2013 – SPUtility not working on Custom edit Form

Are you including the debug version of the jquery library or the min version? I ran into this problem and found the solution to be a bit strange, but I received this error when using jquery-3.1.0.js and it ran perfectly when using jquery-3.1.0.min.js. I doubt you’d be using the .min.js for one form and the debug version for another, but I thought it was worth sharing my solution in case that’s what you are doing.

It’s worth noting that even when I included the min.js version in my Content Editor web part, it would still give me the error if I had the debug version included in my master page, since it was loading them both.

cron – Edit crontab file in /etc as root user and add a line, Newbie challenged with syntax

I set up my CRM on-premise. Within CRM set up sync to Google Calendar. A manual test run within the CRM demonstrates that sync is working.

The CRM implementation guidelines state the following: For Unix/Linux systems, as a root user, edit the crontab file in /etc, and add an extra line at the end

The documentation provides a sample and explanation below:

*/5 * * * * cd </srv/www/vhosts/1crm>; </usr/bin/php> scheduler.php
is the username that the web server runs as (usually defaults to ‘apache’ or ‘wwwrun’),
and where
</srv/www/vhosts/1crm> is the path to your 1CRM directory,
and where
</usr/bin/php> is the path to your php executable file.

I figure how to edit as root or enter crontab e -u root in Konsole of Kubuntu.

I modify the above as follows:

*/5 * * * * www-data cd /var/www/1crm; /usr/bin/php7.4 scheduler.php

And gained no result, so what am I missing? Did I get the user wrong or should it be just PHP, or is it picking up the right scheduler.php (presumably the one in the crm directory). How do I test a cron job, for that matter? Right now, I am going in the crm and checking if calendar new test calendar items got sync, from google calendar to the crm calendar.

Magento2: how to remove edit product link from minicart (2.4.1)

I have attempted to follow lots of answers on here which cover overriding the minicart via a new extension/module.

I have successfully removed all the edit links from the cart by adding the file:
to this location:

Which looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" layout="1column" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">
<update handle="checkout_cart_item_renderers"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.default.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.configurable.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.simple.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.virtual.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.giftcard.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.grouped.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.downloadable.actions.edit" remove="true"/>
    <referenceBlock name="checkout.cart.item.renderers.bundle.actions.edit" remove="true"/>

Can I do the same for the minicart?

I have tried copying the file from this location:

Various locations seem to be suggested:

I’ve tried all of these locations with deploying static content (although its in developer mode) but the pencil prevails.

I don’t know if things have changed recently, quite alot of the questions appear to be 3-4 years old in some cases and I wonder if the recent changes now require a slightly different approach?

I have also tried to override this file:
by placing one here with an alternative location like this:

var config = {
map: {
    '*': {


but this answer Magento 2: How to override mini-cart default template html file? doesn’t make it clear where the alternative file should be located and again is 5+ years old.

I wonder if someone could put me out my misery and tell me where I have gone wrong and which one of these solutions should work and how I can get it to work please?

hooks – After webform submission restrict/greyout certain fields when user goes back in to edit

On my Drupal 7 instance I am letting anonymous users “edit own webform content” or “access own webform results.” The thing is, I want one or two of the fields to become un-editable after the initial submission. Once they click through the link in their confirmation email to edit their submission, I want the email and company name fields to be greyed out but all other fields to be editable. What is my path of least resistance?

layout builder – Unable to edit custom block without administrator permissions

I created a content type “landingpage” and a user role “editor”. I enabled layout builder for this content type and enabled the option to overwrite the the layout for individual pages.

As Admin I can easily add custom blocks to the layout and afterwards I*m able to edit those blocks oder delete them.

As Editor, however, though I a am able to add custom blocks, I neither can edit my own blocks nor am I able to remove them.

I granted the editor role following permissions:

  • Admin blocks
  • Custom block: Manage display
  • Content – Landing page: Configure layout overrides for content that the user can edit.
  • Create and edit custom blocks
  • Manage Layout Builder Modal

Im using Drupal 8.9.14

Has anyone an idea to solve my problem?

google sheets – Sync dropdown cells and edit it

Sorry english is not my native language but I can’t find anything to this topic and I hope you understand my writing/problem and can help me.

I have a huge google sheet with many columns. But for this I create an example like there are only A (Names) and B (Age) important and lets say it is Sheet 2. I don’t want to look through all of this every time when I do some changes. So I created a sheet 1. There I have in cell A1 a dropdown list for the names and when I select a name then there should be in cell B1 the age of that person – that would be possible with vlookup, yes yes. But I want that it is possible to edit cell b1 and then it should update this persons age in the sheet 2.

For example I have John in sheet 2 and he is 45. Now I go to sheet 1 and select John with my dropdown list in A1 and in B1 it says 45. Now I change 45 into 46 and in sheet 2 John should now be 46.

I know that I need a script for that because with a formula it is not possible to edit numbers, but I don’t have any clue how to do that.

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How to edit SharePoint page content/URL using client Object Model

It depends 🙂

if these columns are just fields that you added on the page content type or on the page library itself and they are added on the page layout, then it is as easy as update the columns with the link you like.

I believe this is not the case, and the links are stored as a part of the page content field. This will require to search and replace the column using java script or even console app (if you are using 2010 or 2013 on prem)

here is an example using the console app: http://habaneroconsulting.com/insights/programmatically-change-content-on-a-wiki-page-in-sharepoint-2010#.VytcZYSDFBc

example using javascript (look for the Update a file in a document library section):

Darktable discards all edits immediatelly as I edit a picture

When I open a picture (it’s a JPEG, as I was shooting a timelapse and didn’t want it to take too much space), any edits are discarded if I try to compress the history stack or if I leave the picture and ho back to photo list.

Here is a video of what I am experiencing: https://youtu.be/m6ftvB9c7B4

Why is this happening?

sharepoint online – Trigger Republish button using spfx extension while on edit mode

I am trying to manually trigger the republish event while editing the SharePoint page using spfx extension as below . but there is a error in savePage api . is there way to do it ?

enter image description here

 const publish = async() => {
            const canvasAPI = `${context.absoluteUrl}/_api/sitepages/pages(${context.spfxContex.pageContext.listItem.id})`;
            const _data = await context.spfxContex.spHttpClient.get(canvasAPI, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1);
            if(_data.ok) {
              const reslut = await _data.json();
              if(reslut) {
                const canvas = JSON.parse(reslut.CanvasContent1);
                const sptOpts: ISPHttpClientOptions = {
                  body: `{"_metadata": {"type": "SP.Publishing.SitePage"}, "CanvasContent1": ${JSON.stringify(canvas)}}`
                const restApi2 = `${context.absoluteUrl}/_api/sitepages/pages(${context.spfxContex.pageContext.listItem.id})/checkout`;
                const response1 = await context.spfxContex.spHttpClient.post(restApi2, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1, {});
                const restApi = `${context.absoluteUrl}/_api/sitepages/pages(${context.spfxContex.pageContext.listItem.id})/SavePage`;
                const response = await context.spfxContex.spHttpClient.post(restApi, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1, sptOpts);

/savePage api error

{"error":{"code":"-1, System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException",  "message":"There was an error deserializing the object of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.SitePageFieldsData. End element 'CanvasContent1' from namespace '' expected. Found element 'item' from namespace ''."}}