Java simple dusk cleaner game simulator

I am working on a dusk cleaner simulator on Java, in this case the shape of the cleaner is a circular ball.

The program is quite simple, the user puts in the width and length of the “room” and coordinates x and y.

What I want to do and cannot is create a series of commands, each represented by a character. There are three commands that I want to imnplement:

  1. char ‘A’ = Move forward 1 meter

  2. char ‘L’ = Turn left 90 degrees

  3. char ‘R’ = Turn right 90 degrees

Example of user input AALA, in this case the expected output is that the machine moves 2 meters and then turns left 90 degrees and then moves 1 meter again. Hope I am clear.

As you can see in the code, I have tried to create an array of chars but I dont know what the next step should be…

The code:

public class Cleaner extends JPanel {
/* int lx = 1, ly = 1;
int x = 200, y = 250;

int x, y;
int width = 52, height = 50; // width and height of the "dust sucker"
int lx , ly;

// an array of chars
char() charArray ={ 'A', 'L', 'R'};     

java.util.Timer move; // making the instance of Timer class from the util package
static JFrame frame;
    frame = new JFrame ("Cleaner started!"); // passing attributes to our fame
    frame.setSize (400, 400); // setting size of the starting window
    frame.setVisible (true);
    setForeground(; // setting color
    move = new java.util.Timer();
    move.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask()
        public void run() 
                lx = 1;
                lx = -1; // -1 sets boundry for the dusk sucker
                ly = 1;
                ly = -1; // -1 sets boundry for the dusk sucker
            x+=lx; // to make the machine move
    }, 0, 5// speed of the machine

public void paint (Graphics g) 
    Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g;
    g2d.setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING, RenderingHints.VALUE_ANTIALIAS_ON);
    g2d.fillOval(x, y, width, height);

public static void main (String() args) 
    // lx value
    String lxValue = 
             JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter lx" );
    // ly value
    String lyValue =
              JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter ly" );
    String xValue = 
             JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter x value" );
    // ly value
    String yValue =
              JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter y value" );

     // convert String inputs to int values 
      int firstInput = Integer.parseInt( lxValue ); 
      int secondInput = Integer.parseInt( lyValue );
      int thirdInput = Integer.parseInt( xValue ); 
      int forthInput = Integer.parseInt( yValue );

         Cleaner cleaner = new Cleaner();
      cleaner.lx = firstInput; = secondInput;
      cleaner.x = thirdInput;
      cleaner.y = forthInput;       

All help is appreciated!

dnd 5e – Are the female elves in this AL adventure really Dusk Elves?

At Curse of Strahd adventure, there is a unique subrace of elves called sunset elves, and adventure has this to say about them:

Dusk Elves. The sunset elves' race is almost forgotten, and the few survivors live in secret places like this. They have dark skin and hair, but otherwise they are similar to wood elves (as described in the Player manual) – P. 119

As punishment for depriving him of his girlfriend, Strahd massacred all the women of the tribe of the sunset elves (…) – P. 232

Patrina's own people tombstone to death to prevent Strahd from claiming her as his wife. Strahd was upset because the sunset elves had taken Patrina away. After securing his body and burying him in the Ravenloft catacombs, Strahd sent Rahadin to punish the sunset elves. Rahadin killed the elves so that the males could not reproduce. – P. 237

So it seems that, during the time the adventure takes place, there are no remaining night elves left alive.

(with the exception of Patrina if it is revived, see pages 90 and 196 for more information on Kasimir reviving Patrina)

but then, in DDAL04-06 The Ghost, there are female elf characters like Derali (p. 11) and the "very young female (elf)" (p. 13); however, its subrace is not specified. There are other examples of elves (without a specified subrace) in Barovia presented in other AL adventures, but this is the first one I've encountered female elves included and even named (even included on the "Appendix: NPC Summary" page):

Derali (DAY – rah – LEE). Elvish female Druid of the trembling forest. Looking for missing elves kidnapped by ettercaps. – P. 2. 3

As far as I know, there are no other elves in Barovia besides the sunset elves (certainly no other elves appear besides the sunset elves in the Curse of Strahd adventure), which implies that these female elves (and for that matter, the other elves without subrace included in these AL adventures) They are night elves, although it contradicts the previous quotes of p. 232 and p. 237 that says everyone was killed.

On the other hand, the quote from p. 232 also says "the tribe of the night elves" and p. 119 says "live in secret places like this," so it could be read that means there are other dusk elf tribes in Barovia that had nothing to do with Patrina's events (presumably unknown to the sunset elf tribe, now only men), and therefore could still have females. However, this does not expand in Curse of Strahd, and only hints at these adventures of AL.

Therefore, I can only see the following possibilities to resolve the apparent contradiction in the previous information:

  1. The female elves in the adventures of AL are elves of the dusk, and were just a separate tribe that had nothing to do with the Patrina incident;
  2. The female elves in the adventures of AL were some other type of elves (for example, wood elves or something) and, in fact, there are no crepuscular elves;
  3. Who wrote these adventures of AL made a mistake …

Am I missing something? Which of the above is true (or is there an "option 4")?

How does the role of Poison work in Dusk City Outlaws?

One of my players is playing as the poisoner. They wanted to give an antagonist some poison, but they had used their "Planning Poison" for another task. But it would seem strange to block the Poison so that it does not poison people.

Also, there is no clear description of what poison do to minor minions or minions with a lucky score.

I decided to say that the poisoner always has some predetermined poisons on hand that can cause illness or death. Then I successfully rolled them to slide the poison to a team member posing as a bartender, and judged that the poison would incapacitate the antagonist and his thugs. If I had wanted to draw the scene, I could have given the antagonist a lucky score to win.

It worked well at this time, but is this an acceptable way to use the Poisoner?