I am an advocate of triumph and am I against poor people who receive medical attention due to m-m-m-m-muh TAXES?

You make it seem like Trump supporters are greedy, but many of them can't pay more taxes.

Is it greedy for a voter to admit that politicians have bled them out?

Or is it greedy for those same politicians to keep asking voters to give more money when they don't have it?

We are not talking about hypothetical millionaires or billionaires, but average Americans.

Regardless of whether politicians claim they will impose taxes on the rich.

It is always the middle class that ends up paying the price.

Where can we find frequently updated details about travel / entry restrictions due to Coronavirus (nCoV-19)?

Due to the outbreak of nCoV-19 (new coronavirus), many countries have imposed several entry restrictions. But this is quite confusing for many people. Some countries allow transit through parts of China (such as Shanghai), but some restrict traffic even through Hong Kong / Macao. The Philippines also restricted passengers coming from Taiwan, but I think that changed later.

Where can you find a list of such restrictions for all countries, ideally a source that is updated frequently

Rejected in the code challenge due to lack of separation of concerns, but I feel that YAGNI [Kotlin / Java]

He was recently rejected in a code challenge that was a very simple web service with 3 endpoints:

  • POST /transactions to add transactions with a quantity and time stamp.
  • GET /statistics to check the statistics of last minute transactions.
  • DELETE /transactions.

I just pasted under the service object because the API controller is irrelevant:

data class Transaction(val amount: BigDecimal, val timestamp: Instant)

data class Statistics(val sum: String, val min: String, val max: String, val avg: String, val count: Int)

class TransactionInFutureException(message: String) : Exception(message)
class TransactionBeforeThreshold(message: String) : Exception(message)

const val THRESHOLD_SEC = 60L
const val CLEANER_INTERVAL_MS = 5000L
const val AMOUNT_SCALE = 2

class TransactionsService {
    protected val transactions = ArrayList()

    init {
        thread(start = true) {
            synchronized(transactions) {
                val threshold = getCurrentThreshold()
                transactions.removeAll { it.timestamp < threshold }

    fun add(amount: BigDecimal, timestamp: Instant) {
        if (timestamp > Instant.now())
          throw TransactionInFutureException("transaction timestamp cannot be in future")
        else if (timestamp < getCurrentThreshold())
          throw TransactionBeforeThreshold("transaction timestamp cannot be before threshold")

        synchronized(transactions) {
            transactions.add(Transaction(amount, timestamp))

    fun clear() {
        synchronized(transactions) {

    fun statistics(): Statistics {
        synchronized(transactions) {
            val threshold = getCurrentThreshold()
            val liveTransactions = transactions.filter { it.timestamp > threshold }
            val count = liveTransactions.count()
            var sum = BigDecimal(0)
            var max = if (count > 0) liveTransactions.first().amount else BigDecimal(0)
            var min = if (count > 0) liveTransactions.first().amount else BigDecimal(0)
            liveTransactions.forEach {
              sum += it.amount
              max = max.max(it.amount)
              min = min.min(it.amount)
            var avg = BigDecimal(0)
            if (count > 0)
              avg = sum.setScale(AMOUNT_SCALE, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP).
                        divide(BigDecimal(count), BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP)
            return Statistics(format(sum), format(min), format(max), format(avg), count)

    protected fun getCurrentThreshold() = Instant.now().minusSeconds(THRESHOLD_SEC)

    protected fun format(value: BigDecimal) = value.setScale(AMOUNT_SCALE, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP).toString()

The two main points because they rejected me were:

There was no separation of concerns; Most of the logic is in just one

We felt that there was an excessive use of synchronized blocks, which could be replaced with a synchronized or concurrent collection

It seems they expected me to divide the functionality of TransactionService in a kind of StatisticsCalculator class that will do what the statistics() The method does.

To be honest, by the given requirements, I felt that this is an excessive engineering from here to Mars and I will apply the Yagni beginning:

  • TransactionsService As it stands, it is a 50L code class. It fits on a screen and is easy to follow. There is no cognitive overload when reading it.

  • Is there anything to gain by dividing the class in two at this time? I can barely say it, but I'm sure you'll have to add more complexity to the public API of TransactionService to allow iterating over stored transactions of StastisticsCalculator.

  • As programmers, we make compensation all the time, between complexity, maintainability, construction time, etc. I will declare that following the principle of sole responsibility is pressing too much SOLID over and I will simply adhere to YAGNI Y KISS.

  • When complexity arises in the future, refactoring and dividing will be my first choice.

What you think?

Losing your bitcoins due to a failure in your mycelium application, and how do you recover your backup without a backup?

I went and bought some bitcoins in my mycelium wallet. Once I returned to my car and opened the application to make a backup, the application simply stopped working and did not open again. I couldn't do the backup, so I sent an email and asked if I uninstall and reinstall. Will I lose the coins I just bought? It took them an hour to reply to my email and by then I had already uninstalled and reinstalled my wallet. The coins are gone, but I looked for my transaction in Blockchain and they are there. How can I recover my coins when Mycelium had the fault (which was fixed with an update) and there was an email with an hour delay to answer my question, how can I recover those coins?

dnd 5e: Can Death Ward save you from death due to the damage caused by the fall?

This is quite simple and straightforward … when you fall:

A fall from a great height is one of the most common dangers an adventurer faces. At the end of a fall, a creature suffers 1d6 of blunt damage for every 10 feet it falls, up to a maximum of 20d6. The creature lands prone, unless it avoids taking damage from the fall.

You only receive blunt damage on impact. It has nothing fancy: it is no different than being hurt by a trap or by someone who hits you with a club.

Death Ward simply says

The first time the target would fall to 0 hit points as a result of taking damage, the target instead falls to 1 hit point and the spell ends.

Then, you received damage from the fall. The damage was so great that you would have 0 HP. Death Ward is activated and you have 1 HP.

The growl that arises in the difference between "is reduced" and "would be reduced" alone (potentially) is important for the effects that do something special when you hit 0HP (such as Disintegrating into dust). Fall damage does nothing special when you reach 0HP … it only damages you like any other source of ordinary damage.

boot: the operating system does not load due to an incorrect TLP in recovery mode

I am facing a problem on my Ubuntu server (16.04 LTS). Suddenly, my monitor turned off and when I opened the Grab hard and tried the operating system in recovery mode, it shows an incorrect TLP with a PCIe bus error and the operating system does not load.

enter the description of the image here

I also tried quiet splash nomodeset. But it is not working. When adding nomodeset, the same PCI bus error is displayed.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

tls: SSL link protocol error due to IP change and session resumption

Is it common to use the source IP address in the generation of the session ID by the servers? I have seen this behavior with a banking website. Visit the website with IP, the browser generates and uses the SSL session to resume the SSL session. Now, if your IP changes to, and if you simply refresh the page, the browser will generate an error. Firefox will complain about BAD_RECORD_MAC, Chrome will only say ssl error. I still don't understand exactly why this happens, because according to the RFC, if the session is not recognized, a complete handshake should be initiated, but here everything simply fails.

The use of Firefox with disabled SSL session IDs does not have this problem, so I think the server is using the source IP to create the session.

number theory: a question in proof of the wolstenholme theorem that I cannot understand and cannot comment due to the lower reputation

In my last problem, which was the wolstenholme theorem (I didn't know it was a theorem), they gave me links where the wolstenholme theorem was proved. 2-3 answers contained these arguments that I cannot understand and I cannot comment on the author of the answers to comment, since I have a reputation of less than 50. So, can anyone answer my question as proof of the previous theorem published in MSE?

I am adding your images. enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Link of the same answer – If for prime prime $ 1 + frac {1} {2} + frac {1} {3} + ldots + frac {1} {p-1} = frac {a} {b} $ then show that p divides a. Also, if $ p> 3 $, then $ p ^ 2 $ divides a.

My question is, what is the explanation for writing? $ sum_ {n = 1} ^ {p & # 39;} ((n) p-n) ^ {- 1} = sum_ {n = 1} ^ {p & # 39;} ((n) -n) $ .

Can anyone explain? I will be really grateful. Please understand that I cannot comment due to less than 50 reputation !!

Powers: Does extended vision change the effect modifiers from a distance due to distance?

I am trying to build a character that has incredible vision, using his extended senses (vision). She uses guns in battle. I wanted to simulate its efficiency when shooting at great distances with ease, but I got caught in some rules.

Scope attacks have three types of range: short, medium and long, each with different distance-based modifiers to reach the target.

A distance effect has a short range of (range x 25 feet), a medium range
of (range x 50 feet) and a long range of (range x 100 feet). From distance
medium-range attack controls suffer a penalty of -2 circumstances, while
Long-distance long distance attacks suffer a penalty of –5 circumstances.

Extended Vision would be a reasonable option, but it seems to affect Perception checks and not scope attacks. I could use Extended Distance Extra, but it seems I would have to apply it to each weapon, or at least for a container of powers. Shouldn't Extended Vision affect the range of ranged attacks?

denial of service: network overload due to an attack

My hosting provider (ovh) recently blocked my VPS due to an attack on the server. When I restored it to normal mode, I can see that something is really happening: access to the server is limited, ping results are slow and often cannot access the server, and when I try any service (ftp, ssh, http .. .), it is difficult to access it. Therefore, it looks like something like DDoS, but it probably isn't exactly a DDoS attack: my provider's staff told me something must be installed on the server.

I'm not an administrator, but I need to do something … what should I do in that case?