Display showing blank after installing ubuntu on a windows 10 dual boot

I installed ubuntu alongside my pre installed windows 10 on my pc. I booted to windows 10 to watch netflix and suddenly my display went blank. Even if i restart now,i cannot see anything except the logo of my monitor. I cannot even see the boot menu. Help please.

international travel – 17 year old trying to get back to US dual citizenship Australia

There are currently restrictions in place for Australians (including dual citizens) leaving the country.

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident you cannot leave Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions unless you have an exemption. You can apply online but you must meet at least one of the following:

  • your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak,
    including the provision of aid
  • your travel is essential for the conduct of critical industries and business (including export and import industries)
  • you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia
  • you are travelling on urgent and unavoidable personal business
  • you are travelling on compassionate or humanitarian grounds
  • your travel is in the national interest.

An exemption may apply if you aren’t normally resident in Australia.

You are considered ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia if international movement records show that you’ve spent more time outside Australia than inside for the last 12 to 24 months. You do not need to carry a paper record of your movements with you. If required, Australian Border Force officers at airports can check your movement records in Departmental systems.

If you have not spent more time outside Australia than inside for the last 12 to 24 months, but still consider yourself to be ordinarily resident in another country, you can submit a request for a travel exemption.

partitioning – MSI GE66 – Grub menu not showing after install (dual boot)

just installed kubuntu 20.04 on my MSI GE66 Raider laptop with dual boot.

The bootloades should be installed in:


Other available options are:


The installation process goes on without any error and it seems it is installing the GRUB in the right partition but as I reboot my machine, it goes straight in Windows 10.

What can I do to fix this?

I have already disabled Secure Boot.


partitioning – Do i need to keep microsoft reserved partition if I’m instalingl windows 10 in dual booting?

I bought a new computer with ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, and I want to install windows 10 in dual booting.
I have only 1 ssd of 256gb, so I need to unallocate some space for the installation. instead of 2 partitions (esp for the system and the rest for ubunu) there is 3, additional one is microsoft reserved.
I freed up some space and now my disc is like this:
partition image

So now, if I’m installing window 10 on the unallocated space, what will happen with the microsoft reserved? do I need to delete it first, to install on this partition or just install on the unallocated space?

TP-Link AC 1300 Driver details with a dual booting system?

Can you find the necessary driver online? My adapter works fine in windows mode, can I use windows to grab all onto flash drive and transfer over? – I am a first time Ubuntu user and already hitting a pretty big road block

Ubuntu USB not working on Dual boot

My Ubuntu is not responding to any USB, and showing the following errors while starting and shutting down…though my Windows 10 is working fine (it’s a dual boot system)…I have tried reinstalling fresh Ubuntu 20.04, 19.10 and 18.04 but having same trouble…NEED URGENT HELP…PLEASEenter image description here

How i dual app games that have obb folder?

Can someone give me an example of app that i can use to do that? Most of apps only dual app the apk and not the obb, so when i open a game after duplicate it the game just closes.

Some solution?

dual boot – Ubuntu partitions (/, /home & swap) are showing under a Windows extended partition? And, how to use the existing /home partition?

I was getting frequent error messages (usually on Ibus Preferences – which were very frequent, and errors on few on other categories too). So, I re-installed using a LiveCD creating new partitions for root (/) and swap (linux-swap) by formatting them. However, I did the mistake of not selecting the existing home partition (/home). In fact, I did not specify any particular space for /home.

After the (re)install, I tried something to mount my old /home partition back. And, after doing this (or, at least I think so), all my ubuntu partitions are showing under a windows (extended) partition (/dev/sda3). I thought it was because I installed ubuntu in a empty windows (NTFS) partition (/dev/sda3 of 195.1 GB, in the below fig.).

Partition data - after 1st (re)installation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot taken after the original ubuntu install.

I wanted the ubuntu partitions to be placed along-side windows NTFS partitions (not within any of them) in the HDD. So, I re-installed ubuntu again, this time I selected the un-allocated space (220.35 GB in the above fig.) to install. And, I selected the existing home partition as /home (with the format button unchecked). However, still the ubuntu partitions are still showing under a Windows partition (/dev/sda3). Not sure why.

(Note the difference in the size of /dev/sda3 after the 1st & 2nd installation. See screenshots).

Partition data - after 2nd (re)installation.

Now, I have 2 questions.

1. How can I install ubuntu in the hdd along-side windows, without any dependency? (Note that the **temp** is a NTFS, which is another windows partition & I’m not sure why it is also brought under this extended partition).
2. How to make an exiting home partition (not directory) to be the default **/home** for ubuntu – after completing the installation (without using LiveCD i.e. from a Ubuntu terminal). I’m sure there are ways, but I guess they all assume **/home** to contain user info only & not the data.
    i. I am (understandably) unable to access the **dev/sdax** (**/home** partition) using **cd/cp/mv** commands. Without these, how can I backup my data before doing this?
    ii. When I mount the old home partition as **/home**, the user folder created in the new home (during install) is getting removed. I don’t mind this, but can I restore my old users from the old **/home** partition when I mount it. If so, how can I do so.
    iii. Somewhere while trying, I saw my home partition listed as **/media/<something>** in the **Files** window. What does it mean & how can I handle mounting in such cases.

Note: I have all my data under the /home partition.

How to access hard drive partitions formed after dual boot?

I have recently dual booted Ubuntu alongside windows 10. After the Dual Boot, I split the D drive of 1000 GB into different drives in windows. But in Ubuntu I can only see the shrunk D volume of 250 GB and am unable to access the rest which now contain much of the media on my device.

dual boot – wanto install ubuntu on fresh hdd 500GB

i have a 500GB internal HDD- blank
want to install ubuntu + win 10 dual boot
downloaded the iso file ubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso from ubuntu website
try to boot through USB- but says media not recognised.
same internal 500 HDD is recognised through an external cable.

can some one please guide.