Does Caroline Flack dying show that women are too weak to deal with the metoo movement when they are thrown?

She was accused of physical aggression, not sexual assault, so I don't see what the MeToo movement has to do with anything. In addition, her boyfriend (the alleged victim) denied that it ever happened.

Hell, this case was so bad that her boyfriend not only denied it happened, but sent her flowers the day before she killed herself.

GM techniques: save a dying PC without being too obvious

In my last session, a PC left the party and started a fight of one to eight. He is dying alone in an isolated place without much chance of stabilization (-8 HP) and the other players will probably need a few hours to find it.

He really did some stupid things despite my warnings about the danger, but he also had some very unfortunate scrolls and my group is very fond of him; In addition, due to some mistakes on my part, the meeting was quite unbalanced, so I would like to save it. The problem is, how can I do that without being too obvious?

Some more information about the situation:

  • The PC attacked a bandit camp with the help of a secondary NPC that has not yet died but will surely be in a couple of rounds
  • Now he is unconscious on a secondary road to a forest that is no longer used.
  • Neither the PC nor the NPC have healing potions or spells.
  • The rest of the party should reach the dying PC in a few hours.

dnd 5e – Can the Regenerate spell be used to save a dying Flail snail?

Yes, regenerate will stop the process of dying

For the statistics block Flail Snail (Volo & # 39; s, 144)

Healing magic that restores limbs, such as regenerate spell, you can stop this death process.

The spell you ask about appears specifically as an option to stop the process of dying.

dnd 5e: What is a good way to challenge a wizard of dying explosion?

In my session I have a sorcerer with a charisma score of 20 who has been using the Agonizing Blast / Eldritch Blast Eldritch invocation to get quite spectacular results, decimating everything I threw at the level 8 party.

At the beginning I was pleased with the success of the party in difficult encounters, however, I discovered over time that the constant, high and almost uncountable force damage of this cantrip tends to trivialize most meetings, eliminating the need for creative thinking . Combine this with an Evocation School Assistant and I have discovered that most of the encounters are quickly concluded with an initial Fireball and a final bombardment of Eldritch Explosions, eliminating any significant damage by healing your druid.

Unfortunately, I discovered that my current approach to dealing with combat effectiveness has led to increasingly volatile encounters.. I have been forced to serve them in matches destined for parties of a significantly higher level, and I have found it difficult to find a midpoint where the party is challenged but not always at risk of being totally erased.

I must emphasize that I am not interested in crushing my players. I am simply looking for a way to force the party to abandon its unique and overwhelmingly effective approach to encounters.

Bonus points if you know a strategy that fits into a campaign focused primarily on dead / demons.

Spells: How is the imbalance changing the objective of Detecting thoughts only to the dead and dying?

One of my players is playing a Lashunta envoy with the theme touched by death. As such, they have access to "Detect thoughts" once a day.

To give a little flavor to your subject, I decided to let them use thoughts to detect only the dead and dying, instead of being with someone alive. In the case of the dead, the thoughts would reflect their last moments, and they must have died last week.

How unbalanced is this? What should I worry about? If it is important, we are running the Dead Suns campaign.

My organic traffic is dying, have I been banned from the shadow?

I run an alternative news site for almost 3 years. My SEO is good. I was earning around $ 500 a month with Google AdSense, until the month of June, when my traffic was drastically reduced, and now (August 22) I am just earning $ 50, and traffic seems to continue to decline.

However, I have no penalty warnings. Do you think I was banned from the shadow or that this fall could be seasonal?

Here is a screenshot that shows the last 4 months of graphics …

See attached file 244746

dnd 3.5e: How long does it take to use first aid to save a dying character?

In the PHB, it says that a character can perform first aid to stabilize a dying character. Heal DC is 15 and if the character succeeds, then the character immediately stops losing HP and stabilizes. This requires a standard action. (Since you get a movement and a standard action in a round and a round are 6 seconds, then this action takes approximately 3 seconds to complete).

However, on page 138 under "The Combat Round", it says

Anything a person can reasonably do in 6 seconds, your character can do it in a round.

My problem is the discrepancy here. You can not reasonably stabilize someone and prevent them from losing blood, etc. in 3 seconds; It is impossible without some form of magical help. So, how is it that a person can perform a Healing check in 3 seconds and stabilize a dying person, when doing so is not reasonable?

Given these two contradictory rules, how long have you actually used first aid to save a dying character?

How to predict a dying open source project? [on hold]

Some IT projects die. Even some open source projects die.

What are the telltale signs that this happens when choosing a library? The point is to avoid adding a dependency to something that will soon no longer be maintained.

In 5e, when, exactly, is it the turn of a dying / stabilizing character?

EDIT: Question answered and this post edited for clarity. tl; dr, a rule of the house (round-by-round initiative) had become so ingrained that I got confused when I could not find a clarification about it in the PHB or online.

The rules for death saving releases seem clear to me, except for one important thing: when Does the person who rolls for death or stabilization manage to make his saving throw?

The problem arose last weekend: a character was hit and kicked below 0 hit points, failed twice … then failed for the third time and fatally, at which point the Cleric stopped the game and pointed out that we were doing wrong: PHB 197 says you play against death "every time you start your turn at 0 hp", which conveniently gave the cleric extra time to heal the dying character before the third failed and "undo" the death.

[Note:ThereasonwhywehaveunderstoodPHBandnotinourcampaignislimitedbythehousebecausewehadbeeninthelegislative[note:ThereasonitmakessenseinPHBandnotourhouse-ruledcampaignisbecausewehadbeinrollinginitiativebefore[nota:laraz√≥nporlaquetienesentidoenPHBynoennuestracampa√Īaregidaporlacasaesporqueanteshab√≠amosestadoenmarchalainiciativa[note:ThereasonitmakessenseinPHBandnotourhouse-ruledcampaignisbecausewehadbeenrollinginitiativebeforeevery round, instead of just the beginning of the fight, and simply making saves at the start of each round]

This made me think, it's not like you make an initiative when you are unconscious, so when do you become? When the hell make Does a character make his death in 5e? I have reviewed the PHB and several online resources, and I have not found anything!

[note: the reason I found nothin’ is because, for obvious reasons, the information for small group’s house rule would not be posted online. Thanks for the responses!]

Is web design dying?

I do not think the web design is dying, but it is CURRENT again DESIGN.

For too long, artists who know nothing about semantic marking, the logical structure of the document, the underlying professional writing standards on which HTML was based, let alone ACTUAL accessibility standards as the peculiarities of color space emissive have dominated the web by weakening the PSD in total ignorance and DELUDING were put to think it was design.

… but when I say automotive design, electrical design or architectural design, that means that the "design" has to comply with the specifications, guidelines and requirements. That is the difference between design and art. Without that knowledge of accessibility standards. (as the WCAG), underlying specifications (HTML, CSS, why they are SEPARATED), elegant degradation (for people who can not even see or have access to their visual design)and the semantic mark underlying the structure of the document, the lions shared by the low-quality fraudsters and the ignorant groups that exclude PSDs are not designers, no matter how much they may have the gall to call themselves that.

… and it has really been an easy scam to execute, since most "sophisticated investors will give money for vague promises" the guys will always go crazy, even if there is no substance underneath. This is how the various templates mockers, such as Themeforest and Templatemonster, have been scamming people with inaccessible and completely slow TRASH loading for more than a decade. Look at EVERYTHING in those places and NONE of them does not even approach the healthy and rational margins with degrading grace, supposing they are encoded, and visually all the access from the orbit declares the sizes of the sources in pixels, using a fixed width and up to fixed height containers. With contrasts of illegible colors and ridiculous webpages equally illegible.

With laws such as the UK Equality Act of 2010 resulting in fines for certain types of sites, and many jurisdictions that allow judgments against types of essential sites (banks, doctors, government) for failing to meet accessibility minimums, there are a growing reaction from site owners against ALLEGED "designers" who lack the underlying elements of UI, UX, and accessibility.

Many of the things that I could ONLY do with the images are now becoming more and more in the code as well. CSS3 makes simple but effective effects easier, and design aesthetics have followed suit. From the "material design" of Google to the trend of the last two years towards "Flat 2.0" undoing the "false simplification" of overly flattened interfaces, it is increasingly about the user experience (UX) and accessibility , not "who can attack" The most artistic image in Photoshop?

So it's not that the web design is "dying", is that the molllycoddles dressed in the shape of a camel take advantage of the ignorance of those who know nothing, they deceive themselves thinking that art, and art alone, is " the design "is slow, but sure, getting their donkeys delivered to them by an industry sick with their nonsense. In any case, the web design is becoming CURRENT DESIGN, instead of just "ooh nice" nonsense artsy-fartsy!

… and current DESIGN means that it begins with the content or with a reasonable facsimile of the future content written in a plain text editor as if the HTML did not exist, mark it semantically to indicate what things are and create the document structure accessible from the point of view. logical view, then double that markup for your testament with CSS and semantically neutral containers (DIV and SPAN) to create your designS – Yes, PLURAL. (for screen, for screens of different sizes, for printing …) so that users who do not use braille CSS or screen readers (software that reads it out loud) have a useful page. So the search has some clue as to what your content is, since the search engines do not have eyeballs! Then, once you have the WORK page COMPLETELY, you can improve it with your JavaScript If it is desired.

THAT'S DESIGN! Spinning around doing pretty pictures in Photoshop is not, It does not matter how many deaf artists who know about shit say otherwise!

… and why I feel sorry for the poor who do not know enough to realize that when an artist gives them a PSD and calls it a design, what really happens is that they have been deceived, cheated and, others, strayed. In fact, if you think that a PSD is a web design, you've been so full of sand that you should change your name to Sahara.