views – In Drupal 8 I am trying to display the anchor tag link text issue

In Drupal 8, I am trying to display the entire text in the anchor tag. But it is truncating to 79 characters. How to display it fully.

Example: <a class="btn btn-info" href='#someurl'>This link text is truncating to 79 charact...</a>

I am giving text This link text is truncating to 79 characters but it is truncating to 79 characters.

How to speed up tracking in Drupal 8 elastic search?

I have been experiencing extremely slow rebuilds of the search index on our client site which is currently indexing almost 4 lakh nodes, before indexing we need to complete the tracking process. But it is taking days. Is there any alternative solution. ?

Rendering view better expose filter in drupal does not containg term id in drupal 8

I have created a view with better expose with term taxonomy
And render in twig file


Now I want use contextual filter based on term id dynamically

But I see there no term_id in the rendering view (frontend) that I need to pass to

 drupal_view('vn', 'vm', term_id)

How I can get the term_id in the checkboxes

In Drupal 7, how can I completely disable cron so that it won’t run even if the cron URL is hit or cron is ran manually?

When working on a dev site I’d like to put in a safeguard to make sure cron cannot run, even if triggered manually. Is there a way to do this in Drupal 7?

views – Choose location on a map and add to webform submission details – drupal 8

We’d like to be able to allow a user to pin point a location on a map and then be able store that information with lat and long in a webform submission.

I’ve looked into the add on’s on webform drupal 8 but there doesn’t seem to be any direct integrations to allow this to happen.

Looked into the geofield module with leaflet integration and it does what we want within a content type and allows content managers to choose a location, however, we’d like to get this working for drupal 8 webform. Any leads would be helpful.

Webform bespoke results – Drupal Answers

I am hoping for some pointers from the community if possible please. We recently rebuilt our website in Drupal 8. Previously it was made in the the old-fashioned way with Dreamweaver. It was quite old!

Now, on the old website we had a fun little tool made with some custom php code. The user answered some questions. In the background, weightings were applied to different attributes based on the answers and the result was some page recommendations for the user displayed on-screen.

The topic of the website is scuba diving and marine life, and in our case this recommended scuba diving destinations. It is not commercial, just a bit of fun. A simplified example would be:

Q1: How many dives do you have?
a) Under 25
b) Under 50
c) More than 50

Q2: What type of diving do you like?
a) Coral reefs
b) Ship wrecks
c) Underwater photography


We then have a list of dive destinations, which would gain a score based on the answers.

So, if Destination 1 was good for beginners and coral reefs, and the user answered a) to Q1 and Q2, Destination 1 might get a score of 3 for each answer, and a total score of 6. Destination 2 might be good for experienced divers who like underwater photography, so would score well if someone answered c) to both questions.

Of course, there are some more questions and more possible destinations. The end result was a list of 6 destinations (the top scoring ones) that we thought they should check out, with links to those pages on the website.

I’d love to recreate it on the new website in Drupal 8. I have been looking at the Webform module. Certainly I could use this to ask questions and collate results. I am not so confident if it (or any module) could be used to process the answers and create the recommendations?

I am ok with coding, but not at the level of creating my own module in Drupal, nor do I really have the time for that at present.

Can I seek some expert opinions please on if Webform or another module could help me achieve this, or if it is a little too bespoke.

Thank you in advance. I am of course happy to provide some more context if I have missed out anything crucial.


theming – Get the paragraph fields of a content type in a loop in another page drupal 9

I have added a paragraph in content type News.
I want the fields on this paragraph in my custom home page in a loop.
As The News Contents would be shown in a carousel in home page.
I am new to drupal. Can anyone help me?
I have tried using views. the content is rendered. but as the view has extra divs, the design breaks.
Drupal 9 using twig.

Webform 6.x not supported Drupal 8.9.12

When I updated Drupal 8.9.12, Web Form 6 is not supported. I need your help as soon as you can.

Thanks in Advance!

enter image description here

drush – What does this Composer error mean when I try to update my drupal core project?

I’ve installed my Drupal 9 site with the drupal/core-recommended composer project and was not having any issues until recently. Every time I try to update core with the following command (Which I’m getting from the official documentation), I get an error.

composer update drupal/core 'drupal/core-*' --with-all-dependencies

Console Error

Anyone know how I can get around this and update what is needed to get my site back on track? I’ve tried numerous things that either error out or don’t work + searched online but haven’t found anything that is of use to me.