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I am using tradelize and I need to buy some bitcoins. But I can't find any article on Google that guides you on how to make the payment of money in the transaction.

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Merebel is an innovative Masternode cryptocurrency and a unique international financial ecosystem based in Austria! Merebel developed the first EU-regulated crypto bank with a wide range of investment services for Masternode cryptocurrencies! With this fair and innovative financial system. Merebel is a global player across the emerging banking industry for blockchain technology! The Merebel ecosystem is designed for investments and makes passive income possible for all. Merebel CryptocurrencyRebelNode Investment platform VIP RebelNode Multiple investment platform to earn Bitcoin.

Masternode hosting All Inclusive Service

Merebel Blockchain Bank 3.0

Debit Card MasterMERIcard

Support for the most important Masternodes.

Affiliate Multilevel Marketing Platform

Robust security system for a future-proof smart financial system

The Merebel currency will be the cornerstone of a modern bank with masternode rewards as interest rates, so we want to use Masternode rewards as residual income and means of payment in daily life. Now there are two incredible investment platforms: 1. The RebelNode Masternode platform to earn Merebel coins and the new Multi-Masternode platform to earn Bitcoin. With its all-inclusive masternode service, it offers investors the opportunity to invest without much effort.

Merebel is one of the strongest open source Masternode blockchain currencies in 2019 and offers ultra-fast transactions and low rates anonymously by combining a cutting-edge decentralized solution and treasury management for governance.

Headquartered in Europe and backed by leading exceptional professionals, Blockchain and financial specialists.

The project currently has a market capitalization of around $ 2,500,000.

This was a short description of the Merebel company.

Now I will explain the new and second incredible Merebel Blockchain investment platform.

To make things even more exciting, the new platform launched by the Merebel program began on 08-08-2019 with a market capitalization of $ 161,000 in the first month of 04-09-2019 showing the success and enthusiasm of the team.

Merebel is in the Beta phase and offers a lucrative series of traditional masternode investments with an automated exchange of bitcoin rewards with its decentralized Blockchain ecosystem in real time. So now, earning bitcoins by configuring masternode technology is just a few clicks away.

The configuration of the platform is quite easy, start with registering, investing with Bitcoin and choosing a Masternode package.

After this, you have invested in an all-inclusive service and Merebel will do the rest for you!

> Automatic Masternode configuration with high-tech server hosting in a few minutes> earning Masternode rewards for life> Automatic exchange of Merebel to Bitcoin> Earn Bitcoins in your wallet.

Unlike the different masternode platforms, Merebel offers real-time rewards in bitcoin and conversions occur within 8 hours to exchange your rewards.

Merebel will also offer more high-quality masternodes for its investors in the near future, but that's not all!

They will also offer an investment package as a masternode group through which the user would obtain the average return of all the underlying currencies in the platform converted into bitcoin.

The next step for the year 2020 is a Merebel real estate cryptobank where masternode rewards can be converted into fiduciary earnings.

And the platform is not limited only to masternode rewards, but offers a series of multiple cash flow streams through which a user can earn money through;

Several rewards of Masternode in Bitcoin. Choose your Masternode package and earn Bitcoins

Masternode Pool rewarded with an automated Bitcoin exchange: an investment package in which you can invest in all the different Masternodes available, and the average profit is automatically divided among investors.

Bitcoin wallet: The Merebel platform offers a real interconnected Bitcoin wallet for long-term investors to keep their earnings saved.

MasterMERIcard: get rewards at Fiat with your own debit card.

Affiliate Multilevel Marketing Business Plan

Initial Investment Requirement

Now, since the benefits have been discussed, here comes the initial investment part that can be further investigated here. Merebel currently offers three different investment programs mentioned below;

Initial Node: Initial Investment Requirement ~ BTC / USD 500

Silver Node: Initial Investment Requirement ~ BTC / USD 1,500

Gold Node: Initial Investment Requirement ~ BTC / USD 3,000

The investment can be made in Bitcoin (depending on the price of the Masternode currency chosen at the time of the investment) *

I will now present the Merebel Partner compensation plan

Merebel MLM business plan

While the underlying currency offers returns in addition to the appreciation of Merebel's capital; The platform also offers an affiliate multilevel marketing plan through which a user can have infinite sub-distributors under them. Merebel's commercial distribution plan is a fair distribution system by which users can increase their bitcoins by referring other people to their investments and more.

Multi-level commissions, 2) Sponsor bonus, 3) Masternode reward bonus, 4) Rank advance bonus 5) Leadership bonus group

Multi-level Commissions

Merebel MLM has unlimited infinite direct partners on the first level and reaches up to 10 levels deep.

(The percentage is calculated by the total investment of the masternode package).

The distribution of income to the tenth level is mentioned below;

Distribution of the MLM Commission

Sponsor Bonus

Under the sponsor's bonus program, Merebel investors can earn a commission of 5% from their direct partners.

Masternode reward bonus

Merebel's third cash flow comes in the form of a masternode reward bonus. This happens when your reference partner intends to set up a masternode. According to the management guidelines, as a user registration for masternode, the referee immediately obtains the bonus of all his Masternode reward in the form of bitcoin up to 7%, depending on his rank.

Range advance

As the profile of each investor strengthens, Merebel will increase its rank automatically and, based on that, the reward bonus percentage of the Masternode commission will also increase.

The scores of the rank and points table are mentioned below;

Leadership Bonus Fund

As the rank of users would be in the best ranked profiles, Merebel would additionally compensate these investors by offering leadership group bonds and also share a percentage of quarterly sales. The sales reward percentage is mentioned below.

Join now:

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METERS, 50.60 G / T GOLD OVER 1.0 METER AND 102.43 G / T GOLD OVER 0.7


TORONTO, ON – September 4, 2019 – Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX: ANX)
(OTCQX: ANXGF) is pleased to announce the results of 18 diamond drilling (BR-19-72 to BR-19-76 and BR-19-86
to BR-19-97 and BR-19-99) drilled in the East Goldbrook Gold System ("EG Gold System") in Goldboro Gold
Project in Nova Scotia ("Goldboro"). The 4,391 meters of diamond drilling were part of a recently completed 5,734-
The meter's diamond drilling program was announced on February 28, 2019 and was designed to fill portions of the EG Gold
System (6 holes) to update the resource categorization (the "Fill drill program") and expand the EG Gold system
(12 drilling holes) east of the limits of the 2018 resource model in Section 9550E (the "Extension Drilling Program") (Annex A, B
and C).
Selected highlights of the recent Filler Drilling Program include:
• 50.60 g / t grams per ton ("g / t") of gold over 1.0 meter (246.0 to 247.0 meters) in hole BR-19-89;
• 12.23 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (214.3 to 216.3 meters) in hole BR-19-89;
• 6.03 g / t gold over 2.9 meters (200.7 to 203.6 meters) in hole BR-18-90;
• 72.40 g / t gold over 0.6 meters (21.0 to 21.6 meters) in hole BR-18-87; Y
• 32.62 g / t gold over 0.9 meters (290.7 to 291.6 meters) in hole BR-18-87.
Selected highlights of the recent Extension Exercise Program include:
• 27.12 g / t gold over 2.5 meters (51.3 to 53.8 meters) in hole BR-19-97 including 133.11 g / t gold over 0.5
• 102.43 g / t gold over 0.7 meters (142.0 to 142.7 meters) in hole BR-19-86;
• 16.65 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (167.5 to 169.5 meters) in hole BR-18-88 including 65.49 g / t gold over 0.5
• 5.36 g / t gold over 2.2 meters (321.1 to 323.3 meters) in hole BR-18-75; Y
• 17.79 g / t gold over 0.5 meters (192.8 to 193.3 meters) in hole BR-18-74.
"The Landfill Drilling Program successfully filled specific portions of the EG Gold system that were identified for
Development in the 2018 Preliminary Economic Assessment and gold mineralization intersected with laws and widths
consistent with those found during previous mock programs. It is anticipated that drilling density will improve
these areas of the resource to the indicated category and may be included in the next mineral resource
to update. In addition to these results, the extension drilling program successfully demonstrated that the Goldboro deposit
Continue east at least 375 meters beyond the previous geological model. These mock results will also be
It is used to model the deposit eastward and will be included in a resource update. Anaconda has completed 15,837 meters
diamond drilling since July 2018, which will be included in the new resource update and will be published in Viability
The study is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019 ".
~ Kevin Bullock, CEO, Anaconda Mining Inc.
The landfill drilling program intersected areas of high grade mineralized gold as predicted by the geological model and is
It is expected to update the categorization of resources in this area of ​​the EG Gold System (Annex A and B), which was part of the
mining scenario described in the 2018 Preliminary Economic Evaluation of the Company. The filling drill program also
demonstrated the continuity of mineralization in the EG Gold System, where it intersected 10 instances of visible gold.

The extension drilling program extended the Goldboro deposit strike eastward by 375 meters from the 2018 resource
model boundary (Annex A and C), which finds typical high grade mineralization. In addition to extending the deposit strike,
The Extension Drilling Program identified 15 new mineralized areas in total and found 14 instances of visible gold.
The EG Gold System now contains 26 separate mineralized zones (15 more than the 2018 resource model), has been
tested at a known depth of 400 meters, and remains open to expansion.
Anaconda also crossed high concentrations of high grade mineralization (for example, 27.12 g / t gold at more than 2.5 meters in
hole BR-19-97) adjacent to other high-grade gold intersections previously reported on February 28, 2019, which
including 25.07 g / t gold over 1.5 meters (Annex C). These intersections are located approximately 150 meters high.
of another high-grade result of 215.74 g / t gold over 3.65 meters as previously reported from historic drilling. These
the results indicate that there may be high-grade channels located along the southern immersion tip of the host fold structure within the
EG Gold System (Annex C), which are common in other areas of the Goldboro Deposit. Several of these intersections are
less than 75 meters from the surface and the potential for open pit will be assessed as part of the ongoing feasibility study.
Selected highlights selected from historic drilling results and previously reported in the immediate area of ​​the Landfill and
Extension exercise programs include:
• 215.74 g / t gold over 3.65 meters (193.85 to 197.50 meters) in the OSK-11-04 hole, including 1570.00 g / t gold
more than 0.5 meters
• 137.77 g / t gold over 1.50 meters (117.00 to 118.50 meters) in the OSK-11-02 well, including 412.00 over 0.50
• 252.76 g / t gold over 0.4 meters (76.6 to 77.0 meters) in hole BR-18-15;
• 23.24 g / t gold over 2.5 meters (21.5 to 24.0 meters) in hole BR-18-28;
• 7.12 g / t gold over 4.5 meters (193.5 to 198.0 meters) in hole BR18-29;
• 25.31 g / t gold over 1.0 meter (62.0 to 63.0 meters) in hole BR-18-18; Y
• 12.87 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (130.6 to 132.6 meters) in the BR-18-18 hole.

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