Generatepress Theme Editing needed


we have the premium license of generatepress wordpress theme, need editing for the theme.
I have the design part ready, very simple design.

Someone with experience in this field with generatepress editing will be great.

Looking to pay $xx


Display and editing complex data

I am looking for suggestion how to display complex data for reading/editing.

Data will be key-value, example:

string-val: “v12”,
int-value: 99,
boolean: true

I these types I think simple table will do the trick (with editable rows).

I will also have to support the following:
array-val: (1, 2 ,3), object-value: {name: “bp”, amount: 4}, array-object-value: ({name: “bp”, amount: 4}, {name: “bp”, amount: 4})

I am considering using: (just an example because we use material-ui), where the dropdown V will have an embedded table.

I am open for any suggestion, this is the only solution I can think of.

office online – Browser app for editing excel files by formular

I have an large excel file with a lot of different tabs in microsoft excel (laying in OneDrive). I want to create some formulars to make editing and viewing easier and more structured (like any web app that saves data somewhere, just with excel as database).

It would be really nice to make everyone editing and viewing only over those formulars.

Do you know anything? Is this possible? I have not found anything so far.

I Will Create/Edit a Ad or Video For You or Animate One Can be for YouTube for $40

I Will Create/Edit a Ad or Video For You or Animate One Can be for YouTube

If your looking for a professional well edited video to your liking but don’t have the software or skill. This is for you. I ca edit ads for your business or and form of video including YouTube videos. Don’t want clips edited? I can create an animation for you if you wish.


i will do fast photos Retouching for $1

i will do fast photos Retouching

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photo editing – Is there a better way to “smooth out” CMYK halftones other than just blurring?

I’m trying to get the best possible scan of a CD cover (although this would apply to any print media using CMYK halftoning).

With the highest setting on my scanner (3200dpi) I quickly run into the DPI of the print itself.

Here’s a small portion for an example:

Lots of CMYK dots making up a small piece of a guitar

I can certainly blur the image, but there doesn’t seem to be a good compromise for the blur radius between still having some grid artifacts and loosing too much detail. This is my best attempt:

A blured picture of the same guitar, with visible grid patterns

Is there a better way to do this? Surely there’s some filter that has more “knowledge” about halftones and can make a better result because of it.

The bluring above was done in GIMP, and while I’d love a GIMP solution, I’d appreciate any tool that can get the job done.

photo editing – Does a green screen have to be green and, if so, what shade?

Greenscreen is technically a specific green (it registers on a display as being entirely ‘green gun’ nothing else – however most green screen software is pretty flexible on that, so in practice, anywhere close will do.

Bluescreen is an alternative, used predominantly in the movie industry, though I don’t know why. they will use bluescreen to mask off an entire area behind buildings etc to map in landscape in CGI, but then will use green if they need to mask a character, for eg a missing arm etc.

As mentioned in comments & other answers it doesn’t have to be green or blue, these are just far enough away from most other natural colours as to be easier to pick out by the software.

You can buy dedicated greenscreen in a non-woven paper-like form for a few $£€ on eBay, which is probably worth a look.

Your backdrop needs to be fully illuminated, separately from your subject.
With either green or blue there can be an issue with reflected light casting onto your subject. In an ideal world, your subject shouldn’t be near enough the backdrop for this to be a major issue. In a living room with a small dog that’s going to have to stand right on it, this is likely going to be a problem.

Good greenscreen software can eliminate this to quite a large extent, but the ‘good stuff’ isn’t cheap. The likes of PhotoKey Pro though I expect newer AI-based structures will overtake this in the not too distant future. This is going to be a space to watch. A lot of the effort in this direction is being done on the moving image, with stills taking a bit of a back seat at the moment, but it will come in the not-too-distant future. The new Photoshop 2021 apparently has something along these lines, but I’ve not made the jump yet. I like to give them 6 months for things to settle down.

The only real way to do this used to be with a lot of care & attention in Photoshop, but in the past few years I’ve just left that behind as it’s become too tedious compared to dedicated software.

There are some online (pay per image) sites that can even extract a subject with surprising accuracy even if it wasn’t shot against a plain background.
Search “extract object from image online” to find a whole bunch of these. They usually do low-rez freebies or a few full-quality as a trial before taking your money. You might even find them good enough to pay rather than do it manually. Your call. I’ve tried a couple of them on just phone photos & they are surprisingly good.

photo editing – Darktable : using a style to deactivate an operation when exporting a file

I usually set a watermark on my photos and I would like to be able to deactivate sometimes the watermark when I am exporting files from the light table.

Long ago, with an old version of Darktable, I used to achieve that with a style but it doesn’t work anymore.

I tried to recreate the style, and export it. I formatted it with xmlstarlet just to read it :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<darktable_style version="1.0">
    <name>Sans Filigrane</name>

I tried to replace <enabled>1</enabled> by <enabled>0</enabled> in the original file and managed to re-import it but it misbehaved exactly the same.

I searched deeper in the Darktable documentation and found that styles are applied like duplicates instances of the modules on top of the history stack. I suspect that deactivating a module at export time couldn’t be achieved by applying a style.

Maybe somebody would have a solution ?

Can I get a Kodachrome-film look in my digital photos after editing?

Can I edit my digital photos so they will get the colors and the values of the famous Kodachrome film or at least resemble to it? I can also ask the futile question edit the photos so they have a Leica look?

editing – How to save a photo without transparency turning white MS paint

while editing a photo, I tried to make a transparent window which my computer detects, making a real transparent window. however, I made it and transferred it to the printer and I appeared white, [I use a printer i built myself that prints then cuts holes to put a window in it if detects transparency.] how do i have the photo in .jpeg, .png, or .BMP [bitmap]