get all the nodes of a particular content type in the drupal 8 twig file

I want to list all the nodes of a particular content type in the twig file. I got all the data in the MYTHEME.theme file but I got a null value in the twig file

Drupal 8 Views: Shows different elements in each render

I have a view of Drupal 8 that has several elements, but I set it to show only one. What I want to do now is to iterate through the elements in each representation of the page, so that each element gets the same impressions for the guests on my website. How could I do it?

Paragraph order – Drupal Answers

Drupal 8 (possibly Drupal 9 is the completion of the project)

I have a set of data that will be in paragraphs, simple date and text fields.

These should be ordered in groups that do not have to follow the order of dates, but the data of each group will be in order of date and the groups will be in order of date

You could add a field for the user to select the group, however, it would be easier for the user to drag and drop the paragraphs within the desired group. I guess ideally I would like a drag-and-drop interface a bit like the content type form design form. Any suggestions on how I can implement this?

Drupal 7 context filter: Content: Nid problem

I try to make a view of my new products using the contextual filter: Content: Nid. In the nid content, I chose to provide the default value and type: fixed value. In the Fixed value field, only 27 values ​​are added after no more value is accepted. Is there a limitation to add value in this field?
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How can I learn the Drupal theme (8) and module development?

How can I learn the Drupal theme (8) and module development? The | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. How can I learn the Drupal theme (8) and module development?

    My next project requires that I develop a theme in drupal 8. Please guide. Thank you!

  2. Well, that's a sinister request. Simply go to the Drupal site and you will find many demonstrations to help you with your project. See

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Calling Microsoft Azure Queue from the custom Drupal module does not work

The use case is to invoke the code in the MS Azure queue when the external file is loaded into the Drupal physical storage of the file path to update as a message. The independent PHP interface works as expected with Azure Queue but not with the drupal application. Is there any work sample for this scenario? (Drupal 8x and MS Azure Queue SDK).

I have two problems (FILE SYSTEM – CONFIGURATION FILE) when configuring DRUPAL on my macBook

I was trying what I found in different articles that I found on the web but nothing works.

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first attempt

second try

third try


first attempt

second try

third try

the version of my operating system
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Drupal 8 caching user profile image?

If I log in as User 1, I see the profile picture of user 1. If I log in as User 2, I see the profile picture of user 2. As expected. But after browsing a bit, User 2 would suddenly see the profile picture of User 1.

This ONLY seems to happen in / forum (I use the standard drupal forum module).

And I use my .theme file to fill in a variable as follows:

 $variables('current_user_profile_picture_medium') = Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('image_style')->load('medium')->buildUrl($pp);

Where $ pp = public: //someOrOtherProfilePic.png

And I use it in my template as follows:

{{ current_user_profile_picture_medium }}

Therefore, it seems that the .theme file discovers that it needs a user profile image A, but then, when user B is logged in, it still shows image A.

I think I am missing something about caching here. It seems that the .theme file only gets the details once. So I went to see what php is being generated and I found this:

echo $this->env->getExtension('DrupalCoreTemplateTwigExtension')->escapeFilter($this->env, $this->sandbox->ensureToStringAllowed($this->getAttribute(($context("user") ?? null), "profile_picture_medium", ())), "html", null, true);

It seems to be confused with $ context ("user") or not update it or something.

Can someone direct me in the right direction? What is missing from caching / twig / templates?

Thank you!


It seems that I might be having problems similar to this.


Adding this to settings.php did not help:

$settings('cache')('bins')('page') = 'cache.backend.null';


I tried adding a twig function, but even that remains in cache. This does not seem to work:


If I put die () in this function, it does not hit the dice () if the page has already been loaded once.

I'm really perplexed …

8 – Mandatory fields – Drupal responses

I am migrating from csv to Drupal 8 and I am not sure how to handle the required fields.

My "Department" content type has 8 mandatory fields, should I use the "skip_on_empty" plugin in each migration field? Is there a simpler way to do this?

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

The point is to avoid empty mandatory fields. Thank you all.

8 – The jsDelivr CDN provider does not work with bootstrap for drupal

So I am trying to create a drupal theme with bootstrap. However, my boostrap does not load due to a malfunction of jsDelivr (I think).

Log in


PS: Does anyone know some good guides / books from Drupal? Because I have to do a drupal website, and my "course" (for which I have to do the site) does not explain things well.

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