How to easily add many products

What do you recommend for adding many products? Currently for each product I create a page with content and a table in html and add this to the page. This takes a long time. Ideally, it would simply fill in the field title, content, etc. with plain text or it would just import from a csv without any html. Any recommendation for this?

Thanks in advance.


location: website (or other easily accessible resource) displaying Unicode images and other encodings?

I am trying to find a website that shows a image less common characters?

The reason an image is important is because an image can be displayed in any browser, on any operating system, in any locale of the operating system, while certain fonts and characters are not guaranteed to install and display correctly.


E.g. I wish I could search for Unicode and other codes like 1ECB0, and do you see the equivalent image of that character?

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Why don't they teach in the history books that the Holocaust was mainly caused by the United Kingdom and France, and that it could have been easily avoided?

You were quite precise until you came to the part of deporting Jews to Siberia. This is a new one for me and I can't find any references; You must quote your source.

Beyond that, his presumption plummets.

The final solution was never a secret plan to exterminate the Jews. There is not a word in the entire Wannsee Protocol that supports such a claim. In fact, a good part of the Protocol is in charge of defining who is considered Jewish and, therefore, is allowed to remain in Germany, or who has the option of being sterilized to be allowed to remain in Germany, or who is to be deportee

This strongly suggests that there were no plans to kill anyone, why go through the trouble of sterilizing someone if you're just going to kill him?

The term "final" solution (real term "The final solution to the Jewish question") refers to the Havaara Agreement, which was also called the "Solution to the Jewish question," which was also a plan to relocate the Jews.

You cannot have anything "final" unless you first have something "initial."

The commonly recognized term "Final Solution" has an ominous tone and, therefore, its use more easily sells the so-called "Holocaust" concept.

Some more facts for you to consider:

It was Zionism (not "Judea") who declared war on Germany in 1933. Zionism is a political movement, while "Judea" refers to the ethnic side of Judaism. Declaring war is a political movement, not ethnic. By hiding behind the Jews, the Zionists were able to throw the same Jews who claim to represent the wolves to create sympathy they need to justify their own existence.

The accusation against Hitler of exterminating Jews occurred for the first time in August 1933 and was coincidentally identical to the articles that appeared in the media since 1915 by the same Zionists in which "6 million Jews were being persecuted and threatened with extermination".

A Jewish writer named Theodore Kaufman wrote a book called "Germany must perish" in 1941, a year before the "Final Solution" proposed to sterilize the Jews. However, the main difference was that Kaufman's book wanted to sterilize all Germans, while the Protocol included only those Germans who wanted to stay in Germany. Clearly, one pointed to "extermination" and the other was simply an option offered to a few.

Britain closed the doors to Palestine to avoid Jewish immigration during the war: the Zionists also did nothing to help European Jews. Therefore, the Jews were left in the fields to die, not for extermination, but for illness, executions and other means that took place. Because of their lack of action to protect the Jews, they were as guilty of "extermination" as they accused the Nazis of doing so. But as Hitler tried to get the Jews out of Germany but was blocked at every step, the blame for the disappearance of the Jews lies on Britain's shoulders, as well as on the Zionists who hid behind the security of the United States.

Zionism is a political movement that declares itself as the defender of Jewish interests, however, we find this quote:

"A cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland." – Yitzhak Greenbaum (one of the most important leaders of the Zionist movement in Eastern Europe)

The "Homeland for the Jews" that was the basis of the Balfour Declaration was nothing more than a sales pitch to evoke financing and support to "establish a political base in Palestine," which would have been a more difficult sale.

c ++ – Typedef, or alias, or something for std :: chrono :: Duration_cast to write more easily

This is probably a simple question, but I don't know how to do it. How can std::chrono::duration_cast() be used with typedefor std::function, Or something else? I can not use using std::chrono, I tried to make a pointer to a function, but when I checked cppreference, I got dizzy, in addition to all the codes I see using auto, which does not help.

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