What’s the number one food humans should eat?

There isnt any one thing for humans. Some species have evolved to live on a very singular kind of diet as you mention, but humans need a variety in their diet. We should have a lot more vegetable matter with some animal protein in modest amounts. Just look at our teeth and compare it to other species. A predatory cat has teeth made for killing and ripping chunks of flesh. Their stomach is much more highly acidic to digest raw meat. A horse has front teeth for cutting but large flat back teeth for grinding. Look at a humans…we have a little bit of both…..that says, from an evolutionary point of view, we need a variety on our diet

[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open question: I'm hungry but I don't feel like cooking, what something simple could I eat?

something that requires minimal effort to prepare

[ Other – Food & Drink ] Open question: Do you prefer to eat chocolate or sour sweets …?

[Others – Food and beverages] Open-ended question: Would you rather eat chocolate or sour sweets …?

most dangerous vegetable to eat …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most dangerous vegetable to eat …?


3 foods to never eat …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what are the 3 foods you should never eat …?


[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Asians eat bats?

[Politics] Open question: Why do Asians eat bats?

[ Politics ] Open question: Friend, I recently discovered a new way to eat oatmeal?

Boiled water
Put in oatmeal
Boil until the water is soaked.
Put the oatmeal in a bowl
Put sweetened or flavored applesauce in the bowl.


What food to eat

What foods do I need to eat to have good health? Please, someone, give me good advice, I will be very grateful.

[ Vegetarian & Vegan ] Open question: Why don't we eat pedophiles instead of animals?

Put them in a pen and kill them that they don't deserve to live and humans know pork, so bacon

Why do we usually only eat turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Why not more often?

Only tradition, really. Although if you have a great family gathering, a turkey is a great bird and will feed more than a chicken. At other times it would be too big.

It is also quite difficult to successfully roast a turkey. If you cook it long enough for the legs to be ready, the breast will be overdone and dry. Stuffing the bird and rubbing butter on the chest inside the skin, or putting stuffing there, will help. This will wrap it in foil. This is not so much a problem with roasting a chicken because it is smaller.

One solution is to cut the legs and put them first in the oven. Which leads to the idea of ​​a turkey crown: this is a turkey with no legs and no wings, which essentially means that it only has turkey breast in the bone and that it will cook faster and still be moist. My brother-in-law, who is from our family. Christmas Chef, always buy one of those and that works with only 4 of us.

However, I could say one or two things on our behalf in the UK: we have no Thanksgiving, and in Christmas, it is likely that much of that has to do with what Charles Dickens wrote in his famous short novel "A Christmas Carol".

If you have not read or watched any movies, Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich but miserable banker, is visited at Christmas Eva for ghosts that show her the error of her ways. They show the misery it has caused and how happy other people are with less. He learns about the joy of giving and, to his surprise, discovers that what he thought were three nights when three ghosts showed him things was really only one, so he wakes up with Christmas Morning. He regrets how unpleasant he has been with his employee, Bob Cratchit, buys the turkey prize at the local butcher's window, yes, no one else has bought it! – and sends it to the Cratchits. How happy they are and even their paralyzed son, Tiny Tim, can say "God bless us all!"

The traditional Christmas the bird in the United Kingdom was goose, and it is probably due to Dickens that the turkey took over. Dickens also visited the USA. UU. And he gave public readings of his books, so it may be the reason why the same idea was realized there.