virtualbox VM image would work, but not a docker image.

I am aware of “in the cloud” option for developers, and I have it, but my development is not always occurs while connected, and I need to be able to develop while on my laptop but without an internet connection.

App Windows – VMware Horizon 7.13 Enterprise Edition with Client 5.4.2 (x64)

VMware Horizon 7.13 Enterprise Edition with Client 5.4.2 (x64) | 1.6 Gb
The VMware software team is pleased to announce the availability of VMware Horizon 7.13. This release includes many new features and enhancements to Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Agent including continuing to build on the feature parity of Horizon Console, the HTML5-based web console that replaces Horizon Administrator, which is not available in VMware Horizon 8.

Release Notes for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.13 – Date: 15 October 2020
The biggest new feature in this release of Horizon is the inclusion of instant clones with virtually all Horizon licenses. Instant clones are one of the most transformative technologies in Horizon. The version of instant clones in 7.13 included with 7.13 includes the enhancements that were included in Horizon 8. The most important enhancement is Smart Provisioning which allows instant clones to be deployed without a parent VM, although it will be slightly slower to provision new clones without a parent VM it will save disk space and memory. By default, hosts that have less than 12 clones will not have a parent, but there are ways to override this.
Carbon Black, VMware’s endpoint security product, is supported with 7.13 instant clones.
The Horizon Console now includes a feature that has been asked for by the customers for some time: the ability to see pools being deleted from the Machines view. Another enhancement to the console is that VMware added the Admin role which has all privileges except the ability to grant others administrator privileges.
Another much-needed feature that was included is that the public IP address of the end users is now collected via the agent. This will be a great boon for troubleshooting and security.
In the past, in order to change the features that were initially installed with the Horizon Agent you needed to uninstall and then reinstall the agent. With this release you have the option to change features without reinstalling the agent.
Horizon Client
Along with the release of 7.13 VMware included the Horizon 5.5 and Horizon 2009 client. The 2009 client supports Horizon 8 as well as Horizon 7, whereas the Horizon 5.5 client only shows support for Horizon 7.
VMware published a chart that shows what features are supported for each client. Most telling is that 2009 does not support virtual printing, which is ThinPrint’s remote management solution that has been with Horizon/View since the early days.

VMware published a chart that shows what features are supported for each client. Most telling is that 2009 does not support virtual printing, which is ThinPrint’s remote management solution that has been with Horizon/View since the early days.

App Volumes and DEM
In App Volumes 2009 the only real new feature is that you now have the option to join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). This release also includes security and bug fixes.
The release notes for DEM 2009 show only minor changes to the product with the most interesting being that you can now configure tasks to run during computer startup or shutdown. You can find an extensive list of changes in the release notes for Horizon 7.13, Cart 5.5, and DEM 2009

The number provided before each resolved issue refers to the VMware internal issues tracking system.
– 2611802: After installing Horizon Agent, a Windows Server 2016 unmanaged desktop appears as an RDS Host instead of a desktop in Horizon Administrator.
– 2506831: Start menu does not work on Windows 10 2004 64-bit and 32-bit machines with Persona installed.
– 2413211: A deleted file or folder is not removed from a Windows Roaming Profile Synchronization enabled folder of Persona remote profile.
– 2594225: Logon fails at first logon after recomposing/refreshing desktop where Persona and DSVA are enabled. See KB 80951.
– 2638685: VMware Persona Service crashes, resulting in users experiencing application issues after installing Microsoft Windows Defender ATP and Microsoft Bitlocker.
VMware Horizon 7 delivers virtualized or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end users. These desktop and application services-including Remote Desktop Services (RDS) hosted apps, packaged apps with VMware ThinApp, software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, and even virtualized apps from Citrix-can all be accessed from one digital workspace across devices, locations, media, and connections without compromising quality and user experience.

Leveraging complete workspace environment management and optimized for the software-defifned data center, Horizon 7 helps IT control, manage, and protect all of the Windows resources end users want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency business demands.
This release of VMware Horizon 7.13 boasts many new improvements and enhancements, including improvements to the platform and instant clone functionality, enhancements to Linux support and Blast Extreme updates, and a variety of boosts to Horizon Agents and Horizon Clients.
Horizon 7.13: What’s New.

VMware software powers the world’s complex digital infrastructure. The company’s cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace offerings provide a dynamic and efficient digital foundation to customers globally, aided by an extensive ecosystem of partners. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to being a force for good, from its breakthrough innovations to its global impact.
Product: VMware Horizon
Version: 7.13 Enterprise Edition with Client 5.4.2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.vmware.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 1.6 Gb

System Requirements:
– Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter (x64)
– Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
– Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
– Windows Server 2019
Hardware Recommended:
CPU: 2GHz or faster and 4 CPUs
Network: 1Gbps NICs
Memory: 8GB RAM or higher for deployments of 50 or more remote desktops
Disk space: 60GB

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Is it possible to install Android Go Edition in Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro?

I have an old Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro from 2015.

enter image description here

This phone has Android 5.1.1 installed, 16MB capacity and even with a fresh install there’s only about 2GB left. I read Android Go is lighter and leaves more space available.

How to install this in this phone? any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

dnd 5e – Do different versions of the same feats stack in 5th edition?

You can take each feat only once.

Unless the feat’s description says otherwise. PHB page 165, second paragraph of feats.

As an example of a feat that can be taken more than once in the PHB there’s Elemental Adept.

A sorcerer using the metamagic distant magic would double the range on top of the benefits of the feat, since it’s not a feat taken more than once but similar effects.

App Mac – DxO PhotoLab 4 ELITE Edition Multilingual macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

DxO PhotoLab 4 ELITE Edition Multilingual | macOS | 371 mb
DxO PhotoLab (was DxO Optics Pro) provides a complete set of smart assisted corrections that you can manually fine-tune at any time. Take control on every aspect of your photos: effectively remove noise, get rid of light constraints, recover color details, apply sophisticated optical corrections, and enhance details.

Reducing digital noise in RAW images is an ongoing challenge for most photo-editing software. But with DxO DeepPRIME we are breaking new ground. The first artificial intelligence-based (AI) technology of its kind, DeepPRIME enables you to demosaic and denoise images simultaneously. Try it out – the results speak for themselves.
Demosaicing and denoising are usually two separate processes. But with DxO DeepPRIME we’ve combined them to achieve even better results.
The outcome is spectacular. DxO DeepPRIME removes noise and renders photographic information without reducing color detail. Transitions are smoother and more natural, and you gain nearly two ISO sensitivity values compared to our earlier version, DxO PRIME, the benchmark software for all comparable programs currently available.
If you are an expert photographer, DxO DeepPRIME will open up a world of new possibilities by enabling you to shoot at very high sensitivities. As an amateur photographer, DeepPRIME will allow you to compensate for the drawbacks of small sensors in compact and bridge cameras that produce digital noise even at low ISO sensitivities. And if you’re struggling with low quality, or older-generation cameras that are no longer suitable because of the scale of digital noise, DxO DeepPRIME will give your images a new lease of life.
– DxO Smart Lighting
– DxO ClearView
– Optical Corrections
– Introducing U Point
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit
Homepage: http://www.dxo.com

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PC Games – Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition (v.0.318-29-1 000029-CL197 487 + DLC) RePack by xatab | NulledTeam UnderGround

2018 | PC | Developer : NetherRealm Studios, QLOC, Shiver | Publisher : Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment | 85.91 GB
Interface language : Russian, English, MULTi12
Voice Language : English, MULTi6
Genre : Action / Fighting

In Mortal Kombat 11 are classic fighters, as well as the continuation of the cinematic epic saga, which has been developing for 25 years.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a continuation of the cult series of Mortal Kombat fighting games, in which players are offered ample opportunities for customizing the fighters thanks to the new Custom Character Variations system. The new graphics engine will move you into the thick of fighting, forcing you to literally feel every broken bone and your shaved eyes fly out.

Premium edition
MK is back! And this is the best version of the cult franchise.
Premium Edition MK11 includes:
Main game
Combat Kit
Combat Kit includes:
6 characters of downloadable content
1 week of early access to downloadable content characters
7 species
7 sets of equipment

Create fighters to your liking. A new graphics engine gives a feeling of absolute reality. Army of new and classic fighters and the best in class story mode.

Features of RePack
Based on the release from EMPRESS
All voiceovers are cut except for English / nothing is recoded;
Game archives have not been opened;
Game version 0.318-29-1000029-CL197487
Addition: all installed
The language changes when installing the game in the installer
Installation time ~ 20 minutes (depends on the computer)

Minimum system requirements :
– Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10
– Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200, 3.1 GHz
– Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon HD 7950 or AMD Radeon R9 270
– DirectX: Version 11
– Network: Broadband internet connection
– Disk Space: 61 GB


magento2.3 – What is most easy way to move the old Magento 1 frontend layout to the new Magento 2 edition?

I will setup my old Magento 1.4 webshop to the Magento 2.3 webshop. Can somebody help me to explain which steps i have to make?
So far i found, data migration tool cannot be used for it?

Which folders i can find that? And how to install it to the new version?

Appreciate you help!

[Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition

Admin submitted a new resource:

[Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition – [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition

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Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google…

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App Windows – dslrBooth Professional Edition 6.36.1013.1 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows (x64) | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 74.5 MB

Your Own Photo Booth – Running a photo booth shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.​

Run dslrBooth photo booth software on your pc or mac, hook up your Canon, Nikon, Sony dslr, or Webcam and you have a professional photo booth.

Built from the ground up for running photo booths using the latest technologies so that you’ll get the highest quality prints.

Works with PCs and Macs, Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR cameras and Webcams. Easy to install. Easy to run.

Photographers all over the world rely on dslrBooth to power their photo booths. Every release is thoroughly tested by us at real life events.

Share photos and GIFs by E-mail, SMS, Twitter, or QR codes. Also share using our fotoShare iPad app.

Top notch Green Screen Removal (Chromakeying), Live view, sharing to facebook pages.

Built by professional photographers for dslr photographers from bners to professionals.

dslrBooth was made to simplify the process of running photo booths.

Add photos, graphics, text and turn your photos into photo booth prints.

Share photos + GIFs to email, sms, twitter, or qr codes.

Automate your workflow from capture to printing. Hook up your camera, start a session and everything else is fully automated.

Customize prints with text, graphics, and logo with our built-in template editor. Photoshop experience not required. Add animated overlays to your GIFS.

Automatically remove background green screen and add any photos transporting your guests anywhere in the world (Professional Edition). Optionally use 360 panoramic backgrounds.

Let your guests share their prints, original photos + GIFs over: E-mail, SMS, Twitter, and QR Codes.

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR cameras and Webcams. Get the best looking photo booth photos by leveraging your dslr camera.

Highest quality prints thanks to your pro dslr camera combined with the latest in image processing technology. Standard Edition supports 4×6. Professional Edition adds support for all paper sizes.

Built for touch screens so you can use with the latest tablets, all-in-one PCs or touch monitors. All user functionality can be operated from the touch screen with no need for a keyboard or mouse. Guests can even sign their prints on the screen.

Let users touch the screen or press a button and the photo booth will run itself. Optionally, you can have a photographer taking the pictures if you really want. You can also trigger using bill and coin acceptors.

Includes video and audio prompts to use whether or not you are running a Mirror Booth. Optionally add your own prompts.

Allow guests to choose an effects to add to their photos to instagram or add them automatically. You can also apply custom post-processing using Photoshop actions or other 3rd party software.

Optionally, use our fotoShare iPad app to let your guests see all their photos, share, and print them.

We stand behind the software we build. No automated robots to answer your e-mail.

Built by professional photographers who use the software regularly for high profile events.

Several templates are included to get you started whether you want a classic 4 pose vertical template or something more modern. You can easily tweak our templates to suit your event.

Allow guests to choose between Print, Print + GIF, GIF and Boomerang.

Allow guests to sign their print for a personal touch.

Display the live view image how it would appear in the template, allowing guests to position themselves within the frame.

Add your own triggers that can trigger lights, sounds, and other applications from dslrBooth.

Record a one second video then slow it down, play it forward then reverse.

Replace a green or blue background with a custom background using state of the art Green Screen technology. The process is completely automated and effortless.

In additional to the standard 4×6 paper size, print on 4×8, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, and any other paper sizes.

Live View which allows people to see a video of themselves before the camera takes a picture. This is supported by most recent dslr cameras.


– Processor: Intel i5 or higher highly recommended.

– RAM: 4 GB

– Graphics card that supports OpenGL v3.0

– 64 bit

– Touch screen is recommended for sharing features but not required.

– AMD APU processors are problematic in working with high performance multi-threaded applications such as dslrBooth.

– Intel Atom and Intel Celeron processors are too slow to keep up with the demands of processing high resolution photos from DSLR cameras.


Is it free to download an Oracle Enterprise Edition image from Docker?

I would like to learn more about Oracle (I am more of an SQL Server developer). I am thinking about downloading the Docker image: https://hub.docker.com/_/oracle-database-enterprise-edition?tab=reviews

I am a developer and this is strictly for learning purposes. I have read lots of other similar questions on here like this one: Is Oracle free to download? (dated 2013), however they are many years old. One of the answers in the question I have posted a link to says: “strictly self-educational purposes”.

The reason I am concerned is because before downloading the image you have to supply a company name i.e. it is a mandatory field. There is no company because this is strictly for learning purposes and the reviewed comments on the Docker webpage are from “verified purchasers”. I was thinking about downloading the express edition but some of the features I want to learn about are not available with the express edition.

Can I use the EE image for learning purposes?