you cannot extract the window compress the Zip file using the Drupal extraction function in druapl 8

When I use 7zip software to compress the folder, it works fine when I extract this through drupal code 8. But the same thing when I do it by compressed zip of window s / w does not work for me.

Was the paragraph element of the node pragmatically removed, which is still displayed after adding a new paragraph in druapl 8?

I have a paragraph field in a node with add unlimited paragraph. I am deleting these paragraphs programmatically. It is being deleted, but when I add a new paragraph, add a blank paragraph along with.

I am using this code to delete the paragraph

use DrupalparagraphsParagraphInterface;
use DrupalparagraphsEntityParagraph;

$ids = Drupal::entityQuery('paragraph')->execute();
foreach ($ids as $id) {
  $paragraph = Paragraph::load($id);
  if ($paragraph instanceof ParagraphInterface) {

Views – installing druapl in heroku manualy

I will install drupal in heroku based on this site, so I inserted these codes into my code ID:.

#go a


#curl | sh
mkdir t
cd t

sudo nohup sh -c "curl | sh"> $ PWD / heroku_install.log / dev / null 2> & 1 &

login heroku
Login to Heroku -i

sudo apt-get install drush -y
sudo apt-get install php-xml -y
sudo apt-get install nano -y
sudo apt-get install php-gd -y
sudo apt-get install php-mbstring -y

sudo drush dl drupal
cd dr *
sudo git init
sudo chown -R $ USER ~ / .composer /
sudo nano composer.json
#Add this

"demand": {
"ext-gd": "*",
"ext-mbstring": "*"
sudo chmod 755 composer.json
sudo cat << EOF> compositor.json
"demand": {
"ext-gd": "*",
"ext-mbstring": "*"

sudo chmod -R a + rw ~ / .composer / cache
install sudo composer
sudo composer update

sudo git add.
sudo git commit -m "initial commission"
sudo heroku create --buildpack --region eu

sudo heroku addons: add heroku-postgresql
sudo heroku config

sudo git push heroku master

I have this database:

postgres: // inflrfqefgayfl: 5432 / d5q9s4hhbefp

running these scripts:

sudo heroku addons: add heroku-postgresql
sudo heroku config

On my heroku board I have this:

my heroku board

and on the installation page I inserted:

installation page

but when I want to execute the installation steps I get this error:

Solve all the problems below to continue the installation. For help
configuring your database server, see the installation manual, or
Contact your hosting provider.

Error connecting to your database server. The server reports the
following message: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] FATAL: password authentication
failed for user "d5q9s4mh8befjj" FATAL: password authentication failed
for the user "d5q9s4mh8befjj".

when trying to use the external MySQL database from (the free remote database MYSQL), I used this configuration:

but again inserting the information from your database I get this error:

Error connecting to your database server. The server reports the
following message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied to the user
& # 39; 1l4jcjKgwv & # 39; & # 39; (using the password: NO).

information from the database

So, what is wrong with my operations?

Thank you.

update: incorrect status for Druapl 7 after the update to 7.66 from 7.64

I recently manually updated my localhost drupal site from 7.64 to 7.66. I ran update.php without errors. When the process finished, I deleted the entire cache and verified the status. 7.64 was still reported. Then I went back to execute the manual update and got the same results. When I look at, I see:

; Information added by the packaging script of on 2019-04-17
version = "7.66"
project = "drupal"
datestamp = "1555533576"

I have noticed other publications (here and here) on the Drupal site that report the same type of symptoms, but no one has reported a valid solution to resolve this discrepancy. Does anyone know how to resynchronize things?

TO UPDATE: As part of this process, I successfully updated two other sites that I maintain at 7.66. The obvious difference I need to explain is after running update.php on localhost, I do not see "Update pending" as I did on the other two sites.