c # – How to manipulate properties of dynamically created controls

I am starting to work with dynamically created buttons, the code I have is the following:

                private void createbuttons ()
                int x = 5, y = 5;
                for (int i = 1; i < cantgenerar + 1; i++)
                    Button btn1 = new Button();
                    btn1.Height = 50;
                    btn1.Width = 50;
                    btn1.Location = new Point(x, y); //Posicion
                    y = y + 60;
                    //Acomodado de botones
                    if (y > 420) // If there are 7 buttons on the same line we increase the X position to create another line on the side and not leave the screen
                        y = 10;
                        x = x + 60;
                    btn1.Name = "c" + i.ToString ();
                    btn1.Text = "Btn" + i.ToString ();
                    Form1 frm1 = new Form1 ();
                    // Add handler to the button to do something
                    btn1.Click + = new EventHandler (Clicks);
                    // Add the button to the Form
                    Controls.Add (btn1);

private void Clicks (object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (((Button) sender) .Name == "c3")
                // hide this button

I would like to know how to change some property to a button, let's say I want to hide in that case the button called c3 when pressing it, or in some case change its text later, or change the background or some other properties. I would like to know how to do to achieve some of these actions.
Thanks in advance.

8 – How do I dynamically change cookie_lifetime?

I'm trying to change cookie_lifetime dynamically in my D8 project, to set cookie_lifetime to 0 or to some value (for example, 24 hours). I know that this can be partially achieved by changing the cookie_lifetime variable in sites / default / services.yml, but this is not my case.

I tried to use this response but it seems that it only works when I use the start () method of the session manager.

So, how do I dynamically change cookie_lifetime for the existing session?
Any response appreciated, thanks in advance!

Google Sheets: by using a cell value, to dynamically create a formula, which links to a cell on a different sheet (Tab)

In agreement. This is a little complicated, but I will do my best to describe the problem. All these elements are found in several pages of Sheets (Tabs) within a unique Google Sheet (Workbook).

Sheet 1: The MENU sheet (Tab Name: Menu) allows users to enter a numeric value in the cell highlighted in yellow (E6), and then press the blue "Go" link to navigate to the SHOW Sheet:

enter the description of the image here

Sheet 2: The SCREEN sheet (Name of the tab: Screen) allows the user to see the desired data according to their selection in the MENU Sheet.

There is no real data on this page; is a blank page in which all cells contain formula references to other DATA sheets (tabs) that are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
For example, if the user has selected Element # 1 on the MENU Sheet, the cells in Column A on this page would contain formulas like this: = 1! A2, = 1! A3, = 1! A4, = 1! TO 5. Alternatively, if the user selected Item # 2 on the MENU Sheet, the cells in Column A on this page would contain formulas like this: = 2! A2, = 2! A3, = 2! A4, = 1! TO 5.
The goal here is to use the value in the cell highlighted in yellow (E6) on the MENU sheet to dynamically build the formulas on this page so that they display the correct DATA sheet.

enter the description of the image here

Sheet 3: The DATA sheets (Tab names: 1 to 11) should be displayed dynamically on the SCREEN Sheet and look like this:

enter the description of the image here

The general objective of this design is to have a unique SCREEN sheet that can dynamically display all the data of the individual DATA sheets according to the selection of the user's MENU.

This requires that all formulas, in all cells of the DISPLAY sheet, have the ability to use the numeric selection in the MENU sheet to point to the appropriate DATA page.

I have spent many hours without success trying to create a formula on the SCREEN sheet that accomplishes this task.

I started with this: = Menu! E6 and B2 – with the hope that you create a formula that looks like this: = 1! B2 that shows the contents of cell B2 in the DATA sheet called: 1 However, it only fills the cell of the DISPLAY sheet in which it resides with a number: 1 followed by the contents of cell B2 in the DISPLAY sheet , and not cell B2 in the DATA SHEET called 1

I have tried many, many other variations that are not worth copying here, all without success.

I would be very grateful for any help with this problem.

unity – Moving a dynamically generated object

If you want to refer to the object outside the Yes so that it moves even in squares when you're not pressing Q, then you need to store it in a member variable that you can remember between frames, from an invocation of To update to another.

While we're at it, we can also eliminate some redundant examples:

public class CreateObject: MonoBehaviour {

public float moveSpeed ​​= 5f;

// Member variable to cling to our generated object.
Transform _spawnedObject;

null Update () {
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Q)) {
GameObject myObject = new GameObject ("object");

// Save the transformation of the object to refer again later.
_spawnedObject = myObject.transform;
_spawnedObject.position = new Vector3 (1, 2, 3);

// Check that we have a generated object before trying to move it.
if (_spawnedObject! = null) {
Vector3 step = new Vector3 (1, 0, -1) * moveSpeed ​​* Time.deltaTime;
_spawnedObject.Translate (step, Space.Self);

This is very similar to what I have shown in the previous answers, so I invite you to study them in more detail.

However, we can do this even more cleanly by doing what I recommended earlier and separating the spawn logic from the logic in motion.

Our movement logic can be very simple then:

public class TranslateOverTime: MonoBehaviour {

Vector3 public speed = New vector3 (1, 0, -1);

null Update () {
transform.Translate (speed * Time.deltaTime, Space.Self);

And our breeder remains simple too:

public class CreateMovingObject: MonoBehaviour {

public float moveSpeed ​​= 5f;

null Update () {
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Q)) {
// Create the new object where we want it to be.
GameObject myObject = new GameObject ("object");
myObject.transform.position = new Vector3 (1, 2, 3);

// Attach the behavior of the movement and configure it.
var mover = myObject.AddComponent();
mover.velocity = new Vector3 (1, 0, -1) * moveSpeed;

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How to dynamically generate the hash value of a file while it is downloaded from any website?

According to life, this is impossible.

Ultimately, you should download the file to determine its hash. What you are asking is to determine the hash of a file before downloading it!

What is possible is a script that contains each file in its downloads directory and then perform some action based on the hash match. The script could be scheduled to run every 10 minutes or so.

It is difficult to make a recommendation, since we have no idea what you are trying to achieve by including a specific file in the blacklist.

magento 1.9 – How to cache a block dynamically on a product page

I want to display a list of related categories (categories in which the product is located) on each product page, but the content will be specific to each product.

I've written the code to get the related categories, (that is, the code below works fine) but I'm not sure how to store it dynamically per product page.

getCategoryCollection ()
-> addAttributeToSelect (& # 39; name & # 39;)
-> addAttributeToSelect (& # 39; url & # 39;);
Related categories
    <li class = ""> <a href ="getUrl (); ?> ">getName (); ?> (getProductCount (); ?>)

Thank you.

Functions – How to add classes dynamically from templates

I would like to add dynamic classes from templates to labels like



which are defined in header.php and footer.php. WordPress has body_class () Y post_class () but they are limited to label and corresponding

respectively. Coming from a twig that has a very easy way to do these things using {% set%} label. Can you create a reusable filter or function in wordpress where you can add different kinds of different templates to labels like


Is it possible to dynamically redirect the url using htaccess?

Is there any way to dynamically redirect URLs. For example, I want to redirect any URL from https://askpuzzle.com/NNNNN to https://askpuzzle.com/?p=NNNNN

where NNNNN could be any possible number

For example, https://askpuzzle.com/1796 should redirect to https://askpuzzle.com/?p=1796